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It’s pretty lengthy, and I tried to make it semi-realistic, even if convenient best friends like Holly are hard to come by. It was meant as a bit of fun for my boyfriend and I. It’s a little silly in places, but in an ideal world this is how it would happen for me. 🙂


This is a story about a threesome, a first for all those involved. It features couple Lex and Dylan, and their conveniently gorgeous, bi-curious and single friend Holly.

Lex and Dylan had been together for several years, and they’d been friends with Holly for nearly as long. The two girls told each other pretty much everything, as girls will do. Holly told Lex all about her many adventures with various man-boys, and Lex told Holly about her most recent sexy discovery with Dylan, who was willing to try just about anything. They were never bored.

As is the nature of close female friendships, Lex and Holly were quite affectionate with one another. Hanging out inevitably involved hugging, play fighting and roping Dylan into it whenever possible. Lots of girls do this.

The group went swimming each week, and the girls often got a lot of odd looks as they posed on floats, had loud, giggly water fights and chased Dylan. Again, normal girl behavior. It annoyed everyone else in the pool but so did the other teens.

Here is where the trouble starts. Lex was very definitely bi, Holly was ‘adventurous’, and while she had never said so, it would’ve been a surprise if she wasn’t willing to have a go with another girl, and Dylan…Dylan was a teenage guy, in a swimming pool with scantily clad girls, both of whom he knew swung both ways to some degree.

It didn’t take a genius to work out there was a lot of tension here. Fun often appeared flirtatious, and affectionate often outright sexual. But everybody toed the line. Just. It’s a wonder how it took so long to get to the ‘hey, let’s have a threesome’ stage really.

Here was the problem. Lex had worked out she was bi and had been happy with that for a long time, but as she had a boyfriend it wasn’t really a case of going out and flirting with girls until she got lucky. She needed someone that understood she was looking for fun, not a full time lesbian relationship, and they had to be cool with her boyfriend joining in. Difficult.

Holly had fun, with lots of different guys. She didn’t shout about it, and so didn’t get labeled a slut, and the guys didn’t shout about it ‘cos she was good at it. While it was a secret (for now) Holly had long wanted a see what being with a girl was like, even if just for fun. But you couldn’t pull girls just for a good time like you could guys. And no matter how good she was, if she did pull a girl just for some fun, then the girl would be hurt, shout about it and Holly would forever more be labeled slut. Also difficult.

Dylan’s problem was being pretty much powerless to shift things along in a situation where he could clearly see a threesome just waiting to happen. When you’re the guy involved, you have to wait for the girls to get it together, otherwise he would look like he was pressuring his girlfriend, or it would look like he had been trying to come on to Holly behind Lex’s back.

One of the girls had to be brave enough to stop pretending she didn’t want to get off with the other. And then they had to get Dylan on board.

Naturally, this happened at swimming, after a particularly flirtatious session which involved swimming between each other’s legs and having Dylan carry them both around. Eventually they got out of the pool, quiet and tired. The pool had male and female changing rooms, but within that divide they were open. The best sort.

The changing rooms were empty. As they slowly got dry and got their clothes out, Holly noticed Lex’s eyes kept drifting over to her and the flashes of skin that appeared between towels and clothing. Holly didn’t say anything, she did it too sometimes. All three of them tried not to in the pool, but on several occasions Holly had seen Dylan looking like he was trying very hard to look somewhere else. When they were tired afterwards, both girls found it a little harder not to stare.

Then it happened. Holly stopped pretending not to notice.

“Hey, I caught ya lookin’,” said Holly quietly, smiling.

There was a pause, then Lex simply said “Maybe so.” There was no denial or embarrassment, they both knew it to be true. But where from here?

“Why you looking?” Holly ploughed on, knowing that now the conversation had started it could not stop. If it did stop, the three of them would not be the same. If it didn’t stop, the three of them still wouldn’t be the same, but in a much better way. Stood there in her jeans and not much else, she didn’t even bother to face away from Lex. There was no longer any need.

“Because… because you’re gorgeous, Holly,” said Lex bluntly. She didn’t say anymore, in case she was going the wrong way. Although she had privately known before this was right, this was definitely going to happen, now she was actually in the situation, doubts filled her mind. That’s always how it happens.

“You antalya escort know, if you keep saying things like that we’re gonna have to do something about it sooner or later,” Holly said, trying to lead the conversation on faster. What if she was wrong? What if she read her wrong and Lex wasn’t really interested at all?

“You know, I think we might have to. Now we’re stood here gawping at each other half naked.” Lex let her eyes wander over Holly’s body for a few seconds, freely for once.

“Well, I’m glad we sorted that out,” Holly said, relieved, “and I think Dylan will be too. Save him a lot of discomfort.”

The girls laughed suddenly, both glad the really serious part was over. They turned away from each other and kept getting changed. Normal time resumed. They had said it without really saying it, but then again they didn’t really need to.

“Um, I’m guessing you know this, but we need to be on the same wavelength really. You know I want Dylan to be involved, right?”

“Right. Makes two of us,”

“You know I’m not looking for anything long term, right?”

“Right. Long term isn’t really me anyway, you know that.”

“This will be our dirty little secret, right?”

“Damn right.”

“Finally, you have a plan, right?”

“Ha, no. I’m as clueless as you are.”

“I thought so somehow. We’ll come up with something.”

The girls picked up their bags and made for the door. Holly stopped suddenly, making Lex nearly run into her.

“Actually… I may have a plan,” Holly said, lowering her voice, “so I would suggest you don’t mention any of this to Dylan quite yet.”

Lex made a ‘hurry up’ motion with her hands.

“Well, it’s his birthday soon, right? How about we get him that threesome you said he wanted?”

“I like your thinking! Let’s go. I wanna get home and play with him. Test the waters.”

“Cool! Let’s go.”

Outside the changing rooms, Dylan was already waiting for them. He noticed that they were over-excited and silly, but they always were. He had no idea things were going very much in the right direction.

That evening, once in bed — after sex, of course — Dylan was dozing with Lex curled up under his arm. She gazed into the darkness, wondering what the best way to start this conversation was. Thoughts swirled around her head, a cocktail of nerves and excitement and lust, lots of that. She had to say something, or else she would explode, but how to say it?

“Dylan?” she blurted. Fuck, Lex thought, I didn’t mean to start this now. In fact, she hadn’t even intended to say anything. It just escaped.

“Yes?” he said. She could feel his voice through his chest.

“Um…you remember our many conversations about a threesome?”

“Yeah…” Dylan tried not to sound as excited as he suddenly felt, in case he was jumping to the wrong conclusion. But could she be about to say what he thought she was?

She continued quickly, “And that we would be happy to do so if you could join in and we could find someone?”

“Yep, what about it?” He sounded impatient.

“I found someone.”


“Well, Holly, of course.” They had spoken about Holly before, but neither Dylan nor Lex actually knew if she would get it on with a girl. And given how sexual she was generally, it was difficult to know whether or not the way she behaved at the pool meant anything.

“So you know she actually wants to?”

“Yeah, she just kind of caught me looking at her when we were changing and decided to say something for once. We haven’t actually made any plans or said anything in detail, but no one is pretending that we don’t fancy each other anymore.”

“Oh, well that’s good. Nothing actually happened then?”

“No, no, of course not. She knows that nothing happens without you.”

“It’s ok, I wasn’t worried. I just didn’t want you two to have all the fun without me, you look ready to at the pool some weekends.” While there was a small part of him that was worried they would get up to something without him, he knew they wouldn’t.

“And you don’t? Holly said herself we could save you a lot of discomfort now,” said Lex, smirking in the dark.

“I don’t have to be able to see you to know that you’re laughing at me.”

“Well it’s true! Both of us know when you’re struggling.”

“Holly too?”

“Well duh. Why do you think our cue for revving things up a bit is so well timed?”

“I hate you. It’s really awkward!” Dylan complained sulkily.

“Well you know I think you being hard in awkward situations is funny, how did you think she would react?”


“It’s ok, she does just as much looking at you as you do at her. Anyway, would you go with a threesome if — hypothetically speaking — the opportunity was to randomly present itself?”

“Of course I would! Would you?” said Dylan excitedly.

“Ha, you know full well I’d jump into it. Shall I chat to her about it seriously?”

“Mm yes please. But no fun without me, I don’t want to miss any of the good stuff.”

“Yeah that’s ok…. Now come over here. I can’t go to sleep if I’m horny again.” It was true; there was no way Lex would be able to sleep while she was that wound up. Unlike Dylan, she knew that this threesome was actually very close. His birthday was only next week…

The very next day, Lex found Dylan an excuse to go down to the shop. In the meantime, she called Holly, and between them they hatched a plan. It would take place on the night before his birthday.


Dylan was watching TV, waiting for the girls to get back. They had originally gone out for some ‘last minute birthday things’, whatever that meant, but they were quite late now. He checked his phone again: nothing. Where was she?

Dylan had been hoping she would come back early enough to spend the whole afternoon in bed, but as it was it was past five o’clock and there was no sign of her, he figured he might as well go and go to sleep for a bit. That or have a wank…

A violent buzzing noise jolted his thoughts back to the present. His phone.

Gona b bout another half hour, get t if u r hungry we hav had food. Got sidetracked n bit drunk at hollys house she had friends over.

Well that was great, Dylan thought. She spent the afternoon at Holly’s house. No mention of what ‘last minute birthday things’ were, and she wasn’t one to keep things quiet. Maybe she didn’t have any… On the upside, he had got bored and eaten at four, so he didn’t have that to worry about.


Holly and Lex stopped outside the front door and turned to look at one another. They had dressed especially for the occasion — both girls putting on tiny denim shorts and fitted shirts. They would fit easily into any porno, especially as neither had underwear on.

“Ok. This is operation let’s-go-have-a-threesome. Are we ready?” said Lex, trying to keep a straight face. It didn’t work.

“I do believe we are. Do we remember the plan?”

“As per usual behavior, but a bit drunker, and hopefully with more sex in,”

“Alrighty. Put your drunk face on, otherwise there’s no way we’ll get away with this,” Holly was smiling, her eyes looked like they were on fire. Sparkling in a way only really deep brown eyes on a mischievous, beautiful face could, thought Lex… Fuck it, concentrate, was her next thought.

“Hey! Shit!” shouted Holly indignantly as she suddenly toppled sideways. Swearing, Lex soon tumbled after her. The front door appeared to have fallen inwards.

In reality, Dylan had opened it, only to have two apparently drunk girls fall into him – he hadn’t counted on the fact that they’d be leaning on the door. They were now pressed against him awkwardly, neither very well balanced.

“Well, hello there!” Holly said cheerfully, as if introducing herself. Both of them had their tits pressed against his chest, and while he had to look down to speak to them it was difficult to avoid looking at all the boobs…

“Were you two going to move?” Dylan said, wondering what would happen if he got an erection right here.

Holly harrumphed and got off. Lex kissed him first and did the same.

The girls then stumbled past him and flopped onto the sofa. He raised an eyebrow as he looked after them — neither looked very steady.

“How drunk are you two, anyway?” he called after them.

“Oh, not that much…” said Lex, before bursting out laughing at something he couldn’t see. That or she was just laughing.

“Tipsy then,” laughed Dylan. He thought they were funny when they were drunk, if harder to handle, what with all the bouncing around they did. That and they were dressed like it was middle of August, which it wasn’t.

Later, Holly and Lex were sharing a sofa. Dylan was surprised, they sat quietly — not even a tickle fight yet. Holly announced she was getting up to get a drink. When she returned, Lex was spread the entire length of the sofa. This is when the fight broke out.

Holly decided to solve the problem by lying on top of Lex and continuing to watch tv. Lex squeaked and wriggled, trying to get comfortable. This was difficult. On the other hand, if she looked over Holly’s shoulder, she had a beautiful view of Holly’s breasts.

Dylan eyed them, knowing that this wasn’t the fight over. He also eyed their legs, which were exposed and all tangled together. His mind led him to thoughts of naked girls all wrapped up together…

“You bitch!” was Holly’s shout from the sofa. Lex was tickling her with her hands, whilst holding her still with her legs wrapped around her. Suddenly there was a flurry of arms and legs as the girls fought for possession of the sofa. At first, it seemed Lex would win, since Holly wouldn’t go anywhere. Then Holly rolled the pair of them off the sofa and they landed with a thud. The battle continued. Holly made a dive for Lex’s feet, causing her to propel herself backwards across the floor at amazing speed. Lex staggered half upright, threw herself at Holly’s hips and missed, as Holly slid easily to one side. Without missing a beat, Holly jumps on her and tickles her relentlessly. Dylan laughed. He knew from experience that tickling Lex was extremely good fun. For now, however, he was happy to just watch them both, knowing they were absorbed in what they were doing. By now, Lex was shouting and begging for Holly to stop, pretty much unable to move, no matter how much she thrashed about under Holly.

“Please!. … Holly you cow! Get off me! Pleeeeeeease! “

Holly just laughed.

“For fuck’s sake, PLEASE!” said Lex, trying not to keep laughing.

Holly finally stopped, resting her hands on the floor either side. She didn’t let her up though, which was just as well, ’cause Lex looked knackered from all of the struggling and kicking. Instead, she lay there on the floor and glared at Holly. Holly was bigger than she was.

Holly was a lot of things. Lex thought she was beautiful, for one, and absolutely insane, for another. And why didn’t she have a boyfriend? It’s not like she had any trouble with guys.

It was while Lex was pondering this that Holly decided to drop a small, gentle kiss on her lips. They stared at one another. Dylan watched, fascinated. Lex studied Holly’s face, the line of her jaw and the bright, brown eyes. She studied her neck and her delicate collarbones…and stopped herself from going any lower. Both girls look to Dylan, trying to ask him permission without saying anything. He nodded his head, almost imperceptibly, and sat back to watch the scene unfold. They began just kissing one another, there on the floor right at Dylan’s feet.

The first minute is a very, very tense one. Despite being able to feel his cock straining at his jeans, Dylan didn’t move a muscle. He was almost worried that if he did the scene might dissolve; they might come back to their senses and change their minds. And he didn’t want that, god no.

Holly’s head was quite literally swimming, all nerves and excitement. She was kissing her best friend and it was amazing. It was also very different to kissing guys. It was softer. One arced over the other, they let their hands wander, simply exploring each other. Lex ran her hands up Holly’s back, feeling the dip where her spine was and the points of her shoulder blades. She found the soft skin at the small of Holly’s back, and mentally danced with glee when she remembered Holly had no knickers on. Lex slipped both hands inside Holly’s shorts, smiling against her lips. Holly started, and pulled her lips from Lex’s, smiling back. Her ass was firm and round and, Lex thought, very squeezable.

Holly was still smiling at Lex as she deftly undid the few buttons there were on her shirt. Breasts spilled out, all round and perky and clearly pleased to be out. Holly grinned, like she had done something very clever. She reached to touch them, but Lex batted her hand out of the way and unbuttoned Holly’s shirt also. At this point, Dylan gave up trying to pretend he was rubbing himself through his trousers and kicked them off. There was no worry they might stop anymore!

Holly stopped suddenly and looked up. For a split second she looked surprise, like she had forgotten he was there. Then she smiled widely.

“Hey, Lex, look at him. He’s having nearly as much fun as we are!” Lex looked up to him. His eyes had a dark, intense look about them, and they never sat still in one place. He gazed over them, drinking in the images. His boxers were half off, and he was holding his cock, stroking slowly.

“I think it might be time we found somewhere comfy to do this,” Lex announced, pushing herself up onto her elbows, “all of us.”

“I agree,” laughed Holly, standing up and holding her hand out to Lex and pulling her up. Then they ran upstairs, holding their breasts and giggling. For a second, Dylan sat still, a little stunned by the whole thing. The girls left their shirts on the floor. Then he got up, smiling — this is going to be quite possibly the best birthday I have ever had, he thought — and pulled off his shirt as hurried upstairs after them.

When Dylan entered, the girls were lying on the bed, completely bare and apparently absorbed in each other’s breasts. Dylan saw that the few parts of Holly that had not been revealed to him by her bikini were just as gorgeous as he had somewhat guiltily imagined.

“You took your time. Get your boxers off and come here,” said Lex, without looking up. She was pinching Holly’s nipples and enjoying how they went pink and hard. Dylan did as he was told and crawled up the bed to the other side of Holly.

Finally Lex looked up. She kissed him, first softly, but it soon turned into a frantic, wound up kiss. Holly being here didn’t make Dylan any less distracting. Then she pulled away.

“Come on, we can share,” she said, and dipped her head down to one of Holly’s nipples. As Lex licked gently, almost lapping, Holly’s breathing quickened and she arched her back. Dylan watched for a few seconds before he joined her, fixing in his head the image of his girlfriend sucked and licked her best friend. Dylan and Lex put their arms about her, surrounding her with skin and holding her as she began to writhe and squirm, small moans escaping her lips. Holly’s hand crept down her body, towards her clit. Lex took it and moved it.

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