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Danny’s point of view

It’s the day for coffee with the President.   What is this all about? I am nervous. General Hogue meets me at the entrance and escorts me to the Oval office. After exchanging greetings, the President punches an intercom number. “Madam VP, come join us for a moment, please. There is someone you should meet.”    

Three minutes later she bustles in looking neat, trim, and professional in her navy blue skirt suit and red blouse. We stand as she enters. The President and I sit when she does, but the Joint Chief Chairman excuses himself.    

I glance around the room at the elegant, heavy early American decor, the eagle relief mural in the ceiling, tasteful art, parquet floor and E pluribus Unum carpet in the center in front of the presidential massive wooden desk. He sits in a chair next to the fireplace, and the VP sits to his right. “This visit appeases my curiosity at last,” I say with a smile.        

That statement intrigues the President.”Curiosity about what, I wonder?”    

A chuckle gurgles from my throat. “Is the oval office oval or round?”    

His head bobs up and down once. “That’s a common question and subject of curiosity, all right.” He skips the small talk. “Marion, we discussed your situation last week. General Sterling here may have some insights for you.” He faces me. “General, you’ve met the VP before this I believe?”    

I nod. The VP bewilderment is obvious. “But General, I don’t recall meeting you. You must have attended a meeting I addressed, could that be it?”    

I grin wide. “Could be.”    

The president interrupts. “The abduction last week traumatized Marion’s entire family. As you can imagine, the impact from the ordeal left her family anxious and fearful. Madam VP agreed to honor the family’s wishes and resign. She has tendered her resignation.”    

My eyebrows shoot up faster than a roman candle on the fourth of July. “Madam Vice President, I am sorry to hear of your resignation, but Sherman, Sheila, Marla, and Larry need you now more than ever, I imagine. And you could use a break and some cuddle time with them too, right?”    

My familiarity with her family puzzles the VP. “Yes, that is right. My family needs me, and I need them. You seem to know a lot about my family, General.”    

“You five have been on the news all week.”    

The President steers the conversation to the purpose of the meeting. “Madam Vice President Garland, who would you recommend as your replacement?”    

She hesitates and casts a questioning look at the President and me. “General, I don’t know how acquainted you are with the team that rescued us, but the leader, the one the team addressed as Chief Hawk, and the men on the conference call addressed as Mando seems a far cut above anyone I know or have ever known. After all that has happened, the legion of terrorists who want to lop off his head on international eve gelen escort television will force him underground, whereabouts unknown.”    

I am intrigued. “Yes, if that team doesn’t become inactive and invisible for a while, those Hawks will be extinct. ”    

“Exactly. The leader, Chief Hawk, or Mando, is a natural leader. I’m thinking the best cover for him is a super public position that will not connect him with anti-terrorist or rescue activities.”    

Now I’m puzzled. “Yes, that is a good plan. What position is best suited for Chief Hawk?”    

The VP seeks clarity. “General, I understand you know this individual. How do you suppose he’d react to being invited to replace me for the remaining thirteen months of the term?”    

Vice President? Is this woman for real? My eyes glaze over, and my mouth is drier than cotton in a medicine bottle. My facial muscle tone goes limp, presenting a blank look as I stare without answering.    

The President comes to my aid. “Excuse me, General, I know that is a far cry from anything Mando has ever done, and that’s the point. The two things Marion mentioned are, he is qualified, and he would virtually disappear. The term remaining is thirteen months, so we’re not talking about a career change. What do you suppose? Would there be interest?”    

I sit back in my seat working against myself in getting it together. “Um, Mr. President, do you think this individual is qualified for such a high profile position?”    


“Keep in mind, Mr. President, Madam Vice President, Mando is a warrior, a soldier with no political background or experience.” Imagine me in a political beehive. Yeah. Right. I’d be more of an ass than an asset.

Tom Sullivan won’t let me off the hook. “That presents no problem. Could it be a fit?”    

I take a big gulp of air. “I’m uncertain, Mr. President. I am sure, however, that political office isn’t a career objective.”    

“Understood. What is your first impression? Do you agree it is so ridiculous it could work like a charm?” The president gets a qualified second in command, and Mando the Hawk stays hidden in plain sight. No one would think to dig in the White house for the Rescue Hawk.’    

I turn my attention to the VP. “Madam Vice President, I’m flattered and overwhelmed by your confidence in me.”    

“Beg Pardon?” She narrows her eyes at me, unsure if she heard me right.    

The president glows, and his pride shows like a mischievous boy who’s just snatched the last fried chicken drumstick from the platter. “Marion, I would like to introduce you to the undisguised Mando, also known as Chief Hawk.”    

She stares at me bug-eyed while the blood in her face races to her toenails. She tries several times to say something, but it never happens. In frustration, she runs over to me with her arms outstretched and burst into tears. “Thank you! Thank you, thank istanbul eskort bayan you, and thank you!”    

I pat her back like a mother comforting her heart broken child.    

She steps back and studies me. “Goodness! You disguise yourself as a man so well I never doubted you were.” Her hands go to her face as if to hold her cheeks on. “Oh, my! Now I’m praying that you take the position, General. A woman replacing a woman is wonderful! This country couldn’t wish for anything more than you offer.”    

I grin at the President. “Sir, do you have any more sneaky moves to throw at me?”    

He laughs. “Could be; I’ll check.”    

Marion hugs me again. “I know you are in deep cover, so I can’t tell my family who you are, but you three hawks are the only thing talked about in our house. You have become the kid’s only role model; your team, I mean.”    

“We were glad to help, Madam Vice president. Now that I think about it, I don’t know where the VP lives.”    

    “Number one observatory circle. It is a lovely nineteenth century home built in 1893.”    

“I assume there is a gym, correct?” I couldn’t survive without one.    

“Yes. And running or jogging paths as well,” the VP confirms with a broad smile.    

“Mr. President, Madam Vice President, I am not married, but I am with someone. For the sake of public image, would it be advisable to at least be engaged?”    

They both nod, and the VP speaks. “Who is your significant other, General?”    

“Danny Marino, CEO of M a perfect blackout curtain for a cover. Ye gods! You’re getting so royal I’d better buy purple underwear for your highness.

“The VP invited us to dinner Thursday evening at eight if your calendar allows. There is one thing you should know up front, Gino and that is for public acceptance of our living together we should at least be engaged for the announcement.”    

“Hmm, do I hear an excuse for me to propose to you too soon, but not soon enough?” He teases.    

“Would you?” I make the question appear casual, but somewhere deep down; I hope he’ll say yes.    

“I’ll be late tonight Honey, I need to stop in the jewelry store on the way home. I’m giving a girl’s best friend a ride home.”

I don’t know why this excites me, but I’m bursting with it. “Really? You want to marry me for real, not just for show?”

“Danny Honey, I’m yours for life no matter what. I will marry you anytime because I know we’re perfect for each other.” He chuckles. “Even if I have to play second fiddle to the VP.”

“Ha! The CEO of M&S enterprises and darling of wall street plays second to no one.”

For some reason that escapes me, my eyes well up with tears and strong emotions hand wrestle with my composure. “Gino?” I whisper.    

My soft voice catches him off guard. “Yes, Honey?”    

“If you had asked me to marry you yesterday we would be engaged today.”    

“Wow! We live in the fast rezidans escort lane in all areas of our lives, don’t we? I love it! I’ve got the question ready to pop. How long should the engagement be?”    

“Long enough for your friends and families to clear their calendars. It’ll be a big social event. Maybe six to eight weeks, depending upon whether we have it at your parent’s home, or hotel, or religious facility.” I giggle. “Maybe the Pope would let us have it at the Vatican or St Peter’s cathedral and officiate!”    

He guffaws. “Talk about the event of the year! Or choose the largest cathedral in America and invite him to either officiate or conduct the ring ceremony and pronounce us husband and wife.”    

I don’t know what to think. “Are we dreaming childish dreams because we are giddy? Is anything like that possible?”    

“Hmm. If it is, it’ll be subject to His Holiness’ calendar. If Chuck can’t be my best man, I want the President. Think he would do it?”    

“Count on it.” My voice drops to a whisper again. “Gino?”    

“Yes, Tiger?”    

“Are we serious? I mean, I am serious, are you?” My heart jumps and thumps, and my mouth is so dry my tongue could pass for cotton. I hold my breath in anticipation of his answer.    

“I am as serious an alcoholic at a beer guzzling contest, and as convinced it’s the right thing to do as you are eternally horny.” The weight dissipates from my chest while butterflies play hopscotch in my tummy. That is the most amazing and precious thing he had ever said.    

“Then I will hang up and cry.”    

He laughs. “You cry, and I’ll sing. I love you, Honey. See you tonight, General Madam Vice President.”    

“Okay, but Gino?” I’m whispering again. “There’s one thing that scares me.”    

“About getting married?”    

“No, about being the VP. What if the president has a heart attack, stroke, bad accident or something and dies in office?”    

“I see where you’re going with this. You’d be President. That’s a heavy thought.” He pauses. “But there is only a fourth of the term left, so you could fake it until you make it, I imagine. You’d do fine knowing the pressure cooker has a limited time.”    

“Maybe. I will tell Kammy,-oh crap!” A striking realization crosses my mind.    

“What? There’s nothing crappy about Kammy.”    

“She’s become family, Gino We can’t cut her out of our lives like that. How would we justify her living with us?” I’m apprehensive.    

“Either we go home three nights a week, or we have a live-in valet. She’s your butler or house manager already. We’ll figure it out.”    

“Okay. Come home, Gino. I need a hard cock and a good fuck.”    

He chuckles. “I’m cleaning off my desk now. See you tonight, Hon. Congratulations! How’d it feel leaving the house as a general?”    


“Know what, General? Those stars twinkling on your shoulders could be the seed of a galaxy.” 

I grin and go dreamy-eyed at the euphemistic forecast. “Don’t I wish? See you soon.”    

“Bye, Vice President General Danny, my horny honey.”    

    My giggled response is giddy. “General? Vice President? Oh, honey baby, those titles pale in comparison to my other upcoming promotion.”    

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