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I can’t believe I’m doing this.

This was my one thought as I sat nervously at the Starbucks we agreed to meet at. It had started to snow outside, and I clumsily forgot to bring my jacket. At least it was warm and cozy in the building. I took a sip of my white chocolate cappuccino, which I asked to have vanilla added. I looked down at the cup as my fingers twiddled amongst themselves. I wish I could calm down and at least act like I’m brave. My mind starts to think of all the things that could go wrong. What if he doesn’t like you? What if you’re not dressed to his liking? After all, you’re pretty plain; dressed in a cute black sweater, jeans that hugged your legs, and brown boots. Only the jeans gave your body any justice; it showed off your great ass, but your sweater didn’t hug anything, really. It failed to show your petite frame and C-cups.


To keep myself somewhat occupied while I wait for you, I pull out my Kindle, curling up on the cushioned chair, and begin reading Jane Eyre. Turning the page to begin chapter two, I hear you say, “You look comfortable.” My eyes shoot up to meet yours. You didn’t lie when you said your were attractive. You smiled at me, perfect teeth and all, black hair, light brown eyes, and you’re dressed in your work suit. I stand and meekly manage to say “Hi Daniel.” You invite me to hug you, and of course I oblige. We embrace, you towering over my 5’3″ body compared to your 6’2″, and you’re so warm. I close my eyes, and the scent of you delightfully invades my nostrils. We separate, and you sit across from me. You just look at me, and I blush.

“I didn’t think you would come, Robin.”

“Why wouldn’t I?” God, I sound so breathy, like I’m about to cry. I need to calm down.

“Well, with you being so shy, I thought you would hide from me – especially because you know what I want to do you.”

You’re almost right. On my way here, I practically turned back to hide in my dorm. I want this though… For some reason I want this, and you know it. I posted an ad on Craigslist in the personals, not knowing where else to start my search for someone like you – a Dominant. I stated what I was looking for, and even added a lengthy fantasy I had about BDSM. You responded with your own details about yourself and happily continued my fantasy with your own input. I get that feeling just thinking about it…

Pressing my thighs together, I swallow, wondering if anyone around us heard you, “No, I wanted to meet you. I want to do this.”

You smirk, amused, and place your hand on my knee.

“Calm down, baby.”

It feels good having you touch me, even something as minuscule as this.

Your thumb moves back and forth on my knee as you ask, “Do you want to get out of here?”

I look up at you and nod, “OK.”

“I only get an ‘OK’?”

I pause, not knowing what you mean.

“Think, baby.”

Oh shit. “Yes, Sir” I whisper.

You take my hand, helping me up, “Good girl.”

I gather all of my things and begin following you out to your car. You open the door of the Starbucks for me. “Thank you…Sir.” You’re so amused with me, but then your smile disappears as I walk outside into the cold. “Where’s your jacket?”

“I forgot it.”

Frowning, you place your hand on the small of my back, guiding me to your car, “I’ll make sure you don’t forget next time.” What does that mean?


We’re sitting in your living room, each with a glass of white wine. Even though I’m still a year away from being 21, you gave me a glass anyway and have already refilled it three times. I think you just want to put some liquid courage into me…amongst other things.

“Now about limits and expectations…”

I’m all ears – timid, nervous ears.

“I don’t do any knife, blood, scat, or pee play, nor do I engage in fisting, erotic asphyxiation – unless you count light choking as such – or outright humiliation. I’m not interested in making anything unbearable for you, or deliberately making you feel uncomfortable. I won’t do anything that you don’t want done to you, but there are things I want to do that you’ve never done before. That’s where you need to trust me and let me push your limits and submit to me.”

I take a sip of wine, finishing the glass, then answer “I’m not sure what my limits are. I mean, I’ve only had one relationship before this…and it was vanilla…”

You shift on the couch, your arms stretched over the back of it and around me.

“Well, what about sex did you not like then?”

“Um…I Sahabet don’t know… Isn’t this different from vanilla sex anyway?”

You chuckle, “Well yes, but I need an idea of what you like and don’t like.”

As you fill my glass again with wine, I sit there silent, not knowing what to say. I look up at you with an apologetic smile. Sighing, you take a sip of your wine, then set it down on the table in front of the couch. “Finish that glass.” I listen, gulping down the cool, crisp wine. You take the glass from me once I finish, setting it on the table, then lean forward, planting a kiss on my lips. I close my eyes, feeling your hand on my cheek, and I kiss you back with my mouth slightly open. That’s what you were waiting for – a sign I wanted this – and you deepen the kiss as your tongue slips over mine. Scooping me up in your arms, you place me in your lap as you continue your assault. I place my hands on your chest, not knowing where else to put them. My fingers wrinkle up the fabric of your white work shirt, feeling your muscular chest underneath. Your lips trap my tongue, gently sucking it. You abruptly break the kiss, taking a fistful of my long, black hair into your hand and you tug. I can’t help but letting out a moan, and you plant a soft kiss on my chin. “Since you won’t tell me what you like, I’ll find out what it is through trial and error, hm? If you don’t like anything, say so. Be honest, baby. Communicate.”


“Answer me.”


You tug harder on my hair as your teeth graze my neck, “Yes what?”

“Yes, Sir.” I whisper breathlessly.

With your hand still firmly grasping my hair, keeping me in place, you trail gentle kisses down my neck and head toward my chest. “You smell so good.”

You slip your free hand under my sweater, and my body flinches under your touch.

“Hold still.”

Your fingers tug my bra off the flesh of my breast, and you pinch and caress my small nipple.


“Do you like this, baby?”


With my response, you pinch harder, forcing a moan out of me. You release your hold of me, and command “Take your sweater off.” With hesitant fingers, I do as you ask. I decided to wear my white lace bra that night, and glad I did; it was nice. “Pants too.” I look up at you, again, hesitant. “Don’t make me ask you again.”


Challenging you, I ask, “What happens if I make you ask again?”

You smile, amused, “If you want to find out, keep me waiting.” I decide to listen to you, and unzip my jeans, clumsily forcing the button through the hole, and slide them down my legs. You lean forward, taking my jeans and taking them off the rest of the way as I place my hands on your shoulders and carefully step out of my jeans. Grabbing my hips, you pull be closer to you; you place me in between your legs, then sit back on the couch and watch me standing before you. “You’re beautiful – with and without clothes.” Blushing, I clasp my hands behind my back not knowing what to do. “I just gave you a damn compliment, Robin. What do you say?”

I look down at the ground. Wow, your stern voice….

“Th-thank you, Sir.”

Leaning forward, you hook your fingers into my matching white lace panties, “Fitting that you chose white…the color of innocence.”

Mmm, your touch…

“Take your bra off.” I reach back, unhooking the straps, and let the bra slip off, but I cover my breasts with my hands. You grab my wrists, taking them off my body, “Don’t hide from me.” I can feel my face turning red with embarrassment. Here I am, stripping in front of you while you’re still fully dressed. Your fingers go back to my panties, and you whisper “These to.” I bend over, sliding my panties off, and I can feel your eyes on me the whole time. I stand up straight again and glance at you. You look me in the eye, then take all of me in, excruciating second after second. Please, say something.



You firmly take my arm and pull, making me get on my knees – making me kneel before you, naked, in between your legs. You take a fistful of my hair again, pulling my closer to you. You lean forward, reaching around me with your free hand, and I hear a bright, hard SLAP. I heard you spank me before I felt it.


“You’re not very good at listening. Are you, baby?”

“Mm…I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Remember, tell me when you don’t like something.”

“Yes. Yes, Sir.”

I feel it again – SLAP. In the same spot, Sahabet Giriş but this one stings more. It hurts, but I like it. I see you moving your arm again, and I brace for the impact of the palm of your hand on my ass – SLAP.

“Those were for hesitation.”


“These next three are for being careless and forgetting a jacket in this weather.”

SLAP – “Ahhhh!” I moan, as my hands clench onto the fabric of your black slacks. You caress where you’ve slapped my ass, and it feels good, and I close my eyes. “Look at me.” I open them, looking up at you. Light brown meets brown, and I feel it again – SLAP.

“MMMhh!” Having to look you in the eye while you do this to me…

“Breathe, baby. Take it and breathe.”

You caress again, and there’s a SLAP again. I bite my lip, not wanting to cry out and give you the satisfaction, but I still look you square in the eye. You take notice and smirk. Suddenly, I feel your fingers gently slip across my smoothly shaven pussy, “..Aaah…”

“Even if you said you didn’t like being spanked, your pussy gives you away. You’re so fucking wet.”

You plant a soft kiss on my lips and slip a finger inside me, making me moan in your mouth.

You ask on a whisper, “You like this?”

I moan in response, but it’s not good enough for you. You not only want me to say it, you want specifics.

“Answer me.” An order punctuated with a quick, rough thrust of your finger in deeper.

Clenching again, harder this time, my hands on your thighs, I try to answer mid-moan, “Yes. Yes, I like you finger fucking me.”

Smiling, you let me go and take your finger from my wet pussy, and point to the table behind me, “Look in that drawer. Hand me what’s in it.” Starry eyed, I obey, and open the drawer only to find a weird looking contraption inside. I hand it over to you. “I can assume you’ve never seen or had one of these used on you before?” I nod. It was a long, silver chain with two notches on each end. “It’s a nipple clamp. Here…” You take my hand and make one of the clamps open and place it on my finger. “Well?”

“It kind of hurts…”



“It’ll be more intense on your nipples. Want to try?”

I look at the nipple clamp, then up at you, “Yes, Sir.”

You smile, “Good girl.”

You take it off my finger, and I continue kneeling, but scoot closer to you, presenting my breasts to you. You open one of the clamps, and put the opening over my left nipple.”Get ready.”I hold my breath, not sure what to expect – you close the clamp.

“Nnnnn.” I wince; it’s nothing like when you were pinching them. It’s worse. You hold the chain and the other clamp as you watch my reaction.

“Here’s the next one.”


I sigh, and you lean down and kiss me. “Now for the fun part.”

You let go of the chain, and it tugs on the clamps, making the pressure and pain worse.

“Aahh…mm..fuck y—-” I stop myself as the chain dangles down my chest, the cold silver caressing my skin. Swiftly grabbing the chain again in your fingers, and gently tug them toward you, “What were you saying?”

To stop the clamps from tugging on my nipples any more than they already were, I scooted closer to you to relieve the strain. “Please…”

“What the fuck were you saying?” You pull the clamps a little more, gently in fact, but still enough to make me squirm.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t mean it…please.”

You let go of the chain again, and I put my hands under it to try and stop it because I knew it would hurt. You suddenly lean forward, taking my wrists in your hands, and pin me on the table behind me. Your hips push into mine as you lean over me, and I can feel your erection on my thigh. The nipple clamp is really doing it’s job, and it fucking hurts, but I don’t want to tell you to stop.

“Daniel!” I yelp, in a needy, lusty, breathless voice.

“Since you can’t keep still and listen properly, I’ll show you how frustrating it is for someone to go against your wishes.”

You take both my wrists in one hand, and use your now freed one to undo your belt, fly, and pull your pants and boxers down. The chain rises and falls in the middle of my chest with each quick breath, and I see your cock spring free. My mouth goes dry.

You stroke yourself, opening my legs with your own body, and your cock is resting on me.

“Oh, Daniel.”

“I’m not going to fuck you. I want you to feel my frustration and then maybe you will listen to me.”

You Sahabet Güncel Giriş flex your hips, making your cock rub up against my mound, but not touch my pussy. I’m so wet and aching for your touch and release, “Sir…” You scoot back slight, and the tip of your cock is resting on my clit. I move my hips up and down, desperate for the friction, “Mmm.” You pin my hips down with that free hand.

“No. You don’t deserve any pleasure I don’t allow you to have.” You begin to slowly thrust, your cock slipping on my wetness, up and down the length of my pussy.


“Please?” You take your cock, and put the head of it at my pussy’s entrance, and hold it there.

“Please, Daniel….this isn’t fair. I’ll listen.” You circle around my pussy.

“Daniel, fuck me, just fuck me,” I say, trying to move my hips from side to side.

“At least you know how to beg…”

You stand, making me sit up on the table, making the chain dangle again causing that sweet pain. Sitting on the table puts me in perfect alignment of your cock, and you take it in one hand, and my chin in the other, and say “Now suck.” I obediently do as you say, opening my mouth, sheathing my teeth with my soft lips, and take in your cock. You taste clean, but the saltiness of your pre-cum is also there. I take in as much of your cock as I can as I place my hands on your thighs. You take my wrists again in one hand to the side, “No, don’t touch me. Only use your mouth.” A muffled moan comes from me. No one’s ever made me do it like this. As I come off your cock, I swirl my tongue around the head and suck a little harder. You respond with squeezing my wrists, and you place your other hand on the back of my neck.

“Look at me while you suck my cock.”

The chain continues it’s relentless strain on my nipples, and my spit starts to slip down my chin and between my breasts.

“You’re making a mess…”

Your hand in firm on the back of my neck, and you push me further onto your cock, making me take it all. Tears pierce my eyes, another muffled moan gets caught in my throat, and you just stare down at me, at my mouth, at your cock fucking my mouth. You hold me there, your cock all the way down my throat, and I just try to breath. You pull back, your cock springing free from my mouth, and I sigh taking in as much air as I can.

“Like choking on my cock?” You thrust it right back in my mouth and set the pace faster.


“I know you like it, baby.”

My lips begin to go numb as you relentlessly fuck my mouth, allowing the spit to continue to slip down my chin and body. God, these clamps… You groan, “I’m about to cum.” With that in mind, I suck a little harder and get a moan from you. My tongue continues to swirl around the head as your cock almost leaves my mouth, only to be shoved back in. You suddenly pull out from my mouth and let go of my wrists, and start jerking off in front of me, pushing my face toward your cock “Suck my balls.” I do as I’m told; gently taking each ball into my mouth one at a time…the skin soft. You moan loudly, and I feel a sharp tug on my hair as you pull my head back and liquid ropes of your semen get all over my lips and chin. Sticking my tongue out, I flick it over the head of your cock, and I get a taste of your cum. As you subside from your orgasm, you take your index finger and wipe the semen toward my mouth, “You like this?”

I didn’t want to swallow your cum…but you wanted me to so I opened my mouth.

“Swallow for me. Swallow my cum.” You got every drop you could into my mouth, and I swallowed the gooey saltiness, and even sucked your finger clean.

“I had other plans for you tonight than this…and these.” You release the clamps from my nipples.

“MMaahhhhhh!” A rush of pain, then extreme sensitivity; I could feel a mere draft on my nipples.

I sat there on the table, my nipples over sensitive, my pussy wet, my body screaming for release.

You look at me and ask, “See what I mean? Perhaps next time you’ll listen to me.”

I pressed my thighs together, looking for anything.

“Don’t. Get cleaned up and dressed, we’ll go out for dinner. Afterwards, I’ll take you back to your place. I don’t want you touching yourself the whole time we’re apart though.”

I sigh, “That’s not fair…”

“Don’t argue with me.”


“When can we meet again anyway?” I ask, gathering my clothes. At least all you need to do was pull your pants up.

“You’re on Christmas break from your university, right?”

I nod. It was Sunday night and I didn’t have school for another week.

“Then we’ll meet next week, Monday.”

“But that’s a school night.”

“We meet then or not at all, Robin. Listen.”

“Yes, Sir. OK..Sir.”

You smile, “Good.”

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