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Sorry in the delay but was somewhat tied up, hope the wait was worth it for everyone!!

She starts to rock back and forth, and then slowly slides up and down quickly; giving me this most incredible feeling I have ever felt while fucking! I take her nipple in my mouth and savour the hardness and saltiness together, what a taste, I moan loudly wanting more and more with each stroke she makes on m y cock!

I feel the familiar tingling in my balls and know I will not last much longer, I whisper, ” please slow down, not yet” she lowers herself all the way down and lifts my lips to hers and kisses me hard, deep and her tongue goes deep as well as mine does. I’m caressing her nipples they are becoming harder still.

She sits straight up and archers her back and I feel her pussy clamping down as she cams hard and fast, I can’t resist and I come too from the sensation of it all, I suck a nipple in and lightly bite down and this brings her to an even higher orgasm.

She holds me tight as she slowly rocks back and firth trying to get it all from out of me. I pump what I have left and we enjoy the moment with me still inside her very wet and pulsing pussy. She looks at me and smiles, and then says “Thank you for all your help and this quick fuck was just what I needed!

Well I guess I’m late for work I say, as we both crack up laughing.

When we are done and dressed I take her into town and drop her off at the garage where her car will be towed to. We exchanged numbers and a promise of doing this again soon, very soon.

I finally get to work and my boss is pissed off because I’m late, keep in mind I have never been late before. She calls me into the office and shuts the door which means I’m in for an ass büyükesat escort chewing now. I sit in the small chair in front of her desk and s she steps around to her chair she sniffs the air, “do you smell something odd?” she asks.

“No? what does it smell like?” I ask.

Not sure, but it smells somewhat like sex, but it shouldn’t be, not with you that is, she laughs out.

Now I’m pissed at that and loudly ask her, ” what does that mean?” she just laughs and states that I’m just a single lonely guy who everyone knows never had a date or has slept with anyone of the opposite sex before! I’m really upset now and I stand up to tell her she knows jack shit, but she gets right in front of me and smiles then says, “what are going to do? Hit me or what?”

I think quickly and just pull her to me and kiss her hard on the lips, this catches her off guard and my hands reach for her ass pulling her to me, grinding my hard cock against her. She starts to kiss back and I take her hand and bring it down to my pants so she can feel how hard I am. She starts to rub on her own and my hand slides up her blouse to her breast, finding the nipple I tweak it gently then harder till she gasps and then moans into my mouth. I knew I had her right then.

I have never been this brave or outspoken before but that early morning fuck has brought all this out now and I am finding I want more, lots more!

Now let me describe my boss. She is the typical wound up, tight ass bitch that no one likes at all and wishes would just die and go away. Blond hair perfect figures 36D’s or close to it and long legs to boot.

As were kissing and feeling up each other we never hear the door open and close, Amanda the boss’s çankaya escort secretary has stepped in was watching us.

Now Amanda was a real blond bimbo with the brains and figure to match. As dumb as dirt some have said but she keeps the boss from getting in trouble all the time. Some say she either blows or fucks the problems away.

As we are kissing and getting deeper into the making out our hands have been busy unbuckling or unsnapping clothing on each of us. My hands have slid up inside her blouse to her bra, her nipples hard as ever now. Her hands have slipped into my slacks and her hand is now wrapped around my hard cock stroking it lightly.

She pulls away from the kiss and breathes in deeply, lust in her eyes she smiles and knells down pulling my slacks and skivvies with her. She looks up at me as she just shoves the entire cock down her throat, no licking, no spitting on it nothing just straight down her throat. She backs off and looks up at says, “Well I know pussy juice when I taste it” and back down she goes again.

I close my eyes and lean my head back at the great blowjob she was giving me. I here a low moan and slightly open my eyes and see Amanda with one hand on her exposed tit and the other hand under her skirt working her pussy furiously . I look right at her and she notices but doesn’t stop, I see the same look in her eyes also.

Now Alicia, my boss was bobbing fast and sucking hard with lots of tongue action under my cock head. I smile and motion for Amanda to come closer. As she does, I manuver myself and Alicia around so she cant see what is going on. Amanda gets right in front of me, standing right behind Alicia, I reach out and pinch her nipple hard and twist slightly cebeci escort making her almost come just from that. Alicia then notices someone else in the room and pulls off my cock, turns her head, but before she can say a word I take her head and force it under Amanda’s skirt to her pussy.

I can tell she has started licking her pussy because Amanda starts to shiver and hold Alicia’s head to her pussy. I lean forward and take Amanda’s nipple and bite down to let her know who was in charge.

I have Amanda lay on the floor and while Alicia is eating her pussy I kneel down and kiss Alicia’s ass and then slide my cock head around her ass and over her bare pussy lips, noticing how wet she was right now.

I grab my cock and place it on her lips and slowly rock back in forth getting the head as wet as possible then I grab her hips and slide forward, my cockhead slides in slowly. So hot and wet I slip all the way in balls deep. I grab her hips and force even further in making her moan against Amanda’s pussy. Amanda is getting closer now as she bites her lips to keep from screaming out. I start sliding back and forth hard and deep slowly at first then building up to hard pounding thrusts, I’m sure someone heard us in here.

All of a sudden Amanda cums hard and she was a squirter, all over Alicia’s face and floor, I’m pounding hard and fast so close to cumming. Alicia tells me to pull out, she doesn’t have protection! I pull out and both of them attack my cock and fight over who is gonna get the first shot, Alicia won and she swallowed me into her throat as I came hard. After two or three hard shots I was still cumming and Amanda swallowed just the head and swirled her tongue around the head making me come even more then I thought was possible.

When it was over with and everyone was dressed Alicia says, “This never leaves this room, and if everyone keeps their mouths shut we will defiantly be doing this again! Now you two take the rest of the day off and will see you bright and early Tuesday morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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