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We were in a quiet residential neighborhood and we were parked on the street. Looked to be fairly nice homes. I was led up the walkway for the large house in front of which we had parked. We veered across the drive way and through the side gate. The cool night air kind of felt nice to my exposed skin. As we emerged from the side yard I could see a pool and Jacuzzi, flanked by a pool house/guest house. That was where we headed.

“You are not to leave this house without permission. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And take that thing off for now.” As she pointed at my crotch and dropped my leash.

“Yes, Mistress.” What a relief. At least they had taken the weights off at the store, but is was getting uncomfortable. I started immediate to figuring out how to remove it.

“Joanna, you want to go in the Jacuzzi?” Mistress called out.

“Ya.” Joanna replied as she disappeared down the hall, to I assume was the bedroom(s) and bathrooms.

Mistress pointed to the kitchen area and commanded, “Fix us some of those fuzzy navels you made so nicely, earlier this evening. I expect them to be ready when I come back out.” Then she headed down the hall too.

I realized my current state. I was naked. Nothing on except a collar and cuffs. I was actually somewhat comfortable with it. Strange. That very morning I freaked when Lashawn almost walked in on me in the shower. (She was always sleeping over and there were occasionally close calls. I wasn’t sure if the were truly accidental or not.) Now I was parading around nude in front of two hot women, who would have made me blush just by smiling at me. Not to mention the scene at Cupids Corner.

I set about making the drinks. Man, did they have a stocked bar! This must be her parents place or something. It was nice, but I would have wanted to be farther away from mom and dad while in college. I was just pouring the glasses when the emerged from the hallway. They were both wearing thongs with tiny tops. Red and purple, similar to the underwear they and on before, but more revealing. I could feel a hard on starting.

“Well you finished just in time.” Mistress commented as she walked over. “Did I tell you that you could have any?” She said as she noticed that I had poured three glasses from the pitcher.

“No, Mistress. Sorry.”

“I’ll let you slide this time. You did good at the store, so you deserve a treat.” She patted my ass and took two of the glasses, heading out the door handing one to Joanna. “Slave, stand by the door here and wait for further instructions.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I gulped down my drink so fast I got a brain freeze and head for the door.

They slipped into the Jacuzzi and started chatting. I was too far to hear much, particularly over the sound of the Jacuzzi jets. I could see a dim light in one of the upstairs bedrooms, must be the master Starzbet bedroom.

After fifteen minutes or so, “Hey, bring us a refill.” Came over the sound of the Jacuzzi.

I didn’t say anything, not wanting to wake up anyone in the main house. I just dashed for the pitcher and darted out to the Jacuzzi, leash flopping around as I moved.

“What you say when I give you a command!” Was my greeting as I started to fill the empty glasses.

“Sorry Mistress, I didn’t want to wake anyone up.”

“Don’t worry about that. The sleep like logs. It is more important that you obey. Now go make another pitcher and bring out something for us to eat. There should be some chips and pop corn in the kitchen.”

“Yes, Mistress.” And I trotted of to the kitchen. I found the chips and pop corn, and started the pop corn in the microwave. Moved to the bar and started on more fuzzy navels. The microwave finished before the drinks were ready, so I stopped and ran the chips and pop corn out to the Jacuzzi. I didn’t notice more lights on in the main house as I returned to finish with drinks.

Finished with the drinks I headed back out with the fresh pitcher. This time I noticed the lights on as I walked out the door. I hesitated a second.

“Hey, where are our refills?” That was enough to get me going toward the Jacuzzi again. I was starting to feel nervous about been naked again. Particularly if it was Mistress’ parents.

“Sorry Mistress, here they are.” I said as I knelt to pour. Just then the sliding glass door on the main house opened and a female figure headed toward the Jacuzzi. By reflex I started to get up and head to the guest house.

“Stay.” Was the command from Mistress. “Stand up straight.”

“Yes, Mistress” I said as I complied. As the figured approached I could feel a hard on starting.

“Hi mom!” Mistress called out.

“I dear. I though I heard you. Oh, who is your friend?” She was wearing a conservative one piece swim suit.

“This is Slave. I won him in a poker game. What do you think?”

“Not bad. What are you drinking? Can I get one?”

“What are waiting for, Slave? Go get my mom a glass and fill it up!” Dutifully I headed off to get a glass. I couldn’t believe it. Almost three AM and her mom jumps in the Jacuzzi and it is not big deal there is a naked guy called Slave being bossed around. As I returned they were chatting away.

“So Joanna, you still like rooming with Melissa back here? I remember you didn’t seem so sure last fall.”

I filled Mistress’ mother’s glass and leaned down to hand it to her. As I did so my leash swung around a bit and almost hit her.

“Oh, it has been great. I was just worried that it would be like staying with my parents, and it definitely has not been like that!” Replied Joanna.

Mistress’ mom reached out and Starzbet Giriş took the glass and said, “Come here a sec.” I crouched down next to her, conscious of the proximity of my cock to her face. She reached up can to unclip my leash from my collar, “Is it OK if remove this? I don’t think he is going anywhere.”

“Sure mom, that would be fine.”

After unclipping the leash she and it to me. “Hold still another sec.” She reached over and grabbed my balls and started rolling them in her fingers. My cock jumped to attention with an instant hard on. “Very nice” she commented. “Now go put that leash in a safe place.”

“Go down the hall and go into the room on the right at the end. I made a spot for you there. There is a peg on the all for your leash.” Mistress instructed.

“Yes, Mistress” I replied as her mother released my balls.

The hallway was longer than I had thought. There were windows on the left side and several doors on at intervals on the right. I reached the end of the hall and there was door straight ahead and one to the right. None of the doors were open. I opened the door on the right and reached for the light. It was obviously Mistress’ room. There was a queen size bed coming out form the middle of the opposite wall, under a large window. On the floor to the left of the bed was a blanket and pillow. The must be my spot. Just above that was a wall mounted coat rack that was empty. I walked across the room and hung my leash on one of the coat rack pegs. As I left the room I noticed two doors that had been on my right when I entered. One had to be a closet and the other the bathroom. Then it hit me, I had to pee. It had been since before the poker game. I was about to head for one of the doors when I heard someone was coming down the hall and remembered Mistress’ warning about needing permission to even pee.

“Uh, where you been? Melissa is wondering what is taking so long.” Thankfully it was Joanna. She was still dripping wet and looking awesome.

“I have to take a leak, bad.”

“OK, use my bathroom in here.” And she led me into her room and pointed to the bathroom door. As I squeezed by toward the door she gave a path on the ass. “Having fun?”

I didn’t answer as I ducked in to the bathroom and relieved myself.

“You had better get back out there, or Melissa will be pissed. And you don’t want that.”

I finished up with a shake, flushed, and headed back out. Joanna was toweling off. She turned and tossed the towel over the desk chair. She was nude. Once again my cock sprang up, revealing my thoughts. See looked at me, “You had better get going!”

I turned and trotted out the door, my dick pointing the way. As I approached the Jacuzzi I over heard Mistress telling her mom about our shopping at Cupid’s Corner.

“Where have you been?” Was my greeting.

“Sorry Starzbet Güncel Giriş Mistress. I had to pee. Joanna let me use her bathroom.”

“In the future you must ask me first. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress”

“Go get us drink refills.”

“Yes, Mistress.” And I trotted off again and they picked up on the shopping story. Returning with a fresh pitcher her mother was talking.

“You know, I have having the Ladies club here for a pool party at noon today. I’d like to spice things up a bit. Can I borrow Slave for the afternoon?”

I couldn’t believe it. I filled their classes and backed away a bit, standing quietly.

“Sure mom. What were you thinking of?”

“Well, loose the cuffs and all the hair. Maybe some body paint. Definitely bottom less, if you know what I mean. Should he serve drinks or be a live sculpture?”

“OK. Joanna and I will get him ready. I like the sculpture idea. It has been a while since we had something like that.”

“Slave, go get us towels. Down the hall and second door on the right. And no dawdling.”

“Yes, Mistress.” And I was off again. Opening the door it was dark. I turned on the light. It was a workout room, but with a few pieces of equipment I didn’t recognize. There were the towels over on the shelf. I retrieve two and returned to the Jacuzzi.

Both women exit the Jacuzzi as I approached. I held out the towels. Mistress’ mother took one and started drying off.

“You may dry me off” Mistress said. I hesitated, and then moved closer to began the task. Starting with her shoulders and started to work my way down. “No funny business! Just get the job done,” she said as I went over her breasts and headed for her waistline. Her mother was watching with a smile, and I caught a bit of a smile on Mistress’ face too.

“Thanks.” Said Mistress’ mother as she tosses me the damp towel and headed for the main house. “You had better get some sleep if you are going to be ready for my party.”

“Don’t worry mom, he will be ready.” Turning to me, “Get going, back in side and get that shopping bag I gave you.”

Back in the guest house I retrieved the bag from the couch. “Get your clothes too, follow me.”

“Yes, Mistress.” And off I went following her down hall. What a nice view of her ass, divided nicely by the thong.

As we approached the end of the hall, “Go lay down in your corner.” And she headed into Joanna’s room.

I went to my corner and did as I was told. It must have been four AM by now. It felt good to put my head down on the pillow and pull the blanket over my naked body.

I must have fallen asleep, as I awoke to a tug to my collar. It was Mistress locking the loop on my collar to a chain. Then there was a click at the back of my collar. “You have been fairly good so far, but I still don’t trust you. So, for tonight I will have to lock you up.” I reached back and there was a small lock on my collar buckle.

I cracked my eyes open and caught a peek of Mistress in a silky red nighty. I remembered my scolding for looking at her back in my room, so I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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