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I was laying on the couch watching Bridezilla when my husband came downstairs. He sat near me on the couch, then told me to get across his knee. It shocked me a little, “What?”

“Lay across my knees for me to spank you.”

“Ohhh,” I shifted to get up. “What did I do to deserve this?”

“You are in possession of a phat, spankable ass.”

I loved when Bret took control like that, and he knew it. His description of my ass made me smile so hard, my cheeks got slightly read – not an easy task for a black woman.

“Those aren’t the only cheeks that will be red when I finish.”

I laid across his lap, and he pushed me back up.

“What’s with the clothes?”

I didn’t have on much, but I took it off and started to lay back down. He stopped me again.

“Just stand there.”

He knows I’m not 100% comfortable with my body, but I did as he told.

“Why didn’t I get any pics to my cell today?”

I shrugged.

He swung around and smacked my ass. “Why didn’t I get any pics to my cell today?”

I let the sting subside a little, “I knew you were in meetings all day.”


“I knew it was important, and didn’t want to distract you.”

He looked at me hard, “You know that’s when I like getting them the most. You were scared others would see.”

I nodded my head, “A little.”

“Then why’d you lie?”

I felt a twinge of fear, “I’m sorry.”

Bret tied my hands and ankles together, then pulled me across his lap. His hand came down immediately.


“Wrong answer,” he brought his hand down again.

“I’m sorry!”

“You’ve already said that.”

His hand hitting my bare skin had a cold feeling at first, then warm as the sting spread to my whole ass. I couldn’t kick away, or push myself up. His hand on my back kept me from rolling, so I had to take his punishment. “This isn’t fair!”

“Want me to stop?”

I didn’t want him to stop, “Maybe just lighten up a little?”

He felt my nipples; they were hard. Then he opened my ass cheeks, “You’re saying that this isnt fair, but the creamy substance I see and the way your toes wiggle with each slap tell a different story,” He brought his hand down again, “Matter of fact, your body’s reaction all adds up to one thing.” He brought his hand down twice in a row, “Your ass belongs to me!”

After two more slaps, I screamed, “Yes, daddy!”

“Now we’re getting somewhere.” He untied my ankles, and told me top open my legs. I did as he said, and the cold rush of air I felt told me he wasn’t lying about what he saw. I then felt his fingers on my pussy, “So this is why you aren’t a good girl? You don’t do what I want you to do so I will spank you.”

“No, that wasn’t it.”

He ran his finger between my lips, “Oh really? You’re gonna try to tell me you don’t like this?”

All I could do was groan.

“You like this, don’t you?” his finger hit my clit.

“Ohh, please fuck me.”

He moved his hand away, and it came down on my ass, “That’s not what I asked you!”

I felt the stirs of an orgasm, and couldn’t answer quickly enough. His hand came down again. “I like it!”

“See, you like being disobedient,” his hand went back to my pussy.”

“Please fuck me, baby,” I said a little out of breath. “Flip me over and take out this frustration on my pussy.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do that and then some, suga, but this is what I want for now.” He slid a finger inside me, then rubbed my clit some more,” You should see how wet you have my leg. I’m loving your deep grunts and low moans; it’s like sweet music to my ears.” He brings down his hand on my ass again, “But so are your yelps!” he brought his hand down again. “You have a hell of an ass, and I know you can take it. Can’t you?”


“What kind of answer is that?”

I felt a stronger orgasm building the more he spanked. “Yes, I can take it,” I murmured.

“I know you can,” he spanked faster.

I squirmed, and felt my clip rub his thigh – which felt fantastic! His spanking actually pushed my clit onto his thigh in this new position.

“Will a get a pic every day now?”


“I don’t care if I’m in a meeting or not, I’d better get a body pic of you.”

“You will, daddy, yesss!” an orgasm rolled through me, sending off a bell in my head – a bell that sounds like a telephone. I shoot up in bed, and search for the phone when I don’t see it on the base. I fish it out from the covers and look at the caller ID. It’s Bret.

“Are you all right? You sound out of breath.”

“Yeah, I laugh. I’m fine.”

“Is the baby all right?”

I put my hand on my belly, “Yes, we’re both fine.”

“What were you doing?”

I laugh, “Sleeping.”

“Sleeping gets you out of breath like that?”

“Well, no.”

He lowers his voice, “Then what were you doing?”

I laid back down, “Dreaming.”


“You,” alanya escort I check between my legs, and I am wet.

“Was it a good dream?”

“Oh, very good!”

“Will you tell me about it tonight?”

“As much as I remember.”

“Good. I hated leaving this morning, but last night was great.”

“I totally agree.”

“Hey, the shuttle is here to go to the hotel. I say Grier as I was leaving, and I asked him to keep an eye out to make sure you are okay.”

I laughed, “I’m sure he jumped at that.”

“So he thinks you’re cute, that just means he won’t let anything happen to you.”

“Nothing is going to happen. You’re only gone for three days.”

“Three long days.”

“I love you, daddy.”

“Don’t be startin’ nothing now!” he laughed. “I love you too.”

I hang up the phone, and lay there recalling the dream. It was so hot, and so vivid. I close my eyes and rub my pussy as I remember how Bret spanked me – just took absolute control. I open my legs more and push my fingers inside to ride. I know every woman doesn’t agree, but I know my orgasms are more intense since I got pregnant. I cum hard thinking about how Bret tied and spanked me, and almost drift back to sleep.

When I got the bathroom, I catch a glimpse of myself as I pass the mirror. After I relieve my bladder, I get my cell phone. I take and send Bret a picture of me in his loose tank top. My swollen nipple is showing through the arm hole because of how I have the top.

It doesn’t take him long to respond, “I told you not to be starting nothing!”

I laugh, then jump in the shower to start my day of running errands. When I get back home about five hours later, Grier is mowing his lawn. “Isn’t it too hot for that?” I say taking groceries from my trunk.

He stops mowing and rushes over to help, “It’s too hot for you to lug the bags around. Go ahead inside, I got them.”

“I’m pregnant, not cripple,” I grab some lighter bags. “And it’s not like you are some teenager. You should be out of this sun too.”

“Oh, this is fine to me; I love summer,” he helps me get the bags inside.

“Want something to drink?”

“A quick glass of water, if you have it.”

“You know we have water,” I pour him a glass.

“Thank you.”

“How’ve you been?”

“Margaret’s dethaversary was last week, but I took it pretty good this year.”

“Don’t call it that; it’s so morbid.”

“Seven years,” he sighs.

“I can’t imagine.”

“You’re too young to imagine. Just enjoy the hell out of your loved ones while they’re here,” he handed me the empty glass. “I’d better stop stinking up your house.”

“Don’t worry; I have Oust,” I smile.

He laughed. “Hey, I’m right next door if you need anything while Bret’s gone. You two are good people, so don’t hesitate to call on me.”

“I appreciate that; thank you.”

He left. I put the groceries away and take another shower.

“So tell me about this dream,” Bret asks that night after we’ve get through all the basic stuff.

“Well,” I get comfortable on the bed to tell him. As I go through the story, I slide my hand inside my panties. By the time I’m done with the dream, I’m just as wet as I was this morning.

“Let me hear you cum. I know you’re rubbing that pussy.”

“And I know you are stroking that big dick.”

“You are right. Now let me hear you.”

I let me breathing gets louder.

“Imagine me fucking you after that spanking; my dick sliding in and out of that hot, wet pussy.”

“Yessss, I feel it.”

“You know I love that pussy. And it’s made for me, ain’t it?”

“Just for you, daddy.”

“Rub my pussy faster.”



I moan in Bret’s ear as I cum.

“Yessssss, that’s my baby!”

“Did you cum?”

“Not yet.”

“Hold on, I got something for you,” I set the phone down, and got the massager I bought today from its package. “I got a new toy I want you to hear.”

“What is it?”

“You’ll know.” I plugged it in, then got comfortable again. I left my panties on, because I wasn’t quite ready to feel the full force. I turn it on, and he asked what it was. “Guess,” I put it to my pussy, and moan.

“A vibrator?”

“Noooooo,” I groan.

“I don’t know what it is, but I love how it is making you sound.

I rub it over my clit, and let Bret hear my orgasm. “Oh shit,” I toss it aside when I can’t take anymore. “Your turn.”

Bret grunts and groans.

“Release for me, daddy,” I say in my sexiest voice – and he does. “Yes!”

“Damn, I wanna roll over and fuck you!”

I start rubbing my pussy again, “Nah, I’d be riding that dick tonight. I’m in cowgirl mode.”

“You know I love that, because your titties are right where I can grab and play with them.”

I pinch my nipple, “My what?”

He knows I like when he calls my breasts that, “Your titties!”


“Your big, sexy titties!”

“You know they’re gonna start leaking soon.”

“And I can’t wait!”

“You gonna let me squirt it on you?”


I pull my panties off, “You so nasty! And I like it.”

“You gonna let me nurse?”

“That’s your job, when the baby is full.”

Bret groans through another release, and I rub my pussy to another orgasm.

“Are we really that nasty?”

He laughs, “I guess we’ll see in another few months.”

“I love you so much.”

“Me too, and I miss you.”

“Good night.”

I woke up tied to the bed. My ankles were tied to each bedpost, and my wrists were tied together over my head. Bret is standing at the foot of the bed, stroking his dick. He sees I’m awake and climbs on the bed to put his dick in my face. I lick it – kissing the tip and sucking his balls. He tells me to put my tongue out, and starts sliding his dick along it. He groans and increases the pace until his shoots on my face and neck. I think he is about to untie me, but he backs up, sliding his dick between my titties. He pulls my nipples as he keeps sliding down. The sensation causes me to pull against the ropes, but I don’t break free. As he squeezes my tittes, his dick finds my pussy. He makes me look him in his eyes as he pushes in. I pull against the ropes again, and he laughs. Using my titties for leverage, he pounds his dick in my pussy. His grip gets borderline painful, but it feels too good for me to tell him to stop. He explodes in me, giving me an orgasm. Now I’m sure he’s about to untie me, but he climbs back up to suck my nipples. Just as his sucking is feeling real good, I feel a tongue on my pussy. I lift my head, but can’t see through Bret. The tongue expertly licks my lips, then sucks them. I lay my head back and groan. I feel the lips encircle my clit, and I look up again. Bret is gone. The mouth on my pussy belongs to Grier. The straps were gone, and I grab his hair with both hands. He crawls to the edge of the bed and between my legs. As he sucks my clit, I hump his face. I feel his tongue slide inside, and ride it to an orgasm – but he doesn’t stop.

Grier started kissing my parted thighs just above the knees on the inside, as his hands caress the outsides of my hips, which start rotating. His hands moved over my abdomen, and kept moving higher until they were on my titties, “You have such delicious breasts.”

“I’m glad you like them,” I moaned.

“I’ve dreamed about them since you moved in. Long before you even got pregnant. You just don’t know how much I’ve fantasized about having them in my hands,” he squeezed.

“They’re yours now.”

His hands grasped my titties, and pinched your nipples.


His mouth found its way back to my clit, and he whips it with his tongue.

I scream out in pleasure, and my eyes pop open. I sit up and try to catch my breath; my panties are at the corner of the bed, and Bret’s tank top isn’t hiding my breasts. Grier is looking at me with a smile. I wait for him to fade away, or for the phone to wake me up – but neither happens. “Are you real?”

He looks confused, “Shhhhh.”

I grab the sheet to pull it up, “Are you really in my room? What are you doing?”

He moves up higher to get back to my pussy, “Licking. Squeezing.”

My body continues responding.

One of Grier’s hands comes off my breast and he slides two fingers inside me.


“Is that your G-spot?” he presses against it again, and slides them in and out while licking my clit in rhythm. His other hand is still caressing and squeezing my titties, and pinching the nipples.

I move my hips to get his fingers deeper.

He increases his pace; licking my clit and stroking my G-spot faster.

“Oh, here I cum!”

He pushes his face deeper in my pussy when he feels my hips shaking.

I grab his head with both hands.

He lightly bites my clit, then grinds his tongue into my pussy and pinches my nipple harder.

“YESSSSSS!” My muscles contract for about a full minute, then I fall back when my orgasm ends – totally out of breath.

“Holy macirole! It looks like you pee’d the bed!

“I’m still too out of breath to respond.

He starts kissing his way up from my stomach, to my breasts and nipples.

“Wait. How’d you get in here?”

“Does it matter?” he keeps kissing and nibbling my hard nipples; his hard dick bumping my pussy.

“Stop, you know I’m married.”

“Can’t stop now; you’re too sexy.”

I try to fight the good sensations he’s giving me, “Wait.”

“You didn’t mind my tongue and fingers a few minutes ago.”

“I thought I was dreaming!”

He moves up to kiss my neck, “You know that was no dream.”

“No, I didn’t – not at first.”

“You did at the end and you didn’t stop me.”


“Shhhhhh.” He pulls his shirt over his head, revealing his gray-haired chest. Then he rolls on top of me, supporting his weight on his elbows so his hands can play with my titties.

“Oohhhhhh shit, don’t do that.”

“Shhhh. You know you love it.”

My body starts squirming when I feel the underside of his dick against my clit. He stops moving, and lets me move my clit against him. “Bret will kill us.”

“So will my wife – I mean, would my wife.”

I looked at him. “Was she your last?”

“Ten years.”

“Thought you said she’s been gone seven years?”

“Do you think she was up for sex those last three years she was sick?”


“There was nobody else; even since.”

“I feel for you about that, but…”

“Do you even realize that your legs are opening wider right now?”

I’m shocked that he’s right, “No they’re not.” I try to close them, but his body is between them.

“He’ll never know,” he slips his dick into my pussy.

I put my hand on his chest to push him back, but the hairs feel good between my fingers.

“That’s it Baby. Oh yes, let me in,” he starts to move in and out of me.

“Wait,” I groan.

“Feel the pleasure baby.”

One of my hands stays on his chest, and the other moves down his side to his ass.

He strokes long and deep inside me. Not as good as Bret, but who he is and hold old his is makes it feel good. As best he can, he grinds in me with each thrust. “Your pussy is so wet and tight baby. You feel so good.”

I put both arms around his neck, “Don’t say that.”

“Fuck me baby.” He speeds up, “Give me your cum.”

I groan and follow his directions.

He leans his head down and sucks my nipples.

I hump harder, and faster. I lift my legs around his waist to take him deeper.

“That’s it! Help me pound that gorgeous pussy of yours!

Those words send a chill through me.

Grier lifts his head, and starts fucking me faster and faster until he is slamming into me. As my orgasm ends, his body starts jerking. “Shit!!”

When I feel his cum spurting in me, I realize he didn’t have on a condom. I push him off me, “YOU CAME IN ME? YOU BASTARD!”

He reaches over and massages my clit, “You liked it.”

“I’M MARRIED,” I push his hand away.

“You also can’t get pregnant again!” He rubs it again, “I knew from the way you walked down the street when I watched you that you’d be a good fuck. You are so hot and sexy; even more so being pregnant.

“I don’t believe I just did this. I don’t believe I’m sitting here letting you rub me like this.”

“I don’t either, but I’m not going to stop. And, given that you still haven’t closed your legs, you don’t want me to.”

I shook my head, “You still haven’t told me how you got in here.”

“You had a delivery that needed to be signed for. I saw him leaving your door with the package, and told him I hadn’t seen you leave. I signed for it, then knocked on the door myself. I thought you might be in the shower, so I waited about a half hour, then came over here again. When you didn’t answer, I let myself in – Bret told me where you hide a spare key.”

He keeps rubbing as he continues, “I saw you in bed; wrapped in the sheet, partially exposed. You were dreaming. I didn’t resist my urge to look at you. Matter of fact, I pulled the sheet down. Your panties were off, and your nipples were showing around the tank top. You looked beyond sexy laying there. I felt my dick stir like it hadn’t in a while. I dropped my pants to stroke it. Then you called my name.”

“I did not!”

“You did!”

I reach over to answer the ringing phone, “Hi, baby.”

“How are you feeling? You’re not out of breath this morning.”

“I’m fine, and the baby is fine.”

“Did you have another dream?”

I gave Grier a look to tell him to stop rubbing me, but he didn’t. “Um, yeah – I think. It’s not real clear.”

“Okay. I’m about to go into the meeting. Call me if you need me, and remember that Grier is there to help.”

“I love you, Bret. I really do.”

“I love you more,” he hung up

“You’ve got to leave.”

“Look at this dick. See what you’ve done to it?”

I try not to, but I see it swelling again. “What, did you take Viagra this morning?”

“I want you.”

I shake my head, “Grier.”

He pushes me back on the bed and climbs over me. “We both want this,” he kisses my neck.

“Wait – get off for a minute!


I push him off me, and get off the bed. So many thoughts are going through my head. Why have my dreams been so vivid, and raunchy? Why can’t I get enough of Bret? Why am I telling Grier ‘no’, when I’ve always thought he was a handsome man? I quiet them all, until I only hear my hear racing. I go to my nightstand and dig out a condom. I hand it to Grier, then climb on the bed with my ass up.

“Oh baby, I love this ass!”

I feel him thrust in, then see him toss the unopened condom on the bed.

“It’s too late for that now anyway.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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