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The room was overpoweringly scented with the smell of sex. I love the smell of Master’s cum. The taste was even better to me and the thought of having what was deposited into my cunt was driving me wild. Then it hit me. I cupped my hand over my dripping snatch and ran to the bedroom grabbed my big mirror off the wall and raced back down to the living room.

I laid the mirror on the floor and straddled it. I was amazed as I gazed at my stretched pussy and needed to touch, but not just yet. Squatting down my lips spread even further showing me a perfect view of pussy and ass.

MMM no wonder my Master loves me being spread for him. The site made me want to drop down and suck his cum out of that well fucked cunt. My juices started flowing and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to resist touching much longer. God, what a turn on to be able to view my cunt in such a way. Watching as Master’s delicious cum was starting to slide out of my cunt whole gave me an idea.

I began to push I felt nasty and dirty getting off on seeing my Master’s seed begin to spill all over the pussy on the floor.

I dug my finger into my whole and scooped up more of his tasty treat and ran it over my mouth sucking them clean. Wishing that I was sucking my Master’s cock again. I love sucking his cock before he showers, the scent of his crotch makes me soo hott I want Escort Bayan to suck him forever.

I began pushing harder loving the feel of my nasty cunt giving up my Master’s gift and needing to cum, as this used whore dropped it onto that well fucked cunt on the floor.

God I want to lick that cunt and suck the rest out of that sluts whole. My finger began to graze over my clit as I watched the show I was performing for myself. The feel of his slimy goo on my finger and clit was my undoing. I came with a force that I hadn’t felt for several days. Still squatting my knees were shaking from the force of my orgasm.

My finger now slowly gliding in and out of the cunt on the floor. I wished my Master was there watching he would be loving this site. Thinking of him watching me made my fingers move in and out even faster dear god is it possible for this dirty slut to come again? I turned and grabbed the candle holder on the coffee table and rammed it into the dripping cunt before me. She took it like a pro. It felt soo good the cold metal touching my over heated cunt. I came again grinding it into me screaming out to my Master needing him to approve.

Not able to contain my need to lick that now abused cunt I dropped to me knees and began lapping up the cum. The metallic taste of the mirror combined with the salty tang Bayan Escort of my Master’s delicious cum.

I love sucking him dry, the feel of his balls in my hand when cupping them as he drains his load into me just makes my cunt drip and my mouth water.

“Now what is my little girl doing?”

I turned my head smiling, my face covered in my Master’s cum licking my lips not able to tell.

I sat up lifting my heavy upper body with my hands and setting back on my ankles. With his eyebrow arched I began to tell My Owner my Master what I had done.

Freshly showered my beautiful Daddy smelled of coconuts and sand an edible combination. He smiled at me and patiently listened while stroking his cock for me.

I love watching him stroke lovingly while I play for him. The more he stroked the hungrier and more fixated I became. I couldn’t take my eyes off his thick throbbing member. I started to move closer as if being pulled toward him. Creeping along on my knees as I continued my tale. I was soon between his legs sniffing him. Needing to bury my nose into his belly with his cock deep in my throat.


I hadn’t realized I had stopped talking and just watching until Master interrupted my thoughts. He laughed and told me to finish my story. I moved to lick the little bit of pre cum seeping out of his Escort slit, but Master jerked it away not allowing me even a taste. I looked up at him pleading with my eyes. He groaned in need wanting my lips wrapped around his cock. He denied us both.

Sighing I finished my story not taking my eyes off Master’s delicious member.

I’m not even sure if he was listening to me he would wave his cock soo close to my lips that as I would lick them I would get to graze slightly over the head of my prize. He would jerk back groaning that deep groan that always makes my clit hard and my belly flip. It became a game I would embellish my story and he would tease me with his cock.

When my story finished with him entering the room he groaned again. I watched his balls tighten and I knew I was going to have what I had been craving for. I opened my mouth sticking my tongue out staring at his cock and balls waiting for that tell tale sign of his cock growing and spreading to explode on me.

“Oh please Master feed me your hott cum, I need it. I have to have it. Without it I am lost.”

His cock head grew the eye opened and he began to spit his cum over me. My tongue greedily lapped it up and with my fingers I scooped more from my face sucking them clean. I looked at my Master, he knew what I wanted and nodded his head I slurped his cock into my mouth and began to suck gently wanting to get every last drop out.

He grabbed me by my hair ripping his cock out of my mouth then leaned down and kissed my pouting lips. A kiss that took my soul. He owns me completely now and that makes me very happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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