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For years I’ve had a hankering for my sister-in-law. We lived in the same house with her and my wife’s mom for a time. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. See, my sister-in-law, Roxanne, is a bitch! A spoiled rotten one at that. She’s a couple years older than my wife and me, but she’s so damned childish its not even funny! Everything must be her way. She gets really pissy if it isn’t and she pouts. She was spoiled rotten as a child and she just has to have her way , even now.

I lust her. Yep , it’s true! I’ve wanted to shove my cock into her mouth, sink it into her pussy and her ass, then back into her mouth to feed her my cum, for as long as I’ve known her…. and at one time she weighed in at around 350 pounds! But, she’s beautiful, just the same. She’s tall, over 5’10. She has long, dark hair, big brown eyes, a cute little turned up nose and a toothy, big, white smile that turns me on. She lost most of her excess weight, so now she’s pretty fit and exercises daily. It’s her inner self that’s not so attractive. I had my chance to be with her when I met both her and my wife at a party a year or so after high school. I chose my now wife, but Roxanne has always had a huge crush on me. She has told my wife this and I’ve even told my wife I wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that.

When we lived together in the same house I used to slip upstairs where Roxanne showered each morning before work, to peep on her. She has nice big tits, but back when she weighed so much they seemed to roll under on themselves, partially hiding her nipples from my view. I had to wait until she lifted each of her generous tits to see her pale nipples clearly. Taupe might be the color that most adequately describes her large, flat nipples.

Many times, over the years and since we moved out, I’ve found myself lying on her bed with a soiled pair of her panties over my nose as I stroke my cock with a clean pair, making sure I get plenty of my precum on her panties for her to wear later. I’ve even cum in the gusset of her panties, then dried them in front of a fan for her to cradle my seed against her most intimate parts the next day.

After we moved out, I would stop by on my lunch hour almost every day, when and if no one was home and go into Bostancı escort her bedroom for some fun. I’d sometimes wear one pair of her clean panties while wearing a dirty pair over my nose and mouth so I could smell and taste her pussy while I got off. Her panties were big enough back then to allow my considerable erection (7 1/2 inches)to stand straight out. This made stroking my cock feel so good through her silky underwear. At times I’d kneel in front of a chair in the living room, lift the cushion, and place my panty-covered cock beneath it. This gave me the illusion of fucking her from behind and never ceased to bring me to the edge rather quickly. I guess the overall naughtiness of it all? Anyway, I’d always use a paper towel to catch the largest part of my cum, but I’d always leave precum droplets on the inside of the panties I was wearing and make sure I wiped the remnants of my ejaculate on the gusset in hopes it would eventually find its way to be in contact with Roxanne’s luscious pussy.

For years I had a pubic hair collection from her pussy that I’d sometimes take out when I masturbated. I even stole several pairs of her panties to use for my perverted purposes. I’d fantasize that I was eating her pussy, making her cum all over my face or wrap a pair of her stolen panties around my cock and push it in and out of a hole I made in the side of a cardboard box — ‘fucking’ her this way. I got the collection of her hairs from her discarded panties, stuck to the crotch or woven into the front panel. I got some from the drain in her shower and even occasionally from the panty-liners she wears even when not on her period. I found these discarded in her trash can .

I’ve seen her go through her daily ablutions countless times, but never as adequately as after we moved out. I made some strategically placed holes in the bathroom wall that has a bedroom closet and, subsequently, an attic access room on the other side. From my position I can watch her undress. She has lost close to 175 pounds now and looks a lot better, even sexy, save for some mildly loose skin here and there. She’s tan all over now too! I still want her.

She always begins by opening the shower curtain and turning on the faucet Anadolu Yakası Escort to let the water temp get just right. Then, she pulls her nightgown off and stands to look at herself in the mirror. She always seems to have a fascination with her own tits. She lifts them and inspects them, often touching the areolas, even scratching them lightly. I guess wearing a bra makes them itch?

Then, when the water temp has risen, she leans over to rinse the tub, her ass spread out for my eyes to enjoy. I can just see her pink pussy lips peeking out at me. I imagine moving in behind her and shoving my cock up her tight cunt with a force that would send her forward into the wall around the tub, fucking her senseless until I shoot copious amounts of my hot, sticky cum deep inside her.

Naked, she enters the shower and I’m left to watch one end of the curtain where she appears occasionally while picking up a shampoo bottle, conditioner, or her bottle of scented body wash. I rarely get to see much at this time except maybe her large beautiful tits hanging down as she bends to retrieve one of the afore-mentioned items. When she is finished showering, she opens the curtain all the way, giving me an unobstructed view of her naked body. The towel she wraps around herself momentarily serves to heighten my excitement at seeing her totally naked and vulnerable. By now, I always have my hard cock in my hand, gently stroking myself. Then, she begins drying herself. First she wrings the water from her hair and lets it hang down her back for the time being. Next, she lifts each tit, in turn, to dry underneath in that crease that’s formed under large, heavy breasts. Once she’s dried there she places each foot, in turn, upon the edge of the tub to dry her legs, tantalizing me as I can just see the sparse hairs of her pussy in between her thighs. She trims the length of her pussy hair, but its already rather sparse. I know this, because I’ve found her trimmings in the trash can in her bathroom.

OK, so after her legs are dried, I know what happens next. My eyes are glued to the point that will be between her thighs. She spreads her legs for me to see her pudgy, pink, sparsely haired pussy as she rubs herself with Kadıköy Escort the towel. She usually does take quite a few seconds doing this. I’m sure it’s because it feels nice. I need to catch her masturbating sometime so I can watch. I also plan to set myself up behind that wall to catch her bathroom rituals on my cell phone’s video camera. I may even post the videos somewhere, someday.

After she gets out of the shower completely, she allows herself to air dry the rest of the way, meaning she goes about totally naked for my lustful, hungry eyes to see. Her clean panties are the first item of clothing she dons, but first she takes the towel once more, lifts one foot up onto the toilet seat not 2 feet from my position, spreads her legs wide and rubs the towel up and down in between her open pussy lips. This is where I sometimes shoot my load if I can wait that long. She then steps into her clean panties and pulls them halfway up her legs, stopping to attach a new panty-liner to the crotch. Her massive tits are hanging down in all their glory, at this time. I want them in my hands, over my face and to suckle her flat nipples to stiff peaks so badly! Next she applies stick deodorant (Suave, to be exact) in the creases under each of her big tits. She also applies some to the fabric of her bra that fits between them in her ample cleavage. I tend to lose some of my interest at this point. She’s dressed in bra and panties and I prefer to revisit the whole thing in my mind as I continue to stroke my now flaccid cock. I do watch a little as she blow-dries her hair and applies make up.

Here’s where my need for Roxanne to have my cum inside her takes a rather odd turn. I like to take Roxanne’s pre-opened water bottles from the fridge, work up some precum and spread it around on the bottle’s opening with the tip of my cock, knowing she will put it to her lips at some later time. That’s not all ….. I’ve cum in her shampoo bottle, her conditioner bottle and her body wash bottle. I’ve even opened her tube of toothpaste, put the opening to my mouth to force the paste back with the pressure of blowing into it, forming a void at the opening of the tube. I then make myself cum into the tube of toothpaste and knead the tube to mix my cum into the paste for her to brush her teeth with the next morning. She has washed her hair, conditioned her hair, washed her entire body and brushed her teeth with my cum many times now. What I want is for her to take my cock and then my cum into her beautiful mouth voluntarily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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