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After a few minutes, Janet climbed off Julie and stood up on wobbly legs. She looked down at the once-demure housewife, who lay on her back naked and spread-eagled, her chest heaving and her body gleaming with sweat. “You think you came then? You ain’t seen nothing yet, sweetheart. You’re just getting started. I’ll be back in a minute, and we’ll put you to work. I still have a few things I need to show you, but you’re ready.”

Then she left the room, leaving Julie alone on the bed. As she got her breath, she lay back and let the good feelings continue to wash over her. They were right. She was ready for more. Already her pussy was tingling and bubbling again, and she lifted herself up on one elbow, while she ran her fingers through her swollen lips. Her tongue licked her dry lips as her index finger found her clit, which was already throbbing in anticipation.

As Janet stepped outside, Julie vaguely thought she heard a murmur of voices out in the hall, but the sound died when the door shut. Janet confronted the line of a dozen naked men in the hall. “It’s almost time, boys” she said. “Look at her,” and as she did, she pulled open a curtain on the wall that revealed a wide view of the room through the two-way mirror that hung over the dresser. Whistles filled the hallway as the men gazed at the tall, slender redhead lying naked on her back idly fingering what they could see even from this vantage point was a hot, juicy pussy. Already the place was jumping as word had spread along the grapevine that the Ponderosa had a new girl they were breaking in. Whenever the place had an initiation for a new girl, it was always a big event, and everyone for miles around wanted a piece of the action.

After laughingly brushing off the feels of the men in the hall, Janet returned to the room with a drink in her hand. “My, you really do want some more,” said Janet, as she observed Julie fingering her gash. “Huh? Does baby want some more?” Julie just nodded nervously, so Janet removed the hand and replaced it with her own while she handed Julie the glass. Julie drank deeply of the liquid, and didn’t notice the acrid taste of vodka in the drink, or if she did, she didn’t care.

Janet gazed down at the woman on the bed in wonder. God, what a pussy, she thought; she might be the best one yet. Moving to the dresser, she opened a drawer and reached inside. She returned with her hands full. In one hand were two big fat dildos; in the other was a tube of KY jelly. Julie gave Janet a funny look, as she climbed onto the bed. “You’ve never seen a dildo, have you?” Janet asked mockingly. “They are a girl’s best friend, I can tell you. I especially like this one,” as she held up a foot-long black rubber dick about an inch and a half in diameter that resembled a fat sword, in that it ended with a hilt and a grooved handle.

She rubbed the dick over Julie’s open sex, then slowly worked it into her pussy. “Be a good girl and take my dicks,” she said finally, triggering the now-familiar response in Julie. The other dildo was shorter and thinner, with a pair of fake balls, and was a flesh color. This one Janet handed to Julie and told her to suck it like a cock. Julie took the dildo eagerly and began to kiss, lick and suck the rubber cock. The cock in Julie’s cunt was stoking up her fires, building them slowly to the top. On Janet’s instruction, Julie worked the smaller dildo about halfway into her mouth before her gag reflex set in. Realizing that the angle was bad, and wanting to move the show along, Janet pulled the big cock out of Julie’s pussy, and instructed her to get on her hands and knees with her face on the bed. Julie did as she was told and found that this position left her ass in the air, with both her holes exposed. Julie expected Janet to resume fucking her with one of the dildos, but nothing happened. Janet just knelt beside her on the bed staring at one of the most beautiful asses she’d ever seen. Julie’s ass was heart-shaped and rounded, the perfect complement to her slender hips, with just enough ass cheek to fill an averaged-sized hand. It was an ass that was built for fucking. “God, your ass is beautiful,” Janet whispered as she began to knead the loaves with both hands.

Returning to her work vigorously, Janet ran both hands all over Julie’s ass, between her legs to her dripping pussy. She ran her fingers through the damp orange pubic hair, and between the juicy lips and drooping clitoris. Spreading her ass cheeks, Janet looked with mounting lust on Julie’s pink, puckered anus, which gleamed from the collected juices that had drooled out of her cunt. The hole itself was framed by the prettiest halo of downy orange hair that was a light extension of Julie’s pubes. Again, Janet ran her fingers through Julie’s dripping cunt, but instead of lingering, she swiped them across Julie’s open ass and circled her middle finger around the anal ring.

Julie lurched as if she’d been shot and a shudder passed through her entire body. She had never before thought of her ass muğla escort as an erogenous zone, indeed, before today the thought would have repelled her. Now, suddenly, it made perfect sense for her to want a man to fuck her ass. It was a feeling she suddenly knew she craved. “FUCK ME. OH GOD, PLEASE FUCK MY ASS,” she pleaded. But Janet wasn’t quite ready. Bending down, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to lick Julie’s pussy from behind. She ate her out furiously, as Julie squirmed on her knees in orgiastic pleasure. Then, she moved her head up slightly and ran her tongue all over Julie’s anus and the surrounding quivering flesh.

Julie screamed as a hot bolt ripped from her ass to her brain at the touch of Janet’s tongue in her asshole. Janet reamed the hole mercilessly with her long tongue, gradually opening it up to her. Quickly, she ran her middle finger over the hole and penetrated her ring. Julie whimpered slightly at the pain, but it quickly subsided as Janet rhythmically tongued around her hole and pumped her finger back and forth in Julie’s ass. Janet decided to do something about Julie’s continuous cries and whimpers, so she handed her the big dildo and said; “now be a good girl and suck on this. You need practice sucking big cocks, plus you can get this warmed up for your ass.” Julie jerked as a new wave of ecstasy washed over her and began taking her to new heights of pleasure, thanks to the mental prompt.

Janet sucked on the smaller dildo a couple of times, opened up the jelly and squeezed a glob on the head, then put it to the entry to Julie’s ass. “Just relax, baby. There may be some pain, but it will pass.” She was right, but Julie was so far on her upslope that she didn’t care. As Janet eased the slender dildo past her anal ring and into her rectum, Julie let out a wail that filled the room. “OHMIGOD! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” she screamed when she could finally get air into her lungs. She had never felt anything like it. It was like being filled with shit, but it was going in and not out. “Not everyone appreciates how good it feels to have your ass filled,” Janet said. “Ummmmm, anal sex is the best. I know you can’t wait to feel a live cock in this tight ass.”

Julie opened her mouth wide and ran her lips past the fat head of the black rubber cock. Her eyes began to water as she felt it penetrate her throat. Slowly, however, with Janet’s coaxing, the fat dong descended deeper into Julie’s throat as she relaxed her jaw muscles and opened her mouth to allow the cock to penetrate well past the dangly thing at the back of her mouth and into her throat. The dildo pumping rhythmically back and forth in her ass had Julie so relaxed and sexed that it helped open her up. She still couldn’t take all of the big cock in her throat, but it was a good start.

After a few minutes, Janet slowly pulled the dildo out of Julie’s ass. Julie whimpered at the empty feeling in her ass, but it turned into a satisfied groan when Joy pulled the black, handled dildo out of her mouth, squeezed some KY onto the head and plunged it into Julie’s ass in one fluid motion. Julie lifted her head and howled as the fat dong filled her to the hilt. She grunted and groaned, as she humped back on the fake cock to get more of it in her. Janet savagely pushed the thing back and forth in Julie’s twitching, rocking ass. “All right baby, you’re so good,” Joy cooed. “Why don’t you cum now, cum now for Mama. Now, now, now.” Julie felt like the Fourth of July exploded in her brain as her body was wracked with five successive waves of orgasm. She screamed and wailed and cried as her body thrashed on the bed. Finally, the waves subsided and she felt herself drifting downward.

Janet quickly removed the fat dong and put it and the other dildo away. Julie whined as it was removed. “Don’t worry, baby, you’re about to get as much cock as you could have dreamed of tonight. Now, you be a good girl and give these guys a great fuck.” Janet knew the time had arrived. Julie was ready to work.

Chapter 6: Julie’s first gangbang Janet walked to the door, opened it and spoke to the first man in the hall. It was the same redneck kid from the Shell station. “OK, she’s ready for you. Fuck her in the ass. She’s never had a live cock up there before, but you saw her; she’s ready for it. That’s Michael’s way of thanking you for putting us on to her. It’s on the house, but if you say the wrong word, it’s the usual fee.”

The kid licked his lips as he approached the bed, his raging hard-on in his hand. He had been dreaming of this moment since he’d first laid eyes on Julie. He had a nice cock of about 7 inches, not too long and not too fat. Perfect for a first ass fuck. The kid rubbed his dick over Julie’s ass and over her pouting pussy lips. Julie gave a growl of satisfaction as she realized that a man had joined her on the bed and that he was about to fuck her. Satisfied that his dick was wet enough, the kid pushed the head past Julie’s anus and plunged his cock into her ass as deep as it would go. “OOOOOOOH! IT FEELS SO GOOD!” she cried as he pumped his cock in her ass. “I LOVE YOUR COCK IN MY ASS.”

As the kid fucked her ass, Janet sent a second man into the room. This one, a trucker about 40, walked to her head, pulled her face up to him and presented his 8-inch cock for her to suck. “Eat my cum, baby,” he snarled at her as he pushed the head of his cock past her lips. Julie felt a shiver of lust and fear run through her body as she sucked feverishly on the cock. Apparently, her crash course in fellatio had helped, because the man was rubbing the back of her head as he fucked her face, and he was moaning deliriously as she bobbed her head on his dick. She opened her jaw like before, opened her mouth wide and sucked every bit of him into her throat. She felt his coarse pubic hair on her nose and she rolled her tongue up and down the underside of his cock as he pumped in back and forth.

After watching the show previously, this guy was ready to shoot pretty quick, and with a groan he pulled Julie to him one final time, filled her mouth to the hilt and exploded into her throat. Julie fought off her gag reaction and concentrated on the taste and texture of the sperm. The man came in about four or five long spurts, and as she swallowed, she found, abstractly, that she liked the taste of cum. It had a thick, creamy texture and slight salty-sweet taste. Pulling him out until just the head was in her mouth, she greedily sucked out the six or seven smaller drops of cum that oozed out the hole in succession and ate them as well. Then he got up and walked out.

The kid fucking Julie’s ass was about ready to cum, and she worked her ass furiously trying to get him to get her off. She moaned and whimpered as he pounded his cock in her ass. Then, without warning, he pumped a final time and emptied himself deep in her rectum. Julie squealed as she felt the bursts firing hot cum into her bowels. As the kid was sated, he pulled his cock out of her ass and started to leave, but Julie turned around quickly and told him to give her his cock. In her fevered, drug-frazzled state of mind, she had come to be convinced that it was important for her to clean off with her mouth the cocks of the men she had fucked. She grabbed the kid’s cock and laved it with her lips and tongue, sucking it in and tasting the rich bouquet of his sperm and her ass juices. She did this until he finally pulled away, giving her a funny look as she reached out in longing for his cock.

Julie didn’t have to wait long for relief. As she lolled on the bed facing the door, with cum oozing from her ass onto her pussy, the door opened and two more men entered, a young black man and a 30-something white man. They stepped to the bed and Julie raised herself onto her knees to greet them. They each kissed her deeply as she ran her hands over their swollen cocks. She looked them each in the eye hotly, then bent over to suck them. The black guy was very black, and he had a long, slender pole of almost 10 inches that gleamed from his ministrations in the hall. “So it is true what they say about you guys,” Julie said softly as she licked at the big black stick. “You are all hung like bulls.” “Oh baby,” said the man. “They tell me you ain’t never had a nigger before. Why don’t you suck on this licorice stick before I fuck that prime white ass of yours.”

“OK, baby,” Julie purred. “You’re right. I’ve never fucked a black man before, but there’s always a first time for everything.” Despite the churning in her gut from the need to cum, Julie put all of her newfound oral prowess to work on this lush piece of meat. She licked up and down the shaft, licked his balls, then retraced her steps up his shaft to the head. Closing her eyes and groaning slowly, Julie opened her mouth and accepted his black cock into her mouth. Deeper and deeper he went, further even that the first man, until she felt his kinky pubic hairs at her nose. Satisfied that she could take it all, she pulled back and began to suck with abandon, humming and moaning and slobbering all over his cock.

Behind her, the white guy pulled her legs apart, crawled underneath her and began to eat her drooling pussy. She glanced over her shoulder and saw the white guy’s big dick sticking up in the air, unattended. She thought that a waste, so she pulled the white guy up and positioned him standing next to the black guy. She took him in her right hand, pulled her mouth off the black and sucked the white guy’s dick into her throat in one smooth motion. She sucked him for a while, then she moved to the black guy and sucked him some, then back and forth.

The two men’s lustful groans grew in intensity as Julie alternated between the two, sucking their dicks sloppily into her mouth. Bringing the two cocks close together, she ran her lips and tongue over the heads of both cocks at the same time. She was frenzied as she worked her mouth on her two cocks. Suddenly, with a roar, the black guy pulled his cock away, aimed it at Julie’s face, then shot a succession of five long ropes of cum across her face. After the initial explosion, the man stuck his dick back in Julie’s mouth and shot the last oozing drops into her mouth. The white guy was right behind him and he shot his load all over the right side of her face, then poked her ear with it and deposited the last few drops there.

“I’ll be back later for some of that ass, baby,” the black guy said as they left the room. Julie just knelt there shivering with lust; her face covered in dripping cum and her mind a blank, waiting eagerly for her next customer.

Chapter 7: Julie gets a double The door opened again and two more men entered, a Latino and swarthy white guy. “Looks like we got us a little cum-covered whore, just as advertised,” the white guy said in an accent she recognized as Cajun. These two weren’t interested in any sort of foreplay. They ordered her to lie on her back, and when she did, the white guy opened her legs, and stuck his dick right up her pussy. The Latino straddled her head and Julie reached up with her hands to pull his cock to her mouth. She opened her mouth and slid his smooth, slender cock into her mouth, then into her throat like a pro.

Julie moaned and humped as these two men worked their cocks in and out of her in unison. Julie wrapped her legs around the waist of the man fucking her pussy and wrapped her arms around the waist of the man fucking her mouth, and tried to draw each deeper into her body.

“Let’s come together and fill her up at the same time,” hissed the white guy. The Latino said nothing, but increased the pace of his cock in Julie’s throat, as the white guy did the same. Julie’s breathing was ragged and snot flew from her nose as she tried to get air. Suddenly, the Latino’s cock swelled in Julie’s mouth and he released a tidal wave of sperm into her throat. Julie had no choice but to swallow constantly or be drowned in cum.

At that moment, the white guy groaned and shot his cum deep in her pussy, and it was a huge load as well. These guys had been saving it up for weeks, and they filled her up good. The white guy came so much that cum was squeezing out the sides of Julie’s pussy and over her open asshole. Finally, they pulled out. Cum gushed out Julie’s pussy and onto the bed as the white guy pulled his dick out, and the Latino left a streak of cum across an already cum-covered cheek as he disengaged his cock from Julie’s cum-filled mouth.

Julie had no time to catch her breath before two black men entered the room. They were both in their mid-20s, one was tall and lanky, the other was of average height, but very muscular. They strode to the bed, climbed on, moved to either side of her head and rubbed their cocks over her face. Julie looked up at the one on her right as she wrapped her hand around his cock and drew it to her mouth. She sucked on him for a while, then she sucked his partner.

She alternated sucking as she primed their meat for more fucking. They both had long, fat dongs and her cunt bubbled in anticipation of what they intended to do. “Gonna make us an Oreo sandwich,” said the muscular man. “Primo white bitch gonna get both holes filled at once with our big black dicks. Ain’t that right, Suga'” Julie couldn’t speak through the big dick in her mouth, but her big eyes told them her eagerness.

Satisfied that they were fully hard, the men pulled their dicks away from her face and got into position. The muscular man lay on his back, his fat dick waving obscenely in the air. With a slight come-here motion with his hands, the man beckoned Julie to climb onto his cock. Julie looked down lustfully at the glistening black dong beneath her as she straddled his hips. Grasping the base of his cock with her right hand, she aimed the head at her opening and melted her pussy slowly down his shaft, all the way to the hilt.

“AHHHHHHHH!” Julie wailed in glorious satisfaction to have a dick back in her pussy, and she rode the big 10-inch dick with mounting abandon, her head thrown back, her eyes closed. The tall guy watched for a couple of minutes, until the couple on the bed established a steady rhythm. Then he pushed Julie forward so that her butt was pushed out. He watched eagerly as Julie’s pussy engulfed the other man’s cock and pumped up and down on it like a piston. She leaned over and kissed the man underneath her ravenously. Spreading her butt cheeks, the tall guy put his cock to her open asshole and pushed past the anal ring, then plunged in one long stroke all the way up her ass.

At this, Julie emitted a series of high-pitched yips as the two men began to fuck her pussy and ass together. “OMIGOD, OMIGOD, OMIGOD,” Julie chanted over and over as she reached a new, higher level of sexual overload. Quickly her body went nearly out of control as she bucked and writhed wildly between these two men. The two men had to both hold her hips firmly to keep her from bucking right off their cocks. A constant stream of foul babble escaped from Julie’s lips as she experienced for the first time the exquisite feeling of having both holes filled at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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