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John couldn’t believe his eyes at what he saw. The person standing in front of him was no longer the girl that he had hired as his secretary through a summer job program. Instead standing before him was a young woman with large full breasts that filled the low neckline of her dress. Sure he had given her advice that changing her image would help her move up in the office but he didn’t expect anything like this. Nicole Goldwyn stood before him as a stunning knockout.

“Mr. Jacobson,” said the girl nervously as her boss stared wide eyed.

“Huh,” said John, snapping out of his daze, “I’m sorry Nicole, what were you saying?”

The busty secretary smiled at her boss’s reaction and leaned forward, placing her hands on his desk, giving him a good view of her cleavage.

“I had asked you, if you were looking for a new personal assistant,” said Nicole, pressing her arms against her breasts, “I’m sure that I meet your qualifications.”

She smiled as she stared deep into his eyes.

She knew that John Jacobson was a breast man. That is why she had gone in for plastic surgery and had her medium sized boobs pumped up to a healthy set of large melons. In fact before being fired for having sex with the janitor, his last personal assistant was known for her big boobs.

“I know how hard it was for you to fire Amanda,” said Nicole, walking around John’s desk to face him, “That is why I am asking you.”

John had to use every fiber in his body to prevent himself from having his way with Nicole.

She stood in front of him with her hands on her hips and her tits thrust forward.

The last thing he wanted was to have a lawsuit on his hands. He took a deep breath and cleared his throat.

“Of course,” said John in a calm but stern voice, “You can have the position.”

Nicole squealed with excitement as she gave a little hop, “Thank you Mr. Jacobson.”

Though it was only a small movement, it caused her large breasts to bounce heavily in her dress.

“You can take Amanda’s old desk space,” said John, prying his eyes away from the girl’s chest, “I will be emailing you appointments that will need to be put into my schedule. You will be accompanying me to all meetings and conferences, is that understood.”

“Yes Mr. Jacobson,” said Nicole, cheerfully as she started walking out of his office.

“Oh and Nicole,” said John, the girl stopping and turning, “If it’s not too much to ask, would you mind wearing that dress more often. It fits you very well.”

“No problem sir, and thank you,” smiled Nicole as she walked out of his office.

John waited until she was out of sight before he rushed to the door and quietly shut it.

“Damn,” said John as he sat back down at his desk, “Those tits.”

He unzipped his suit pants and started stroking himself.

The thought of having that busty young woman as his personal assistant sent him over the edge.

A few minutes later he blew his load into the wastebasket.


At the age of 30, John Jacobson was the chairman and CEO of a security company that provided equipment to many wealthy investors. John was known to be more laid back than serious so he had hired a personal secretary to keep him on his feet. However there was one requirement that he expected with his female employees, boobs. In simplest terms, John Jacobson was a breast man. He would go crazy for any woman who had a pair of big bouncing tits. Some could see him as shallow but as a man in his position, John knew what he wanted and what he wanted, he would get.


‘Hook, line, and sinker,’ thought Nicole, smiling as she sat at her new desk, briefly looking down at her ample endowments, ‘I diyarbakır escort knew going bigger was the right thing to do.’

She then lifted her breasts and rested them on the desk.

‘Oh this going to be sooo much fun,’ thought Nicole, smiling as she lifted her boobs off the desk and let them settle with a heavy bounce.


Being a personal for John Jacobson was more fun for Nicole than she would show. When she would bring in papers for him to sign, she would make sure that she would give him a good view of her large breasts in her dress. She had done as he had requested and gone out and purchased more dresses like the one she had worn. When she would show him something, she would brush her breast against his arm intentionally but make it look like an innocent gesture. Nicole knew that what she was doing was working because she would often catch John staring down the top of her dress and would feel him go stiff whenever she would brush up against him. It was clear to her that she was on her way up.


Having Nicole as a personal assistant was a dream for John. She would never shy away from showing off her ample assets in a low neckline. In many ways she was much better than his old assistant Amanda. Nicole would always be available whenever she was needed and would bring a sense of sexiness whenever she came around him. It wouldn’t be just John that Nicole would have an effect on him. When they would attend meetings, Nicole would sit next to John and keep her breasts thrust forward to hold the attention of whoever was sitting in. Needless to say, things were a lot easier and better with Nicole.


John was on the phone with a client when Nicole came into his office.

“Uh, Yes,” said John, as his personal assistant walked towards his desk, her large breasts bouncing and jiggling in a black shoulder less dress with a low neckline, “Umm I’ll have to call you back.”

“I have some papers for you to sign sir,” said Nicole flashing her smile as she walked around his desk and placed an opened folder on top.

“Now this one is from a meeting last month,” said Nicole leaning forward and pointing to the first paper, her right breast lightly pressing into her boss’s shoulder.

John signed off on it without saying anything.

“These next three are for research and development,” said Nicole, pressing her breast completely against his shoulder.

Again John signed off without saying a word.

“Now this one,” said Nicole , reaching across for the last paper, her breasts now near her boss’s face, “Is for funding for the next 5 years.”

John wasn’t paying attention as the girl’s large breasts were in his line of sight.

‘Oh God, they’re so big,’ though John as he stared into her cleavage.

“Mr. Jacobson,” said Nicole, in a sing song voice.

“I’m so sorry,” said John, snapping out of his staring daze.

“It’s alright sir,” said Nicole, giggling at her boss’s attention on her chest, “They’re hard to ignore.”

“My apologies,” said John signing the last paper and closing the folder, “I shouldn’t…”

“Really, it’s ok Mr. Jacobson,” said Nicole, picking up the folder, “I understand. You’re a guy, and the office can become boring.”

“I’ll tell you what,” said John, pulling open his center drawer and taking a key out, “Here’s the key to my private lounge. Let’s meet there at 7 and talk.”

“Yes sir,” said Nicole, taking the key.

“And Nicole,” said John, “Let’s keep this our little secret.”

“Yes Mr. Jacobson,” said Nicole, flashing her smile as she slipped the key between her big boobs before walking out of the office.

“Damn,” said John once she was out of sight.

He then reached into his pants and relieved himself into the wastebasket.

‘If things keep going as quickly,’ thought Nicole, adjusting her breasts in her dress while she sat at her desk, ‘I could have him to myself by tonight.’

She then cupped her boobs and gave them a light squeeze, ‘He won’t be able to resist these big boobs.’

Nicole smiled as she let her tits settle, ‘Mmm, John Jacobson, you will be mine.’


It was 7:10 when Nicole went into the private lounge. She knew John Jacobson’s routine of having an after hours drink so she sat over by the bar and prepped herself. She checked herself in the mirror.

At 5 and a half feet she had shoulder length brown hair that surrounded an oval shaped face with a short fairly narrow nose, almond shaped eyes, and sparkling white teeth thanks to years of dental care. The rest of her body, other than her breasts, she had worked hard to get; a slender waist that filled out into an apple bottom and thinned out to a pair of slender legs. Her boobs were the icing on the cake. Before the surgery they were a good size but not enough to get her where she wanted to be, and where she wanted to be was with John Jacobson.

He was a heart throb with a handsome face, muscular arms, chiseled pecs, washboard abs, and was rumored to have an 8 inch cock. Just thinking about what was beneath those pants made Nicole tremble.

“I hope I haven’t kept you waiting long,” said John as he came into the lounge and tossed his jacket onto one of the sofas.

“Not at all,” said Nicole, flashing him a smile, “I just got here myself.”

“I’m going to have a drink,” said John, walking behind the bar, “Can I get you anything?”

“A club soda, if you don’t mind,” said Nicole.

“Club soda,” said John looking skeptical as he made her drink.

“Doctor’s orders,” said Nicole, her eyes gesturing to her large breasts, “Can’t drink alcohol for a month or I’ll start swelling up.”

“Well we certainly can’t have that happening,” said John, pushing her drink towards her, “Besides I don’t think that your dress could handle any swelling.”

Nicole laughed at the comment.

“I’m sorry,” said John, laughing with her, “That was inappropriate.”

“No, no it’s ok, John,” said Nicole, before realizing her mistake, “I’m sorry, may I call you John.”

“Well if I can make a comment about you and get away with it then absolutely,” said John, coming out from behind the bar, “Do you, want to sit somewhere more comfortable?”

“Sure,” said Nicole, grabbing her drink and following him to the sofas.

“So, do you like working with me,” said John, “I mean I am not pushing you too hard am I?”

“No, not at all,” said Nicole, taking a drink, “and I absolutely enjoy working with you.”

“By the way, I am sorry,” said John, making a gesture on his chest, ” For the whole… staring.”

“John, I told you before it’s perfectly fine,” said Nicole, brushing her hair away from her shoulders, “That’s what they’re there for.”

John was lost in the moment as he stared at Nicole’s breasts.

They were certainly much bigger than Amanda’s.

“John,” said Nicole in her sing song voice.

She giggled at her boss’s staring.

‘I got you right where I want you,’ thought Nicole, putting her club soda on the glass table and moving over to John’s sofa, sitting next to him.

John’s eyes went wide as the girl’s big boobs were inches from his chest.

“You know John,” said Nicole, in a seductive tone, “There’s a reason that I went and got my boobs done.”

“There is,” said John, his eyes locked onto her cleavage.

“Mhmm,” said Nicole, moving her chest closer to his, “I got these big tits because I knew that you would like them. I know that you’re fascinated with big boobs John.”

“Oh,” said John, nervously.

‘He’s all mine now,’ thought Nicole.

“I don’t just want to work with you John,” said Nicole, her breasts lightly touching his chest, “I want to be with you.”

She smiled as she pressed her tits against his chest and gave him a kiss before pulling away from him.

“Wow,” whispered John, stunned by what the girl had just done.

He had been with a number of women but never had he felt the electricity that he was feeling from this one.

“Nicole, let me make myself perfectly clear,” said John.

Nicole started to feel dread as she half expected him to turn her down.

“If we do this,” said John leaning in towards her, “We must keep it a secret.”

Nicole smiled and bounced lightly in her seat. Once again the slightest movement sent her breasts into a frenzy.

Nicole giggled as she grabbed John’s hands, “I suppose that I should introduce you to these big girls.”

She then placed his hands on her boobs.

John took over as he cupped Nicole’s tits.

“Do you like them,” said Nicole, pushing her chest forward.

“Oh Yes,” said John, feeling the fullness of Nicole’s large breasts, “They must have been expensive.”

“They were,” said Nicole, placing her hands on his, “But they’re worth it.”

“You know Nicole there are things that I would like to do,” said John, lightly squeezing Nicole’s big boobs, “To you and to these.”

He then pulled his hands away, “But first let me turn off the cameras.”

John then went over to a panel by the door and flipped a number of switches while Nicole unzipped the back of her dress and pulled down the top half.

John nearly froze when he saw Nicole’s breasts encased in a strapless bra.

“Like I said John,” said Nicole, adjusting her bra, “I know that you’re a breast man, so I know what you want. Now why don’t you come over here and show me what you have inside those pants. I’m sure it will go well with my boobs.”

John went over to the sofa and unzipped his pants, pulling out his 8 inch cock.

“Wow,” said Nicole, looking at her boss’s manhood with fascination.

She leaned back and whispered, “Take my boobs for a test run.”

“Are you sure,” said John straddling his personal assistant.

“Yes,” whispered Nicole, “Fuck my big tits.”

John didn’t hesitate as he shoved his dick in between Nicole’s large breasts.

“Oooh,” gasped Nicole. John then grunted as he started thrusting in between her big boobs.

“Ooh, Ohhh, Uhh, Oh John, Uhhh Yes,” moaned Nicole as her breasts bounced with each thrust.

John started to moan and breathe heavy as he continued to thrust.

“C’mon John, give it to me,” whispered Nicole as she started to breathe heavy.

John moaned as his cock erupted between Nicole’s breasts, spurting cum into her cleavage.

“Ohhh John, Uhhh Yessss,” moaned Nicole loudly as she climaxed.

“Ohhh Nicole,” moaned John as his dick emptied between her boobs.

“Mmmm,” moaned Nicole softly.

“Wow,” said Nicole sitting up and wiping her tits clean with a napkin, “That was great.”

“It’s getting late,” said John, looking at his watch, “We should get going.”

Nicole stood up and turned her back to John, “Care to zip me up.”

John obliged and zipped up Nicole’s dress.


As they stepped out of the elevator into the parking garage John turned to Nicole, “Remember not a word of this to anyone.”

Nicole smiled as she zipped her lips.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” said John turning and walking away, “Goodnight Ms. Goldwyn.”

“Goodnight Mr. Jacobson,” said Nicole.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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