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We reached Baghdad in the early evening. It was warmer than I thought as we checked into the Hilton. Peter had already arranged for Ali and Leila to drop by at the suite we had taken and it was my job to “manage” Ali while he would make sure that Leila was adequately shafted.

I had a quick bath and changed to a very sheer sleeveless gown. The white gown highlighted my bushy pits and I am sure the blackness at my groin was also visible. I wore no panties. Ali came first and I was taken aback. I was expecting some pot-bellied man but instead he looked a stud. He had a beard but what was an immediate turn on was the thick black hair on his chest sprouting from his shirt, which had two buttons open at the top. I am sure he too was taken aback by seeing me especially my wanton hirsute body. I immediately sat opposite him on the sofa with my arms tucked behind my head with the jet-black bushy hair in my unshaven underarms spilling out towards him. He crossed over and sat next to me and put his hands on my thigh. He asked me how I liked Baghdad but he was hardly listening to my reply. I reached down and pulled out his massive phallus and quickly bent down and pulled out his throbbing cock.

He didn’t have to ask. My mouth quickly engulfed his engorged member. He had one hand between my legs and the other all over my tits. I took his engorged prick from my mouth and began stroking his cock and wrapped my hand around his massive cock. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue over his swollen head then wrapped my lips again around his girth and slid them down his throbbing shaft. His cock was less than half way inside my mouth when he started to push into my throat. I slid my tongue under his shaft and felt him go deeper until my lips touched my fingers. I was sucking and slurping away on his meaty shaft when Peter reached under me while I continued sucking Ali. I heard a zipper and belt buckle open, and then a hard cock slipping between my cheeks and pressing against my wet hairy pussy.

My swollen mound split open as he pushed into me. I had a big beautiful cock in my mouth and another one stuffed in my hungry pussy. I was in heaven as the two hard shafts of flesh fucked both ends of me. I was going to cum hard. I could feel it building. The bell rang but neither Peter nor Ali moved. Slowly the door opened we hadn’t even bothered to close the door.

The beautiful Leila stepped in. Her beauty struck me. Long lustrous hair was on head and she had a massive bosom. Her luscious body was very sexy. My body shuddered with an orgasm when I felt a jet of hot sperm splashing into my cunt. That was all it took. My body tensed again then jerked violently in a series of orgasmic spasms. Somehow I held the cock in my mouth as muffled moans and gasps escaped from my throat. The cock in my pussy pulled out. Cum began running kozyatağı escort down my legs. My pussy felt empty so I decided to fill it with the huge cock I was sucking. I got up and turned around, sitting back as I guided the bulging head to my cum filled chamber. I felt his massive girth stretching me open as it pushed deep into my belly.

Peter who had come in my hairy pussy wasted no time in undressing Leila. He pushed his hands up under her blouse and squeezed my tits while tweaking her black nipples. I started bouncing up and down impaling myself over and over on the huge cock stuffed in my cunt. I reached between my legs and rubbed my swollen clit. I looked up and saw Leila’s hirsute body as Peter undressed her. Her pubic mound was exceedingly dark and bushy but her armpits were simply amazing. Jet-black and extremely bushy hair peeped out even her arms were pressed down against her sides. I gasped when she raised her arms and disclosed the most hirsute armpits ever. Her bushy armpits almost filled her entire arms as it went from below her breasts right up more than a foot upwards as it spread out like a lush long rug.

It was thick all over and must have stuck out a foot too. I never knew any man or woman could have so much hair in their armpits. Peter with his fetish for bushy armpits and dug his entire head into her bushy underarms and it was difficult to see whether the hair on his head had more hair than Leila’s hairy pits. It really looked delicious and I screamed”Fuck me, baby… fuck me with your big hard cock Ali… oh god… oooohhhh… harder… fuck me harder… that’s it… uunngghh… Peter take your head out of her underarms show me Leila’s hirsute pits”

I was grinding hard against the monster in my gut as I went back and forth. I tilted my ass back and rubbed my clit against the base of his cock. I came hard, drenching his cock with cunt juice. My pussy twitched against his embedded tool as juices poured down his shaft and dripped from his balls. The cock in my pussy slammed even deeper into my belly, Then again and again. My orgasm was out of control. Leila had bent down and taken Peter’s schlong into her mouth as I bounced up and down on the cock in my pussy as a second wave of orgasmic spasms consumed me.

She tried working him into her throat, but he was too big to get very far. I rode him hard, lifting all the way off until he was barely inside the lips of my cunt, then slamming down hard and impaling myself fully onto his huge fuck pole.

Leila’s tongue darted out and licked the crotch before sucking it into her mouth. She wasn’t just sucking his cock she was attacking them like a sex-starved animal. I could hear loud slurping and sucking sounds mixed with moans of pleasure and expressions of delight at what she was doing. küçükyalı escort Her mouth was open with her tongue hanging out. Ali now wanted to fuck my asshole. He fucked his manhood into my asshole faster and faster. I could felt cum churning in his balls. His cock started to swell. The floodgates were about to open. It was like a dam collapsing. Stream after stream of hot cum blasted into my hairy asshole as he kept pumping cum into my ass.

Leila was now examining the monster cock of Peter. It was easily one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen. It was massive both in length and girth, lashed with thick wiry veins and topped by a bulbous shiny helmet jutting out of a huge bush of black pubes at the base of his thick bumpy shaft and I could feel my pussy twitch at the thought of being impaled by it though Leila was stroking the monster.

Ali suddenly jerked violently and flooded my hairy asshole but my eyes were on Peter’s love stick. At the moment, it looked awesome as he shuffled forward and placed the tip of his massive meat at the little pink opening of my pussy lips and began stroking it up and down my slit his bulbous helmet pushed up against my fanny as I looked down gulping at the huge pole waiting to fuck me. I felt the tip of his huge phallus prising apart my moistened pussy, slipping his whole bulbous head inside my hole, my furry pussy closing tightly around it. He plunged forward pulling me towards him sharply, sinking his entire muscular cock into my squelching fuckhole until his balls were grinding against my furry muff impaled by his massive throbbing meat. I gasped as peter suddenly drew back, pulling his cock right out of me with a pop, to reveal it’s magnificent size as he rode me hard, his bulbous helmet squelching deep inside my sopping beaver, pounding and grinding me with his prick. “Fuck me Peter, I’m cumming…” I whispered curling my fingers round the root of his chunky prick. I felt his balls contract as he pumped his cum inside me

Ali was busy feeling Leila’ bushy underarms. His massive tool jutting straight out as he forced her mouth onto his cock. He then worked her head up and down on his prick slowly pushing his cock into her willing mouth and then quickening the motion into a fast piston motion in and out of her mouth.

She took out his wet cock and then again guided his large weapon towards her mouth. Inch by inch his length slipped into her mouth until I could see the outline of his cock head bulging at the entrance to her throat. His dick was buried to the hilt in her throat and her nose was pressed into his thatch of dark pubes as she gently tickled the underside of his balls. Slowly her head came up his shaft until the twitching meat appeared from between her red lips.

“Damn! Peter I need somebody mutlu kent escort fucking my hairy pussy!” she cried. No sooner were the words out of her mouth Peter took up a position behind her bent body I watched him caress and part her buttocks. With a huge thrust, Peter buried himself inside her pussy from behind. She cried out in lust at the ferocity of his penetration and her whole body jerked forward, once again, burying Ali’s bulbous phallus all the way till the back of her throat. I watched his muscular legs twitch and tremble as he emptied his load into Leila’s mouth and throat as she continued to get fucked hard and fast from behind. She tried to swallow as much of his jism as possible but, inevitably, the thick white fluid began to leak from the corners of her mouth. I was so engrossed that I started looking at the bushy growth in her unshaven underarms. Though I am extremely hirsute the immensely hairy forest in her underarms was very inviting.

I was drawn to it and couldn’t help myself as I put my lips to the masses of hair in her unshaven pits. The luxuriant thatches in her hairy armpits tasted salty as I stuck my tongue into the wet matted hair in her armpit jungle. It smelled of healthy sweat as the tangy aroma filled my nostrils. The long hair in her underarms was much more coarse than he silky hair in my unshaven pits but it was so long that when I sucked on it the bushy hair almost reached the back of my throat. “Aaaaaahhhhhhhh” she gurgled maybe at my sucking her long pit hair or Ali’s fuckmeat drilling her body. Ali soon groaned and took out his phallus and began spraying his cum all over her lower back and ass cheeks. Leila moaned again as the hot semen scorched her white flesh and she shuddered as another orgasm, rippled through her body.

But she still wasn’t done yet. With semen trickling from her chin and down over her buttocks she took the Peter’s cock into her deep, warm cleavage With her hands on each heavy breast, she slowly began to raise and lower the twin orbs allowing his tool to slide gracefully between them and touch the heavy pelt of hair in her bushy armpits into my waiting mouth hidden in the tangle of her bushy underarms. Peter arched his back and Leila began to tit-fuck his cock faster and faster.

Every time his cock appeared from the top of her cleavage I would bend my head downwards from her bushy underarms and lick the tip of his massive cock. His face was a picture of lust as she squeezed her tits around his shaft as with every shove I sucked him deeply into my mouth amongst the lush garden of her untrimmed furry armpits. For a brief second he held his breath and then, with a huge sigh, he ejaculated thickly over Leila’s tits and armpit forest and into my mouth. The viscous liquid seemed to pour over the milky flesh and run in a rivulet’s down into her deep cleavage into the dense thicket of her underarm jungle.

Peter and Ali seemed exhausted but there was a twinkle in the hirsute Leila’s bewitching eyes. She raised a bushy eyebrow and asked me if I could take on the mighty minister Ahmed the impaler. I had forgotten that I was still MATA HARI or was I MATTED AND HAIRY. It was a night that we will never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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