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When they were young, nobody could tell Gina and Tina apart. They dressed the same, acted the same, even cut their hair identically. One of the favorite tricks the girls pulled was to switch out on people. Gina would go out on a date with some guy and then the next time, it would be Tina who would enjoy a nice time. The trick was to see if the guy ever realized the switch. There were only two things that separated them. Gina was the more adventurous of the two while Tina was more reserved. Also, Gina finally came out to her sister that she was gay. It didn’t matter to Tina though. They both loved each other so much that nothing could drive a wedge between them. “Hey Sis,” Gina said when she told Tina about her sexuality, “at least I won’t be stealing your boyfriend.” They both had a good laugh at that.

When they graduated college, Tina married whom she thought was the man of her dreams. It turned out though that he was an abusive womanizer who would fuck any cute skirt that showed even a passing interest. When she found out that he had knocked up another woman, that was the last straw. Tina called her sister, bawling her eyes out and telling Gina everything that had happened. Gina told her to drive down to her place immediately and they would figure this out. So, Tina threw some clothes in a suitcase and left the bastard.

Gina, on the other hand, left home and went to the big city to intern at the best hospital on the coast. There, she met the girl of her dreams, Maria, a lovely, dark skinned Latina, who satisfied all of her kinky desires. They had tried it all! Spanking, bondage, a little pain, even water sports. Whatever Maria wanted to do to her, Gina was game. It was such a blast! But when her sister called, crying that her husband was a fucking prick and abuser, she was willing to drop everything to help her.

Maria couldn’t believe her luck. Here was this gorgeous blonde slut with a knockout body that was just as kinky as she was! They made a stunning pair. Maria’s dark, sultry looks contrasted so nicely with Gina’s blonde hair and supermodel body. Gina had even confided in her that one of her biggest, kinkiest fantasies was a rape fantasy where she was attacked and ravaged by a home intruder. Gina had recently given Maria the key to her apartment and tonight, she was going to make her girlfriend’s fantasy a reality.


Tina arrived at her sister’s place to find Tipobet it empty. A note on the counter told her that Gina had been called into the hospital on an emergency to fill in for one of her coworkers and that she wouldn’t be back until tomorrow morning and to make herself at home. It had been a long drive and Tina was not only physically tired but emotionally as well. After grabbing a quick bite from the fridge, she went to her sister’s bedroom, stripped to her panties and climbed in bed. She was out almost instantly.

Maria pulled up to the apartment, parked her car and removed the duffle from the back seat. She had packed all of the essentials. Duct tape, handcuffs, a little fold out knife were in the bag as well as the nipple clamps that she knew Gina loved and the new eight inch strap on she had just purchased that day. Maria couldn’t wait to fuck her little love toy to the hilt. She parked up the street and made her way to Gina’s place. As quietly as she could, Maria unlocked the door and crept inside. There was enough light streaming through the windows that she had no trouble navigating her way to the bedroom.

Maria peeked inside. There she was, her gorgeous girlfriend. The covers had been kicked off and Maria saw that she was sleeping in just her panties. Just the sight of the beautiful blonde and the knowledge of what was about to come caused her pussy to moisten. Finding a pair of Gina’s used panties laying on the floor, Maria acted quickly. She crept to the bed and in one swift movement, crammed the panties in the sleeping girls mouth and pressed the tip of the knife against her throat.

Tina’s eyes flew open in fear and shock. A hand covered her mouth, preventing her from spitting out the gag and she felt the tip of the knife press against her throat, causing her to freeze with fear. A woman’s voice whispered in her ear. “Listen chica! You do exactly as I say and I won’t have to hurt you. Much. You try to scream or fight me…” She left the threat hang in the air. Tina felt the sharpened tip press harder against her skin, drawing a drop of blood. “Understand?” Tina nodded, her eyes wide with terror.

Maria pinned her body down. Jesus, this was turning her on so much! Gina genuinely looked afraid! She pinned her girlfriends body down and placed the knife on the nightstand next to the bed. She reached into the duffle bag on the floor and pulled out the tape. Getting a nice long piece, Tipobet Giriş Maria moved her hand and taped the other woman’s mouth shut. Just to make sure, she added a couple of more pieces before reaching in the bag for the handcuffs. Her girlfriend started to struggle when Maria tried to lock the cuffs to the bed, forcing her to grab the knife. “HEY!” she said, flashing the blade in front of the other woman’s eyes. That eased the struggling and Maria was able to finish locking her woman to the bed. Gina had started crying at this point, turning Maria on even more. Starting at the neck, she trailed the knife blade down her captives body. Over her tits, down her flat stomach, to her panties. A couple of quick slices and the undergarment was removed. Oh God! Maria thought to herself, My baby shaved! She massage the bald lips, feeling her girlfriend up before slipping her finger deep in the pussy hole, tickling her inner wall. She noticed that Gina’s breathing quickened the more she fondled her and just before she came, Maria withdrew her hand.

A look of consternation crossed Tina’s face and she felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment. This woman almost got her off. Tears were falling down her face onto the pillow and she watched her captor begin to strip off her clothes. Despite the fear she was feeling, Tina couldn’t help but be a little turned on, her pussy betraying her by getting wet and almost cumming from the stimulation. She was even a little disappointed that the other woman hadn’t finished. But her eyes got big again and she started to shake her head no as she saw what the lady had pulled out of the bag.

Maria started working over her girlfriend’s nipples, pinching, twisting and pulling to get them rock hard for the set of clover clamps that she had brought. She couldn’t resist those luscious nipples and leaned down to get a taste. Hearing Gina moan into the gag made her smile and stop licking. She pinched the right nipple between her fingers and applied the clamp. The blonde squealed in pain as Maria did the same thing to the other one. Gina’s breasts were heaving, causing the clamps to jiggle. Maria leaned down, whispering in her captive’s ear. “Oh baby! If you like that, you are going to LOVE this!” She bit the earlobe gently, raised up and reached into the bag, pulling out the strap on.

Tina couldn’t believe her eyes as the other woman strapped that monster in place on her crotch. Tipobet Güncel Giriş She had never been fucked by something that large. The pain in her nipples was mellowing out to a dull ache and her jaw was beginning to hurt from her being unable to close it. She closed her eyes, praying that this was all a nightmare. But her eyes flew open again when she felt the other woman’s mouth on her quim.

Maria began to lick the bald pussy, enjoying the taste of the cum that had leaked out. She always had prided herself on her pussy eating techniques. Several former girlfriends still came around just to get Maria to get them off, she was that good. Soon, she had her little chica’s body writhing in lust as she ate the girl until cum flooded her mouth. That’s when Maria climbed up on the bed, positioned the plastic prick at her captive’s waiting hole and pushed in to the hilt with one strong thrust. She began to fuck the blonde underneath her, picking up the pace as she found her rhythm.

OH FUCK! Tina thought to herself, wildly. After the pleasure that the woman gave her, Tina was ready for the fucking from the dildo. But this was nothing she had experienced, even with her husband. She began pulling and struggling against the bonds, not so much to get free but to wrap her arms around this lady and pull her closer. Tina felt an orgasm beginning to swell again as the relentless pounding of her pussy drove her closer to climax. The pain in her nipples, the fear she had felt and the pleasure she was receiving now drove her over the edge and she nearly passed out from the power of the cumming she experienced.

The little nub at the base of the dildo was rubbing Maria’s clit just right with every thrust and she to climaxed just as her girlfriend screamed, this time with pleasure as the orgasm she gave Gina caused her to start cumming too. They both froze as the waves crashed over each woman. At last, she and Gina came down from the high. It was almost time for round two Maria thought to herself. She climbed off the panting girl, the dildo slick with cum, when she noticed that her phone registered that she had a message. She was about to ignore it when something caused her to pause. Picking up the phone, Maria noticed that she had missed a call. From Gina. Quickly pressing the message icon, Maria heard her girlfriend’s voice come over the speaker.

“Hey girl. Just wanted to let you know that I had to be called in to work tonight. Sorry about not letting you know but this is my first break. Hey, my sister Tina is coming into town sometime tonight. She had a real tough time of it. Maybe you should go to see her and introduce yourself. I’m sure she would be happy to meet you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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