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During the spring of our senior year in high school, my boyfriend Troy, his best friend Eric and Eric’s girlfriend Michelle sneaked away to Troy’s family cabin “up north.” Michelle was a foreign exchange student from France and despite the fact that she was dating my boyfriend’s best buddy I didn’t really know her very well.

When we got to the cabin, the guys decided that we women should prepare dinner while the men did something manly – fishing. So they grabbed a case of beer and their poles (fishing poles, that is) and off they went leaving the quaint little cabin to Michelle and me. They said they’d be back at 6:00. Yeah, right.

We talked about her experience as a foreign exchange student; how she liked America and things American and of course the subject came around to boys. She admitted that she had been sleeping with Eric and that he was ok but there was something she missed. I asked what that was and she said, “women.” Well, I didn’t quite know how to respond to that as I had only had sex with guys and I was a little uncomfortable with the subject. Oh, sure, I’d looked a little bit longer than I should have at girls in the school shower but I figured everybody did it, that didn’t make me a dyke. Anyway, Michelle kept talking about her bisexual encounters in France and how she missed the soft, slow gentle lovemaking of another women. “Men,” she said in her Parisian accent, “are in such a hurry. And American men are in a terrible hurry.” I told her I’d have to take her word for all of it as Troy was only the third guy I’d slept with and he wasn’t too different from the others.

I changed the subject by saying we ought to get moving on dinner otherwise our “men” wouldn’t be happy. She chuckled saying, “oui, we must keep our men happy.” With that Bayan Escort Antep we went to the kitchen which was just one more area of the one room living space of the cabin.

As we worked elbow to elbow at the small counter my mind kept thinking about Michelle and what it might be like to make it with her. She hummed a song I didn’t recognize and her beautiful voice coupled with the smell of her perfume was starting to make me a little dizzy. Her arm touched mine and it was electric. There was something going on here that hadn’t happened to me before. We happened to turn toward each other at the same time and our faces were just inches away. She whispered something in French, took my face in her hands and kissed me. I thought about fighting but that thought went away after about two seconds as I kissed the most beautiful, softest, warmest lips in the world. She whispered something in French again (I wished I’d paid more attention in French class) and took my hand and led me to the couch.

We sat facing each other on the old couch and began to kiss more passionately. She put her tongue in my mouth, not halfway down my throat like Troy does, and our tongues danced with each other; mine following hers into her mouth as she gently slipped it out. Whispering in French (I think I understood something about my shirt) she started to un-do my buttons. I was not about to stop this! She kissed my neck as she unbuttoned me and then moved down to my chest. Deftly, she popped the front snap on my bra and I inwardly chuckled as I remembered how much trouble all the men in my life had had with that small maneuver. Anyway, my breasts were free but not for long as she cupped one in her hand and covered the nipple of the other with her lips. I gasped audibly and looked down to watch this beautiful French girl suckle me. Her thumb gently rocked back and forth on my nipple while her tongue made tiny circles around the other. She then switched her mouth and hand and made soft little moaning noises as she licked.

Then she fondled my nipples with both hands as she looked up at me and smiled. Somehow I knew she wanted me to stand up so I did. My jeans buttons were right in front of her face and she wasted no time in unbuttoning them. I couldn’t help fondling my nipples as she did this. I had to have my legs close together so she could pull down my tight jeans and panties with one firm but gentle tug. As she straightened up her face was now just inches from my pubic hair which she buried her face in and kissed, moaning softly and whispering in French. She looked up at me rubbing my nipples and smiled as she slid her hand between my still tight-together legs. Needless to say, I was soaking wet and she remarked on that with a sigh and a smile. She moved her hand back and forth across my pussy lips as yet unable to get at my swollen clit. She gently pushed me back down on the couch and I complied never taking my hands from my nipples. As I sat, she removed her hand from between my legs and proceeded to lick my pussy juice from her fingers. I nearly broke out in tears it was so beautiful.

Now I was reclined on the old couch and she spread my knees apart to better reach my pussy. She reached up and put her hand on mine as I continued to rub my nipples. With her other hand she reached down and began to slowly fondle my clit with her thumb. We gazed into each other’s eyes as this happened. She said something in French about loving me (?) and I almost cried again. Then she lowered her head and began to eat my pretty pussy. I nearly went through the roof. Her tongue was so gentle yet so strong as she licked up one side of my pussy lips and down the other. Her tongue darted inside my pussy for just a second and then was replaced with one of her fingers gently twisting inside me. Then her talented tongue went to work on my clit. First she licked down and up, up and down then changed to circular movements, first clockwise then counter-clockwise. I was going nuts! Then she stopped licking and looked up at me, her finger still twisting gently in my pussy. She said something in French and it sounded like a question so I gasped “what, for god’s sake?” She chuckled and asked, “would you like to cum for me now, cherie?” What do you think the answer to that question was?

Once again, she buried her face in my hot wet pussy. She removed her hand from my tittie and put her little finger in my butt-hole which I wasn’t too crazy about at first but got to enjoy in about three seconds, kept twisting another finger in my pussy and then put her lips tightly together on my clit and sucked. I came so hard, I almost peed! Actually, I thought I did at first because Michelle’s beautiful face was soaking wet with my cunt juice. I came in wave after wave and when I thought I was done she pulled her little finger out of my butt and I came once more. Just a little one, but hey. Then I did start to cry.

Michelle lay her head down on my thigh and gently ran her fingers through my wet pussy hair. As I calmed down, she gently kissed her way up to my face, stopping along the way to tease my nipples with her tongue. We kissed and I smelled and tasted my own cunt juice on her face and tongue and knew I wanted to taste her!

But before anything else happened, we heard the boys noisily approaching the cabin from the dock. I looked at my watch – damn! 6 o’clock! Why would they be on time now of all times?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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