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[Author’s note: This series is based in large part on real events. Hope you enjoy!]

Chapter 5: Brian and I unexpectedly score a grand slam with two swinger couples.

It was the following Friday and Brian and I struck out early at the bar, so we headed to the strip club for some pure entertainment. It was a place called the Silver Bullet and I’d been there a few times in the day. Both of us had zero expectations of hooking up with any of the strippers there as both had gotten played by them more than once in our more youthful days.

Brian had free passes to get in and we found a couple of empty chairs at a table next to the stage with two other couples. They were very nice. We all got along well with them right off the bat.

They were a few years older than Brian and I. I kind of liked the brunette one. Her name was Tammy. She had some decent boobs under her low-cut, white top over a plaid blue skirt. She looked like a nice MILF. She might have spent too much time in a tanning bed though.

Her boyfriend Ron was a bit stocky and he was having a good time taking in the sights and playing with both his girlfriend and flirting pretty overtly with the other girl at the table named Sandra.

Rob and Sandra were the couple on Brian’s side of the table, in the two chairs closest to the stage on that side.

Sandra was kind of a nerdy looking blonde, who obviously spent time in a gym. Her body was lean and toned and there wasn’t much fat on her at all. Her glasses made her look kind of like a frisky librarian type. She had a very cute ass and her hips couldn’t have been more than 34″ around. The snug jeans she was wearing fit her very nicely.

While they had left to go up to the bathroom, we found out how old they were. I about crapped when I found out Tammy was 54 years old. She looked ten years younger than that. Sandra was 45, or about how old Tammy looked.

They girls came back and Brian summoned a waitress and told her to get everyone a drink on him. While we were waiting for the drinks, one of the dancers – an attractive blonde with cute little tits – came over to our table looking for tips and Brian and I put dollar bills in front of each of the girls. The dancer played with Sandra first, kissing on her then lifting her shirt up showing off her sheer bra that had to have been an A-cup.

I leaned over to get a good look at her tits. The stripper lifted Sandra’s bra and flicked both nipples with her tongue. I cheered, along with everyone else at our table and there was hooting and hollering from the neighboring tables as well. Her breasts were small, but her nipples were hard. I have always had a fetish of sorts for little boobs.

I wasn’t too shy about getting a good look at Tammy’s much bigger boobs either. The stripper turned her attention to Tammy did the same with her to a din of cheers from everyone around. Tammy’s tits were nice C-cups and while they weren’t exactly perky, they weren’t too saggy for an older woman.

The drinks arrived and things were going well. We talked about all sorts of stuff and the conversation was very easy and natural, despite the loud music. I was having a great time and I think Brian was too. Of course, a parade of three or four dancers came over to see us wanting us to get private dances. Eventually, the guys took their girls and a pair of the strippers back to get those dances with them and when they returned with big grins, they reported that it was a good time back there.

They must have been in a frisky mood, because their light kisses turned into French kissing with hands roaming around over the clothes after they returned from the private dances.

I went to take a leak and when I returned, I did a double take as Sandra and Tammy had exchanged guys. Ron was now kissing on Sandra and Rob on Tammy and they were pretty freely feeling up the girls.

When Tammy and Rob took a break from kissing and fondling, I tapped her on the shoulder. She looked over at me with a sly grin.

I leaned in close to hear ear, taking in her perfume. “Tammy – you smell delightful, by the way. Could you help me? I could have sworn a minute ago that you were kissing on Ron. Was I seeing things?”

She just laughed and turned to my direction and leaned in. She put her left arm around me and leaned in and said my vision was just fine. She was now facing me and put her right hand on my thigh and ran it up to my semi-erect dick in my pants, giving it a series of squeezes bringing it to full erection then slid her hand back down again.

I just looked down and smiled. “Wow!”

I saw her coming closer and she gave me a kiss, softly on the lips at first then she put her tongue in my mouth. Her hand was back on my cock again. She kissed me for probably twenty or thirty seconds and I was just getting into it when she leaned away, and then turned to resume kissing Rob.

When the next dancer came by the table, I waved her over and put a dollar bill into the Tammy’s cleavage. The dancer danced on Tammy antalya escort for a minute before lifting her sweater up again, once more fueling the cheers of those around us.

Not to be outdone, Brian put a single in front of Sandra and it was her turn to have her breasts exposed once again. This time, Tammy was sucking one of Sandra’s nipples while the stripper was flicking the other. The hoots and hollers reached a new din.

I called the waitress over and bought the next round for everyone at the table, sensing there might be a little action later if things went well.

Both Brian and I began taking turns getting up on stage to let the girls crawl all over us for a buck or two. It was all good fun. After a little cajoling, we talked the girls into doing the same, only when they went out, the dancers would grind on them and then lift up their shirts and lick their nipples to the rousing cheers of the audience.

Never one to be bashful, I asked Sandra if she would like to go out with me. She didn’t hesitate. We walked, holding hands to the pole at one end of the stage and I sat down with my back against the pole and Sandra lay in front of me with her head on my crotch.

There were two bills on Sandra, one stuffed into the top of her jeans and the other under her bra between the cups. I put two bills in the top of my pants for the dancer to snatch.

The stripper, who by now was topless, was a cute petite brunette. She came over and ground on Sandra. I don’t know if she thought I was Sandra’s boyfriend, but she told me to lift Sandra’s shirt. I did, catching her bra along the way, pulling both up to her neck. All sorts of cheers went up from those around the stage.

The stripper was all over Sandra and even unfastened her jeans and pretended she was going down on Sandra while pulling the bill out of her pants with her teeth. The crowd roared again and all I could see were people standing around the stage looking down at us, cheering wildly. A few people tossed more dollar bills down and the pretend munching continued.

The stripper then stood up and pretended to hump my face with her crotch before climbing across and sitting her crotch on Sandra’s face. She continued with the simulated fellatio on me while retrieving my two dollar bills. The crowd liked the simulated lesbian carpet munching and roared again and two or three more bills landed on us.

Eventually, the dancer moved on and we got up. I helped Sandra to her feet and she leaned into me and kissed me softly on the cheek and winked as she pulled back. “Thank you!” she said. She led me by the hand back to the table.

The next dancer was now getting on stage. She was a tall, skinny blonde with nice, apparently natural breasts. She was cute and about 21 years old or so.

“You wanna go out there?” Brian asked Tammy.

“Oh yeah!” Tammy answered.

“Let’s wait until she shows her boobs,” Brian said.

Tammy got up and walked over behind Brian and reached around him and gave him a hug and then her hug turned into her hands exploring Brian’s chest and abs. Watching them was starting to turn me on.

Soon enough, the song ended and I looked over and the tall blonde was shucking her lingerie top. Tammy led Brian over to the pole and climbed the foot or so up onto the stage then they both lay on the floor, with Tammy resting her head on Brian’s groin.

When the stripper got to them, she climbed on top of Tammy and said something to her. Tammy nodded her head yes and then the stripper lifted up Tammy’s pleated blue cotton skirt to reveal her thong. The crowd went wild. People at the tables around the stage all stood up roaring with approval as the blond stripper put her head between Tammy’s legs and simulated eating pussy while Tammy gyrated her hips.

Several people around the stage tossed more bills out to keep the show going. Brian lifted Tammy’s shirt up and over her breasts as Tammy continued to enjoy the simulated cunnilingus over her thong. I’m guessing she was enjoying the indirect attention her clit was getting.

Brian then pulled her bra up over her breasts and the crowd roared some more as the stripper worked her way up Tammy’s tummy. Even a couple of the bouncers came over to make sure nothing illicit was going on but turned and walked away when they noticed everyone had their pants on. Brian was fondling Tammy’s tits as the stripper was licking and sucking on her nipples.

The stripper then pulled Tammy down by her ankles and straddled her face with her crotch and unfastened Brian’s belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. The crowd roared again at the simulated fellatio, coupled with Tammy obviously licking the stripper’s pussy through the material of her thong and fondling her tits at the same time. More singles rained down on the three people on the floor there, along with a shower or more cheers.

Sadly for all involved, the song ended and the blonde broke off her simulated acts and stood up, dollar bills falling artvin escort from her body. Brian and Tammy likewise had bills on them.

It was a profitable song for the stripper girl. She must have picked up between thirty and fifty singles while the next dancer was waiting to get on stage.

When Brian and Tammy came back and sat down they both were smiling broadly.

“Was that a good time or what?” I asked Brian.

“Holy shit that was fun!” he said.

We chatted some more and watched the strippers for a while. The girls left to go to the bathroom to powder their noses and all that stuff. They were gone for quite a while and when they returned it was the guys turn to visit the head.

“So, what are you fellas doing later tonight?” Sandra asked me while Tammy was leaning into Brian.

“I’m at your disposal, my lady,” I told her, kissing the back of her hand. I added in my own mind, “I really want to fuck your friend though.”

“We’ve talked about it and if you’re interested, we’d like you and Brian to come with us back to the hotel,” she said, punctuating her sentence by flicking her tongue across my ear. Sproing!

I looked over to Brian and he was getting Tammy’s attention.

“Which hotel and what room?”

“Microtel. Room 311.”

She leaned in and gave me a French kiss and I returned it. I was ready. She pulled back and a moment later the other two guys came back.

“Ladies, are you ready to retire for the night?”

Tammy spoke up. “Brian and Joe are going to follow us back for a drink or two.”

“Alright gents, let’s get this party started.”

Brian and I talked on the way over. Brian also had his eye on Tammy.

“She’ll easily be the oldest woman I’ve ever had sex with,” he admitted.

“I hope Sandra’s a freak,” I said.

Brian cut me off from the rest of my thought.

“Dude, she’s gotta be. What kind of non-freak girls swing like this?”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

We followed their minivan to the hotel that must have been fifteen minutes away and parked a few slots down. Both of us were excited, yet nervous.

“Uh. I hope those guys aren’t bi-,” Brian said jokingly.

“Yeah, me too. Any gay stuff and we’re out of there!”

“Amen,” Brian added.

I popped the glove box and grabbed a box of a dozen condoms and gave half to Brian and stuffed the rest in my jacket pocket. I also grabbed my little pocket camera and a spare set of batteries.

“Are you ready to get some MILF?” I asked.

“Oh yeah!”

They were just getting out of their car too and we met up with them at the entrance of the hotel. They used their key to open the door and we followed them in. On the elevator ride, I could feel the nervous tension of everyone there. The doors opened and Sandra took my hand. We stopped at 311 and Rob opened the room door.

There were two double beds in there, along with some luggage. The girls went into the bathroom together while the guys gave us each a beer. While the girls were in the bathroom the guys talked with us quietly. Seems they are long-time swinging partners and they meet up for a night of trading partners every couple of month or two.

“This is the first time the girls have ever suggested to us that we include single guys,” Ron told me, tipping his beer after he finished.

I didn’t know what to say.

Brian chimed in.

“You know guys, this is very much a first for Joe and I as well.”

The girls came out and I took the opportunity to drain my bladder and wash my face. When I came out, the girls were on one of the beds, soul kissing while the guys were sitting back watching the show.

Brian went in after me and I sat on the spare bed where Brian had been sitting. Both guys were on the couch.

It wasn’t long after Brian came out before they started to undress.

I just enjoyed the show and played it cool as did Brian while they got down to their bras and panties. They were playful with one another and it was fun watching them, trying to get a peek under Sandra’s bra or a quick peek around one of their thongs. All four of us guys had raging erections in our pants.

The fun really began when they began eating one another’s pussies. First Sandra went down on Tammy then they traded. Rob then suggested they do 69. The two husbands got up for a closer look at things then Brian and I joined them. They were hot. And the room was perfect. It was like a honeymooner suite or something with a big mirror all along the wall behind the headboards.

The fun went on for long enough for them each to get off at the other’s tongue at least once or twice. They got up, still wearing their bras, and turned their attention to Brian and I, completely ignoring the other guys, much to our surprise.

They came over to us on the second bed and began kissing on us. They meant business too as Sandra unfastened my belt, and opened up my pants looking for treasure inside. She found it all right. I looked over and Tammy beylikdüzü escort had Brian’s cock out sucking on it just as Sandra was working on mine. The two guys across the room took their clothes off while they watched the girls suck on our cocks.

The girls must have heard about my golden rule, “Always leave them wanting more,” because after just a few minutes, when both our cocks were rock hard and about ready to squirt, they abruptly stopped their sucking and stood up.

“You boys just sit here like good boys while we play with our husbands and we’ll be back to relieve your…” Sandra thought for a second, and finished with, “… your tension.”

Oh well. I took the break as an opportunity to take my pants and shirt off and grab another beer. I grabbed one for Brian too. I felt kind of silly walking around with a boner but when in Rome I suppose.

The girls went over to each other’s husbands and began to suck their erections. It was like watching a live porn movie as they sucked those cocks then did some 69. They wasted no time getting to the fucking as I hadn’t even finished half of my beer before Rob was pumping furiously into Sandra from behind. I guess he liked that round little ass too.

Just as he was about to bust his nut, she had him dismount. They slowed things down and took a breather and got a drink.

Sandra directed Rob to lay down on his back and she straddled his hips and rubbed herself against his hard-on, moaning with delight, then reached between her legs to help guide Rob’s dick into her. They both gasped and moaned as she eased him in. I had a perfect view right behind her of his cock going into her. Her firm ass cheeks looked great and she rode him like gently at first then picked up the pace, taking him all the way in and grinding her buns on his scrotum.

I didn’t know the rules for this so I stayed on the bed, but I really would have liked watching her from the front.

Tammy was now mounting up Ron next to them and Tammy was facing me. She had nice tits and a full beaver, although it was trimmed fairly close. She didn’t spend much time looking at me but we did make eye contact a few times and she smiled at me watching her naked form fucking Sandra’s husband.

I heard grunting from Rob as Sandra was riding him. He was shooting his load in her. It seemed a little premature to me, but whatever. Sandra continued riding him and his white semen began to run out around his cock. She wasn’t quitting though. She kept rocking those hips until she reached her orgasm and when she came, his cock fell out, along with a big puddle of milky spunk.

Tammy was riding Ron and they were kissing a lot and he had his hands all over her sexy body, just as I would have if I were in his place. They both were relishing the act and seemed near their own climaxes.

Sandra had gotten up and came around in front of me and began kissing Ron then cajoling him into busting his nut.

“Rob filled my pussy full, Ron. His spunk is oozing out right now. Are you going to fill Tammy’s sweet little pussy for her? Are you? Go ahead, bust your nut in her little pussy for me.”

Sandra did have semen running down her thigh. She was standing at the side of the bed within arm’s reach of Brian and I. I couldn’t help myself. I reached out and felt that pussy. It was sloppy wet and she gasped and tensed up when she felt my fingers between her legs. She spread her feet a bit and stuck her ass out to give me some extra access to her pussy. It was a nice ass. I pulled her towards me and tongued her asshole and I thought she was going to come right there on my face.

Tammy was riding an increasingly excited Ron, grunting and teasing him to come.

“Oh yeah. Come for me. Come in me, Ron. I know you’re close.”

I had to see this so I took my face out of Sandra’s ass and watched as Ron clenched up. I knew that he was ejaculating in Tammy’s pussy.

“Oh God, here it is!” he cried. “Ahh! Uhh! Ahh!”

Ron grunted several more times as Tammy continued to ride his love stick as it squirted.

That was pretty hot.

She rested for a bit and Sandra kissed her as she sat upright. She got up and several big globs of creamy semen fell from her pussy onto Ron’s belly.

Tammy got up, pressing her hand on her pussy to hold what was left inside, and she and Sandra walked to the bathroom. “We’ll be right back after a quick shower.”

We made some small talk with the two naked guys – a little uncomfortable, at first but was made more comfortable after they pulled the sheet up over their floppy cocks. Well, at least that’s where the sheets ended up after they wiped up the semen off of their cocks and bodies.

I asked again. “So, who’s married to whom?”

Ron spoke up and said he was married to Sandra for twenty-one years and that Rob was Tammy’s husband for six years or so.

I asked how long they had been doing this and Rob said for about seven years or so, pretty regularly. This weekend was kind of special, he said, as they usually don’t leave town but they wanted to do something special this weekend and “here we are”.

“Besides, we can touch a lot more at the Silver Bullet than anything in the Chicago area that we’ve been to,” Ron said. “And it’s a helluva lot cheaper.”

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