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The four of us laid on the large couch in sheer exhaustion. It was more than an hour later, well after midnight, and we were spread out like fallen dominoes… Cassandra was on one end of the couch, leaning at an angle into the armrest… I was leaning into her… Gloria and Maggie were laying down, knees bent, and in a spoon position. The tops of their head rested against the outside of my thigh.

I addition to being tired, I was still buzzing from the beer I had consumed, and I assumed the girls were all in the same state of mind. But, as much as I craved the touch of these three beautiful women, the couch was getting a bit uncomfortable.

I said, “Let’s move to the bedroom… It’ll be more comfortable.”

Cassandra sat upright and began to rise… I reached down and took her hands in mine and assisted her up off the couch… Once she was on her feet, I pulled her into me and hugged her tightly… As we embraced my soft dick pushed against her smooth, flat stomach. She looked up at me and gave me a soft, tender kiss.

Gloria and Maggie were still lying on the couch as Cassandra made her way to the bedroom… The looked totally comfortable mashed together. Maggie’s right arm was draped over Gloria, and tightly hooked around her waist.

When neither of them looked eager to get up, I said, “Ok… I guess it’s just me and Cassandra in bed tonight… You guys can stay here,” trying to draw a reaction from Gloria.

Gloria looked up at me and smiled… Then shrugged her shoulders, and laid her head back down. I was surprised by her reaction… Gloria hadn’t been more than a few feet away from me… And she had been involved in every intimate moment I’d had with Maggie and Cassandra.

I was secretly enchanted by the thought of hopping into bed alone with Cassandra…Men dreamed of being with a woman with her pure beauty, as well as her curvaceous body… The thought of my body pressed up against her soft skin and stunning curves – one-on-one – provoked butterflies in my stomach, and a spark between my legs.

But, instead, I pushed my desires to the back of my mind… I wasn’t comfortable with the thought of Mrs. Mills not really caring if I was alone with Cassandra or not. So, on my way to the bedroom, I snuck up behind the couch… I reached over with both hands, and at the same time, I gave both Gloria and Maggie sharp pinches on their bare asses.

They both jumped, and let out screeches of surprise, before both of them, in perfect cadence, reached back and rubbed their asses where I had pinched them.

Laughing, I said, “C’mon… Get up, let’s go.”

I headed for the bedroom, and after a quick stop in the bathroom, I slid under the covers and wedged myself up against Cassandra… Gloria and Maggie had not come in yet, but I heard movement in the great room, so I knew they had finally gotten up off the couch.

I elvankent escort was pushed into Cassandra’s back… and my dick rested tightly against the top of her ass crack… The skin-on-skin contact with her naked body had me getting aroused, and I purposely moved around and adjusted my hips so my cock would slide over the smooth, soft skin of her butt cheeks.

Cassandra knew exactly what I was doing and pushed her butt firmy into my rapidly growing cock. I was quickly becoming more aroused and I slowly started moving my hips, so the underside of my penis gently rubbed up and down over Cassandra’s butt crack.

It was at this moment that Gloria entered the room, Maggie right behind her. Seeing us tightly sandwiched together under the covers, Gloria asked giggling, “Are we interrupting anything?”

Then she climbed onto the other side of the bed. Once under the covers, she immediately scooted over until she was face-to face with Cassandra… Cassandra was now wedged tightly in between me and Gloria.

Gloria put her right arm around Cassandra’s waist and rested her hand on my hip. She leaned in and gave Cassandra a soft kiss before laying her head on the pillow. Not to be outdone, Maggie hopped into bed and spooned her body into Gloria.

As we laid in bed softly touching and caressing each other, I thought about this surreal thing that was happening… Just five years ago I had never even been laid… And now, I was with three women at the same time, including the woman I loved… It sounded like some ridiculous story… An unlikely fantasy dreamed about by every horny guy on earth…

I had heard stories from guys who said they had been involved in a threesome, and the few stories that sounded legitimate, or honest, usually ended in uncomfortable situations or jealousy… But here I was, in bed with three women… A foursome… And it couldn’t have been any more romantic, or erotic. And, it was because of Gloria… She allowed me to explore my sexuality… And she obviously wanted to do the same… Maybe Maggie and Cassandra were pawns in a game, but I didn’t think so… Gloria truly seemed to enjoy their company.

Movement on the bed had stopped and I assumed that all three girls had fallen asleep… And I wasn’t far from dozing off myself… I eventually nodded off with all of those thoughts running through my mind.

I awoke a few hours later to some movement on the bed and the first ray of sunshine peeking through the window. I was still wedged into Cassandra’s backside, my arm around her waist. She was completely still, and obviously still sound asleep.

I propped myself up on my elbow and looked over her shoulder to see who was awake and saw Gloria, flat on her back, covers off and eyes closed… Then glancing down, scanning Gloria’s naked body, I saw Maggie… Just the emek escort top of her head… Her face was buried between Gloria’s legs.

I didn’t say a word, I just quietly watched… Maggie’s head was moving up and down above Gloria’s pussy… Gloria was lying on the bed in obvious pleasure… Her chest was rising and falling rapidly, and her breathing was audible.

In turn, I became more aroused, and my penis grew hard against Cassandra’s back… I started pushing it against her, sliding my cock up and down, masturbating against her back.

Cassandra started to stir, and I knew she was awake when she started to push back into me… But she never turned around… She too was focused on what was going on a couple of feet in front of her.

I reached up and gently stroked Cassandra breasts as we laid together… Watching like two silent voyeurs… Neither Gloria nor Maggie gave any indication that they knew they were being watched… Maggie’s entire focus was on pleasuring Gloria, and Gloria’s eyes were shut in apparent bliss.

Cassandra was obviously turned on by what she was watching… She turned over, gently pushed me down onto my back. Then, she threw her right leg up over my stomach, and mounted me.

She leaned down and softly, sensually began kissing my neck… Working her way downward… Down my neck… and to my chest…

She slid down further, and I could feel my erect cock resting against her ass, as she started kissing my right nipple… Softly at first… Before she placed her lips over it and suckled it.

I was ready to slide my dick up into her, but before I could, she slid further down… Her body was was now down between my legs, breast resting on my upper thighs. She began kissing my stomach and swirling her soft, wet tongue across my skin, just below my waist… I could feel my erection resting firmly against Cassandra’s neck and the underside of her chin.

She sunk down further until she was face-to-face with my cock… I looked down and met her eyes looking back up at me, a provocative smile on her face. I reached back and pulled the pillow up under my head, arranging it so the I could comfortably watch Cassandra go down on me.

She started by softly kissing and licking the swollen head of my cock… Her hands were down over my upper thighs, and my cocked bobbed freely as she licked it… She smiled in amusement when my stiff dick rebounded off her chin, before springing back up.

Then she spread her lips and slid them over just the head of my cock… She teased me with her tongue for several minutes… She moved her tongue, but never moved her head, as she stared directly into my eyes the entire time.

My penis still tightly between her lips, she slowly pulled her head backwards, and my dick popped from her lips… Making a sound almost like a cork being removed eryaman escort from a bottle… though not as loud… Cassandra grinned widely and giggled. I could tell from the devious look in her eyes, and her mischievous smile, that she was going to tease me for as long as possible.

I felt Gloria’s hand on my arm and I moved my arm so that we were holding hands as we laid prone on the bed… Maggie’s face was still buried between Gloria’s legs and Cassandra was still teasing my cock as we leaned into each other for a soft, brief kiss.

Cassandra kissed, licked, sucked and touched every part of my body below the waist as I lost track of time… She sucked my balls… kissed my legs and upper thighs… Tugged my shaft.

I was close to blowing my load when I was distracted by a loud scream of pleasure… Gloria was leaning forward and pushing Maggie’s head down into her, as she writhed and panted… Before collapsing back onto her pillow.

Cassandra was also distracted, briefly pulling her head away from my groin to watch Gloria climax. But she quickly turned her head back and dropped her mouth down over my cock… Her head started bobbing up and down… She wanted me to cum.

As I moaned in pleasure, both Maggie and Gloria moved over towards Cassandra… Kneeling on the bed together, right next to us, they had a close-up view of Cassandra’s hand wrapped around the base of my shaft, her head bobbing up and down, and my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. They seemed captivated as they watched Cassandra aggressively push her head down over me. I felt like I was in an almost dream-like state of ecstasy as I neared an orgasm.

As I clenched my body tightly, Cassandra pulled her head back, knowing I was about to finish… Then she rapidly pumped my dick with her hand… And after a few strokes, and within just a few seconds, I let out a grunt, and ejaculated… Still looking down towards the action, I watched as the first eruption of cum shot upwards, almost a foot in the air, landing in a gob in Cassandra’s hair just above her forehead…

Cassandra jerked her head back in surprise… And though out of range, Gloria and Maggie instinctively pulled back… The next spurt of cum was much less dynamic, but still shot upwards several inches, landing on Cassandra’s arm, just above her wrist. My cock convulsed several more times as cum flowed like white lava over my cock and down my shaft.

All three girls were grinning… Before breaking out into a contagious fit of giggles… Cassandra had a big smile on her face as my sticky white semen dripped down out of her hair and onto her forehead and the bridge of her nose.

Then she leaned down and dropped her lips back over my cock and cleaned me up, as both Maggie and Gloria rubbed their hands over my stomach and below my waist, until the sticky semen was spread into my skin.

I collapsed backwards into the bed knowing that I had just received the best blow job I was ever likely to get. But, at the same time, I was lamenting the fact that this would be our last day at the beach… The final day of the best week of my life.

… To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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