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When I awoke early on December 31st, I was careful not to wake my boyfriend Shane who slept soundly beside me. We were guests at Nancy and Joe’s villa near Phoenix and had been there the last four days. I was happy that I had convinced Shane to loosen up and have sex with Nancy even though he was unaware of my total sexcapades the previous three days or with some of the guests that were due to arrive. The only other person scheduled to arrive that he knew was Barb.

The other couples were to show up throughout the day. Just to recap, Shane and I were from Southern California and I was 24 years old, 5’6, 120 pounds with dark blonde hair, hazel eyes who was in my final year of Pharmacy school. Shane was 27, owned his own sporting goods store, stood 6’3, 190 pounds with dark hair that was shorter on the sides than on top.

Nancy had a she-shed built at her home which was a small building between her and her neighbor’s villa. It was her own feminine version to a man cave only her shed contained sexual apparatuses and toys. The doors on both sides contained gloryholes covered with moveable pictures, and the apparatuses on the inside were a salon chair that leaned back and transformed into a gynecological stirrup chair, a Sybian vibrating horse with a changeable dildo sticking out of the top, a sex swing for riding, a rollable fucking machine with a dildo that pumped back and forth when turned on, and a pillory. A pillory is a medieval punishment contraption in which the prisoner bends over and locks their head and hands into it while their lower half remains standing.

The toys that Nancy had in her shed seemed limitless. There was a giant chest containing strap-ons, dildos, and vibrators, among others with lubrication to use them. Nancy was a 5’7, 130 pound, hotwife with reddish auburn hair that kept herself fit who had moved out from Illinois after her and Joe had retired. Her hubby became excited when she took lovers and even though the forty year couple were in their early sixties, they looked and acted much younger.

Nancy had invited her online friend couples for the New Year’s Eve celebration so that we girls could have a big “party” in the she-shed. The final installment inside her building was a camera mounted in every corner connected to four monitors in her living room that could be accessed onto her big screen television. The guys would watch us girls have fun while awaiting their turn was to be the ultimate plan that only a few of us knew.

The dilemma was even though Nancy and all but one of us girls, were up for all types of sex, most of everyone’s significant other was not. Even though I had enticed Shane to have sex with Nancy, I was hoping to change his mind about an open relationship going forward and that was a good start.

The first couple to arrive was Annette and Patrick. At 5’7, 105 pounds with short dark brunette hair, I considered her sleeky hot and Patrick was a handsome 6’2, 190 pounds with brown hair. They both were in their mid-forties, in good shape and professional people as he was a chief of staff MD and she was an attorney. I got to know her through my mom and several years prior she came to California with her and I for an anal gangbang with some black businessmen. You may have read about that experience in “Like Slut Mom, Like Slut Daughter CH 2.”

We greeted them and all six of us sat in the living room waiting for the others to arrive. Our plans were to go out to dinner together dressed in our best. It was great seeing Annette again and even though we didn’t verbalize it, we both were reminiscing about that hot adventure some years prior.

Slowly the other couples began to show up. Chrissy and Tim were next. Chrissy was 49 with short light auburn hair and wore these cute stylish dark rimmed glasses. At 5’11, she was a bigger, curvy, sexy woman with large boobs and her husband Tim was much smaller at 5’4 and 150 pounds but well-built and looked like a biker bad boy with is his thick beard and tattoos.

Joe brought out extra folding chairs so we could accommodate everyone in the sitting room. We laughed and got to know each other when Bill and Lindy showed up. Bill was a handsome average sized man in his early fifties with a great head of thick hair while his wife Lindy was a 125 pound, Hispanic beauty around the same age as him. I had met Bill at a writing convention and we had a couple of amazing secret sexual encounters. You may have read about that experience in “The Writing Convention.”

Bill and I pretended not to know each other in front of our significant others even though both were friendly and once they settled in, were very talkative. Bill was how I remembered him with an introverted personality but also funny and Lindy was a self-confident alpha female type woman and I liked her immediately. We were waiting on one more couple and they arrived not fifteen minutes afterwards.

When Barb and Josh walked in, that was the last of everyone attending. Barb was a curvy 5’4 brunette in her late 30s with big brown eyes and ankara escort heart shaped lips while Josh was a bigger man, a little younger than her who had short dark hair and a goatee. I hadn’t seen them since I had my threesome with them when Shane and I flew out to Pennsylvania for his IT training. You may have read about that experience in, “Trading Threesomes.” Shane knew Barb and I knew Josh but the guys barely knew each other.

Nancy had rented a limousine for our New Year’s celebration to the Quiessence restaurant. All the women were stressed up with shimmering dresses and high heels while the men looked great in their nice clothes. We sat outside drinking and having a great time. Patrick and Annette were the life of the party because of their charismatic personalities and used their experiences to their advantage. They made it very fun for everyone. Many of us knew each other from previous chats and experiences but it was great learning more about each other’s spouses.

Nancy quieted everyone down and gave her speech, “Joe and I would like to thank everyone for coming and hopefully later tonight everyone will be cumming.” Everyone at the table gave a hearty chuckle and when it stopped, Nancy continued, “Everyone enjoy themselves and then I will show you the surprise when we get back to help bring in the New Year.”

Patrick insisted on picking up the check which was considerable. He would have none of anyone’s offers. We returned around 8pm and Nancy announced it was time for the girls to head out to the she-shed, “Ladies, I think it is time for us to have our fun in my little playroom and let the guys stay here drooling. Sorry guys…girls only.” Her hubby Joe got the men set up in the living room with all four video screens up and running. They weren’t quite sure what to expect but were excited with the anticipation.

With our heels clicking on the walkway concrete, all six of us girls entered Nancy’s play building. Nancy and I were very familiar with its indoor contents but the other ladies immediately saw that it was mostly for sexual pleasure and began walking around looking at everything in fascination. I think everyone but Lindy was getting excited to what was about to take place. Even though she was the alpha-female type, she was not into girl on girl sex. Nancy and I knew that so it was our mission to convert her.

We were standing next to the Sybian sexual horse when Nancy asked, “Have you ever tried one of those?”

Lindy’s attitude was more reserved when she responded, “No. I’m not sure about all of this. Maybe I should go in with Bill.”

Nancy and I each took a hand before I soothingly assured her, “Don’t be silly. I think if you just relax and open your mind to new experiences. We all love our men but tonight it is about girl pleasure. I bet when you were younger, you had such a playful experimental side.”

Lindy seemed to relax a little more before I continued, “That’s better. Just allow yourself the pleasure you deserve. Life is short and you deserve to try new things and this is the perfect time.”

I leaned in and softly kissed her neck. Lindy didn’t stop me so I continued kissing down to where her neck meets her shoulder. Nancy began doing the same on the other side. Lindy closed her eyes and tilted her head back so to allow herself to enjoy the soft sensual pleasure that two females were providing.

Nancy whispered, “There you go. Doesn’t that feel nice?”

Lindy moaned, “Ummm Hmmmm.”

Her perfume smelled amazing so I couldn’t stop kissing Lindy and eventually moved my way over to her lips. It wasn’t an all-out make-out kiss with tongues probing but it was a start. She was enjoying herself as was I. The other three girls were watching us and getting aroused. I unzipped the back of her dress before Nancy and I each took one of Lindy’s dress straps and slid them down her shoulders to where it almost fell to the floor.

Nancy stopped then announced to the girls the beginning plan, “OK girls we are starting the New Year’s Eve She-Shed Party. You see all the sexual toys and we are going to have fun with them. We can have fun with anyone and everyone after our initial pairing. There are six of us and we are going to pair up to start with and have fun for 30 minutes with your partner then we can do whatever we like. What do you say….sound fun?”

We all nodded our heads in agreement and Nancy continued explaining, “Good. I and maybe Lindy are the only ones here that remotely remember the seventies and back then, swinging couples used to have what they called ‘key parties’ where every couple put their keys in a bowl and whoever they randomly picked out was the person they fooled around with. We are going to have a panty party.”

Annette shook her head and asked what we were all thinking, “Girl, what are you talking about?”

“We are going to find our partner by the panties we pick out of this cloth sack that I have sewn together. Alright girls, close your eyes and take them off. No peeking either.” ankara escort bayan Nancy ordered.

All us girls closed our eyes tightly and lifted our dresses. I quickly slid my thong down with my thumbs and stepped over it once it reached the floor. I could hear all the other girls rustling around, doing the same thing. Nancy went to each of us, taking them from our hands and stuffed them in the sack but did it in a way where she didn’t look directly at the panties so she could not identify them as well as us.

After she took her own off and added them with the others, Nancy then announced to us girls, “OK ladies, you can open your eyes. I have mixed up everyone’s panties inside here. Three people will choose a pair out of the bag but do it one at a time. They must smell the crotch then try to find the owner. You can’t spread them out and look at sizes. Who is going to draw first?”

All of us girls basically shrugged then Annette stepped up again, “Here I will go first.” She reached into the bag and came out with a pair of silky black ones. Annette put the crotch to her nose and took two deep sniffs. She closed her eyes and took another one.

Nancy giggled then instructed her, “OK…now see if you can find your partner.”

She first went to Nancy and knelt down between her legs and said, “I think these might be yours. Spread em girl let me find out.”

Nancy smiled and lifted her short dress, showing her married bald pussy. Using her fingers, she spread her lips and Annette put her nose next to the folds. She smelled the panties…then Nancy’s pussy….then back to the panties….then back to Nancy’s pussy. Annette stood up, “It is great but that isn’t the one.”

She came to me next and decided I wasn’t the right owner of the panties as well. She tried Chrissy next and then Barb. As soon as she brought her nose to Barb’s slit, she immediately said, “We have a winner. This is it.”

Barb smiled, “Those are mine and it looks like we are together first.”

I jumped in and said, “I’ll go next,” and reached into the bag and pulled out my own white thong. I giggled and tossed it off to the side before reaching back in.

I pulled out another pair of black panties with a lace waistband. I smelled the crotch and it had that strong sweet and acidic aroma that I have always found such a turn on. I had a huge advantage over the women in my presence because I had previously had sex with Nancy, Barb, and Annette. However since Barb and Annette were already paired and I had tasted Nancy a few times, I only had to choose from Chrissy and Lindy.

I inhaled the erotic scent from the panties before choosing Chrissy. Instead of lifting her dress, she just took it off along with her bra before lifting one leg and placing it on the salon chair. From down on my knees, I put my nose directly into her slit and right away I knew I had found my partner. I started licking her pussy before Nancy stopped me, “Hey girl…stop that. We haven’t started yet.”

Chrissy giggled, “Damn. I was just starting to enjoy that. Let her be.”

I stood up and apologized, “Sorry. That was too good to pass up.”

That left Nancy and Lindy together but Nancy needed to find the correct pair to complete the pairing. She pulled out a red pair that were French cut on the sides and tossed them because they were her own. She then pulled out a black thong and sniffed the crotch while rubbing her nose around in it. Lindy lifted her dress and sat down with her legs spread. Nancy knelt and put her nostrils directly into her crease. After smelling the panties again, she tossed them on the floor and chuckled, “Those aren’t it.”

Annette laughed, “They are mine.”

I brought the bag over and Nancy lifted out another pair. After sniffing the Lycra black material, she immediately tossed them to the side and Chrissy giggled, “Those are mine.”

The next pair were beige and silky with a blingy shine to them. After inhaling the crotch, she knew right away, “I think I have found my girl.” Lindy didn’t say anything but her smile confirmed they were hers.

Now that we each had our first lover of the evening, we chose where we were to start. With Chrissy a half a foot taller than me and curvier, I felt submissive in her presence. I wanted the pillory and for her to dominate me.

Nancy ordered aloud, “OK, ladies. Take em off. You heard me…get those dresses off so your lover can have easy access.”

After a simultaneous movement by all us girls, every dress was off and placed somewhere out of the way. Once we were without them, the girls who were wearing a bra, also took that off as well. We were all either standing in our stockings and high heels or just high heels.

Before Chrissy locked my hands and head into the pillory, she and I kissed for what seemed like several minutes. She was good with her tongue and since I was looking upward, she was almost able to put it in my throat. Chrissy broke our passionate kiss and ordered in a loud whisper, “I need escort ankara you to eat my pussy and make cum really hard before we lock you up. I need your young mouth free.” She then placed her foot up on the apparatus, providing me a bridge to get underneath and lick her like I had done trying to find my partner.

Nancy and Lindy chose to start on the Sybian riding dildo but before Lindy was to go first, Nancy was on her knees with her face buried between her legs. Lindy stood with her legs widely spread and I even saw her put her hand on the back of Nancy’s head while her head tilted back and her eyes closed.

Barb was already on the sex swing, lying face down with her legs out like a pair of scissors. While suspended in air, Annette was stooping and licking her pussy and ass from that position. Barb was softly moaning every time Annette’s tongue touched a sensitive place.

With her leg up and her high heel covered foot securely locked on the edge of the pillory, I was able to extend from underneath and get really deep into Chrissy’s slit. Because of her leg extension, it had opened up for me naturally which made it easier to place my mouth inside her outer lips and my nose against her clit. Just licking up and down also turned my nose into a “vibrator” causing her to gasp while approaching orgasm relatively quick. Her smell and taste were so intoxicating that I felt like I wanted to suck her vagina inside out.

Chrissy’s gasps turned into grunts when she grabbed the back of my head and forced my face inside her pussy. I could feel her warm inner walls twitch and moisten as she orgasmed. If it were anatomically possible, I would have put my entire head inside. After her spasms had ceased, I pulled out and panted for oxygen. Her scent and juices were all over my face.

I could see Annette putting on an 8 inch rubber strap-on while Lindy was climbing up on the Sybian. Lindy was slightly apprehensive but Nancy was helping her up on it. There was a 7 inch thick black dildo protruding upward and Lindy straddled it while Nancy slathered it with lubrication. When it was prepared, Lindy slowly dropped her lower half with Nancy holding the slippery dong so that it reached its target on the first try. Lindy sighed, “Ohhh,” when it disappeared up her pussy.

Chrissy was instructing me into the pillory, “I need my little Kitten inside.” I spread my legs and bent over, placing my neck and hands into the half-moon shaped cutouts. She lowered the top half and locked me in before slapping my ass cheek, “There you go. You have been a bad girl and now it is time to be punished. Spread those legs for me.”

I could barely move my upper torso but I did spread my legs as wide as they would go. I felt Chrissy use her thumbs to spread my ass cheeks apart. I couldn’t see what she was doing but suddenly I felt her warm tongue start at my anus then lick downward into my dripping pussy. I had no idea she had such a long tongue but I was glad she did. She teased me like that several times causing me to shudder.

Annette was standing behind Barb and using the swings momentum to fuck her with the strap-on. Barb’s entire body was facing downward, parallel to the ground with her legs straight but spread. Annette was adding a little extra thrust when she would swing Barb back on her “cock.” Barb began to squeal, “I’m cummin! Yessss! Ohhhhhh! Yesssssssssssssssss!” Even after her climax, Annette kept fucking her hard enough causing one of Barb’s high heels to fall off her foot and onto the floor.

Lindy was riding the dildo on the Sybian while Nancy controlled the vibrating speed. It was buzzing along and Lindy would bounce a few times before sitting still so she could fully enjoy the pulsating cock deep in her womb. Once Lindy was satisfied, she would bounce again to thoroughly feel both sensations.

Nancy turned up the speed and Lindy screamed, “OH! OH! AAGGHHHHH! AAGHHHHHHHHYEEAAHHHH!
Oh Dios mío!” Once her orgasm began, she screamed louder and louder in both languages. The mischievous Nancy kept increasing it until Lindy spasms transformed into multiple orgasms!

I was close to having a strong orgasm myself. Chrissy inserted two fingers in me from behind and pumped them while she continued to lick my asshole and pussy crease next to her fingers. Once my juices accumulated, the squishing sound amplified until I finally let loose, “Right there! Aughhh! I’m cummin! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!”

Chrissy giggled while I was cumming, “That’s my little Kitten. I want to hear you purr.”

All six of us were thoroughly enjoying ourselves. It was a lesbian orgy for the ages. The first couple to switch was Annette and Barb. Annette helped Barb out of the sex swing, took off the strap-on and handed to Barb. While Barb was putting it on, Annette sat down in the swing on her knees. With the cum slippery cock now in place, Barb knelt down behind the suspended Annette so she could sample her pussy before starting.

Annette exhaled, “Oh my! I’m so wet right now. Please tongue my asshole so you can fuck it. I need anal sex right now.” Barb was munching deep in all her crevices and even though Barb wasn’t a fan of receiving anal sex, she didn’t mind dishing it out. She stood up, greased up the rubber cock before plunging it inside Annette’s petite bottom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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