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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – When Sean is awoken very early on Sunday morning by fat Zoe sitting her panty-covered pussy in his face, it starts an interesting and hot week for both of them. But will carelessness lead Zoe’s brother Adam and his wife Emily to become suspicious of what she is up to with his best friend?

Please be aware that these stories are extremely graphic BBW/fat girl fetish stories, and includes female characters using the toilet and having their periods. If these themes are not your thing, please consider whether you want to read these stories. All characters and events are fictional, with any similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Only characters aged 18 or over engage in sexual activity.


I awoke with a start when I felt something on my face, a soft fabric. Soft fabric that had a soft, musty feminine smell that entered my nose.

The room was dark and with my heart racing from the shock of the unexpected wake-up, I could make out Zoe’s plus-sized figure sitting on my face, rubbing her panties against my nose.

I reached out and turned on my bedside light. “Zoe, what’s going on?”

“I said yesterday that we’d do oral, and now we’re going to do it.” Zoe ground her panty covered pussy against my face.

“It’s three in the morning,” I said, glancing at the clock beside the bed.

“So, are you going to knock back 69?” Zoe challenged me. “Are you going to tell me to get my fat arse covered by my pretty white knickers with pretty pink and purple flowers off your face in exchange for another two hours sleep?”

“No,” I said, my voice muffled by Zoe sitting on my face.

“Well enjoy it then,” said Zoe, continuing to sit on my face, moving her vaginal area back and forth. “Do you like how my pussy smells in my panties?”

“Yeah, of course,” I said, my erection rising more and more each second.

“It’s because I’ve been dreaming about you and me doing this all night,” Zoe purred. “We girls have erotic dreams too you know. Except when we have a dream like that we just wake up with damp panties, you guys cream the bed when you get too excited.”

“Yeah we do,” I said, my cock throbbing as I continued to smell Zoe’s twat through her pants.

Zoe lifted her bottom off my face, and sat next to me, legs wide apart showing off her knickers, wriggling the toes on her bare feet. She looked at my erection, clearly visible under the duvet and grinned. “That’s an impressive tent, Sean.”

“I’ve got you to thank for that,” I said.

“Yeah, you do,” Zoe said. “And you’ll thank me even more when I do what I’m going to do next. Just don’t blow it, otherwise I’ll be pissed off, and as you know the last thing you want is a pissed off Zoe.”

With that Zoe lifted the bed covers and vanished under them. I could see the shape of her beautiful plus sized body moving around underneath the duvet, and soon I felt her hands on my cock and balls, teasing them through the fabric of my boxer shorts.

Zoe was much rougher pulling down my boxer shorts but I lifted my backside off the bed to give her easier access. With my boxer shorts down around my knees I soon felt Zoe’s tongue on my penis. First she teased the head of my dick with a circular motion before she went down, taking my entire shaft in her mouth, moving her head back and forward to give fellatio, her tongue licking my shaft. I felt Zoe’s hand on my balls, teasing them with gentle fingers, her thumb and forefinger playing with my pubic hair.

While with a crazy girl like Zoe generally it was better to have her in sight to keep an eye on what she was doing but that I couldn’t see what she was doing to me made it all the hotter. I could feel the waves of pleasure from Zoe giving head, and I could see that Zoe’s advice about not blowing it was sound. This felt so good and I was so turned on that even at this early stage I could feel the first sensations of orgasm approaching.

Underneath the covers I felt Zoe remove her mouth from my groin, and then her pretty, chubby face emerged, looking most pleased with herself. She straddled me, and I could feel the cotton of her knickers against my cock as we made out for a minute or so, our tongues intertwining, her long blonde hair tickling my face. That Zoe had been giving me head right before French-kissing me made it all the dirtier — and hotter.

Zoe flung off the duvet and now I could see all of her beautiful big barefoot body clad in a tee-shirt and panties. Not for long. Zoe reached up and removed her tee-shirt, me feasting my eyes on her chubby torso and tummy and her big bare breasts. Then Zoe stood up and pulled down her knickers, the wonderful sight of her full blonde bush right in front of me. Taking off her knickers and twirling them in her fingers before tossing them to one side, the naked Zoe then turned so I could see her fat bare bottom and removed my boxer shorts so now like her I was in a state of complete nudity.

I could already smell Zoe’s femininity as she got down on all fours, thrusting her Escort Bayan arse in the air towards me. “Now your tongue gets to explore me down there, and both my vagina and my anus like equal attention. You want to make me happy, don’t you Sean?”

I did indeed want to make Zoe happy, and I would be very happy making her happy. My cock throbbed at the thought of my tongue in Zoe’s pussy and anus, and I didn’t have long to wait before I experienced it for real, and I lowered my face into her fanny. The smell of her wonderful pussy filled my nose and I inserted my tongue into her damp vagina, licking her labia and clitoris, tasting her vaginal juices.

Zoe squealed and squirmed, the toes of her bare feet flexing and un-flexing as they always did when she was sexually stimulated so I licked her box harder and harder, Zoe getting wetter in response. Traversing Zoe’s twat from front to back, I stopped when I reached the sensitive area of skin that separated Zoe’s vagina from her anus, Zoe wriggling as my tongue worked her there, then moved backwards to the tight, starfish shaped opening to her anus.

Licking the entrance to Zoe’s bowels was so forbidden, so dirty, so taboo that I nearly reached my climax without any manual stimulation from either her or me. She was nice and clean back there, but having seen firsthand Zoe’s anus performing its proper purpose while she was on the toilet made if feel so bad to be doing this. I moved my tongue back and forth and circled her anus, then kissed and licked her between the fat cheeks of her bottom.

“Oh yeah kiss my arse Sean, and I mean that in a good way,” Zoe giggled, her chubby body trembling and wobbling at the workout I was giving her back door.

I licked Zoe’s anus harder and harder, then moved my mouth so I was instead kissing her between her buttocks. I moved my tongue back and forward, liking the sensitive soft white skin. Zoe’s aroused feminine smell increased as she got hotter and wetter.

Finally, she indicated for me to stop and said, “Now Sean, what is twenty three times three?”

I knew the answer to that straight away. “Sixty nine.”

“Exactly, and that’s what we’re going to do right now. You’re going to eat out my pussy until I cum all over your face, and I’m going to suck your dick until you jizz in my mouth and I drink every drop. Now, lie down flat.”

I did as I was told as Zoe stood over my head, one foot on each side. Zoe then lowered her fanny down until her damp, hairy pussy was right in my face. She leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth, sucking it with vigor.

Having my penis fellated by the big, beautiful Zoe as I ate out her vagina while she sat on my face was pure delight. I could smell and taste her pussy and she was getting so wet it was almost like she was having her period. I drank every drop of sticky wetness from her snatch as she sucked my dick harder and harder.

After five minutes of pure delight, I could feel my orgasm approaching and given the way Zoe was writhing on my face and her vagina was like a leaky tap, I knew she was close to orgasm too. Zoe’s big body twitched and I saw could her moaning but of course her mouth was too full of my dick for her to shout out.

Zoe writhed and squirmed and a tidal wave of sticky pussy juice flowed from her vagina and went all over my face. That Zoe had cum in my face and the hard blow job she was giving me caused me to orgasm at that same moment, and I ejaculated into Zoe’s mouth, filling it with semen.

Both of us breathless and sweaty, Zoe lifted her post-orgasmic fanny up from my face and removed her pretty face from my groin.

“This is cool — watch this,” Zoe mumbled, her mouth still full of my cum to talk properly. I watched in awe as she fully opened her mouth to show her tongue and teeth covered in sticky white semen. She swirled it around her mouth, poking her tongue in and out then swallowed it in a huge gulp, licking her lips to finish, before throwing her plump naked sweaty body at me and kissing me deeply.

As Zoe and I writhed on the bed and made out, I could taste my own semen and Zoe had to have tasted her own pussy. I didn’t much care for the taste of my semen and if I had been a woman would never have given head due to this, but whether or not Zoe liked the taste of her own vaginal juices she did not say and I did not ask.

However, as we stopped making out Zoe giggled and said, “Phew, it smells like vagina in here.”

This was absolutely true. Zoe’s wonderful musty pussy smell filled my bedroom. “Yeah it does, but I’m not complaining,” I said, turned on by the fragrance of femininity.

“My ex-husband used to say that all the time,” Zoe said. “I would be in a room and he would come in and say he could smell my vagina. It was worse when he had his stupid mates over, and I would walk in — I’d be the only girl there of course — and he would ask them if they could smell somebody’s vagina.”

As was often the case with Zoe, she lost her concentration completely. “So, when are we going running?” Bayan Escort she asked, looking all over the bedroom.

“Um, you want to go running with me?” I asked.

“Sure do, I just need to go to the loo and put some proper clothes on, and we’ll go.”

Zoe jumped her naked body off my bed and walked barefoot to the toilet, closing and locking the bathroom door behind herself. I would have loved to have been in there watching her sitting on the toilet completely naked, but of course I was not and had to be content with listening to her taking a piss. Zoe’s pee stream lasted for close to 30 seconds making a splashing, tinkling noise in the toilet bowl, before she flushed the toilet, washed her hands and emerged.

Running with Zoe that morning in the scenic surrounds of Melbourne’s Yarra River parkland, Southbank and the Botanic Gardens was interesting. Wearing leggings, a tee-shirt and running shoes Zoe had few problems keeping up with me despite the fact that she was overweight and out of shape. Again, I wondered if the heart of the international athlete still beat in her chest. Finishing our run, I felt that wonderful feeling of having a crush as I watched Zoe cool down and stretch. My heart felt like it was going to burst and I admired the sunlight reflecting off her long blonde hair. And when Zoe and I walked back to my car holding hands, it was only a small thing but I felt like I would explode with happiness.


The next week was one of the best weeks of my life, both sexually and non-sexually. Sure, Zoe could be crazy, lazy, bitchy and difficult at times, but things were really going well between us. And other times she was like a perfectly normal 40-year-old woman, and capable of being really sweet and nice.

On Monday night I arrived home from work to find Zoe on the couch barefoot and in her bra and knickers. Zoe’s bra was pure white and she was wearing a pair of white cotton full-brief knickers with a variety of fruit as the pattern — apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, watermelon, strawberries, pineapples and peaches. Zoe’s panties looked just about edible, but not as edible as what her knickers covered. In no time her knickers were off and my head between her legs, before we fucked hard on the couch.

The Tuesday evening saw Zoe and I try doggy-style for the first time. Well, it was the first time for me but not for her. She was wearing her pretty pink long pajamas with pink panties underneath, with her hair up in her adorable pigtails. I pulled down Zoe’s pajama bottoms and her knickers, she thrust her big beautiful bare bottom in the air and I buried my condom-covered cock deep into her cooch, fucking her hard and fast. Zoe made so much noise — screaming, squealing, shouting and swearing — that I worried about the police turning up with a noise complaint, but everything was fine.

Zoe and I again had sex on Wednesday night. This time however we did it like a 40-year-old woman married to a 38-year-old man might have sex. This was in the missionary position, under the covers with the lights turned off, and Zoe apart from moaning kept quiet. But just because this sex was more conservative and reserved, it didn’t mean it was any less hot.

While the sex with Zoe was great, I found myself enjoying the simpler, more romantic things just as much. I loved lying on the couch with Zoe as she leaned back into me, our arms around each other, kissing and caressing. I loved doing things we both enjoyed, such as the spin class. The simple act of holding hands with Zoe made me feel like I was walking on a cloud, singing any number of romantic songs. And it was the holding hands thing that nearly brought us undone on the Thursday evening.

Melbourne in the autumn can produce weather as cold as the darkest, wettest, windiest day in the depths of winter; or a day that is more reminiscent of a hot and humid summer day. The Thursday was one of the latter days, and when Zoe was dressed accordingly in a light pink, floral-design short summer dress and sandals, her beautiful blonde hair in pretty pigtails. The dress design was more for a girl much slimmer than Zoe but I thought she looked hot. If however she had decided to visit her kids, something she hadn’t been bothered to do in the time she was living with me, they would have been most dismayed at their mother dressing like that.

That Thursday night I needed to do the weekly grocery shopping and Zoe and I went to the local shopping mall. In the local supermarket we got a trolley and walked along holding hands. One of the first things we needed was condoms. We had been having so much sex that the small packet Zoe had purchased the previous week was almost expired. Selecting a box of condoms I placed them in the trolley, and Zoe and I made our way to the cereal aisle, hand-in-hand.

Zoe was the first to turn into the aisle and she ripped her hand from mine so fast I thought that she might dislocate one of my fingers. Puzzled, I turned the trolley around the corner and quickly saw why she had done so. Coming along this Escort aisle were Adam and Emily, pushing their own trolley while holding hands.

Adam and Emily looked at us at the same moment, and Adam gave us a friendly greeting with a smile on his face. “Hi Sean, hi Zoe.”

“Hi Adam, hi Emily,” we replied in unison.

Emily, who had looked in a good mood was now clearly on edge at seeing the person in her family she disliked most. As usual, she was polite and friendly with me. “Hi Sean.” Her greeting to Zoe however was terse at best. “Hello Zoe.”

The two women looked each other up and down like the two rival Queens in a game of chess. In an unfortunate coincidence, Emily was also attired in a summer dress the exact same color and design as the one Zoe was wearing, with the same white sandals. And while the girls’ hair contrasted due to Emily being a brunette and Zoe a blonde, both women had their hair in loose pigtails. The similar way they were dressed clearly did not impress either of the girls.

My heart was racing at the knowledge that we had nearly been caught. Adam and I had been best friends for all of our lives, and me suddenly screwing around with his older sister was a big no-no. And I couldn’t imagine Emily reacting well to this news either. Luckily Zoe had seen her brother and sister-in-law before they saw us.

“I didn’t think you normally shopped here,” I said.

Adam nodded. “Not usually, but there’s that new kids’ fun place here just opened so Connor and Rose are having some time with Grandma and Grandpa while Emily and I do the shopping. The kids only get bored at the supermarket anyway.”

“Mum and Dad are here?” Zoe asked her brother.

“My parents,” said Emily.

“Oh of course, your parents,” said Zoe. “I was forgetting them.”

“Yes, Mum and Dad like to spend time with Connor and Rose when they get a chance,” said Emily. “Of course, some grandparents spend a lot more time with their grandchildren than others.”

I could see Emily’s catty comment was a none-too-subtle dig at Zoe for her parents raising her own young children. I felt worried that Zoe would react to Emily’s bitchy remark with anger and make a scene, and I could see from Adam’s expression that he felt the same.

However, Zoe simply looked at Emily and said, “It’s a good supermarket here. They have lots of specials. They have a really good deal on cat food at the moment.”

Zoe’s retort seemed to go over Emily’s head, the pretty brunette seeming to think that crazy Zoe was talking random shit as usual and looking puzzled. “Cat food? But none of us has a cat.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” said Zoe.

Adam and I tried to avoid smirking, while Emily still failed to catch on that Zoe was insulting her. I looked down at the trolley and immediately froze. On top in plain view was the evidence that Zoe and I were not simply housemates — the box of condoms. All Adam or Emily had to do was look in the trolley and the game was up. I hadn’t been on a date in a decade, and Zoe was not seeing anyone so why would either of us need contraception? And why would we buy it together?

Reacting like lightning I reached up and grabbed a box of oats, throwing them into the trolley to cover the condoms. I moved so fast that knocked over two other boxes of oats which fell to the floor. This attracted the attention of Adam and Emily, but fortunately the condoms were now gone from sight.

Looking behind me I could see that Zoe had noticed what I had done, and also looked relieved. “I just, um, felt like some oats for breakfast tomorrow,” I offered as I picked up the fallen boxes and replaced them on the shelf.

“It must have been some craving, the way you grabbed them like that,” said Adam.

“Yeah, I thought I’d get them before I forgot,” I said.

Emily reached up to a higher shelf to get a packet of ultra-healthy cereal she liked. Being short in stature and wearing a short dress, this rode up ever so slightly to show the white knickers with pink flowers Emily was wearing. She placed the cereal into their trolley, which was filled with healthy fruits and vegetables and to one side, a packet of triple-ply toilet paper.

We continued talking for the next few minutes, Zoe and Emily clearly not at ease in each other’s company. Adam and I talked, Adam and Zoe talked, Zoe and I talked but there was not one word between Zoe and Emily.

“Well, I guess we’d better press on with the shopping,” said Adam. “Nice to see you again, and we’ll catch up soon.”

“Yes, see you both soon,” I said to Adam and Emily.

“See you later Adam,” said Zoe.

“Yes, see you soon Sean,” said Emily to me.

Both Emily and Zoe pointedly ignored each other as they walked past each other, the snubs more behavior one would expect of teenage girls rather than women aged 37 and 40 respectively who each had children, but then they couldn’t get along so it was probably better that they did not speak.

I glanced backwards at Adam and Emily and I could see that now Zoe was out of sight, the nice Emily had returned. They were walking arm in arm, Adam whispered something in Emily’s ear to which she laughed and they turned a corner, Adam stroking Emily’s dolphin tattoo on her back which was visible thanks to her light summer dress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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