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I am one of several slaves my Mistress Marisa keeps in her household. I am completely owned as are the other slaves that serve her. These episodes are written with her permission. It is my, our story…


I hear the female chatter as I come down the hall from your kitchen and main bar area. I have a tray full of margaritas. As I enter the room I see several faces I recognize, all kinky ladies that know what you are about. And know what I am about. I see two faces I’ve never seen before. I hurry to the ladies with the drinks you ordered me to prepare prior to their arrival at your gathering.

You are dressed, as the other ladies are, for an afternoon luncheon, summery dresses, beautifully appointed, all of you. The large windows of your sitting room are open, sun and the sounds of summer fill the room.

I serve drinks to the ladies in the room. I am careful to curtsey as each glass is taken by one of your guests from the tray I carry. As I serve the last one and start to leave the room I hear you snap your fingers. You talk sternly to me.

“Princess, present yourself.”

You are sitting on a long couch, ladies all around the room in chairs and lounges. I am in a pink ultra girly dress, super ruffled lace panties under a short flared skirt. I wear pink 4″ stiletto open toed high heels with small padlocks at the ankle straps. I am dressed as you always have me dress for afternoon serving duty.

I quickly put down my serving tray. I lift my dress and lower my panties just below my cheeks. I arch my back slightly and push myself out showing, offering my butt. It is instinct when I hear you say ‘present yourself’ no matter where we are. I stand like that facing you for all to see.

I am baby smooth and soft, the marks of my last whipping still in plain view on my cheeks and the backs of my legs. I am the perfect sissy on display in front of your guests. My little penis is locked in a tight and confining cock harness and it is clearly visible in front of me for all the ladies to see.

“Oooo, he has a baby’s butt!”

Comments start to come from around the room. The ladies, ‘oooos’ and ‘aaaahs’, mixed with some giggling fill the room. My face turns bright red. It always does when you make me do humiliating things like this. You are showing me to some of them for the very first time.

“Come here, dear.”

I move closer to you. You take a large safety pin from the drawer in the table next to you. You turn me around by my legs, my butt right up in front of you. My panties hang down just below my cheeks. I let them dangle like that as I hold up my dress. I know better than to do anything else until told to. You lift and pin my skirt up above my waist in the back. You knew you were going to do this, planned it. You had a large pink plastic baby diaper pin at the ready.

“Much better for all to see, darling. And it matches your cute little bow.”

I have a pink ribbon up behind my cock cage and around my little balls. I have a huge bow in the front that sits on top of my penis. I feel the lady nearest to you take my cock cage in her hand. She bounces it.

“He’s like a baby. And this ribbon is beyond cute. He’s adorable, Marisa!”

She laughs.

“Do you ever use this little thing? It doesn’t look like it would be very satisfying.”

She leans in and examines me closely, fondles my cock harness, stares. Then she pushes me out of her hand quickly. I feel you pat my rear as she does that. You push slightly, makes me move away and back Tipobet to the center of the room. All eyes are on me.

“Oh yes I do, for a number of things. Whipping it is as much fun as letting him struggle to try and fuck me with it. But he only gets to do that very rarely. I use his other side frequently. That little hole is very valuable to me. I have several men that like fucking him better than they would fucking any of you girls, straight men too. Let’s just say that he’s very popular. Aren’t you, darling?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I answer the room, feel my face flush.

“Really? Fuck him, are you serious?”

One of the new lady guests comments, has never seen me before, never been to any of your special parties.

“Show them your little hole, honey. Show the ladies what drives the boys wild, makes them bid so high for you.”

You sit and watch as I arch my back, spread my cheeks with my hands and show myself to the room. My face is bright red, feels like I will explode.

“He’s tighter than any of you chicks. You can bet on that. Especially you, Barbara dear.”

You laugh lean forward, wink at the room. Giggles all around, they are amused at what they are seeing, hearing. They are having fun.

“Careful, he’ll steal your husbands and boyfriends, trust me on that. This little whore is very much in demand. He’s one of my favorites. And so fucking submissive it’s scary. My boyfriend uses his mouth when I’m not in the mood.”

You smile as all the ladies admire me. One leans in and puts her hand up between my cheeks, inspects me, holds my rear apart so far it hurts with her fingers. I feel one of her fingers probe at my rear, feel her other hand go up between my legs and cradle my little balls, my cock harness held in in place by her hand as she inspects my little hole.

“He is really like a little boy, I can’t believe it.”

You smile, beam. You are proud of your ‘work of submissive art’, proud of your bitch. I feel you take my arm, pull me to you away for the lady holding my cock penis restraint.

“Let me show you just how cute and baby like he truly is. I’ll share something with you girls. I think you will all enjoy seeing just how amusing my little sissy bitch can be. Let’s have some fun with him.”

You smile up at me.

“Princess, let’s reward you. Up on Mama’s lap, girl, let’s go.”

You pat your lap. You look up at me, wicked smile. You see the look in my eyes. I know what that means, ‘reward’ me. The most private and intimate thing you do with me. Nobody has ever seen this before, you told me it was our special secret, you called it our ‘act of love’. I hesitate.

You glare at me, pat your lap more forcefully.

“Do I have to get the whip?”

“No, Ma’am, no. Please, Ma’am. I’m sorry, Ma’am.”

I hurry to my ‘position’. I know it well. I hurry to move across your lap face up. You pull my dress up over my waist to my chest, hold it up with your elbow. You push my panties down my legs with your other hand roughly, push them down below my knees.

You take the tiny key you wear around your neck on a thin gold necklace and unlock my cock harness. You pull the plastic locking tube harness off of me, making me wince as my baby-like penis flops out of it. You sit the harness on the table next to you.

The ladies are on the edge of their seats, watching intently. You have their undivided attention.

Across your lap, face up, naked and exposed, my little inch and half long penis sticking Tipobet Giriş straight up, I am in ‘position’. My butt rests on the tops of your legs, cradled between them as they spread slightly, bunched up ruffled panties pushed down to my ankles. I can feel the warmth of you upper bare legs, your dress just up slightly above your knees. My pink sissy girl dress is pulled up over my chest to my chin. I turn my face to the side of the couch, try to keep it pushed against the cushion, trying to hide in the cushion and looking to the back of it. Your left forearm is pushed down across my lower stomach hard. You hold me in place.

You look to the lady at your left.

“Time this. Look at your watch, be a dear.”

You start.

You are holding me in place. My feet flex, kick slightly as you move your finger and thumb on me. You take my soft penis into your fingers almost clinically and start to pump just the little head of it. I am arched with my stomach up across your lap. I look like a baby being diapered. Your show begins.

One of the ladies comments as you start to work.

“Cute, he really is super cute. At least I see what you see in him as far as that goes, Marisa. He’s like a baby boy doll. Or should I say girl doll. It’s like having a real live doll to play with. I’ve never seen a dick that small before.”

She leans forward to the very edge of her seat, watches.

I hear you giggle girlishly. I also hear the commanding tone in your voice under that girlish sound.

“Don’t you look away, princess, show the ladies your pretty face. A pretty little boy like you has nothing hide, darling.”

I turn my face to them, feel the bright red flush to my cheeks and neck, see them all staring back at me.

I am on your lap being masturbated. You are moving my baby-like little erection through your thumb and forefinger. I feel your hand come down across the top of my permanent gold ring, the ring that surrounds my balls tightly, feel my little balls squish against it as you pump faster. You are pumping me to make me cum, not holding back, not teasing, just want me to cum and you want that to happen fast.

“Come on, baby doll, start to feel the feeling. I had you whipped a couple of nights ago for not being able to last more than a couple of minutes when I let you put this in me. Surely you can do this quicker now, do that for me. Come on now. Cum, for me darling, don’t be bashful.”

I start to move against your hand slightly, you hear me start to whimper, my hips writhe slightly on your lap.

“That’s it. Come on, honey. You can do it for the ladies. Make a mess for Mama.”

You are purring, whispering to me. There is complete silence in the room, only the sound of my whimpers and your sexy tone.

Then it happens, my cum drips down over the head of my penis, the first little spurt. You are careful to aim it such that it hits my lower stomach. You don’t want any of it on your dress or on the couch. You push and pull my penis up and away from you, almost distastefully, so certain as to aim my cum. I drip, you direct where it all goes.

“Oooooooooooo, that’s it baby doll, come on. Look at that little mess you make. Precious! Such a good little man. That’s my little boy.”

I feel you milk me matter of factly as you chat to the ladies. I hear the other woman laugh in amusement, two of them smiling at me. I don’t dare look away.

“How long?”

You look to the lady to your left, holding her watch as you milk the last Tipobet Güncel Giriş of it.

“Three minutes, ten seconds.”

She laughs, turns to the lady next to her. She speaks softly.

“He’s like a baby. Don’t know about you, Marsha but I’m a little wet, very hot.”

She giggles, looks back toward me.

I jerk slightly, spasm on your lap, careful not to lose control of myself, careful not to earn a whipping.

“Girls, you have no idea. Took a lot of patience on my part to make my princess the little man you see here on my lap, the little man I own completely.”

You say that as you wipe your hand on my dress. You gently push me off your lap toward the floor. You let me know it’s over. Let me know to move off you, fast.

“And don’t let any of that mess get on my carpet, young lady! If you do I’ll take you to your cage for the rest of the day.”

I hear you snap at me as I hurry to cup it all with my hands, push it up over my stomach, rub it up over the inside of my dress, lick it off of my hands. I do anything to not let it fall to the floor.

I let my panties stay bunched around my ankles, lower my dress back down in the front. My rear still exposed by my pinned up skirt in the back, I feel the summer room air on my butt. I feel the wet cum all over me, taste it in my mouth.

Eyes to the floor, quickly, so quickly I turn to you, curtsey.

“Thank you, Mistress, I hope that pleased you. Thank you, Mistress.”

Laughter around the room, I hear comments. ‘So polite!’, ‘endearing little bitch, isn’t he’, ‘can you believe it?’, comments fly amongst the amusement, the large laughter. And then one lady starts a slight applause. All follow. I feel my face burn, so embarrassed, want only to be with you, want only to share my dirty little ‘reward’ acts with you. Not them.

Polite applause fills the room. You look to the room.

“Now tell me if that isn’t the sweetest little thing you’ve ever seen? One of the dirtiest too.”

You laugh loudly, smile to the room. You gesture with your hand toward my penis, up and down my body. You look up into my eyes.

“You may go now. I think you should probably take this and put it back on in the kitchen, don’t you? Leave those panties around your ankles. I like the hobble effect.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

You laugh as you hand me the CB-6000 cock harness you took off of me while the ladies watched.

“And wash your hands real good before you serve the deserts and wine, missy.”

There is a huge round of laughter when you say that, hear one lady from across the room say.

“Yuck, please do! Don’t want any of that on my piece of cake.”

She laughs.

“Now if that was that cute boyfriend of yours, Marisa, well that would be different. He can put that all over my cake anytime.”

Your friend Barbara chimes in.

“Bite your tongue, girl! I don’t share him or his cum.”

You laugh as I take my cock harness from your extended hand. I bow to you.

“Thank you, Ma’am, thank you.”

I see you look away, chat with the ladies. I hear you as I hurry to walk to the kitchen, my heels clicking and echoing in the long hall as I go, hobbled by my panties down around my ankles.

“Well, that was fun. But enough of the amusing little show, girls, let’s talk about serious matters. Let’s talk business. Let’s get the planning for my next fund raiser gala locked down. The next one is going to be a show to end all shows. You new girls are in for a real treat. I know you’ve never seen anything like the breeding party I put on with my little bitches.”

I hear you take command of the room as the kitchen door closes behind me. I hurry to clean myself up. I put my cage back on tight. I prepare the desert servings and wine tray.

I am your slave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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