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At 71, Dan was still in pretty good shape and also in relatively good health. His marriage to Debra was good. He could no longer perform in the bedroom like he used to but Debra didn’t seem to mind. He loved to perform oral on her and could still do a great job but she didn’t seem to care much for that so their sex life didn’t amount to a lot anymore.

Occasionally he would spot some lady that was a little younger that would cause a stirring in his loins. Of course to him a little younger was a gal in her 40’s or 50’s.

His neighbor Ashley was a young bride of only 18. He did catch himself occasionally looking at her with a desire in his heart. It was absurd but once in a while he yearned for the old days when he could get it up whenever he wanted. Just the same, for 18, Ashley was a hottie. Her ass was what he had noticed first, a bubble butt he believed they called it. It didn’t hurt that for someone so young she had large, mature looking breasts, and you could tell she was proud of them.

They resided in a very small apartment complex of only 12 units. Dan was an excellent handyman and the owner of the complex, who was a very nice guy, was continually trying to pay him for little jobs he did around the units for the other tenants but Dan would not accept it. For the past 4 years at around Christmas time he had received a $ 100 gift card for Red Lobster from the owner, Debra’s favorite eating place, in return for Dan’s handyman services around the complex.

As he rounded the corner of his unit he very nearly ran right over his sexy neighbor Ashley.

“Hi Mr. Dan, wow, we almost had a collision,” Ashley said smiling.

“I’m sorry Ashley, I should be more careful where I’m going,” Dan said to her.

“Oh, that’s OK Mr Dan, I was rushing along too. A few more steps and you woulda probably ended up right on top of me, huh. That would sure have been interesting wouldn’t it Mr. Dan,” she said in a sexy, expressive way. Ashley enjoyed playing the little hottie.

“Now Ashley, you’re getting carried away again. If you’re not careful that big husband of yours will be stalking me, thinking I’m trying to put moves on you or something,” Dan said.

“Hmm, don’t sound bad Mr. Dan, the part about you putting moves on me that is,” Ashley said.

“Don’t think that would work out Ash, you know when men get older they can’t always do the same things that they used to do if you know what I mean,” Dan said seriously.

“Oh Mr. Dan, bet I could get things to work OK,” she said laughing.

Dan had to admit that he would kid around with Ashley occasionally. He wasn’t certain but maybe it was a case of wishful thinking on his part. He next said something that he couldn’t believe afterwards.

“One thing though Ashley,” Dan said laughing, “my tongue still works as good as ever, maybe even better.”

Ashley actually blushed, something he had never seen before.

“I’m so sorry Ashley, I can’t believe I said that, I just can’t believe I would say something like that to you,” Dan said apologetically.

“Oh come on Dan,” she said, “we were just teasing, no harm done,” she said with a smile.

“Oh yes, it was harm as far as I’m concerned, “Dan said seriously,” I don’t say things like that to ladies. “Well, there was no harm done Mr. Dan, now I need to ask you for a favor,” Ashley said.

“Sure,” Dan said, “what do you need? “

“Oh my Mr. Dan,” she said in a sexy tone,” don’t ask that way or I may tell you.”

Dan could feel a little tingle, what the hell, was he getting hot for this young gal?

“Seriously Mr. Dan, I’ve got some kind of problem with my hot water heater, Ashley said with concern in her voice, “I knew last night that the water felt cooler and now this morning it is totally cold, no matter how long I run it.”

“I’ll be glad to look at it Missy, Dan replied, “let’s go take a peek at it.”

Dan almost felt like they should leave the door open in view of their recent conversation but knew that would look a little strange. He was not reassured however when upon closing the door, Ashley locked it behind them.

Ashley’s hot water heater was electric just like all the others in the complex so his first move was to head for the electrical panel and sure enough the breaker had been tripped. He reset the breaker and it held. He then walked to the hot water heater.

“What would have caused that Mr.Dan,” Ashley inquired.

“Well, doesn’t look like a short or anything,” Dan replied, “keep an eye on it though Ashley, if it kicks off again we may just have a weak breaker. If so, I’ll change it.”

“Thanks Mr. Dan,” Ashley said, ” we’d all be lost without you around.”

“What in the world are you doing Mr. Dan,” Ashley inquired.

“Shhh, I’m listening to see if the elements are heating up,” Dan said.

“Yep, I can hear them,” Dan said, “it will take a little while but you’ll have hot water soon.”

“I can’t thank you enough Mr. Dan,” Ashley said with a sexy tinge to her voice, “why don’t you have a izmit escort cup of coffee with me.”

“I’m not sure if I should do that,” Dan said, “I don’t know if I can trust you,” he said with a laugh.

Ashley gave him a smoldering look — “you mean you’re afraid of me Dan,” she said breathlessly, you afraid I might tempt you?”

Ashley had sat down on the arm of a big chair, she now had pulled one of her legs up and he could see straight up her shorts. She not only had panties on but they were plain white cotton panties, the kind that the girls wore when he was young so there was nothing really to look at. Ashley and Dan had locked eyes and he felt something he had not felt for some time. He felt the beginning of an erection.

“Why are you afraid of me Mr. Dan,” Ashley asked, “what are you afraid I’m going to do to you, hmmm?”

Dan found that his throat was dry as dust. This little girl was really getting to him now. He had been married for 46 years and never even come close to cheating on his wife, what was causing him to even consider something like this?

“Maybe I need to help you make your decision Mr. Dan,” she said softly, and with that began to unbutton her shirt. He felt frozen in place. He knew that he should just walk out, close the door and end the situation but he couldn’t.

She pulled her shirt loose and sat there in her bra. He hadn’t realized just how big her breasts really were. She was wearing a bra that opened in front. She was looking directly into his eyes as she slowly unfastened the bra and let it fall away.

Dan gasped. They were incredible. They were big, yes, but they were also beautifully shaped. She had what were usually referred to as puffy nipples. Puffy nipples were usually not that big but hers stood out proudly. It looked like she had already reached a high level of excitement.

Dan couldn’t move and even felt that he was having trouble breathing. It was if he was rooted in place.

“Well Mr. Dan, do you like them?” she asked.

Dan wasn’t sure if he could answer………” they’re beautiful,” he croaked.

“You know you can come over here and touch them if you want to,” Ashley said.

Dan walked as if in a trance, slowly but deliberately toward his sexy neighbor. It felt as if it was taking him an hour to get there. Finally he was within a foot or two of her.

Ashley reached out and took his hand and placed it on her right breast, let out a sigh and smiled at him.

Dan began to lightly caress her breast, finally pinching her nipple softly, causing Ashley to let out a very audible groan.

She moved closer and kissed Dan softly on the lips.

“No Ashley, this isn’t right, I need to get out of here before something happens,” he said.

“No Mr. Dan, I don’t think that’s what you need to do, not what you need to do at all,” Ashley said.”You said that your tongue was still efficient didn’t you. Maybe I need to show you what your tongue would like to see.”

With that Ashley stood up, hooked her thumbs in her shorts and panties and pulled them both down at once.

Dan gasped, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Everything he saw in men’s magazines and the occasional porn video he would see, the women all looked like girls. It seemed the fashion was to shave or laser off all the hair. Ashley did not fit into that group. She had a fully hairy pussy which excited him to no end. He could see the lips of her vagina glistening and her pussy gaped slightly open. He groaned with resignation and lowered himself slowly to his knees. He hoped he could live up to his bragging. He leaned forward, inhaling the wonderful aroma of her pussy, a pussy with hair! He placed his tongue just inside her lips and began to lick softly.

“Oh Dan, Dan, that feels so good, so hot,” she said breathlessly, “ummm, let me sit down please.”

Ashley relaxed in the big chair, hooking her left leg up over the arm and laying back, opening herself up completely to Dan.

Dan continued to lick very slowly, now kissing her lightly around her vagina, licking into her pussy and then up almost to her clitoris, but backing off without making contact with the little nub. He knew that he was frustrating her this way. She kept moving her hips, trying to push her clit into contact with his tongue.

“Oh Dan, please, please lick my clit. I’m hot baby, so very hot, your tongue is driving me wild.”

Dan pulled away, smiling at her.

“Ash you haven’t felt anything yet.”

He returned to his oral loving of Ashley’s pussy, trying to get as much of his tongue and mouth into her as he could. He loved her pussy. He loved the way she smelled, looked, felt and just about everything else he could think of. He decided that he should treat her right, he should give her what she wanted. “Oh God,” Ashley screamed as Dan planted his tongue directly on her clit and began to move it in a circular motion.

“Oh Dan, do it baby, suck my pussy, lick my clit, oh do everything baby, do anything you want,” she said.

Dan began to alternate between licking her exposed clit and then sucking lightly on it. Ashley was humping up to meet him now, grunting, pushing toward her eventual explosion.

Dan was still pulling away from her occasionally, trying to slow things down a little, waiting for that subtle little signal that it was time to push her over the top.

He kissed her mons and then went down to her perineum, kissing that soft area between the bottom of her pussy and her anus. This seemed to stimulate her in a new way.

“Oh Dan, my God you are good, you weren’t kidding, I’m falling in love with that mouth and tongue,” she said loudly, pumping herself against him as hard as she could.

Dan had reached up with his right hand and had been playing with her tits. He now pulled that hand down and inserted two fingers into her blazing hot pussy. She was so wet that some of her moisture had run down, over her anus and dripped onto the chair. He curved his fingers upward and found her G spot with no difficulty. He began to slowly massage the sometimes elusive spot and returned his mouth to her clit.

“Oh yes, yes baby, oh please Dan, make me cum, make my pussy cum. I need it so bad baby, please do it,” Ashley said desperately.

Dan licked with new vigor. He worked her g-spot and alternated between licking and sucking on her clit which had now grown into a hard little nub.

“”Oh, oh,oh, nnnnn damn, oh God I’m gonna cum Dan, I’m gonna cum good,” she said jerkily,” oh my pussy is on fire, I feel like my whole body’s gonna cum.

Ashley was pumping so hard now that Dan wondered if she was going to stay seated in the chair. She was holding on tightly to the arms of the chair for leverage and was pumping her ass a foot off of the seat of the chair. Her breath was coming in labored gasps and sweat was pouring from her face and chest. She was ready, he could tell.

Dan began to rub her g-spot a little more firmly. He sucked her clitoris harder, pulling it partially into his mouth and then bit down on it very gently. That was all that Ashley needed.

“Aaaawrowww,” Ashley screamed her orgasm to anyone who could hear,” aaaaa, oh yes, cumming, cumming so hard.”

She continued to yell and hump herself up against Dan rapidly and with force.

Dan could feel the contractions of her pussy. He marveled at how hard her pussy was gripping his fingers. He could finally feel a lessening of the force of her contractions. He could also feel that her g-spot didn’t have the little ridges that it had before. Ashley was finally finished with her orgasm.

“Oh Dan, oh baby that was so good. Honey I don’t think I have ever cum that hard in my whole life. You weren’t joking there Mr. Dan, you have an enormously talented mouth and tongue.

“Thank you ma’am, I always aim to please,” Dan said with a smile.

“Whoa, wait a minute Dan,” Ashley said, “what is that. You got a screwdriver in your pocket or were you maybe fibbing a little about not being able to get it up?

Dan realized that he had an erection. It was also an erection that he could do something with if he had a desire to do so but he wasn’t sure that he did.

“Look Ashley,” Dan said seriously, “we shouldn’t have done what we already have. I think that would be taking this beyond what I should do, I mean, hell, I shouldn’t have done that either.”

“No,” Ashley countered, “maybe not, but we did and since we did, I don’t see any problem in taking care of that hardon of yours.”

Dan couldn’t shake it off. Of course he should not have licked Ashley to a big cum but he did. Now he felt like he should just go home and call it a day. Just then Ashley grabbed a hold of his pants by the belt and pulled him forcefully toward her. She unbuckled his belt and loosened his trousers. She grabbed them and pulled downward taking his trousers and boxers both to his knees.

“Whooeee,” she said, “Mr. Dan, you were quick to mention your tongue, why in the hell didn’t you mention this big thing, I mean your packin an amazing tool here.”

Dan simply smiled at her. She was right of course, he had been pretty well hung. When younger, like most guys, he had measured it more than once and it was a solid 7 inches which wasn’t that big a deal but it was his girth that was something special. He was very, very big, from that standpoint. He realized that Ashley was gazing almost hypnotically at his penis.

“Mr. Dan, you just gotta let me have some of that, pleeeeese,”

Ashley scrunched down in the big chair, spread her legs widely and still having gripping his cock, pulled him gently forward, placing the head right at the entrance to her pussy.

“Mmmmm, push sweetie,” Ashley said lustfully, push that big horse in.”

Dan still felt a little guilty but recalled an old saying from his teenage years, “a stiff dick has no conscience.”

His cock was struggling to enter her. She was certainly no virgin but Ashley realized that she had never had anything that big in her before. He was opening her up like no one before him. He was so big that the top of his cock was pushing against her clitoral hood. This was going to be good, she thought.

“Oh baby you are so big,” she said, “that’s bigger than my biggest dildo. Oh yes, push honey, push.”

Dan hoped that he could maintain his erection through all this struggling. He had a little over half of it in and it seemed that it was going better now. She was so wet that the struggle to impale her on his dick was starting to go much easier. Finally he was balls deep and could not get over the feeling. It was as if his cock was gripped by a wet velvet glove. He began sawing in and out, falling into that age old rhythm known by everyone.

“Yesss, Dan, oh yesss,” Ashley hissed,” it’s so good baby, so good. Hump me good Dan, slam my pussy baby.”

Dan was pumping his lovely young neighbor with vigor now, realizing that he had not had this feeling for a long time. It was as if his cock was super sensitized. He pulled almost completely out and then slid forcefully back in. He did not bang her hard but made sure she felt his ardor and did try to impale her as deeply as he could.

“Oh jeez Dan, you got me filled up more than I ever have been. My hubby keeps braggin about how big he is and how much he can fill me up but honey you got him beat all to hell. Oh Dan, I love that big fat cock of yours, oh baby fuck me, fuck that pussy honey.”

Dan was driving in and out of the lovely young girl hard now, starting his journey down that wonderful road that he recalled from times ago.

Ashley had been shocked at the effect the big cock was having on her. She simply wanted some sex, let the man cum and that would be it. Instead he was a skillful lover and she found herself feeling sexually stimulated again and now driving herself toward another orgasm. It was usually impossible for her to cum simply by fucking but she had a feeling that this time was going to be different. He wasn’t directly rubbing her clit but he was so big that he was shifting her clitoral hood back and forth and that was apparently just as effective.

“Oh Dan, baby you’re gonna make me cum, help me cum Dan. As soon as I cum you can pull out and shoot it on my tummy.”

Dan was banging her good now, slamming into her hard, getting a little squeal out of her when he did.

“Oh yes, oh Dan I’m gonna cum, baby here it cums,” she panted, “mmmm, my pussy’s cumin, oh yes it’s cummin good, ahhhhh God, oh damn it’s so good it almost hurts, she shouted as her orgasm continued.

Dan could feel her pussy contracting, even quivering some, it was all he needed.

“Damn,” he shouted, “oh damn Ash, I’m cumming.”

He could feel his cock, shooting into her. Not the giant ropes of cum of his youth but cumming hard even so.

“Dan!” she shouted, “oh honey you were supposed to pull out, didn’t you hear me say that?”

“No,” Dan replied, “why did you want me to pull out? You due use birth control don’t you.”

“Yeah,” Ashley replied, “we do but since I’m allergic to IUD’s and get sick with pills we use condoms!”

“Oh shit,” Dan replied, “I’m sorry honey, I really didn’t hear you, what do we do now?”

“Don’t worry,” Ashley said with a smile, “I bet you don’t even make any tadpoles at your age.”

“Well, I don’t know,” Dan said, “maybe you’re right, maybe I don’t have any wigglers anymore, probably don’t.”

“Listen,” Dan said, “I think you’re about the hottest lady I’ve ever known but I never should have taken advantage of you Ashley, I know you pushed for it but at my age I should have known better. Don’t get me wrong sweetie, you’re as hot as anyone I’ve ever been with but I should have acted my age.

“Dan,” Ashley said, “surely you could tell that it was wonderfully sexy for me. I’ve never been made love to like I was today. Don’t say we shouldn’t have done this. Don’t say that again! It meant everything to me.”

“OK sweetie, OK,” Dan said, but I’ve gotta get out of here. My wife is surely home from the store by now. I don’t want her to come looking for me.”

Ashley walked him to the door, her arm around his waist. He opened the apartment door and looked out, making certain that no one was about.

“Thank you Ashley,” Dan said, I won’t ever forget this day.”

Ashley leaned up and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“You are a very special person,” she said emotionally, I’m gonna have a hard time seeing you around the complex and not coming up and giving you a big hug and kiss. Maybe we can do this again someday.”

“No Ashley,” Dan said seriously, “you know this can’t happen again. It just can’t.

“Yeah I guess so,” she said, “but it’s not going to be easy. I think I fell in love a little bit today. But I know you’re right.

“So long kiddo, be good,” he said, kissed her lightly on the cheek and departed the apartment.

Dan was a logical and sensible person. There was no logic in getting involved with Ashley. A young housewife and a 71 year old man? It was ludicrous. He was walking with an additional spring in his step though he noticed. Maybe he wasn’t a geezer after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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