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You said that we needed to come to an understanding so we talked…

We talked of trust issues that I had and as you explained that unless I trusted you, really trusted you, then we couldn’t really go any further. You told me that it was no fun for you to keep asking if I trusted you, you needed to know that I trusted you implicitly for you to really be able to push my limits. After all, we had agreed hard limits at the outset so anything else was free to be pushed right? You then mortified me by pointing out all the ways in which I had let you down over the last few weeks and some of it was really basic stuff.

It hit me like a bullet Master, i had taken you and your benevolence for granted without really giving myself to you. Shame hit me like a wave as i remembered all the little ways that you had pandered to me to help me to feel safe in your control. My eyes filled with tears as I, finally, fully appreciated what you had given me – everything I had always wanted without, until now, asking for anything really tangible in return. And it wasn’t really so much to ask, you wanted my trust. You had given me no reason to mistrust you Master and every reason to do so. Now it was ‘crunch time’. You asked, for what I hoped would be the last time

“Do you trust me little one?”

“Yes Master, with all my heart!”

“Then Starzbet show me….lay back”

I laid back awaiting punishment for having let Him down but to my surprise, felt His hand between my legs, feeling my juices and murmering His approval. His next words broke the silence and bought me back to reality.

“You do still need to be taught some respect slave, you must understand this. Now hold still…”

As I took in his words I felt the harsh sting of a whip across my breasts and squealed

“Do not make a sound My slave, nor a movement if you wish to please me and make up for your lapses”

As tears leaked from my eyes, I stayed still and quiet for lashes 2,3,4,5,6 until on number 6 a pitiful whimper escaped me but I did manage to whisper “thank you for correcting me Master” I was rewarded with Master telling me “you are very welcome amber but we are not finished yet…”

As I closed my eyes, I felt you lash my wrists together above my head and pull me off the bed. You led me to another room where a sawhorse stood and as I looked around, my heart fluttered at the sight of other implements spread out on the walls there. There were gags, whips, canes, crops and several things that I had no idea what were used for! You pushed me onto my front and then tied my wrists to the top Starzbet Giriş of the horse and then lashed my elbows, finally using the attached straps to secure my neck, shoulders and chest. You told me that this was for Your pleasure Master and not mine and then bound my ankles, legs apart, using the remaining straps to secure my waist and knees as you wanted them. Finally I was completely immobilised as you said

“Do I have to gag you slave?”

“No Master” I whispered, “I will be good”

“Too bad” You retorted, “I kind of like you gagged so I think I’ll indulge myself…”

As you pushed my previously discarded panties into my mouth, I could taste my juices on them and felt my pussy starting to get wetter. You then wrapped that bandage tightly around my head, holding them in place and my juices started to leak out, moistening my thighs. I was nervous but trusted my Master and couldn’t believe I was getting this horny without having my pussy touched. I felt your hands stroke down my back then, without warning, your hands left me and I was left waiting. I heard the door close but unable to ask where you were and unable to turn my head to see what was going on, I had no choice but to wait…and wait…and wait…

I heard the door open and you approach the horse. I heard the smile in your voice Starzbet Güncel Giriş as you announced

“I have come up with another twist for you amber. I have decided that I will give you the gift of total sensory deprivation so, in addition to not being able to move or speak, I have decided that I wish you to neither see nor hear also”

Before I could react, you pushed earplugs into my ears and wrapped something around my head, cutting off my sight and holding the earplugs in.

The next sensation was a whip cutting across my back. I screamed against the gag but you just carried on until by the sixth lash I was starting to cry. You alternately whipped my back and my arse until I sobbed, exhausted.

Something strange then started to happen. I could still feel the pain from the whip but it somehow ceased to matter. With every stroke, I was becoming more and more at peace and floating further and further away from reality. I don’t know how long it was before I became aware of you releasing my bonds and cradling me in your arms, telling me that you were proud of how well I had taken my punishment.

I started to tell you about the floating sensation and you shushed me, saying that you were well aware of what had happened and that it showed that I had total trust in you, that I was able to get into ‘sub space’. I started to apologise and you kissed me into silence and stroked me until I came back down to earth properly.

We then had a very English cup of tea and you made sure that I was fully recovered before moving on with our ‘play’ session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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