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Chapter 6: The Demonstration

The day of the demonstration finally arrived. Matt walked into her room and sat on the end of the bed. Ginny opened her belly for him, but he told her he was here to get her ready for her big day. He bathed her and perfumed her, but only after placing the rings over her teats so that her milk could not escape. She would not mount the machine until at least a couple of hours after her normal milking time. He warned her that her udders would feel painful and she would long to feel the machine suck the milk from her. Ginny felt nervous and wondered whether she could endure more delay in her milking time. Yet Matt told her this would help her submit to the machine in front of all those strangers who would be there to watch. He reminded her of all the lessons he had taught her and then told her to turn around and stretch on the bed with her ass presented to him. He then proceeded to use the crop on her, telling her that this would keep in her mind how important it was for her to show these men what a good sow she was now.

As Matt pulled her along by her chain, Ginny could hear the echo of the voices of many people who had collected in the room she was being led towards. Matt led her out into the room where the lights shone brightly, temporarily blinding her. Matt held tightly to the chain, which was attached to the ring on her collar, and Ginny walked a few paces behind him. He had instructed her to keep her head bowed, but as soon as she had entered she had instinctively looked up. There was the machine, its presence seemed to dominate the room, and as she came face to face with it once more, Ginny felt an inner shrinking. All her preparations this past week had been to ready herself for mounting this monster, and now she felt like the meek little lamb being dragged towards the alter where she would be publicly sacrificed. Below the tilted rest on which she would be laid stood two large, empty, glass jars waiting for her to fill. They looked huge to her, and she feared she would never fill them. The expectation upon her seemed too high.

She turned and saw a bank of seats raised up on staging. There must have been around twenty men, all seated in their suits, yet the lights were too bright to see any of their faces. There was a hush as she had been led into the room. All eyes were upon her and conversation seemed to falter. Ben was standing over by the machine. He had obviously been introducing the machine to them. Matt led her towards her husband, and Ben looked to her and said, “Are you ok?”

Matt stepped quickly into their line of sight and whispered to Ben, “Don’t talk to the sow. She needs milking and you will confuse her if you don’t treat her like one. She has been prepared.”

With these words he handed over the chain to Ben and went and sat with the others. Ben was taken aback by Matt’s words, but recovered himself and turned to his audience.

“We bring the sow across to the machine, or they may already be lined up before it waiting their turn. This speeds up processing and reduces anxiety as it knows what to expect.” He led ginnysow over to stand before the machine. Ginnysow felt the bursting pressure within her chest, and longed to be mounted and to feel that release as her milk drained from her. And there it was, the public confirmation of her inferior status. It had not been a public admission wrung out of her through gritted teeth, beaten from her by the crop. It had just happened like that, while she stood meekly by listening to her husband as he introduced her as his sow to these people. Why should any one of these strangers have cause to doubt she was a common sow when she did not raise a voice of protest?

Ginny realised she had been wrong when she had said it didn’t matter what they thought. This public unveiling of her as ginnysow, the pig brought in for milking, had a profound effect upon her. This was no longer a private little arrangement that only a few people at the farm and her husband knew. She may meet any one of these people when she was back as Mrs Ferrers. What could she do? They would know she was a sow and how could she protest then if she had not protested now? She would succumb to their commands and allow their use of her as a sow should. It was part of her training, and now it was part of her. Ginny felt crushed, her head bowed and a hot flush spreading Escort Bayan over her. She was conscious of the weight in her chest and her own eagerness to get on with her public milking reinforced her own acceptance of the cow she was.

Ben took the chain off her collar and settled her arms by her side. She was trembling as she stood before the pressure mat. Her legs were parted slightly and she felt the evaporation of her juices cool her burning cunt lips. She understood her fantasy was tipping over into reality right here in front of this audience. She was about to publicly assume her role of sow willingly and in the full glare of these men, these strangers who she knew nothing about who now shared her secret. For surely they would recognise within her the desire she harboured and had desperately tried to hide. How would she ever be able to be accepted as an equal ever again?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the feel of Ben’s hand on her arm. He was also nervous and she felt the tension within him through the slight clammy touch of his fingers as they dug into her muscle. He encouraged her forwards. It was just one small step, but it was going to carry her off a long way. She felt the rubber of the mat sink beneath her weight. It felt cold to the soles of her feet and Ben stepped away so that the audience may watch the machine in action. All Ginny could hear was the thump of her heartbeat as it pounded inside her skull. Nothing seemed to happen for a long moment, a pause, a deep breath as she waited for the machine to take control of her. Then she felt the jolt, her eyes shot upwards as her knees buckled. The room slipped away from her as she landed heavily. Her teats swung, but her legs were trapped beneath the bar. Then the bar slowly mounted up her thighs, she felt the pressure as the machine coaxed its victim deeper into its clutches. Her strength gave out and she fell forwards. Her hands slipped unconsciously into the waiting grooves that held the steel catches waiting to latch around her slender wrists. The ties slid effortlessly around her unresisting skin and pulled tight. Ginny let out a gasp, willing the machine to hurry and encompass her engorged udders. She felt their pain as they now hung below her, and she prepared herself knowing her cunt would spasm through its pre-programmed response that she could no longer control, once the milk started to flow. Ben stared unable to take in all the changes in his wife. She was on all fours like some farmyard animal, with huge udders swollen with milk, slowly swaying below her. He watched his machine attach itself to them and begin the process of draining the milk from them. Although his mind registered that this was his Ginny, all he could see was a sow being milked.

The glass cups latched themselves to her and pulled at her flesh. Ginny felt the rhythmic pumping start and the tight grip of the rubber slipping around her teats. She started to buck uncontrollably as milk erupted from her, filling the tubes connected to her. She could not hear it, but there was a gasp of admiration from her audience as they watched her convulse and the jars steadily fill up. Ginny was mewing as she was processed, she strained against her bonds. Something was missing. At last, Matt got up and walked calmly over towards her. He walked round the back and placed a hand on her tilted ass before sinking his thumb in between her gaping lips. She felt his thumb make the familiar strokes within her canal. His fingers slid up underneath her and pulled at the hood of her clit. One on this side and one on the other, his strong grip squeezed at her clit and sent shock waves propagating up her spine and erupting in her head. Ben looked on, unsure how to react. This was his wife, he heard himself say, and he should put a stop to Matt finger-fucking his wife in front of all these people. Yet he now saw that there was some special bond between them. He had been her trainer and he could see she needed this right now. Matt understood her need, probably better than anyone else. There was a chemistry between them. Jealousy flared up within Ben, but he too was mesmerised by ginnysow tilting her head up and gurgling her pleasure as her udders continued to pour milk into the collecting jars below. He was amazed by how much milk she produced, and that was only after one week! He hated to admit it, but he had an Bayan Escort admiration for what Matt had achieved in such a short space of time.

Ginny’s body convulsed as she tried to squeeze the milk out of her udders and open herself more completely to Matt’s probing hand. So overcome with the parade of orgasms sweeping in quick succession over her, undermining her, ginnysow became completely lost to where she was and to unrestrained pleasure. Slowly the flow eased and Ginny started to calm down. Matt continued to stroke within her and whispered cooing words of encouragement to her. He then pulled away his finger and she collapsed over the machine, breaths rasping in her throat. Ben shook himself to break the spell woven over him by the spectacle he had just witnessed. He had to make his sale.

Ginny waited in a holding room as the deal was being signed. Ben had come in and kissed her and told her how well she had done. They were going to buy a dozen machines and he had a factory set up ready to produce them. He was buzzing with excitement. Ginny, however, was sorry to be leaving. She would definitely miss Matt. She felt unsure of life outside the farm now. It had only been a week, yet her life had changed in such irreversible ways. The confidence she once felt seemed now so remote, she felt afraid of the uncertainties of life beyond the farm and insufficient to cope with the demands placed on her as a career woman. When she reflected on the person she had been, she could not escape from how alien that person seemed to her now. She had hated the sting of the crop, yet it had been of invaluable use to her. She had been able to embrace her dark fantasy without the inner tension of fighting it. That crop had forced the submission from her that she had secretly craved for.

Matt entered the room and walked over to her. He was smiling to her and seemed pleased, yet there was a sadness in his eyes too. “You did well my little ginnysow. Not long now to go before you are back home. I wonder how you are going to find trying to be plain Mrs Ferrers once more.”

Ginny smiled a lost and rather reflective smile. She turned away. Matt came closer and slipped his finger down the side of her cheek. She turned to him and their eyes locked.

“This is difficult for you, isn’t it?” With that he put his arm around her and swung her round to face him. “You are not going to be complete as Mrs Ferrers and yet you are not yet completely a sow. Poor ginnysow, stuck between two worlds. I can see in your eyes already that you are going to come back here. When the time is right you will not be able to keep yourself away. You know this is so, but don’t say anything now.”

He lifted her and laid her down upon a table. He flexed her knees apart so that she was exposed to him. Her mound lay bare before him and her lips, moist and glistening in the lights, parted slightly for him. He slid inside her and she felt a jolt pulse through her in response. Her head tilted back and her mouth opened as a sigh burst from her. The air was knocked out of her as she was forced to accommodate him. He drove himself in and out of her with a growing vehemence that swept aside all her thoughts. She lay before him, accepting his use of her as he had demanded of her and she acknowledged her desire for him through the responses she had learned to make using the muscles of her cunt.

His fingers slid along her body and she felt the strength in them. She felt her weak flesh ripple and yield before the driving force of his hands as they mounted her engorged breasts. Milk trickled from them, forced out in a familiar way by his manipulating fingers. He pinched firmly her hard nipples and mashed at the soft underbelly, as he leant his weight forward to press into her fleshy milk pots. He continued to drive himself into her and the rhythm of his forceful taking of her brooked no dissent as she was overwhelmed by his mastery of her. She could feel the wetness of her milk trickling across her chest. His fingers were slipping over her skin, spreading her juices. His hands upon her stomach, massaging the milk into her and as she felt more and more defiled by the mess she was generating, she realised how much of an animal she had already become. Her body responded to innate urges, and she let herself be carried along by them. No thoughts of right or wrong entered Escort her head any more. She felt him settle his weight upon her, the tickle of the rough hairs of his chest against her soft pliant skin. He slid himself across her torso, the twin sheets of flesh bonded together by a layer of milk fusing them together. She felt the pounding of his heart beating against her chest as he continued to rock his hips between her open and exposed thighs. Ginny became lost in the sweep of sensations that assaulted her, accentuated by her training that forced her not to respond but to comply.

Matt raised himself and slowed the pace of his pistoning cock. He stared into her eyes and saw a regret expressed in them. She registered his face right before hers, but could not seem to focus upon it, could not recognise him. She was lost in some other world: two animals locked together in a ritualistic courtship; the strong and decisive male taking possession of his sow.

“You are a sow, you have accepted your training and you have allowed us to alter your body. You may not acknowledge it yet, but deep down inside you recognise the truth of what I say.”

His cock started to slide slowly back and forth between her engorged lips. She heard the sucking, cloying scramble of her cunt trying to pull him back into her, to keep him and make him take her. “You cannot help it any longer. There is no going back. You no longer have the breasts of a woman, they are large and swollen with milk, even so soon after your latest milking. Your body is betrayed, transformed and moulded so that now you live inside the body of a sow. Your milk ducts have swollen, your capacity is far greater than any woman could hold. The hormones we injected into you are no longer needed. Your own body now creates the hormone that maintains you as a sow. You currently generate 5 times the normal levels of hormone for milk production.

This means that no matter how much you fight it, your udders here will produce and produce, and I just have to squeeze them and they respond. The more your udders get milked, the more milk your body will be encouraged to create and the more you resist being milked, the greater the build up of pressure inside them. You cannot escape it for long, and the longer you try, the more you build up your milk capacity. Each time we have milked you….” he paused as his cock picked up rhythm.

Ginny’s head rocked up and down the table as he drove his words and manhood into her. It was as if she was nodding, accepting the truth of what he revealed to her. “I have opened that little slit of yours, played with you, teased you into cumming precisely as the milk erupts. Each time, your body has been slowly associating giving of its milk with cumming, and now whenever you fuck, you will produce milk. Having a man’s lips pulling at your teats, feeling his tongue flick against those sensitive ends, that deep groove from which your milk will spurt, makes your cunt wet. You long for him to milk you, to feel those jets of hot liquid pour from your udders, for then you know you will buck your hips and cry out as your orgasm consumes you one more time. Then as you descend from that crescendo, you will contemplate having been milked one more time: one more time to drive into you your need to create more milk, and so the cycle will repeat over and over. You are as powerless to break this cycle as you are powerless now to refute the truth of what I am saying.”

Ginny’s eyes were locked to his. Her face impassive, unable to respond to the thoughts deep inside that understood the truth of everything her master told her. She understood that she had allowed them to transform her into a sow. She had betrayed her own body, and now she had to live inside this sow body that would never ever stop producing milk, it had indeed become part of her purpose.

“All that is left is to register you permanently and acknowledge the sow you are.” Ginny shook her head at these words, but she remained open to Matt as he continued to fuck her with growing intensity. “You may resist it now, but before too long you know you will come willingly back to us to register you, to abandon your former life and assume the life you have secretly desired for so long.”

With these words she felt the hot eruption deep in her belly. She felt the tingling wave sweep over her and she responded violently, squeezing at his cock, shaking with the consumed pleasure and crying out a gutteral call of the wild. Her udders ejaculated milk and she felt it land with a splash upon her belly and understood she could no longer dissociate cumming with being milked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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