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Katie and Melanie were giggling in front of the computer in Melanie’s dad’s office. They were airbrushing photos of themselves for their MySpace profiles. So far they’d turned Melanie from a brunette into a redhead, made her drop two dress sizes and gain two bra cup sizes, and given her perfect skin. Now Katie was almost done with herself. Her straight shoulder length blonde hair was now waist length and wavy, she too was a couple of clothes sizes smaller and she was busy getting her tits back to their normal impressive size after the body shrink. They were almost done when the phone rang and Melanie went to answer it. She came back and sighed.

“That was the pizza place,” she said in the whiney voice that sometimes got on Katie’s nerves. “The driver’s been in an accident, we get our pizza at half price if we pick it up ourselves.”

“Why don’t you pick it up,” Katie suggested. “I’ll finish my photo and then we can upload them and do our profiles when we’ve eaten.”

Melanie agreed and left her best friend at the computer. Katie smiled when she heard the door close behind Melanie. She was over the moon about this development. This gave her at least 15 minutes to look at Melanie’s dad’s collection. He’d hidden it quite well, but Katie had come across it by accident the last time she and Melanie had been airbrushing their photos. It turned out Mr Miller was seriously into porn. She’d only quickly scanned through it last time, but the photos were much more explicit than anything she’d seen before, and there were videos as well.

Katie was still a virgin at 18, but she’d been interested in sex for a while now. She’d just never been able to get laid. She knew it probably had something to do with the fact that she wasn’t turned on by any of the boys she knew. She’d made out with a few but none of their fumbling made her pussy wet the way the photos on Mr Miller’s computer did, not to mention the thought of seeing more. She’d prepared for this. She’d bought a brand new memory stick, hoping to get access to the collection again. She connected it to the computer, found the hidden folders and started copying. It took forever. It filled up her new 4GB stick and she quickly had to remove some stuff from her old stick to fit the rest on. She only just had time to finish her photo by the time Mel returned with the pizza.

Later that night when Katie was at home in her bedroom, she got her memory sticks out and turned on her laptop. She moved the files to a secret and password protected folder on her hard drive. Then she started looking at what she had. She started with a couple of movie clips. They were awesome. There were men and women fucking on camera, with juicy close-ups of the penetration. She made sure her parents were asleep and then she unlocked her door and got undressed. She played with her pussy as she watched one fuck sequence after the other.

Then she found a lot of photos. They were divided into two groups. There were lots of photos of beautiful women posing in explicit position, showing off their sexy bodies and close-ups of their pussies. Katie felt a burning desire to have her own photo taken like that. Then there were lots of fuck shots. Like the movie clips, they didn’t leave anything to the imagination. They were divided into man-woman, woman-woman and group. Mr Miller obviously favoured the man-woman photos as they were in a majority. She’d finger fucked herself twice by the time she got to the mystery folder.

Katie hadn’t looked at the last folder before as the name of it didn’t seem inspiring. When she finally opened it she found a number of other folders, only named by date. Maybe they were the date they were saved from the Internet? Katie went into the first one to have a look. She nearly fainted when she realised what she was looking at. There were at least two dozen photos of Mr Miller in that folder. He was naked in every one, showing off his huge cock. Katie got wet again. She had no sexual experience, but the sight of Mr Miller’s cock made her fantasise about feeling it inside her. She went to the next folder and there were more nude shots of Mr Miller. Some in this older seemed to be taken by a webcam and showed him stroking his cock and finally shooting a load on his belly.

With a huge sense of excitement Katie moved to the next folder and if she’d been surprised by the sight of Mr Miller in the nude, she was gobsmacked now. In this folder there were nude photos of some woman, followed by photos of her sucking Mr Miller’s cock and the two of them fucking. The rest of the folders followed the same pattern until she reached the last folder. It was numbered, but it wasn’t a date. In there she found a dozen folders named after women. Katie looked inside them and found nude photos of the women she’d previously seen fucking Mr Miller in the other photos. She came to the conclusion that Mr Miller must be picking them up on the Internet, having cyber sex or exchanging photos with them and then meeting them to fuck.

Katie knew what she wanted. aydın escort She wanted to fuck Mr Miller. The question was how. He was nearly 50 years old and she’d known him since she and Mel started Kindergarten. He was a fit and sexy 50-year old for sure, but how could she possibly seduce him? She had no experience. How could she figure out where he went to pick up his women?

The next time she was at Mel’s she talked her friend into doing more airbrushing on the computer. When Mel went to make coffee she looked around the computer, but she couldn’t find any links to any chat or sex sites. Either he did his surfing elsewhere or he knew how to hide the evidence. Katie was frustrated. Every time she saw Mr Miller she thought of his naked body and hard cock. She’d seen and read enough to know that he’d love for her to get on her knees and start sucking his cock, only problem was that she never saw him without Mel or Mrs Miller being present and she was pretty sure they wouldn’t enjoy what was on her mind.

Another week went by and she was no nearer a solution when her brother Chris came home. He’d just graduated from university and would be starting a new job in two months’ time, but in the meantime he was going travelling. He dumped his stuff in his old bedroom and by chance Katie happened to see his old tripod sticking out of one of the boxes. She knew exactly what to do. She went to the bridal shop in the mall and asked if they had any naughty underwear for the wedding night. The shopkeeper knew exactly what she meant and found her a red bra, panty and suspender set with matching fishnet stockings. It cost her a fortune, but Katie knew that it was exactly what she needed to do what she wanted to do.

On the Sunday after church her parents went to a big family barbecue, but Katie feigned sickness and stayed at home. She changed into her sexy underwear, did her hair and makeup and set up Chris’s tripod with her camera. She took all her ideas from Mr Miller’s porn photos and she ended up taking 50 photos of herself in various stages of undress. She chose her favourite dozen photos and put them in a folder called Katie on her memory stick. In the folders on Mr Miller’s computer there’d also been a text file on each woman with phone numbers, information about when they’d met and any other information he’d considered worth saving. Katie created a similar text file and typed her phone number, possible dates when she was available, a brand new secret email address and the description; “virgin, horny for older guys, desperate to lose virginity”.

Mel and her family were out of town, but Katie knew where the spare key was hidden and the code for the house alarm. She went into the house and booted up Mr Miller’s computer. She then copied her folder into his folder of women and discovered that there were two more since she’d copied the contents. She copied the new stuff to her stick and went back home. Apparently Mr Miller had a digital video recorder now as there were video clips of him fucking.

A couple of days went by without any emails in her new account and Katie’s heart started sinking. She’d been so sure that her photos would seduce Mr Miller, or at least get some kind of reaction out of him. Then on Friday night there was an email. There was no subject line, but the address that it had been sent from made her heart skip a beat. The user-id was “ben4katie”. Mr Miller’s first name was Ben. Katie opened it and found one single line. “You’re such a sexy woman. Are you serious?” Katie’s mouth went dry as she clicked to reply. She too typed a short answer; “100% serious and 100% horny.”

She didn’t have to wait long for a reply. Mr Miller was obviously on his computer. He asked her to connect to her instant messenger with her new address. She did as she was told and she had a friend request from ben4katie. They were both online.

ben4katie: I found your photos hornyvirgin: What did u think? ben4katie: They’re hot. Ur a very sexy young woman hornyvirgin: thanks, ur sexy 2 ben4katie: I found them on Monday hornyvirgin: what took u so long? ben4katie: I’ve known u since u were a girl. It felt wrong hornyvirgin: what made u change ur mind? ben4katie: I couldn’t stop thinking about u. I want to see that pussy irl. I want to taste ur pussy hornyvirgin: me too ben4katie: R U sure? hornyvirgin: absolutely ben4katie: I’m more than twice ur age hornyvirgin: that’s what turns me on, u know what to do in bed ben4katie: LOL — I thought u found me sexy hornyvirgin: i do… i look at ur photos every night and masturbate ben4katie: U have no idea how hot that makes me feel. R U naked now? hornyvirgin: no, but i can be in 2 minutes ben4katie: Then strip and switch on ur webcam

Katie locked her door and pulled her curtains. She then got naked and sat down in front of her laptop and switched on her web cam. Mr Miller switched his on as well. He’d also used the time to get naked.

“Oh baby,” he sighed. “Cup those tits and give me a close-up.”

Katie did as he asked and he told her he was salivating at the sight of them. He then asked her if she wanted to see the effect she was having on him and when she said yes he aimed his web cam at his cock, which was nice and stiff.

“I wish I could be there and suck it,” Katie said truthfully. “You and me both,” he replied with a smile on his voice. He then aimed the camera back at his face. “Are you sure about this? I mean absolutely sure that you want to fuck me?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything,” she said. “Every day since I copied your porn files I’ve been aching for your cock.”

“But you’re a virgin.”

“I may be a virgin, but I’m still a woman. I know enough about sex to know how horny I am and that I need to be fucked.”

“But why not let a boy your age fuck you?”

“They’re useless. I’ve made out with lots of them and not a single one has achieved anything near what looking at your naked photos made me feel.”

“Alright baby,” he said and smiled. “I’m going to have to go now, but I’ll be back in touch on this address. We’re going to have to be really careful so that we don’t get caught, but we’re going to do this. In the meantime don’t make any plans for Friday and Saturday next week.”

They said goodbye and signed off and Katie masturbated for an hour before being able to drift off to sleep. There was no email from Mr Miller all weekend, but on Monday afternoon she finally got something. It was quite brief. “Friday at noon in Hurton. 23 Mackenzie Street, apartment C. We’ve got the place until Saturday lunchtime so plan to spend the night. Don’t forget the sexy red outfit.”

Hurton was 20 miles from their town so chances that anybody would recognise them were very small. Katie told her parents that she was going to the housewarming party of one of her friends from school who’d got a job and a new apartment and that she was staying the night. Since she was 18 they didn’t ask too many questions. She hit the road at 11.30. The closer she got to Hurton the more nervous she got. One block from the correct address she nearly chickened out and went home again, but then she felt how wet her pussy was and knew she had to do it. The car park was hidden behind the building and Mr Miller’s car was already there. She parked at the opposite end of the car park and got her bag. She went to the door and knocked. Mr Miller opened and smiled.

“Come in, sweetheart,” he said and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her deeply as he pushed the door shut behind her. She could feel him stiffening against her belly. He finally let go and they both panted. Mr Miller took her hand and went into the bedroom, which was softly lit. She could see two tripods, one with a camera and the other with a video camera.

“Do you mind the cameras, baby?” he asked softly and kissed her neck as he caressed her tits through her t-shirt.

“Do you share the photos with anyone?”

“Only the woman I’m fucking. If she then wants to share them with anyone else, that’s her prerogative, but I never give them away. Although sometimes they get stolen.” He pinched her nipples as he said the last comment and she giggled.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, you’re not,” his hand found its way between her thighs and massaged her pussy through her denim shorts. “You’re a horny little girl who’ll do whatever it takes to fuck the man she wants to fuck. Even when that man is married and the father of her best friend.”

“You’re right,” she turned around in his arms and let him kiss her again. “Once I’d seen those photos I would’ve done anything to have you fuck me.”

“Are you wearing that sexy red lingerie?”

“No, I couldn’t. It would’ve showed through my clothes and my parents would never have let me out of the house. Do you want me to change?”

“Not now. I can’t wait. We’ll do the fashion show later. Now I just want us to get naked.”

They stripped in front of each other. Mr Miller lifted his eyebrows in appreciation when he saw Katie’s nude pussy. His cock was semi-erect and he walked up to her with it in his hand. He let go and cupped her tits, kissing each and gently biting each nipple.

“Feel my cock, baby,” he urged her. “Take it in your hand and make me hard.”

“I’m not sure what to do,” she said, feeling shy all of a sudden.

“Now, now. You’ve been very sure of yourself so far. You can’t go all innocent now. I was turned on by you acting slutty so just keep on doing that. You’ve seen my photos and watched my movies. You’ll figure out what to do.”

She wrapped her hand around his shaft and started stroking it. That seemed to do the trick. He was a thick 7 inches in her hand in no time and his head was glistening. He took her hand and led her to the bed. He sat down on the edge and motioned for her to kneel in front of him. When she did, he pushed her head against his cock. She opened her mouth and felt a stir in her pussy at her first taste of cock. He was so big. She didn’t know how to get more of him into her mouth so she used her hands to help her. Soon she heard Mr Miller’s breathing getting laboured and she knew she must be doing something right. She wondered whether he’d cum in her mouth and what it would feel like, taste like, but she didn’t find out. Soon he pulled her face off his shaft and lifted her into his arms to kiss her deeply and fondle her tits.

“You’re a beautiful little cock sucker, Katie,” he said and kissed her again. Only then did she realise that he had a remote clicker for his camera in his hand. He must have been taking photos of her blowjob. It turned her on even more. “Now let me taste your sweet virgin pussy. I’m going to video this, baby.”

Katie got on her back and parted her legs. Mr Miller adjusted the video camera and then got between her legs, which he parted wide. Katie’s first feel of a tongue against her pussy was a long stroke, lapping up her juice. Then he got to work on the details. He sucked on her clit. He bit her clit. He sucked on it again and whipped it with his tongue. Then he tongue fucked her, followed by one and then two fingers up her tight cunt. They both moaned. Katie moaned with pleasure and kneaded her tits as he performed his oral magic. Mr Miller moaned in anticipation of feeling his cock in that tight virgin cunt.

He ate her more urgently. He tongue fucked her and then licked her again. He finger fucked her. Soon she couldn’t take it anymore and came with violence. Her body shook and she cried out loud as her orgasm possessed her. He started kissing his way up her body as she recovered from the intense pleasure.

“Was that as good as you expected, baby?” he asked her and kissed her lips.

“Much better,” she answered truthfully.

“Are you ready to be fucked?”

“Please fuck me, Mr Miller. I want nothing but your cock in my cunt right now.”

“It turns me on to hear you talk dirty, Katie. But please call me Ben.”

“OK. Please fuck me, Ben. I don’t want to be a virgin any more. Fuck me now!”

He raised his hips and manoeuvred his cock to her wet opening. She wrapped her legs around him and then he pushed through her barrier. She cried out in pain, but then she was hit by a wave of pleasure. He raised his upper body and made her look down.

“What do you think?”

“Your cock looks like it belongs in my cunt, Ben. Why don’t you get in deeper?”

He laughed softly. “Easy does it, baby. I will possess every inch of your cunt, but I’m taking it slowly. I want you to enjoy it and get used to my size. Fucking is about sharing pleasure, not pain.”

He slowly started rocking in and out of her, making sure she got time to enjoy the feeling of being full of cock as he gently pressed his pubic bone against her clit and also giving her time to recover by almost pulling out completely. As her cunt relaxed around him he started pushing a bit harder. She soon joined his rhythm and her hips rocked against his in hungry anticipation of each thrust. He looked down and enjoyed the view of his cock possessing her naked young pussy and rejoiced in the sight of her full teenage tits bouncing in tune with his fucking. Perhaps it was to be expected that his young virgin would cum quite quickly and he buried his cock deep inside her shivering cunt as she was possessed by her first cock induced orgasm.

He then pulled out of her and made her get on her hands and knees in front of the video camera. He switched it on again and pushed his cock into her slippery wet cunt. He reached for her tits and pulled her up by them. He pulled her hand down to her clit and showed her how to massage it while he fucked her from behind. Soon they were joined in a new rhythm. His hands squeezed and squished and pinched her wonderful tits as he fucked her in hard thrusts from behind. They both panted out loud.

“I think I’m gonna cum again,” she panted to him.

“Then do it, baby. I love to feel you cumming around me.”

“But am I doing it right? You haven’t cum yet!”

“All in good time, my baby. I’m building up to shoot one hell of a load.”

She bit her lip and moaned with pleasure as she came once more. He pulled out of her again and lay on his back. He guided her on top and then he guided his cock inside her as she straddled him. This was his favourite position and this was how he was going to cum inside her for the first time. He placed his hands on her hips and showed her how to ride him. She was a fast learner and soon he could watch her cunt sliding up and down his hard shaft and play with her engorged clit. He licked his finger and smiled. She tasted so sweet. She rode him hard. She’d loved everything he’d done to her, but some instinct inside her told her why he’d taught her to fuck in this position. It made her even more horny, if possible, to feel in control of their mutual pleasure.

Then he reached up and played with her tits. He pulled her upper body a little closer so that he could suck her tits and bite them, and suck them again. His balls started tightening. He moved his hips and urged Katie to move faster, which she did. She worked hard and his hips met her half way, producing a powerful collision.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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