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His name was Dan and he was a Marine that I had met one weekend night wandering about the streets of Waikiki. The night we spent having sex was beyond belief of anything I had experienced. There was a part of him that was still innocuous as he was exploring his sexuality and within his own comfort zone; and another part that was as wild as any healthy young male his age could be. I was there for the ride and having as much fun as he did.

We had just had some hot naughty sex in the parkway where anyone who passed us could see what we were doing. The daring of public sex brought out the devilish side of us; fucking and sucking in plain view, swallowing and sharing cum, and filling his ass with cum.

Then came the part I wasn’t expecting and that was his promise of taking me back to the hotel and having a nice long passionate love session. By now, I had cum a few times so there been nothing left and he had as well. But he put his finger to my lips and told me that is not important; what he had in store for me would be beyond this world.

Dan then led me back to his room, both of feeling fatigued and drained but we were ready. He told me that a nice relaxing shower would be the first thing we do so I took off my clothes as he did. The hot water was running in the bathtub shower as steam covered the bathroom mirrors. There were clean white towels that we were ready for use and that warm hotel smell made me feel very relaxed.

He kept the AC on and the drapes drawn. The sounds of the TV were good for background as we weren’t planning on any TV viewing. Instead, we got into the shower together naked and feeling very relaxed. The hot water ran down our naked bodies as we brushed up against each other. I looked to see his hair wet from the shower and it trickled down on top me as he was a man of 6’4″ to my 5’10” frame.

Our lips gently touched and tongues met each other like old friends. There was no rushing and nothing more than to just share this intimate moment. We must’ve spent quite a long time in there as the entire bathroom was like a steam room prompting us to break apart our kiss and open the bathroom door wider for ventilation.

His body looked so fit and slightly hairy in some parts and smooth in others. I admire a man who takes care of himself and being in the Marines; Uzun porno his body resembled the ideal man. His body was toned but not muscular. There was the tight fit abs complete with the V-shape that leads to his crotch. His chest was smooth with light hair in the middle of his pale chest. This was also the first time that I saw his baby blue eyes that only opened the window to his personality and soul. How ever did I find myself lucky to be with this man?!

Then once we were done we stepped out and towel dried each other off. I joked if the cum was still inside him but he was assured most of it was gone by now. Naked and dry, we slowly fell into bed. The covers were placed on us and we gently touched each other’s face then moved to our hands and body. It was like exploring each other all over again despite the sexual positions we were in earlier. Then came the moment of truth that made the entire night just as wonderful.

“Thanks for taking care of a lost Marine and showing him ‘the world.'”

“No apologizes necessary. Thank you!”

We both laughed and then playfully cuddled together until we both were fast asleep.

We went to bed shortly around 10pm or so since our bodies just felt so worn out from a night out. Then suddenly, I awoke feeling something grab my cock. We were in a spooning position and he lay in front of me. His hands were definitely trying to get me hard and as I looked at the clock; it read 4am. It was still dark outside and my morning wood was beginning to take over.

His hand moved down to it taking hold of the head and moving downwards. I felt it grow in his hand and before long he turned his head with those blue eyes staring right at me. I then moved him to his back and then put my cock directly on top of his. We then began kissing again feeling those familiar sensations that moved from my lips to his mouth. It felt like an electrical charge as our bodies began to feel that moment moving down to our spine and to the genitals. I remember feeling that when I used to get those massages and what masseurs referred to as “the body coming alive”. Every part of us were hyper-sensitive. My nipples stood erect and when he tongue gently touched it, it would feel like I was ready to cum. His finger gently stroking the other side made Öğrenci porno me feel I was in Heaven of the fleshly kind.

My mouth was feeling the warmth of the air as I closed my eyes knowing what he met to be “made love to”. Then he turned me on my back and was now on top of me. Our cocks were hard and touching each other. He slowly moved from my nipples to my lips and down back again. Then he his mouth and lips with the warmth breath would tease and tickle the gape of my neck until I felt those electrical charges again. Was this what they call an internal climax? Each touch, felt like I was shooting a load though no cum was leaving my cock.

I think even if we didn’t have sex and just did this; it would’ve been just as climaxing and exhilarating. He was able to get on top of me with his ass just inches from my already hard cock and his tongue teasing my lips. His breath again was like a force that kept me and him in a distance of teasing and playfulness. We both wanted to go to the next level again but not like before. Instead, as we had now known each other’s bodies and turn-ons, there was no rush to get there. I did feel my cock harden though the tense of knowing I had cum earlier. His hole was still tender from the fucking we did earlier. But the hot intense passion of our lips and tongue told otherwise. He continued to play with my nipples that only made my cock throb, drip precum that spilled off the tip of his ass.

“I want it.” I said slowly as he held his eyes above me with his penetrating stare.

“I want it to be all yours tonight.”

He slowly moved down on my hard cock now dripping with thick precum. The tightness of his hole kissing my cock slowly down until it rested onto my pubic area. We both were feeling ultra-sensitive but our internal passions were at an all-time high. I let him take control since I didn’t want to tear anything in his rectum and he did. He slowly rode me slowly picking up speed as we were feeling that tightness. We continued kissing and feeling more of those explosive moments. Finally, he told me that he wants to be on his back now. We moved to that position where we fucked again. This time, my hard cock was now pounding him harder and deeper. He winced a little but at the same time, his eyes did not deny that pleasure he was receiving from my fucking his hole. By now, we were moving towards another level of sex and passion. There were moments of sweet tenderness followed by wild animal lust.

Each time I pounded his hole a few times, it would followed by a slow passionate tongues swirling kiss. By now, it was time and so was our night together so we made it the most intense. I held on as long as I could while his legs were still around my waist and ready to take my cum.

“You want me to cum in you?” I asked while fucking him repeatedly.

“Yeah man, give me that hot load.”

I was pounding him deeper moving his legs higher and feeling his hole trying to milk me out.

“Fuck my hole!”

‘I wanna breed it good!”

“Breed it now! I want that load inside me!”

By now, the sweat was dripping off our faces and bodies. The heat intensified and I was ready.

My balls released a huge thick load again deep inside his ass and filling it up good. Our bodies finally collapsed with me still inside him. We laid there knowing this was the highest level of sexual energy we had ever reached and fatigue was a slight adjective to describe what we felt this moment.

He slowly got off my cock with my cum dripping out of his wet hole. Then I got up and was ready to swallow his thick load. Spurt of cum shot out hitting my face, down my cheeks, and into my mouth. It felt like gushing cum was all over me and there was no stopping. My finger was still touching his hole fingering out the cum inside him.

We finally collapsed with our mouths on each other. Cum was in our mouths, my face, his hole, and our fingers. The night came to an end and soon it would be check-out time. After having a wonderful night, we got up and showered again. After helping him with his bag and checking out the hotel, we stopped for a light breakfast downstairs before parting ways.

He left me with a nice warm hug and thanked me over and over for helping him. At the age of 33, I thanked him again for making me feel 23 again. Dan joked that I didn’t look a day over 25. We kept in contact but within a few weeks after our meeting, he was stationed in the Middle East for seven months. Then a year later or so, I learned that he met up with a fellow Marine and were later moving to Texas and starting up his first gay relationship.

I cherished that night we shared together, held onto the St. Christopher’s medal he gave me, and while he was now with a new guy; our friendship still remained solid over the years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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