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From the beginning of our relationship, Master Paul has always amazed me by showing me how far an “open mind” will take us. The day we met He asked me for a list of things I had previously experienced, things I would like to experience and things that was not interested in at all. One of the very first things on my “not at all” list was Golden Showers. Not only was that a “not at all” thing, it was a “hard limit”. “HARD LIMIT”! *giggles* that phrase now makes me laugh. When He collared me and took me as His slave, I gave up that list of hard limits. In fact, I have given up all rights of decision to Him.

When Master began talking to me about golden showers, He helped me to see the deeply personal and erotic side. Personal? Yes! What could be more personal? Urination is such a private act; most people close the bathroom door to piss. It is something so private; it is hidden away from others. There must be an incredible amount of trust in someone to share something like this.

From a slave’s point of view, to kneel before my Master and accept His golden shower over my face lips, body is an act of unconditional, nonjudgmental love. The first time He showered me I was hooked. The warmth that covered me was Sahabet the most amazing thing I have ever felt. Immediately I knew I enjoyed it. Over time I came to crave it, and recently I have come to desire it in other ways.

I left to office at 11:00AM and went home to see Master. I thought we would have a few hours and I could kneel by His chair and we would have a nice visit. Master made other plans!!!

As I walked into the apartment, I saw that He had placed me in the dog bed in the living room, by His rocking chair. I went into the bathroom and prepared myself for Him. Once dressed appropriately, with collar and wrist cuffs in place, I went to Him. He had me lay in the dog bed, covered me with a blanket and made me rest a little bit. After a short period of time I was instructed to kneel and He placed the blindfolded over my eyes. My wrists were bound and He fed me His cock. Gently, I licked and sucked, enjoying the taste of Him, the feel of Him in my mouth. I worshipped Him, as I love to do. As He spoke softly, and stroked my face and my hair, He was enjoying His coffee and bottled water.

Master removed the blindfold and had me crawl to His bedroom. I was to put my ankle Sahabet Giriş restraints on, get up on the stockade bench, position myself on my back and wait for Him silently. As I followed His instruction my mind began to race! I could feel my cunt throb in anticipation of what was to come. He came to me and locked me in the stocks, my head and wrists in place; He chained my ankles to the top of the stockade. In this position I was stretched and open to Him. He tied the captive rings in my labia open and spread me wide. I could feel myself sinking deeper into submission as I lay there completely exposed and very vulnerable. Master place the blindfold back over my eyes positioned Himself between my open thighs and He took me as forcefully as I can ever remember.

Suddenly, He thrust full length into me! He was deeper than He has ever been. He held Himself inside me and leaned forward over my body, His hands once again caressing my face. I could feel my cunt tighten in spasms around His cock. I was so very close; I wanted to beg Him to allow me to cum, yet something inside told me to remain silent. Master lay over me, completely still, not moving, barely breathing. I didn’t move, nor did Sahabet Güncel Giriş I speak. We just stay completely still, joined together.

Then, I felt Him fill me! His warm golden piss began to flow deep into His slaves cunt, filling me, soaking me, merging with my cum! I began to cry and shake, feeling such love and respect for Him and so very honored that He would give me this precious gift! I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t speak! Finally, very softly, I found the words “thank you, Master” and then I was sobbing and feeling so very overwhelmed.

He began to thrust hard and deep inside me and then filled me with His cum. Our bodies were shaking, convulsing in the most intense orgasm I have ever felt! Our passionate fluids merged. His warm piss, His cum, my cum flowing together inside my cunt. I could feel Him absorb into me in the most intimate joining of the souls.

When it was over and He took me out of the stocks, He helped me stand and then embraced me. I tried to speak; I tried to tell Him what a wonderful gift He had given me. I tried to thank Him for the love and trust, but the words would not come. Still, somehow He understood and we embraced.

As we stood there, I our arms wrapped around each other, I felt as if my heart would burst. Our passionate fluids dripped from my throbbing cunt, an erotic reminder that I am cherished and loved. In that moment I realized, He owns me completely, mind, body and, now and forever, soul.

I am my Master’s slave….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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