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Jodie starts to organise our empty glasses into the centre of the table, signalling the end of our weekly girls night. She stands up with a yawn and makes an excuse about the time and having to go home. Suzi has already gone, so Miah and I are left alone at our regular table. It’s the first time in the weeks since we met. I am not sure if I am imagining it, but it seems like she has been looking at me differently tonight. The first time I saw her I noticed immediately how striking she was, it was the kind of beauty that made me feel bland and boring. I was attracted to her, but I had been dismissing it as a friendly infatuation that would pass. I wonder if she feels the same way.

“So”, she starts “what’s the plan for the rest of the evening?”

I raise my eyebrows and look at my brown leather watch. It is late.

“Guess I better head off soon too, work in the morning, you know.” I reply.

“That’s not much fun!” she exclaims, a twinkle in her eye. “Do you want to come dancing with me? There is a DJ on tonight I love, over at Vibe?” I consider her offer; it would be nice just to unwind. I nod and shrug as I stand up, brushing my hair from my face, she smiles at me. Miah pulls her coat around her and I follow her out the door, like I had followed Suzanne in just a few weeks before.

We walk close to each other; I still don’t know my way around too well, so she steers me in the right direction. Before long we are walking past a burly bouncer, down a flight of stairs and into Vibe. The music is ok, not really my thing, but danceable so we head for the floor. Miah starts to move in a way I only wish I could, smooth and long and sexy. Her hands reach up high above her head, her eyes are closed and her head is gently swaying from side to side, her creamy hair is swishing and I am spellbound. I join her in her movements but I feel awkward and clumsy, like I don’t fit next to such a confident creature. Her smile changes my mood in an instant; she takes my hand and starts to dance closer. A guy with a horrible tee shirt on is trying to get in on the action, concentrating more on her than on me, she dismisses him and keeps her eyes on mine. We dance this way for a few songs that all melt into one long sexually charged moment.

At last, the music stops and Miah leads me to the bar, she orders for me, by now she knows what I have, and I take a gulp on the cool drink. Miah is sipping through her straw, looking at me, trying to read me. I want to say so much, yet I feel my face will betray me. So I smile at her and she winks at me. I am starting eryaman escort to wish I had taken acting classes; it would be nice to be able to speak with my eyes. The DJ starts up again, and she nods her head back towards the dance floor. This time I take the lead, heading into the thick of the sweaty bodies. This time, she is dancing with me from behind. I can feel her hands on my hips, guiding my body into her groove, and I love it. I feel naughty, sexy and scared at the same time and it is so exciting.

After the set finishes I am so hot and so turned on, I turn around to Miah, but she is already threading her way through the crowd away from me. I follow her as she heads out the door into the fresh night air. I gasp at the difference in temperature, but quickly adjust.

“Miah?” I call out, as she tries to signal a cab.

“Why the hurry?” I ask.

She turns to me with a look of confusion on her face. It doesn’t suit her, she is usually so confident. I can see her searching for the words, and I know what she wants to say. I move closer to her, so close I can feel her breath, quickened from the escape. I slide my hand up beside her neck and pull her luscious lips towards mine. It is a risk, and I am aware of it, but she comes to me willingly. Her velvet lips part as mine meet them, she tastes so sweet. We kiss softly for a moment, and not wanting to freak her out, I pull away first. Miah’s smile is small, but it’s there, so when she turns back around for a cab, I know everything is ok. She opens the door and I slide in next to her on the backseat. I feel her hand, precautious on my thigh and I make an effort not to move, in case she pulls away.

The 10-minute ride to her apartment feels like an eternity. Neither of us knows what to say, and the entire ride I am dreaming of what I will do with her. When the cab pulls up in front of her building she climbs out of her side, I stay in the car, not wanting to be presumptuous. Seconds later Miah opens my door and pulls me out by the hand, and keeps a hold of it as we enter her building. She pulls me in and kisses me as we wait for the lift, my nipples are rock hard. I have only ever been here in my wildest dreams.

Two sexually charged minutes later, we are in her apartment, she doesn’t turn the lights on, but I wish she would. I want to watch her as she undresses. Her coat drops on the floor as she leads me through the dark hallway and into her bedroom. The light from the dim lamp leaves sexy shadows across her body. I move closer and sincan escort slide my hands gently under her top, they are a bit cool, and she flinches from the touch. I persist, regardless, and soon her beautiful breasts are warming my hands. I lift her clothing, gently, and take one of her perfect nipples into my mouth. Her intake of breath tells me she is as turned on as I am, and I am pleased. I feel her slender hand brush the hair back from my face and lift my chin to meet her lips. Once again our lips are caressing and her hands are passionately searching my body for more. Within seconds, we are naked and our breasts are pressing against each other’s, she pulls me gently with her onto the bed. I have never been with a girl like this before, and it is everything I have dreamt of. Her curves, her smell, her touch and her softness combine to make me more excited than I have ever been.

Her hand ventures further down to the warm place where my thighs meet. It teases me, touching me in some places and not others, I am willing her to go further, but she isn’t going to and it is driving me crazy. I push myself up onto my hands and kiss her stomach, I am confident that I can make her orgasm and I am ready to try. Her stomach is beautiful, so flat and perfect I don’t want to stop kissing it, but I am dying to explore the rest of her heavenly body. I move down further, closer to her sweet spot, kissing all the way, my hands work their way down her sides and underneath her ass, I pull her hips closer to my face. Inside my chest is acing with anticipation. I do the same to her as she did to me, brushing my lips against all parts of her except where she wants me to, teasing her.

The inside of her thighs are begging to be kissed and I can see a little trickle of wetness coming from her, I lick it up and she trembles. My tongue is right where she wanted it to go and she moves herself into me, asking for more. I kiss her there, taking her clitoris into my mouth, she gasps as I do it again. I start to lick her harder, starting way down deep inside her and moving up. Sometimes kissing her labia and her thighs, turning her on and then backing off. When I can feel her getting really wet, I take one of my hands from underneath her ass and slide my middle finger deep inside her. It feels warm and slippery and so good, I stroke her G-spot and I can feel her moving into my rhythm. Miah starts to get so into it, I back off a little, I want this to last as long as possible. She wont let me, and she uses her foot to press my etlik escort hand deeper inside her. I take the hint, slide another finger in and start to suck her harder and with more passion. Within minutes she is coming hard and fast, in waves, in my mouth.

It is by far the most erotic moment of my life. I keep going until her moaning starts to soften and I take my mouth away from her sweet, pink skin, I leave my fingers insider her, I cannot bear to take them out. I lay my head on her stomach an feel her breathing, shallow and fast, but slowing. Miah reaches down and pulls me up to her, kissing me again, deep and sensual.

She flips me over so that she is in control and straddles me. I can feel her juices warm against my stomach as she bends down to kiss my neck. Her beautiful breasts are hanging over me, and I have to hold them. I want them in my mouth, but I cant reach, so I relax and let her be in charge for a minute. I can’t believe how sexy she is; every move she makes is like satin.

Miah crawls slowly down my body and I suddenly get a massive wave of panic. My insecurities take hold of me, what if she thinks I am horrible and ugly? What if she laughs at me? I have given birth, and my parts are not what they used to be, will she notice the scar from the stiches? I am so overwhelmed by what ifs I start to pull away from her. Miah must sense my apprehension, because she stops what she is doing. Her face comes close to mine and she looks me in the eye.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever been with, so relax, and let me return the favour, OK?” She whispers. Now I feel silly for ruining the moment. I smile at her and she kisses my mouth, within seconds she is back between my legs, her fingers are parting my lips and I am back in the moment. Miah knows exactly where to touch me and she has me so close to climax so quickly I am embarrassed. Her tongue is inside me, her fingers are massaging my clitoris and I can’t contain myself any longer. I start to shake and bite my lip but then I let a loud moan escape my lips. Miah takes her fingers and slides them inside me, and I explode as she touches my G-spot, thrusting my hips into her face as she fucks me hard and then harder. When my orgasm subsides she collapses beside me on the bed, and rolls onto her side to face me, her full breasts jiggle and I reach out and softly caress her.

“Why did you run away from me?” I ask.

She looks embarrassed; it’s another emotion that does not sit well with her features.

“I was afraid I would scare you away, sometimes I can be a bit full on.” She answers.

“Oh Miah, I have been dreaming about this since the first time we met, I feel so lucky.” I whisper back.

Her face softens and she snuggles in next to me and closes her eyes. I stay until her breathing is rhythmic and shallow, and then I reluctantly slip out of her sweet embrace and quietly dress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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