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It came to me at 2:17am while I was watching the 1974 British Open highlights on ESPN23. I was in a rut. I was bored. I needed some excitement. My job was going well, but was on autopilot for now. I wasn’t dating anyone steadily, and with the cold and amount of snow outside I might as well be hibernating. I desperately needed something.

I was about to go to bed when a blaring commercial caught my eye. There was a montage of groups of guys deep sea fishing, golfing, drinking beer, hooking up with gorgeous babes and most of all, having a blast. Shot at a luxurious, tropical vacation resort, the handsome and obviously successful pitchman, with a sexy blonde on his arm looking adoringly up at him, said, “Are you in a rut? Are you bored? Do you need some excitement? If you answered yes to any one of these questions you need a MANCATION!” Pointing his finger at me he continued, “And you need it NOW!”

“Yes!” I shouted and pumped my fist in the air. They repeated the phone number seven or eight times until it was seared into my brain. I called right away and the overtly sexy, yet courteous operator said the catalog and a DVD would be in my hands in a couple of days. I went to bed and dreamed of fun in the sun with the guys.

I jumped out of bed in the morning, called four of my friends and got them to agree to a mancation. I told them it would be a tropical trip, and that I’d handle the details and get back to them in a few days.

The catalog was in my mailbox when I got home from work, much later than normal as it turned out. I’d had to take care of a crisis and got home close to midnight. I changed clothes and finally sat down in my recliner with the catalog. The fire was blazing in front of me, and I was warm, maybe a little too warm, since I was already a bit drowsy. I soldiered on though, because I desperately wanted to select a destination for our mancation so I could book it tomorrow. I needed something real to look forward to.

I’d removed the awesome killer zombie DVD before I sat down and replaced it with the mancation DVD. Sitting in my chair with remote in hand, I pressed play and watched. The brief video made it seem like you were missing out on life itself if you didn’t experience a mancation at least once. The video was a slick little piece and made me eager to get going.

There were mancations all over the globe, but I was set on tropical. I içerenköy escort thumbed through the catalog. There were lots of cute vacation destination “names” like Zhimantanejo, Cayman Islands, Manserrate, Mantinique, and Mantigua. But for me, the Mancun mancation stood out. It promised deep sea fishing, golfing, heavy drinking and best of all, hooking up with women looking to hook up with men. Yes, the libidinous Mancun mancation was paired with a lascivious Girl Getaway. I yawned once and began to read the details. It looked promising and the more I read, way more than promising.



“Dude! We’re booked! We’re going on a Mancun mancation!” I excitedly told Bill on the other end of the line.

“Awesome! What’d they say when you called?”

“All the fishing, golfing and drinking we can stand. And get this; the guy said they tend to book a lot of middle school teachers and ER nurses for some reason, so the women on this particular Girl Getaway are wild. He said the only place he’d seen more threesomes and foursomes is on the golf course. We are so gonna get hosed!”


We’d had a few beers on the afternoon flight and we – were – pumped. As we got off the plane, rum drinks were shoved at us by smiling locals. We nudged each other and nodded at some pretty ladies getting into a shuttle bus and wondered if we’d see them later. Eyes rolling at the sign on the vehicle, we were herded into our “shuttle man” and rode the short distance to the resort. As we got off the van laughing and joking around, we were greeted by beautiful, giggling, barely dressed hostesses. They rubbed against us, put flower necklaces on us while asking if we wanted a lei. They implied they’d like to have cocktails with us later. Oh man, they had us semi-hard and we couldn’t wait to get to the action!

After a boisterous dinner with the other guy groups on mancations and a bawdy introduction to what fun could be had, we were set loose in a large, thatched roof, open air pavilion to mingle with the lusty women from the Girl Getaway. The same ribald emcee, along with an equally bawdy woman, led us in a few icebreaking activities to get the balling rolling.

The wind was picking up and blowing steadily. Every now and then a skirt would fly up and we’d hear a playful, immodest shriek and kadıköy escort too loud laughter. The icebreakers helped some, but the main thing that got people talking and groping freely was, as always, the alcohol. We’d become a large group of drunk and horny people looking to get laid. It was awesome!

When the wind really started blowing and the rains began, we all laughed and bonded and adjourned to the big indoor ballroom. I’d gotten separated from my friends, but could care less since I was talking to a couple of beautiful, glazed-eyed women who had made it clear they wanted to go back to my hut.

I had learned that Pam was an ER nurse with a fondness for providing oral sex to anybody in her vicinity. Debbie was an eighth grade Latin teacher with a penchant for role playing and talking dirty.

I was in heaven. Arm in arm we strolled out of the ballroom, past a few staffers with concerned looks on their faces, through the outer doors and into a wall of humid wind and warm rain.

We laughed and giggled, hunkered down and ran down the path. We were soaked by the time we got to my hut. With the storm howling outside, we joked about “getting out of these wet clothes” and stripped each other naked. We were kissing and fondling one another. Pam and Debbie fondled my average sized cock and balls and were “oohing” and “ahhing” with wide eyes, wondering aloud if they could possibly take it all. We all knew it was bullshit, but we were having a hell of a lot of fun.

Finally, Pam dropped to her knees and took me in her velvet mouth. She worked on me with what could only be described as total commitment. Debbie put her hand on the back of Pam’s head and said, “Yeah. That’s it, slut. Suck his cock. Suck his fucking cock. Make him come in your mouth.”

Debbie spanked my ass a couple of times, seductively wet a finger in her mouth, gently worked it up my rear and said softly, but menacingly into my ear, “We’ll play dirty schoolgirl later. Right now you’ve been a very bad boy, and you’ve been sent to my office for discipline. You naughty little fucker!”

A hurricane siren had been blaring for some time, but only broke through to my conscious awareness when the hut’s thatch shutters and door blew in, and rain practically came in sideways at us. We didn’t care; we were in the midst of lust.

Pam kartal escort redoubled her efforts and Debbie, yelling above the roar of the wind and rain, screamed, “It’s not nice to make the assistant principal so wet and horny. You’re going to have to be punished, you wicked little boy!”

The wind was hot and howling, and the rain almost stung it was pounding against us so hard. I clung to Debbie, who was still waggling her finger in me. Pam’s arms were around me. She was holding on for dear life and bobbing her head with the enthusiasm only a true hobbyist can attain. It felt so, so good. With a final finger waggle on just the right spot and a final gleeful suck, I came with a roar that matched that of the wind.

I none too gently maneuvered Debbie and had her lean on the bed. Pam scooted between Debbie’s legs and started licking and nibbling her pussy. The hot wind was raging and the rain poured on us in sheets as I stepped behind Debbie and shouted, “So you’re a wet and horny assistant principal, huh? Then assist my dick, you naughty administrator!”

I shoved into her pussy and began a wind assisted thrusting. Pam massaged my balls as she tried to keep her mouth on Debbie’s mound. I held onto Debbie’s slick waist and pounded her as hard as I could.

I could barely hear her shouting over the roar of the wind, “Yes, yes, you nasty little fucker. Fuck me. Fuck your assistant principal after school every day. Show me what dirty little boy you are.”

“Take this you dirty AP. Take my come,” I shouted as loud as I could and came deep inside of Debbie’s tight pussy.

No sooner had I come than a storm surge flowed into the hut and sucked us out into the roiling surf. We sputtered and kicked and held on to each other as another, larger surge carried us back inland and, amazingly, dumped us on the flat roof of the ballroom, where it appeared an orgy was underway in the midst of a hurricane.

With the wind howling and the rain peppering us, we waded into the thrashing bodies eager to participate. Suddenly, lightening flashed and night momentarily turned into day. I glanced around and Pam and Debbie and everybody else had turned into decaying, bloodthirsty zombies! Zombies who were grabbing at me and pulling me down! I screamed and screamed and struggled to get away.

I screamed and jerked upright. I jerked upright and woke up. I woke up and was dazed. As my breathing slowed and I got my bearings, I noticed my erection fading away and realized I was sweating freely from the heat of the still burning fire. Another few moments and I started laughing out loud; my Mancun mancation had been nothing but one big wet dream.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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