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Warning: This story contains humiliation and bullying of a male subject. Check the tags before you proceed.


About thirteen of us sat around the large table at the open bar, expecting two more people who indicated an interest in the group. Finally, we are having our first munch, proving that our group chats and interactions aren’t destined to be just an online affair. Mistress June has always said that, that this WhatsApp group is for real kinksters and real play, not another group of talkers.

The waiters served us Heineken in glass beer cups and peppered meat to go along with it. Mistress June, Mistress May, Goddess Tasha, and The Phoenix are the four mistresses in attendance. Except for one switch, Lady Shay, and Amy, a female sub, the rest of us are male subs and slaves. There’s me, there’s Mj, Carson…

“Can we toast to our first munch please?” Mistress June announced and everyone raised their cups.

“You, no, you’re not toasting with us, or at least not with that cup,” June said, pointing at me.

“Why?” I asked, wondering what she is up to.

“Bring your cup!”

I got off my chair and approached her with my cup of beer. She collected it from me and topped up everyone’s cup with mine until it was empty. Then she spread her legs and held my bear cup under her pussy.

“June!” Lady Shay sharply cautioned, “We are outside! It’s an open Kartal escort bar!”

“And so?” June replied. As she and Lady shay, laughed, everyone else did, everyone but me.

“I’m going to make you drink my piss,” June said to me as she licked her lips.

“I thought that would be at the play party coming up next month, not now. This is a munch!”

“And so?” June said to me, “Munch or no munch, I told you the first day I set my eyes on you, I’m gonna make you drink my piss. Here we go!”

The hem of her short black dress climbed up a bit more and golden yellow piss rained into the beer cup. Everyone at the table watched in excitement.

I darted in every direction to see if anyone was looking at us. Well, can’t tell really if someone is or not. The sun has left the night sky, but light bulbs are on. It’s not some pitch-black hell and we can very well be seen by anyone interested in whatever is going on at our table.

She filled my beer cup with her golden yellow piss and handed it to me right there as everyone watched. It was a mixture of excitement and shame. Out here in the open, I am to drink the piss of someone I’m meeting for the very first time?

“Now, let’s toast to our first munch. But bitch, please keep your cup away from ours!” She mocked. “You could toast with your fellow subs though.”

Everyone raised their cups and made a toast, but I didn’t Kurtköy Escort even bother with it.”

June sneered at me, “Bitch, gulp it down your throat now!”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied and placed the rim of the cup on my lips. The smell of her piss caressed my nose and I tilted the cup into my mouth.

June’s piss is warm and salty, and more colourful than the Heineken in everyone else’s cup. I chugged it down my throat as she ordered and shut my eyes. Initial shame.

“Fred,” she said to me with a wicked smile, “Go on your knees.”

In a bid to control the rising nervous reaction, I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“It’s still a munch, but you will be a piss drinking whore for every female here tonight.

Amy slanted her head at June, “Including female subs?”

“Yes,” June replied, “Including female subs.”

“Yaaaaaa! I’m gonna piss in Fred’s mouth!” Amy screamed.

Oh fuck, why scream so loud!

Immediately, Amy wanted to pee, and she eagerly jumped out of her chair.

“Calm down,” June said to me, “Lie down here,” she ordered while pointing at a spot on the floor, “No one will see you.”

Really? Maybe. Our table beside the fence and close to the road, and the spot she’s pointing at is between our table and the fence, notwithstanding, I can’t totally rule out the possibility of being seen, but I obeyed and lay on the floor, Pendik Escort right beside June’s chair.

Amy came over and squatted over my face. She lowered her ass and pulled her white linen trousers off her butt. The damp smell of her vagina hit my nose. Next was her piss.

“Are you properly set?” June asked Amy, “We don’t want to wet the floor…”

June checked to make sure Amy’s pussy was right over my mouth. “Yep, you’re all set. Let it rain!”

Everyone laughed at that, and indeed, Amy made it rain. Her piss flooded my mouth and I began to gulp fast to accommodate her fast-paced flow. It’s so much piss from a quiet chubby girl.

After the final drops of her piss fell, June asked her to lower her pussy onto my mouth, “Let him clean your pussy.”

While eating and drinking and chatting continued at the table, beside it, I was busy cleaning Amy’s pussy. When I was preparing for this munch, I didn’t have all these in mind.

I’m hearing loud chatters, everyone is having fun, but I’m down here, lying on the floor with my mouth open as the piss pot for the ladies.

They reintroduced themselves by stating their names, orientation, kinks and limits. Next was a kinky card game. A bowl was passed around and everyone picked a piece of wrapped paper. When you unwrap it, you either find it’s an empty piece of paper or it contains a task. There are two task papers per round.

In the third round, The Phoenix drew a task card, and whatever the task requires her to do caused excitement and loud clamour.

“Who are you gonna pick?” June asked The Phoenix.

“Wait,” she laughingly replied, “I want to pee in Fred’s mouth.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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