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“So what do you say sweetie? Do you want our help?” Cloe asked as she continued feeling the little cock cream Marie’s panties. She even smiled and kissed the back of Marie’s neck. She occasionally licked and sucked on the girl’s earlobe too.

Trixie looked on in amazement of this scene and so did Bob. They both wanted to play with this new slut so badly and hated to wait.

Marie could barely speak from the pleasure she was getting from this woman. But deep down she knew she wouldn’t be able to get the money for her operation herself and said between moans, “Yes.”

“That’s wonderful sweetie. You won’t regret your decision at all, trust me.” And then she moved her hand inside Marie’s panties and squeezed her small balls. “Wow sweetie, what happened to these? I guess the hormones shrunk them too. That’s okay because you really don’t need them anymore.”

Cloe then removed her wet hand, sniffed it and then she tasted it. “Yummy, that’s very sweet tasting. I think I need to see you naked now. Get up and take off your clothes honey.”

Marie slowly got off the couch and faced Cloe while Bob sat down in her place. Trixie didn’t want to be left out in seeing this striptease and turned herself of her knees to watch as well. Marie slowly let her dress fall to the floor while she stepped out of shoes. She just stood there in her dirty wet panties for awhile and didn’t really want to remove take them off.

Cloe got mad again and got off the couch and got behind Marie. “I said take everything off slut. You said you were going to obey without question and here you are, disobeying me already.”

Cloe looked down and seen the dark spots left on bright pink panties and giggled. “Bob, you did it again, didn’t you? You stuffed this girl’s panties up her bottom to clean her out. Now you know there is a better way to clean this ass out don’t you?” After Cloe said that, Marie felt her panties pulled down. “Lift your legs sweetie.”

Marie obeyed this time and she now stood there naked in front of them all. Cloe soon went back to her seat on the couch and was holding Marie’s dirty panties and smelling them. “We will have to teach you to keep clean sweetie. We don’t like a dirty bum around here. It makes a mess of everything when we fuck you.”

“You do look beautiful for a slut, doesn’t she Bob?”

“Yes she does honey,” Bob finally got to say something.

“Now Trixie you get to have a turn with Marie here. What would you like to do sweets since you been a good girl?”

“I like her to suck my cock, please Mistress?”

“Okay Trix, but is that all you want to do with her?” Cloe asked as she caressed Trixies cheek.

“Can I decide that when she is done blowing me?” Trixie said as she kissed her Mistresses hand.

“Yes you can sweets. Marie, you heard her. Now come over here and get on all fours and give Trixie the best blowjob she has ever had and will dream about every night. Snap to it slut!”

Marie jumped and got down on all fours in front of Trixie. Trixie pulled her short skirt up and sat back against the couch between Cloes legs. She then spread her legs for the girl. Marie first looked up at her and smiled before bowing her head down and licked the tip of the cock in front of her. And then opened her mouth and started to swallow it, wetting it with her saliva on the way down and back up again. She did it in a slow pace at first and then speeded up making Trix moan and groan. Cloe pulled Trixie back caressing her neck and then her chest through her blouse.

Marie was in her own world again as she enjoyed sucking this cock. She wishes they could be alone to get to know each other better, but she knew that wouldn’t happen at all. So she savored every drop of pre-cum that oozed out of this dick until she felt Trixie jerk and then exploded in her mouth. Most of it went down her throat but some collected on Trixies clean shaven pubic area. They must have kept her from coming for days. She licked her clean, loving the musky scent from the huge ball sack.

“That was great Marie,” Trixie said as she caught her breath finally. That was the best orgasm she’s had in a long time and something to really remember too.

Marie looked up smiling and licking her lips clean too. She knew this meant she was a slut in their eyes. There was no escaping now.

Cloe moved up on the couches edge and looking down into Trixies eyes and said, “What do you want the slut to do next sweets?”

Trixie contemplated it for a few seconds and knew what she wanted next. Her cock started to soften but she felt a pressure down there that needed calling. A real nature call and she thought Marie could help her with that. “I want to piss on her face and make her drink my pee.”

Marie could barely contain herself. She thought Kartal Grup Escort the very idea was disgusting and didn’t want any part of this. She quickly tried to jump up and run for the door but Bob caught her before she got two feet and wrestled her to the floor.

“Now, now slut, we said we were not going to hurt you and we won’t. You might even enjoy it. Trixie does and it is a part of her daily routine with us.” Marie felt her hands being bound by a pair of handcuffs behind her. Bob then got off her, pulling her up onto her knees.

Marie just knelt back and started to scream, until she felt a strange gag being put into her mouth. That silenced her in a hurry. She did notice she could breathe through it. It had a big hole in the front that’s wide enough for a cock to fit into it but also kept her mouth from moving. She could only mumble loudly through it.

“This is part of your training slut,” Cloe said as she approached her. “We will eventually take it out when you are calmer and start to enjoy the new things we want to share with you. You will start to enjoy it, trust me. And in the long run, we will help you too with your operations.”

Marie just started to cry as she was being pulled up off her knees by Bob and escorted her down the hall into the master bedroom and from there into the master bathroom. Cloe and Trixie followed right behind them like schoolgirls. The bathroom was a nice size, but she never got see much as Bob persuaded her into the shower stall and onto her knees. As she waited for what would happen next, she saw Trixie strip off the rest of her clothes except for her nylons and garter belt.

“Please don’t do this,” Marie garbled through the gag, but it was hardly understandable by anyone. Trixie just smiled as she stood in front of her pointing her cock at Marie’s face. It was just a few inches away and didn’t want to miss her target. As Bob and Cloe looked on in their own excitement, Trixie let a steady stream of piss splash Maries face.

Marie tried to move away, but Trixie grabbed the top of her head and forced the tip of her cock into the girl’s mouth. She couldn’t refuse swallowing it now and drank as much as she could. But some of the piss poured out and down her chest coating her big tits and running down her belly into her crotch. The warm liquid made her nipples hard.

“Look at that Bob, I think she is enjoying it,” Cloe said as she played with herself.

“I have to agree. She is still sporting a little hard-on down there,” Bob said as he reached between Trixies butt cheeks and fingered her ass. Trixie moaned and pushed forward into Marie’s mouth. She already finished pissing by this time and felt Maries tongue tickle under the head and licking the last drop from her piss slit.

After Trixie finished and pulled away, Marie just slumped down with head looking down seeing the piss running down the drain into the floor. She was very disgusted at what just took place. But she couldn’t deny the feelings that she liked it too. What was wrong with me, she thought.

It wasn’t long before Marie felt being touched again. It was from Cloe this time and she was on her knees in front of her. She was playing with Maries little cock, trying to coax out more pre-cum. “I wanted to give you a thank you for that show. I just loved it,” she said as she licked the piss off of Marie’s tits and then sucked on the nipples. Marie moaned through the gag and felt an orgasm approaching but it was soon silenced when Cloe grasped the base of her cock. Marie sobbed after being denied her pleasure.

“Not now sweetie. I will let you know when you can cum,” Cloe said as she went down cleaning up all the piss from this girl’s belly. She stopped to enjoy a pool of it in her deep belly button. “Yummy. I think it’s about time to clean you inside and out honey.”

Cloe slipped her tongue into Marie’s mouth and tasted each others piss flavored saliva. She then stood up and asked, “Trixie, go and get my enema kit. You know where it is.”

“Yes Mistress,” Trixie said as she left the room.

“Now dear Bob I’m going to show you the proper way to clean out a bottom. It’s going to be so squeaky clean in there you could eat dessert from it,” she said as she giggled loudly. Marie was nervous again. She hasn’t had an enema since childhood and found them quite unpleasant then.

“Did you say dessert dear? Sounds like another good idea for the future. My tongue salivated thinking about it,” Bob said to his wife.

“Stop it. I didn’t really mean you could eat from her butt hole. Marie might not like that. But we will see how things progress with her. She might ask for it someday too,” she said as they both giggled while staring at Marie.

Marie heard every word and found it disgusting too. Kartal Manken Escort But she also found the idea of drinking piss the same way and strange enough she liked the taste of it.

“Now let’s get you cleaned up,” Cloe said as she turned on the shower. The cold water hit Marie for a few seconds and then turned hot. Marie waited as the water streamed down her body until she was soon joined by both Bob and Cloe. Both of them had stripped off their clothes and helped clean her up from top to bottom.

“Let’s remove this now sweetie,” Bob said as he removed the gag and soon the handcuffs followed. Marie didn’t try to fight when they were taken off. She knew it would be futile to fight them both and if she did, she was afraid to be bound and gagged again.

A few minutes passed and Trixie finally was back in the bathroom. “Sorry it took so long Mistress. But you left the enema kit in my bathroom last night. I also got the lube too.”

“That’s okay dear, you are just in time. Now be a dear and fill up that bag for me,” Cloe said as she continued to soap up and wash Marie’s breast.

Trixie skipped over to the sink and filled up the bag with warm water and soap just like what is used on her and quickly returned to her Mistress and Master.

“Good girl Trixie. Now Marie its time for you get on all fours again. We are going to clean out that pretty fat bottom of yours,” she said as she lightly slapped Marie’s ass. Marie with Bob’s help got on all fours with her ass facing Cloe. “Now stick that ass out for me and lean down on your elbows sweetie.”

Marie rested her head on her elbows with her ass pointing straight up for Cloes examination. “That looks really sweet honey. You will like this allot trust me sweetie,” she said as she knelt down and handed the enema bottle to Bob and took the hose and lubricated the end of it. She also lubricated and fingered Marie’s bottom and getting her to softly moan.

“Are you ready sweets, because here it comes?” She said as she guided the end into Marie’s asshole. Marie jumped a little from the intrusion and felt it being pushed deep into her bottom. Surprisingly it wasn’t painful going in at all and was somewhat pleasurable too as the balloon end inflated; keeping any liquid from spilling out. She was even leaking pre-cum again from this new experience.

As the soapy water filled her she began to feel the cramps and was now wishing she could expel it all. “Please stop Mistress,” she muttered.

“Did you hear something dear? I think she got her voice back and spoke when not asked too. Bad girl, you will take this and love it,” Cloe said as she slapped her ass.

“Ouch!” Marie screamed and felt another slap from the noise she made. She kept quiet then as her belly extended painfully. She needed to shit so bad she thought she would explode.

A few minutes later after the bottle was finally empty did Marie get relief. “It’s all done sweetie. Other then the one outburst, you did very well and now you can expel all that nasty liquid into the toilet. Help her up Bob.”

Bob helped the poor girl up and escorted her to the toilet. They still hadn’t taken out the tube yet until she was hovering over the bowl. “Now sweetie, I’m going to pull this out fast and I want you to sit down as quickly as possible. We don’t want you to make a big mess on the floor now do we?”

Cloe deflated the balloon and pulled it out fast as Marie just flopped onto the toilet letting out that stinky soapy water. Marie didn’t think it would ever stop, but it felt good to get rid of that crap that filled her bottom.

“Spread those legs of yours slut,” Bob commanded as his hands helped her along and watched her progress. “Boy does that stink. You need to do this more often if we are going to fuck you from now on.”

With the last drops hitting the bowl Marie tempted to grab for some toilet paper, but Cloe stopped her and got a wad ready for her. She even wiped Marie’s asshole for her and lightly rubbed it as she did it. “There you go sweetie all clean but we need to do one more time to make sure you’re thoroughly cleaned out.”

Marie didn’t want to hear that, but she couldn’t stop them from taking her back into the shower and repeating the enema. It wasn’t as bad this time because they used clean water instead. When she was on the toilet it came out clean as a whistle too.

“We have a clean slut to fuck now,” Cloe finally said as she helped Marie off the pot.

“Who gets to fuck her first dear?” Bob was anxious to get his cock up this girl’s ass again and his dick twitched with excitement.

“I will be first since you already had a turn with her earlier. Sorry dear.” The both of them guided Marie into the bedroom with Trixie following closely behind. Once there Kartal Masöz Escort Cloe commanded, “Get up on the bed slut on all fours. I really like looking at that fat ass of yours and its going to get a hell of a workout today when I’m done.”

Marie did as she was told. This part didn’t scare her and wanted to be fucked this time. If this woman was as good as her fat bald man of a husband then she was certainly in for a treat and knew her ass was going to be really sore from it.

“Trixie get my strap-on and help me put it on.” Trixie feeling excited herself went to the dresser drawer filled with toys and quickly got down on her knees to help her mistress put it on.

Marie felt the bed move as Cloe climbed into it right behind her. Marie couldn’t help but look back and see the monster dildo strapped at this woman’s waist. It looked bigger then her husbands cock. This was really going to be painful Marie thought to herself as she felt a lubed finger fuck her first, then two fingers and then finally three fingers making her groan before she felt them leave.

“You got one hot ass slut,” Cloe said as she guided her big plastic prick to Maries little hole and pushed inside with very little resistance. Marie moaned and groaned into the covers. Cloe started slow but soon quickened her pass and really gave Marie a ride to remember.

Cloe knew from what Bob told her about their fuck that Marie could orgasm any minute and wanted to end it before she messed up the bed. “Trixie, get over here! Hold Maries dick and play with it, but don’t make her cum. You know what to do, just squeeze its base and she will stop.”

“Yes Mistress,” Trixie said as she hopped happily into bed too, laying her side and reaching for Maries cock, milking her and stopping her from cumming all over everything.

“Bob do you need some relief too? Why not put Marie’s mouth to good use.” Cloe smiled as she continued to plow Marie’s ass.

Bob got up in front of Marie and pulled her face into his crotch right below his beer belly. His cock rubbed against her face before she took it into her mouth. She moaned on his bone and sucked it, enjoying the taste of his prick meat and pre-cum.

Marie couldn’t believe all that was happening to her at once. She felt her orgasm approach many times but they were soon stopped by Trixies grasping hand. It was driving her insane with pleasure and seemed like an eternity went by for her.

Marie savored Bobs cock like a slut in heat until she felt him jerk from his impending orgasm that she soon swallowed until she got every drop. Bob groaned and was soon followed by Cloe, pushing that big dildo to the hilt as she shook from her own orgasm. Feeling satisfied Cloe pulled out and laid down beside them watching Marie clean up Bobs cock.

“You do that very well slut. Do you like that? I bet you would like to do that often too wouldn’t you?” Cloe said as she rubbed Maries back with a finger tracing down the girls hips and finally went under her belly between her legs and grasped Maries small balls, massaging them. Trixie was still playing with Maries cock keeping her from cumming.

“Oh my, I think these have gotten bigger since I checked them. They must be full of cum just waiting to explode. Do you want to cum slut? Tell me?” Cloe squeezed the girl’s balls and Marie winced in pain.

Lifting her head and looking into Cloes eyes she managed to say, “Yes Mistress. Please let me cum. I have been good.”

“I see you learn fast and for that I think you can cum now. But I don’t want that load wasted on our bed. So get up on your knees and spread your legs over Bobs. I will let you take over from here Bob.”

“Cum here slut,” Bob said. But Marie was hesitant and moved slowly towards the man on her knees. She couldn’t go very far and sat on her knees straddling Bob’s legs with her little twitching cock touching the now soft dick of her Master. “I said come here slut,” he said and pulled her off her knees until Bob was face to face with Maries cock.

He looked up at Marie staring at her and smiled before he started to lick the underside of her cock. Marie moaned and felt like cumming right there, but she wanted to feel this mans wet mouth wrapped around her sensitive organ.

After tasting the pre-cum dripping from the tip of Maries cock, he couldn’t resist sucking the head before taking it all into his mouth. Marie moaned again and felt like falling over from the pleasure of this mans mouth. She finally gripped the headboard behind him as she tried to fuck her Masters mouth. She also felt an intruding finger fucking her very sore asshole. This pushed her over the edge with orgasm as she exploded down Bob’s throat.

The afterglow of her orgasm left her drained completely and she started to fall backwards. Luckily for her, Bob and Trixie caught her and helped stretch her out on the bed.

“Let her sleep for awhile,” Cloe said as she took both Bob and Trixies hands and led them into the bathroom to shower together.

. . . to be continued again. Sorry everyone. Hope you enjoy it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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