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When I was 16 years old mom and dad went through a nasty divorce. I loved them both, but stayed in New York when dad went out to Nevada to open his business. I was something of a nerd and wound up graduating form high school at the top of my class but still a virgin. A short while after graduation, I reached my 18th birthday. Mom decided to marry a guy she had been dating a while. She asked my dad to have me live with him. I wasn’t too happy but my dad promised me a good time so I left home and joined dad in Nevada.

Dad met me at the airport and we started our drive to the ranch. I asked him weather he raised cattle or horses on the ranch. He said, neither, his ranch was like the chicken ranch. It was a large bordello and since I was going to be there all summer he would see that I had plenty of time in the “saddle.” He said by the time I got back to New York I would know so much about women, and be so confident that women would fall all over me. It as important that I learn about women since this business would be mine. While I was there I would work as his assistant and sleep with a different woman every night. For tonight he would pick the woman, since she would be my first after that the women would decide.

After arriving at the ranch dinner was served. Thick, juicy, steak, and wonderful conversation with our companions. Both women were gorgeous and intelligent. I thought they must be managers or office staff. I did not think it was possible for women this intelligent and sophisticated to be prostitutes. But I was wrong. Allison the one who would take my virginity later that night had a master’s in psychology and was studying for her PhD. She was tall long legged and beautiful. Her auburn hair was long and hung to her shoulders. Her breasts were large and shapely. Her legs looked like they went down forever and were topped by a magnificent ass. But the most exquisite part of her was her face decorated by her large green eyes. As we talked, I lost myself in her eyes. I was totally mesmerized by them, and sure that there was no way this gorgeous creature would give me the time of the day.

After Avrupalı porno dinner we sat and talked in the living room. Dad poured us drinks and the conversation got spicy. Dad’s date, Virginia fished his cock out of his pants and began to suck on it. Allison pulled me up and led me out of the room.

She said. “I’d rather do than watch. There is a nice hot tub on the deck get ready and I’ll meet you there in 10 minutes.”

“Sure Allison.” And I rushed off to my room.

A short while later I was at the hot tub. Allison arrived, wearing a fluffy white robe. She dropped it to the floor, revealing her beautiful, naked body to me. I knew that, her auburn hair was natural. Her large breasts fascinated me. I could not stop looking at her. She smiled and looked at my trunks. The bulge in them, was getting bigger.

“Those trunks have to come off. Are you going to stand there all day gawking or are you going to join me?”

She slid into the water gracefully and watched me as I removed my trunks. Allison watched me, her eyes, holding mine. She said. “That looks tasty do you mind if I try it.” As she licked her lips, leaving no doubt as to what she meant. Her hand went to my cock and she pulled it to her mouth, kissing just the tip. I groaned at this new sensation. Then, her mouth opened and Allison took my hard penis into her mouth the warm wetness of it was like nothing I ever felt. Her lips enclosed the head, and her tongue caressed it. Without warning I erupted into her sucking mouth. She sucked me deep, and swallowed all but a little that drained out of the corner of her mouth. Allison gathered what was on her lips and dribbling out of the corner of her mouth on her finger tip. She looked into my eyes, and slowly licked my cum off. “Tasty” she said. “Next time you will last longer now that I’ve taken the edge off. Was that your first time?” I nodded yes, and she said. “Don’t worry, by morning you will know what to do.”

Allison pulled me into the hot tub, took my hands in hers, and guided them to her breasts. “Do they feel nice?” I nodded my head and she smiled. Video porno She then guided my hands to her nipples rubbing them with my palm. “Yes! Do that! Just like that, you are making me feel so good. If you do that, every woman will want you to play with her tits. Now pinch the nipple a little, not too hard. Yes! OOOOOOOOOOOOhhh, so good.”

She pulled my head down, lifting one breast to my lips. “Kiss it, suck the nipple. I know you want to. Don’t stop.” I did and soon she was caressing my hard cock once again. “Try and hold it back now I’m going to suck you again now. If you make it last longer, it will feel great when you cum.”

Allison led me out of the hot tub and had me sit on the lounge next to it. She placed a towel next to me and knelt on the deck. She lifted my cock, and kissed my balls. “Spread your legs, I want to lick your calls for a little bit.” I spread my legs, and her head descended between them. Her mouth opened and took one ball inside. Her tongue began to lick and caress it. Then she began to moan around it. The pre-cum began to drip from the tip. Her hand caressed the head, getting it slippery with the pre-cum. Then her hand began to travel up and down my shaft, getting me closer to release.

“Slow down honey you will never survive the night with me if you cum so fast. I like lots of sex.” Then her head went to the top of my cock. “If you hold out for 10 minutes I promise you a very special treat tomorrow night.” This time her mouth descended onto my cock all the way. She took it deep into her throat, her lips caressing my pubic hair. She pulled off and looked at me. “Watch me as I suck your cock.” The she went down again. I began to sweat and tremble as she continued this treatment. Slowly, getting closer to the ten minute time, and, to the treat promised for tomorrow. Her hands went to my balls as she began to caress them again. She began to hum, and the vibrations were driving me crazy. I began too moan as the tension built up. The pre-cum was running like a river. Allison was constantly swallowing to keep from drowning. Two minutes to go and then I couldn’t help it, my eruption blasted into the back of her throat causing her to choke and pull off of my spurting cock. Her face was getting covered with my sperm. Reaching for the towel, she cleaned us both off. “Next time warn a girl, so that she can decide whether or not she wants to swallow it. Eight minutes not bad for a virgin. Let’s shower and go to bed. I guarantee you won’t be a virgin by tomorrow.

Allison took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom. She slowly washed me and caressed every inch of my body. She soon handed me the soap and guided my hands over her breasts and ass. The sensation of my hands gliding over my slippery body soon had me hard. Her mouth joined mine, and she taught me how to kiss her. Out tongues dueled until the water started turning cold. Then she led me out into the bedroom, and dried both of us off. Ordinarily, I use a condom with every customer, being that you are a virgin I will not use one with you, because I know you are safe. After tonight you must use a condom with every woman you are with. If you do that you can ride me bareback anytime. If you don’t use a condom, just once, then you are putting yourself at risk as well as any sexual partners you might be with. I do not have sex with any of the customers. I deal with their submissive fantasies. I often do them with a strap on, or have them masturbate in front of me. This makes you very special. Oh and I’m on the pill too, so I won’t get pregnant.”

We got on the bed together, and she guided me above her. Allison lifted her knees, and took my cock in her hand. Looking into my eyes she rubbed the head on her wet slit, lubricating it for her. Her hips tilted up and her other hand pushed onto my buttocks thrusting me into her. She pulled me closer, until our pubic hair meshed. The warm slippery wetness was better than her mouth had been. “Now you’re not a virgin anymore. Fuck me, make me cum. Finish the job she whispered” I began to slowly pump in and out of her, wanting it to last. I was afraid that she would no longer let me do this if I didn’t satisfy her. Her hips matched my rhythm and soon we were moving like we knew what the other wanted. Our speed increased and soon we were close. Allison was able to Time her climax to coincide with mine. We both collapsed in a sweating, and screaming heap.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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