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Note: Part 4 is short, but it came to a natural stopping point. I am working on part five.


With that, Jen walked me back over to the side of the bed and had me kneel down. She tied one hand to each bedpost, then sat lightly behind me. Even through her jeans, I could feel the warmth of her ass against the back of my knees.

“I know, this isn’t exactly what you were expecting when I said you’d get to fuck me, but you should have figured out by now to expect the unexpected.” I felt Jen’s breath on my neck as she talked, but was soon distracted from that feeling when she shoved what felt and tasted like a piece of rubber in my mouth. She quickly strapped it around my head, and a second later, I heard her squeezing a pump, and the gag in my mouth started to inflate! Fortunately, she stopped before my mouth was in pain, but I was still unable to get any sound out that wasn’t a moan.

“I love this gag,” Jen said, still behind me. “If I were more of a tease, I’d just spend all day with you helpless like this, doing this like this to you.” With that, she nibbled at my neck, right above the collar, biting and sucking hard enough that I knew it would leave a hickey. I moaned.

She worked her way up to my ear, sucking on the lobe and lightly nibbling it. “I bet your cock is straining at the cage, isn’t it?” Even if I could talk, I couldn’t deny it.

“This is a dual-purpose gag,” she said, still straddling my legs. “There’s also a nice little clip on the front.” With that, I felt her attach something to the front of the gag, adding some weight.

Jen got up and removed my blindfold, and I could see that she’d attached a dildo to the gag. It looked large, but since I could only roll my eyes down to see and had a bad angle, I couldn’t be sure.

I heard her remove her jeans, and she promptly sat down on the bed in front of me. Her panties were already unzipped.

“Now, let’s see how well you can fuck me.” With that, Jen slid forward, and the dildo slid right into her pussy. All I could do was move my head back and forth, so I got to work. The view, of course, was amazing, and each thrust brought the dildo out glistening with her juices. After a few minutes, Jen groaned in pleasure.

“That’s one orgasm, sweetie. Let’s try to hit three.”

Three? My neck was already getting sore, and no matter how hard I tried, I knew that I was pumping a lot slower than Jen liked.After a few minutes, she sat up in frustration.

“Fine, I guess I’ll have to do some of the work.” WIth that, she grabbed two fistfuls of my hair and started pumping. Even as the pain of the hair pulling distracted me, I realized that Jen was doing to me what every guy had done at one time or another during oral sex. Just as I’d grabbed the hair of a partner or two as they were blowing me, Jen was doing the same to me. I didn’t doubt for a second that it was Starzbet deliberate.

After Jen came — much more explosively this time — she sat fully up again and attached a small leash to my collar. She pulled it forward, extending my head as far as it could go. Without letting the dildo slip all the way out, Jen slowly shifted around, lifting her leg over the leash in the process so that she was now kneeling in front of me. Still pulling on the leash, she started grinding backwards, effectively letting me fuck her doggie style with the dildo.

She started slowly, sliding her pussy about three quarters of the way down the dildo, then pulling back so that it was barely in her. The panties only unzipped on the front, so I had a view of the red leather perfectly covering her ass. As she continued to pleasure herself, she slid further along the dildo, and soon, she was ramming her ass right into my nose! With the leash still pulled tight, there was nothing I could do. I suspect that this was deliberate, too, but Jen was far enough along on her way to her third orgasm that I couldn’t be sure.

Fortunately for my nose, she finally came and collapsed on the bed, sliding off the dildo and letting go of the leash. Not that I could go anywhere, of course.

After a minute, she moaned happily. “That was nice, lover. You probably should get a reward, but since I did so much work there, it’s got to be a small one. She stood up and removed the bra from my chest.

Jen then removed the gag from my mouth.

“So, since you failed me, you also probably deserve a punishment. But I’ll give you a choice. I’ll put three objects on the bed, and you can select whichever one will get used in your punishment.”

She got her bag and slowly placed three objects in front of me. The first was a flogger made out of leather. The second was a strap-on dildo, clearly larger than the one Lydia had used the day before. The third was a pair of black pantyhose.

It wasn’t a hard decision. I had no tolerance for pain, so the flogger was out. Likewise, I knew that the dildo would be too much for me to handle. That left the pantyhose. I’d been through more then enough crossdressing over the last two days, and a little more wouldn’t be a big deal. Some part of me suspected that this was rigged, too, but I also suspected that Jen would have been just as happy to use the other items.

“So, which one will it be?” Jen sat on the bed and looked in my eyes. She’d put her jeans back on.

“The pantyhose.”

“I’m sorry? I don’t think I heard you?”

It took me a second to catch on.

“I mean, the pantyhose, Goddess.”

She smiled, which only confirmed that this was what she’d expected. “Excellent choice!”

Jen reached into her bag and pulled out a pile of clothing. “Naturally, the pantyhose are only a part of the punishment. You Starzbet Giriş see, one of the things that turns me on more than anything is using my own underwear to tie someone up. This is my laundry from the last few days.”

As she talked, Jen pulled a pair of inside-out black panties and a black stocking out of the pile and slid the stocking through the legholes of the panties. As she did, I could see that these were full panties, not the near-thongs and boyshorts she and Lydia had been wearing.

“The stocking, in case you’re wondering, does two things. It stops the panties from coming loose, and it also makes sure that you can’t end up with a throat full of panties. Aren’t you glad that I’m looking out for you?”

I bit down the sarcastic answers that came to mind and said what I knew she wanted to hear. “Yes, Goddess.”

She smiled.

“Good. Now open up.” With that, she shoved the panties into my mouth, crotch first. Even as I was repelled by the taste of sweat, I could also taste her juices, and my caged cock strained against the cage against my will. Jen wrapped the stocking around me head three times, each circuit pushing the panties further in. By the time she was done, every inch was forced in my mouth, and she’d made sure that the crotch and ass portions were against my tongue.

“I wore these last night to a club and danced for hours in them. Did I mention that I also get really turned on when I dance? I bet you’re tasting all kinds of things right now.” My mouth was too stuffed to respond.

“Now, let’s work on the rest of your punishment!”

Jen untied me and had me lie down on the bed. She then slid a bra over each ankle, attaching the other end to each of the bedposts. I suspected that I could probably pull free, but I knew that more was to come. Sure enough, she tied a stocking around each of my knees, then tied the loose ends to each other. Two more pairs of stockings were chained together and wrapped together under the bed, securing my knees tightly. I suspected that Jen hadn’t really worn all of these stockings over the last few days.

She then slid up my body, grabbed my hands, and tied them securely together with a stocking. She took the loose end and pulled it down to the headboard, tying it off. I pulled experimentally, and was unable to move at all.

Jen sat up, loosely straddling the waist cincher that surrounded my stomach. From her smile, I knew she wasn’t finished.

She grabbed the pantyhose. “I wore these all day yesterday, and I walked a lot.” She slid them over my head, letting the ass end of the hose rest over my nose. Jen then leaned forward, pushing the hose into my nose with her breasts.

“Mmm, I bet you’d be thanking me for this honor if your mouth weren’t full.” As she leaned, she nearly cut off my breath, but she pulled back after a second.

“But I’ve Starzbet Güncel Giriş got something different planned.” With that, she yanked the pantyhose all the way down my neck, so that my head was at one of the foot sections. The smell had now changed to a faint foot odor. The fabric was stretched thin enough that I could still make out Jen’s shape, although she was a lot blurrier..

She stretched the other leg out and tied it to the stockings at my knees, effectively locking my head in place.

“Now,” Jen said, “that takes care of your punishment for failing to satisfy me. But there’s the little matter of you not remembering my proper title.” Immobilized as I was, I couldn’t plead or do anything, but I also knew that this was a part of her plan. If I hadn’t failed to call her “Goddess,” she’d have found some other reason.

She pulled on the pantyhose over my nose, and I heard a snipping sound. She’d cut a hole, allowing me to breathe. She also cut two small holes over my ears, although I’d been perfectly able to hear her earlier.

I was surprised to then feel her reach down and release the chastity belt! In spite of everything, my cock quickly sprung to attention.

“So, you remember what Lydia did to you this morning, right,” Jen whispered in my ear. I’d been through so much already, but I quickly realized what she was getting at. Sure enough, Jen took a running shoe and laced it around my head. It smelled much stronger than before, and my cock started to wilt.

“Oh, did I mention that I shoved my socks from earlier in the shoe?” Jen sounded so innocent, but I didn’t doubt that she was grinning from ear to ear.

She thenslid something over my head, covering what little I’d been able to see. “Those are the jean-shorts I wore to the club. If it weren’t for the shoe, I’m sure you’d be able to smell my sweat on the denim, too.”

“I’ve got to go, sweetie. But Lydia should be here to play with you in a bit. Before I go, though, I want to tell you what I did yesterday after I got back from the club”

She leaned down, her breath tickling my ear. I could only assumed that she’d placed the legholes of the shorts over my ears. In spite of the smells and tastes, I was still a little aroused.

“I masturbated. And I recorded it.”

I felt her slip headphones over my ears, and sure enough, I heard the now-unmistakable sounds of Jen moaning, gradually getting louder and louder. Against my will, my cock started to respond, getting rock hard in seconds. Jen gave it a quick kiss, and then I heard the door slam as she left, and all I could hear was her moaning and screaming.

I have no idea how long her masturbation session took, but as it wound down, I heard her recorded voice in my ear.

“Guess what, sweetie? I set this playlist for ‘repeat.'”

I groaned into my gag. I was unable to see or talk, immersed in Jen’s scent, taste, and voice, and immobilized by her clothing. She’d controlled every one of my senses. And now Lydia was on her way to use me even more. I was dreading it, but as my cock — stuck straight in the air — made clear, I was also anticipating it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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