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I had trouble relaxing in the bathroom. I couldn’t decide whether to shower or have a bath. Then I figured a bath would take longer and I knew I had an hour to wait. I just stood there, naked, looking at myself in the mirror. I looked spent. My hair was pressed down and sweaty from the hood. I trembled a little. It was cool in the bathroom and my nipples tightened into little dots. I liked the look of them.

I turned and drew back the shower curtain only to find a pleasant surprise. The tub was a Jacuzzi and along the back were several different candles as well as a bowl of strawberries. I ran the bath, lit the candles, and popped a strawberry in my mouth.

The bath felt great. The jets soothed my body and I scrubbed myself clean. It felt great to be naked in a strange place. To know that Daniel was coming back soon. I had eaten about half of the strawberries and was ready to get out of the tub. I was eager to know what Daniel had left for me in the other room.

It was a nice motel. The beds looked fairly new and the colors were different Starzbet shades of beige. The carpet felt good on my toes. There was a suitcase on the bed. A laptop sat on the suitcase. It was on and there was a note on the screen.

Mandy, the note read, we have come to an important moment in our relationship. Until now we have interacted at a distance from each other. It has been passionate, but it has also been safe. We were both able to quit at any time. After tonight there will be no going back. After tonight our lives will change. I want you Mandy. I want you to be mine, to be my slave. I want your mind, your body, your soul. After tonight, if you decide to stay, you will leave your former life. You will come with me. You will work for me. You will be mine.

Sitting there on the bed, naked, reading that note I felt a wave of excitement. I felt so in touch with my body, my skin. I noticed that I was slowly rubbing my legs together. I read on.

If you stay you will be mine. I will guide you and take care of you. You will Starzbet Giriş do anything I ask. Tonight’s boldness in the bars will be just the beginning. I will ask you to service others, to expose yourself publicly, to perform for your webcam. I will not imprison you, but after tonight you may not feel comfortable ever going back to your old life.

The choice is yours, and I will respect what you decide. There is a folder on the desktop of the laptop called Mandy. It contains all of the webcam photos that I kept. There are no other copies anywhere. Have a look at them. I might decide to publish them to a web site. We could make some good money with your sexy attitude. Staying with me means that photos like this could become public. That’s why you may not feel comfortable going back. Delete the photos if you want. I’ll understand. If you choose to stay, pick your favourite photo and leave it open with the laptop beside you on the bed. If you choose to stay I want you lying on your back with your legs spread and your hands behind your Starzbet Güncel Giriş head. When I come in I don’t want you to say a word. We will talk with our bodies.

If you choose to go, there are clothes in the suitcase, as well as cab fare to get you home. Mandy, I think you are special and I will understand and be happy for you whatever you decide.


I was touched. The note scared me a little, but it was also kind of beautiful. I started to look at the pictures. There I was, being a little slut, holding a dildo between my breasts. In another I was pulling on my nipples and licking my lips. Another had a plug in my ass and my pussy was glistening. In the next one the plug was in my mouth. And as I looked at these pictures it hit me that I had been doing this with Daniel for months now. It all seems a blur. In the beginning I’d send him pictures of me topless. By the end I would do anything he asked.

And I still would. I knew I was going to give myself to Daniel. He was been so kind and patient. I will do anything for him, fuck anybody for him. I opened a picture labeled Daniel’s whore. It was of me naked, on my back legs spread, “Daniel’s whore” written on my inner thighs. I left this open, lay back, spread my legs and lightly traced my pussy lips with the tip of a finger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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