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I spent most of the short flight from Nice to Paris topless with Joseph’s cock in my mouth while he played with my breasts and told me he couldn’t wait to bend me over a foot stool and fuck my ass until I passed out. As the plane pulled up to the terminal he put my jacket back on and fastened both buttons.

“Lola, you dress like a slut, a classy slut but a slut never the less. I want a sophisticated, sexy companion not a hired slut on my arm. I want every man to fantasize about what you are not showing not drool over everything you show. Do I make myself clear?”


“You can walk around naked for all I care, but not when I’m with you or you are meeting me.”

“I understand Joseph, I’ll give you what ever you desire since you are paying me.” I replied knowing it would annoy him.

“Lola, stop being your normal whorish self! The entire Riviera is talking about the new super slut selling herself in Monaco. I refuse to have any of my associates even wonder if you are that dirty whore.”

“Sorry, Joseph.”

“Don’t let it happen again Lola. I like you but I won’t think twice about beating you senseless if you cross or embarrass me during this trip.”

(That just cost you no restraint on my shopping trip.) “Yes Joseph or should I call you Monsieur DuMont?”

“Master will do, slut.” He replied with a sneer.

While Joseph checked in, I noticed he pocketed two keys and then he headed over to the concierge. I told him I wanted to ask a question and I’d join him in a minute. I asked the first tourist question I could think of and for a key to the room. I explained that he often forgot to give me a key and would get mad when I didn’t have it when he wanted it. I tucked the key into my bag and joined him. When we got off the elevator I slipped the key into a floral display and as soon as Joseph went into the bathroom I called Anya’s room, told her where we were going, our room number and that I hid a key for her to collect immediately.

An hour later, Joseph escorted me into an exclusive lingerie store and I noticed Anya looking around at various items. Joseph selected a number of bra’s and suspenders for me and I went to the dressing curtain to put the first one on. It was a flirty black demi bra that barely held my ample breasts in with matching black lace suspenders and black hosiery. I strutted out into the shop showing off my bare pussy for Joseph and the other clients . I walked slow by Anya and stopped in front of her pretending to look at something. Anya licked her lips and headed to the dressing room beside me. I slipped into the sheer red set and the curtain beside me opened. Anya stepped in and dropped to her knees her tongue sliding into my bare pussy. I grabbed her hair thrusting her head into my cunt and bit down on my lower lip to stop myself from moaning. Anya tongue fucked me with wild abandonment making me cum quickly and hard. She cleaned me up then I sauntered out to show Joseph the red set.

“You smell like sex Lola.”

(Something told me I better tell the truth) “The lady in the dressing room beside me walked in and tongued me. I didn’t invite her, but it felt so good I couldn’t stop her.”

“Well you kept quite so you didn’t embarrass me. As long as you are quite she can do with you as she pleases. I’ve got business to attend to. Bring everything I picked out to the cashier who will bill me. I want you back in the hotel in the first black set and what you are wearing at five.”

“Yes Master, can I go shopping?”

“If you brought money. You aren’t getting a card until you satisfy me tonight, slut.”

“Yes Master.”

I went back into the dressing room and found Anya sitting on the stool her legs open wide. I smiled sexily at her as I took off all the lingerie and slid back into my skirt, leaving the jacket unbuttoned.

“I have to be back at the hotel by 4:30. Take me to Prada, Anya and I’ll fuck you good.”

As soon as we got in the taxi, Anya pulled my jacket back and started sucking on my breasts to the driver’s delight. She pulled out a vial from her purse and sprinkled cocaine onto both breast and straddled me to sniff it all up. I declined as I started to worry I’d get hooked. Before I knew it, we were in the dressing room at Prada with four dresses and 69ing each other on the plush bench. Anya was thrusting her tongue into me at warp speed thanks to the coke high she was on and I couldn’t remain silent as a torrent of cum gushed out of my pussy dribbling on Anya’s breasts.

“Baby, you are such a little cum machine.” Anya moaned.

“I know, I’m a fucking cum fountain.” I replied my lips and chin covered in her sweet cum.

I licked her pussy and tits clean and stood up looking at the dresses Anya picked out. I tried the first one on and it was a struggle to get my breasts inside it. The top was structured, pushing both tits together to form wicked cleavage and the deep plunging V exposed most of my breasts barely covering my nipples.

“Fuck! I’m buying you that dress, I’m cumming just looking at you in it.”

“I can buy it tomorrow.”

“No, I want to walk out of here with you in it.”

Anya adana escort stood up and took the tag off. She told me to wander around the store and I picked out other clothes, shoes and purses I liked. Anya had a pile almost as large as mine at the counter.

“Please put all these together, we’ll be back to buy them in the morning. For now I’ll just take the dress. Doesn’t she just have the sexiest tits ever?”

“Yes, she does. Will that be cash or charge?” The sales girl asked.

“Baby, where are my clothes?” I asked giving Anya a long erotic kiss.

“They are right here, you can put them in a Prada shopping bag.” she told the girl.

Anya paraded my breasts and I up the street to show me off and into a cafe where she put me in the seat that would attract the most attention. She ordered us both a glass of wine and we sat there sipping wine. Anya leaned over to kiss me every so often, watching the reaction as people stared at my tits telling me how many people wished they were her at the moment. I looked at my watch and convinced Anya we had to head back to the hotel. Anya stopped by the concierge desk and asked to have her room switched to the floor I was on. Five minutes later, she had the room across the hall from Joseph and I. She opened my door for me, kissing me hard and placed a quarter vial of coke in my hand.

“Trust me doll, do it all before Joseph fucks you tonight. See you latter.”

I took my clothes out of the Prada bag and went through all three bags of lingerie to find the black set. I took a fast shower and had just got the bra, suspenders and black hosiery on when Joseph walked through the door, twenty minutes early.

“Do any shopping?”

“I bought a dress at Prada but you wouldn’t approve.”


“It is all cleavage and barely covers my nipples.”

“Such a little slut Lola. Mmm bend that slutty ass over the bed, I can’t wait to fuck it.”

I bent over and Joseph plunged right into me, fucking me as hard and fast as he could. His hands went from my hips to grab my lace covered tits and he kneaded them roughly as he fucked me just the way I loved it. I screamed his name and let him know how much I was enjoying it, surprising myself by cumming before he did. He continued pounding into me until I felt his load shooting up my anus making me cum again as he continued stabbing me for a few more minutes. Joseph slapped my ass hard and told me I had five minutes to clean up and get dressed. When I was ready I left a hard kiss on his lips.

“Thank you Master for fucking me so thoroughly.”

“You’ll get more when we get back slut.”

“Mmm, I can’t wait.”

My jaw almost hit the floor when Marc, Mr. cum all over me and leave me in the hotel hallway stood beside Joseph.

“Joseph, sorry I’m late but I got a last minute call.”

“That’s fine, I have excellent company. Marc I’d like you to meet…..”

“Well, well, if it isn’t the little whore. Lola right? This bitch loves it in the ass Joseph.”

Joseph gave me a disgusted look and I felt like killing Marc. I thought for a change before opening my mouth.

“Yes I’ve unfortunately met Marc. He picked me up on one of my first nights in town, fucked me in the hall of the hotel, covered me in cum and then refused to let me in his room. Thankfully, I met a much better class of gentlemen when I was introduced to you Joseph. Marc you should ask Joseph for lessons on how to treat a lady properly.”

The large grin on Joseph’s face told me I had handled Marc well and I breathed a sign of relief. Joseph seemed to move the meeting along and he was finished before I could finish eating dinner. Joseph stopped my fork in mid air and told me we were leaving. He didn’t say anything to me until we were back in the car.

“So Marc was a client?”

“No, I met him at the casino, we flirted and he told me he had a room . He started undressing me in the elevator and rammed me against the wall. I sunk to the ground when he let me go and he cummed all over me and told me he didn’t let filthy sluts in his room. The couple next door had stolen my dress and purse and I had to fuck them both to get my belongings back.”

“Oh, so Marc doesn’t know what you do for a living?”


“That’s a relief.”

“Joseph what’s so bad about my profession anyway?”

“Lola, it’s not exactly an honourable profession.”

“I’m getting paid a lot of money to do something I enjoy doing. It’s not saving lives, but I’m not selling drugs either.”

“Still, at a party for example, no respectable business man would want to hear you answer the what do you do for a living question. I’m a very high paid whore, just doesn’t cut it.”

“This high paid whore is good enough for you to take out to a business dinner though.”

“Lola, enough. We are not speaking of this again!”

“Fine.” I sighed.

When we got back to the room, Joseph sat down in the arm chair across from the bed and ordered me to strip for him. I turned on the radio and smiled when on the third station I tried I heard one of my favourite strip songs, afyon escort Bon Jovi’s “Lay your Hands on Me”. I laid my hands all over my body to the beat and removed the jacket, cupping my breasts and playing with my nipples while my hips undulated to the music. I pinched the front clasp on the bra and let it fall to the floor working my way over to Joseph, leaning over presenting my breasts to him. After a few licks, I removed the garter belt and tossed it at him, reaching back to undo the hooks on the suspenders and sliding each stocking off my legs. I was naked and danced for him in the stilettos, running my hands all over my body concentrating on my nipples and clit. I’d worked myself in to a frenzy and I knew Joseph was enjoying watching my cum trickle down my legs as I continued to work my pussy, four fingers inside, my other hand pinching my left nipple. My finger nail was digging into my clit and I felt a powerful orgasm hit me, my cum squirting out and hitting Joseph in the face.

He was out of the chair in a second. “You filthy little slut.” he roared and slapped me in the face hard. He flung me down on the bed and started raping my ass, fucking me as if he wanted to kill me, his hands clutching my hips in a painful vice as he treated me like I was a rag doll. His hand came down hitting my pussy hard then smashing into my ass. He kept up this brutal slapping until he filled my ass with cum. He withdrew and tossed me on to my back, slapping both breasts with a force that made my teeth rattle. He plunged inside my pussy, holding me around the neck tight enough to hurt but not kill me as he fucked me into oblivion.

I woke up a few hours later to feel teeth on my nipples. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Anya naked above me. I reached out running my hand down her back and she looked up at me. She got off me and pulled me to my feet, leading me out of the darkness into the hall. I heard her gasp when the full light of the hall revealed the red hand print across my face, the nasty marks on my ass, thighs, stomach and breasts.

“What the fuck did he do to you?”

“He made me strip for him, I was masturbating for him and I ended up squirting him in the face. He lost it and raped me, while he hit me.”

“The sick bastard, you are going to shop him into debt tomorrow and then you are staying with me. Do you want to call the police?”

“I’m here to be fucked, what can the police do?” I sighed.

“I can’t believe he did that to you. He likes rough sex but he never hit me anywhere other than the ass.”

“I really don’t think he likes me, just my body. I make him mad.”

“Go take a hot shower love and then I’ll give that sweet pussy some care. I’ve got coke all ready for you, do some it will dull the pain.”

I did four lines of coke, took a quick shower and dried myself off. I walked over to the bed naked where Anya was lying playing with an ice cube on her tits. She had me lay down and put a cold cloth with ice inside it on my face. She trailed the rest of the ice over my body, paying attention to the red marks on my breasts and stomach.

“I’ll make you feel all better baby.” Anya whispered and began sucking on my clit.

Her fingers played lightly in me as she suckled on my clit, driving me crazy with lust. I’d never call Corrina’s name out in passion but I had no problem begging Anya to fuck me. Her fingers began to move in earnest and two fingers entered my ass as she sucked harder on my clit. She had me trashing on the bed begging her to bite my clit and go faster. Anya enjoyed having the complete control over me, that I usually held and used it to her advantage, driving me to the brink over and over again only to back away.

I was screaming at the top of my lungs, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD”

Anya chuckled and removed her fingers, sliding her tongue into my dripping pussy and fucked me with her tongue until she felt my walls squeeze her tongue and she pulled out once more. She licked my slit and bit down hard into my clit and I exploded. She couldn’t lap up the tidal wave of cum fast enough and it was running everywhere showing no signs of ending. She pinched my clit hard and sat up as I squirted my thick cum all over her breasts before she brought her mouth back to the fountain to drink. I couldn’t believe I was still cumming and played roughly with my nipples to see how long I could keep it up. I felt like I’d cum my entire weight and Anya was wearing most of it, scooping it off the sheets and covering herself with it. I was laying in a pool of my own cum and wished I could take a picture of how Anya looked, covered in my cum, pure lust in her eyes.

“Fuck Lola, that is the most cum I’ve ever seen in my life. We thought you’d never stop that night we taped you but fuck, this was double.”

“I must have created a load every time you left me at the brink, you look so fucking sexy, I wish I had a camera.”

“I have one, if you let me capture you, I’ll let you capture me.”


We spent the next hour taking the raunchiest pictures we could of each other including a set of me cumming once more. The hotel room reeked alanya escort of sex and I had the feeling they’d have to burn the bed when Anya checked out. The coke hadn’t worn off yet and I found myself 69 ing Anya on the carpet until we both drifted off to sleep.

Anya decided to wake me up by sucking on my clit and I woke up and came within minutes.

“It’s 6:30 hon, you better get back to the rapist before he wakes up.”

I kissed her softly and got up walking across the hall ignoring the shocked look from a little old lady on her way out for a walk. I opened the door quietly and leaned face down over the table knowing Joseph would want my ass first. I remembered the coke and went into the bathroom to snort it. I had just made it back in position on the table when he woke up.

“Fucking slut.”

He picked up the bible in the room and smacked me as hard as he could on the ass a few times before savagely plunging right in to me, fucking me so hard my tits kept slamming into the table each time.

“Don’t you dare cum until I order you to stupid slut.'” he roared.

That wasn’t going to be a problem as all I felt was pain and no pleasure what so ever. My tits and ribs were killing me, he was crushing my pelvis into the table each time now too and I made up my mind to leave that night with Anya after all. I knew he was hurting me on purpose. He pulled out of me and tossed me roughly down to the floor blowing his load all over me. He looked at me like I was vermin and threw a credit card on my cum covered body.

“You repulse me whore. Clean your filthy self up slut! I want you out of here in half an hour. You think I didn’t know you went over to fuck your stupid cunt of a girlfriend? Selfish bitch.” he kicked me square in the right breast and spat on my face.

“Fucking little cunt, Marc had you pegged right away, I should throw your ass in the hall. Let your fucking bitch pay to get you home. That card will be deactivated at one.”

He slammed the bathroom door shut and I grabbed all my bags, shoving them in the hall. I heard the shower running and angled a chair underneath the doorknob until I was done. I knocked on Anya’s door and told her to get everything inside then went back to collect everything else. All my stuff was out of the room so I opened the door to the bathroom, snatching my makeup bag and left slamming the door behind me.

“Baby, you OK?” Anya asked me.

“No, I hurt all over, he took delight in slamming me into the table over and over again. I think I broke a rib or two but I have to go spend money, he said the card will be cut off at one.”

“Baby, never mind I’ll buy you want ever you want, just rest.”

“NO! I’m spending every penny of that pricks I can. If you want to help, go get me a strong painkiller.”

“Get in the bath and run cold water, I’m going to get some ice to add to it. You don’t want to swell up.”

Goose bumps seemed to cover my body from all the ice Anya added but after an hour I felt numb. I asked her to get me more ice and stayed in the tub until 8:45 giving me just enough time to get dressed before the stores opened. My Prada dress hurt my breasts too much and I ended up in my short high school uniform skirt and a very thin white tank top of Anya’s that was a little tight but bearable. She insisted on putting my hair in two pigtails. I looked like the sexiest school girl alive and Anya had to take a few pictures of me.

“Do you have any idea how much I want to fuck you Lola?” she asked in the elevator.

“I’ll spread my legs in the car and you can eat my pussy all you want. You love me don’t you Anya?”

“God yes, more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my life. I want you to move in with me.”

“I’m rarely home, I’m off fucking for a living.”

“I don’t care, I want you so much Lola, I think of nothing but you.”

“My housekeeper is my scheduler. If you are serious though, you can come stay with me in the villa.”


“Yes, how can I resist a sexy bitch who worships the ground I walk on?”

Anya smiled and kissed me hard and I found myself thinking about coming home and fucking Anya, waking her up whenever I was horny and demanding she eat me. I’d have my own sex slave, a fuck toy devoted to making me cum.

“I love you Lola.”

“I know you do, my slutty little fuck toy.” I purred.

I put my hands in her hair and pulled her to me kissing her hard, my tongue running across the roof of her mouth. My hands left her hair and I grabbed her breasts squeezing them hard, her moans and cries echoing in my mouth. I thought about Joseph and found myself pushing Anya to the floor of the elevator.

“Eat me Bitch.” I growled.

Anya looked up at me stunned and I reached down pulling hard on her hair. “Fucking cum slut! Eat me, prove you love me whore.” I roared.

I spread my legs and pulled Anya to my pussy. Gripping her hair hard with both hands and forcing her face into my battered cunt I felt her lick my clit before sliding her tongue along my slit and diving into my pussy. The elevator stopped and opened on the main floor. I snarled at the couple waiting and hit the button for the top floor. The elevator stopped again on the tenth floor and a young man dropped his jaw when he saw what was going on. I hit the hold button to let him watch as Anya made me cum hard and fast coating her face in cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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