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What started for me as a slip of the tongue resulted with my tongue tasting something I never thought it would.

John was a casual acquaintance of mine. We had one common interest: old classic cars. One day he pulled up in my driveway in a 1964 Corvette in mint condition.

John was a small but athletically built man. He had been a wrestler in high school. He flashed a smile at me and said “jealous?”

“Are you kidding? I’d give you a blow job just to drive it.” I said, without thinking anyone would take a comment like that seriously.

John immediately got out of the car and motioned me into the driver’s seat. I got in and drove up on some windy, mountain roads, finally pulling over at a vista where you could see for miles down into the basin where we lived.

I was enthralled with the excitement of driving the car and the view and was totally oblivious to John. When I finally looked over at him, though, he was unzipping his pants. I watched in amazement as he pulled his engorged cock out.

I looked at his semi erect penis, then up at him, then at his penis again, my jaw dropping in total shock.

“You said you would give me a blow job to drive the car. You drove the car. Now I’m waiting for my blow job.”

We had never discussed sex before. We were both married. All we ever talked about alanya escort was cars. He was stroking his dick and it was now fully erect. Like I said, he was a small man, so his dick wasn’t very big either, but it was pretty, with it’s circumcised head and the veins popping out. I stared at it as his hand continued to stroke up and down.

“A promise is a promise. Come on!” he pleaded.

Without saying a word, I leaned over slowly until my mouth was inches away. It wasn’t like I’d never thought about sucking another guy off. I puckered up and kissed just the head and then pulled away, looking around and behind us. I just knew someone I knew would pull up at that very moment and see me giving a guy a blow job.

“There’s no one around for miles”

“But what if someone drives up?”

Frustrated, John pulled his sweat pants back up, his erection making a tent as he got out of the car. He walked around to where I was still seated, opened the door, took me by the hand and had me stand up. Right there, with the door still opened, he dropped to his knees in front of me, unzipped my shorts and pulled them along with my underwear down to my ankles.

Slowly, he drew the head of my dick into his mouth and massaged it with his left hand until it was rock-hard. Then he pulled my shorts back up, closed the car door and led me on a path into the woods. Only about fifty steps into the woods, there was a log bench where John guided me by the shoulder and sat me down. He dropped his pants again and held his dick, glistening with pre-cum, up to my lips.

Since there seemed to be no way of escaping what was about to happen, I decided to do a good job. It was my first time, but I knew what felt good to me. Extending my tongue, I placed it underneath his penis and moved it slowly back and forth while I slowly engulfed his head with my lips. I heard him gasp with pleasure and guessed I was doing the right thing.

The head of his dick made a nice mouthful and I just kept that much in while I stroked his erection with my left hand. Then slowly I worked him in further, opening my mouth so wide that my jaw popped. When I started to gag, I pulled away, but John held the back of my head and pushed in again. We did that about six times until we established a little rhythm. He was starting to hit the back of my throat with each stroke.

I decided to see if I could take him in far enough so that my tongue actually touched his balls. I grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and helped pull him in on each stroke. On about the tenth stroke, he entered my throat and I felt my tongue touch the pubic hair on his balls.

Finally, he started to pulsate like a lawn sprinkler. I kept on him and swallowed about six times. It was so salty it almost burned, but it tasted good. I knew that I would definitely want to suck cock again. What I didn’t know was how soon I would get another chance…

We got back in the car and John drove to his house. There wasn’t anyone home. He went into his bedroom for a while and left me standing in the living room, wondering what to do with myself.

When he came back out, he immediately went to the liquor cabinet, grabbed a bottle of peach schnapps and handed it to me.

“You’re going to need this in a few minutes,” he said.

He motioned me to sit on the couch, so I did.

As soon as I had sat down, a large, athletic looking man walked in the front door of the house without knocking. He was wearing short tight-fitting shorts and a tee shirt.

John introduced me and added casually “He’ll give you a blow job right now if you want”. I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes. The stranger had removed his shorts and was holding his huge cock in my face. It was about 8″ long.

“See if you can get into his throat, I did,” John said casually.

Then he told me to take two swigs of schnapps to numb the back of my throat so I wouldn’t gag.

Less than an hour after giving my first blow job, I was about to give a second to a complete stranger. I took two long drinks and opened as wide as I could.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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