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Meg got in the shower at a quarter to 8, as she’d been instructed, and couldn’t help touching her pussy furtively as she stood under the hot water and thought about what was going to happen. Even though he’d told her she wasn’t allowed to, and she knew he’d punish her for it later, she couldn’t help sliding a hand between her legs and massaging her clit, and that felt so good she couldn’t help pushing her long middle finger into her pussy – and another, and a third – thinking about her master fucking her. Before long she had her face pressed against the shower tile and was pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt, just the way he’d made her do it last time they were together, though without the blindfold over her eyes or the hard ball gag in her mouth.

She stopped herself before she came, knowing how angry he’d be, and finished showering.

Part of what turned her on so much was not knowing – not knowing where she was going, not knowing what was going to happen when she got there.

He’d picked out her outfit last time – sharp, tall heels, a tight black dress too small for her tremendous, soft breasts, and streetwalker-heavy makeup.

She took her time getting ready and before she knew it she was running late, but she still took a quick moment to apprise herself in the bathroom mirror. Her tits were spilling out of the dress so ostentatiously that she could see the pink rim of her aureoles peeking out, and the dress was so short that even the slightest lean forward would push the hem up high enough to expose her bare pussy. With the heavy eye makeup and lipstick, she looked like an absolute gutter-trash whore. She knew he would be pleased.

He was waiting with a car downstairs, and as soon as she got in the driver pulled away without any instruction from her master. He was quiet for several moments, and she was worried she’d upset him.

She leaned in and whispered into his ear, “Don’t I dress Bycasino up like a good little pet for you?”

He answered by pressing his mouth to hers, gently working his lips on hers, kissing down her cheek and neck before returning to her mouth and working his tongue against hers more and more aggressively. Suddenly, she felt his hand on the back of her head, his fingers curling into her hair.

“Do you remember what I told you about being on time?”

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s not an answer to my question.”

“Yes, I remember. You said to be on time.”

“Do you know how late you were?”

“A couple of minutes?” she said.

“You were four minutes late. I was going to make you cum before things got underway tonight, on our way, but now you’re going to have to be punished.”

“Yes sir. How would you like to punish me?”

He took her by the wrist and guided one hand to the thick bulge in his slacks. She started to unzip his fly and was rebuffed by a quick slap against the cheek.

“Not until I say,” he told her.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I just want your cock so badly.”

“Take it out, but don’t touch it,” he instructed her.

She unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out, and couldn’t resist running her fingers along the hot, hard shaft before letting go.

“Look at it,” he told her. “Tonight, this is what you exist for. Your one and only job is to please cock – my cock, and any cock I tell you to.”

“Yes sir.”

“Pull down your dress,” he ordered her.

She did, quickly, releasing her beautiful, enormous breasts.

“Our driver’s name is David,” he said. “Tell David what a filthy whore you’re going to be tonight.”

“I’m going to be a nasty cock-whore tonight, David,” she said without hesitation. “I’m going to do whatever my master tells me, because all I care about is pleasing him.”

“Tell David how you’re going Bycasino giriş to start.”

“I’m going to start by sucking his cock right now,” she said.

“That’s right. Good girl.”

She felt his hand pulling her face down into his lap, and she leaned over and took his cock deep into her mouth. He thrust it in all at once, roughly, and she felt the tip push down her throat. As she pulled away, fighting the impulse to gag, she tasted a trail of salty precum lacing across her tongue.

She wrapped her lips around his cock and began sucking gently, working up and down the shaft, pausing every so often to gently suck just the tip and flicker her tongue against the underside of the tip in a way she knew drove him crazy. She was rewarded with another jolt of precum, and the sensation of his cock growing harder in her mouth, throbbing.

He was softly moaning now as she began sucking more quickly, and moving his hips slightly to thrust up into her mouth. Her red lipstick left smears around the base of his cock, and after he pushed his cock down her throat a few more times she could feel her heavy eye makeup starting to run.

All at once he was pulling on her hair, roughly yanking her face away from his cock and pushing his tongue into her mouth. He broke the kiss and pushed two fingers into her mouth, and she sucked them luridly.

The next moment, he was pushing her back down, pushing his wet, hard cock past her lips and into her mouth again, and she felt him tugging up the hem of her dress.

His two fingers, wet with her saliva, found the tight bud of her asshole and began massaging it in slow circles, causing her to moan obscenely around his cock.

She groaned as his first finger pushed into her wet, welcoming ass, just the tip at first, then all the way in. He slowly worked it in and out a few times before sliding in the second finger, and then pushed his two remaining Bycasino deneme bonusu fingers into her soaking cunt, at which point her moans became desperate and animalistic.

He began fucking both her holes with his fingers, all the while talking to her in a slow, steady voice: saying her name, telling her she was a slut, a whore, promising that whatever was in store tonight, it was going to involve levels of degradation she’d only fantasized about.

Her cunt was feverishly hot, and dripping onto the vinyl seats of the town car, and she could feel his cock pulsing in her mouth and her moans quickened as she started to cum.

“Yes, yes,” she tried to say through her very full mouth. “Mmmh god fuck ohhhhhh.”

As she was starting to climax, he pulled his fingers out of her holes and moved both hands to the back of her head, holding his cock deep as he released ropes of hot cum into her mouth.

“Don’t you dare swallow,” he said, gasping through his orgasm. “You don’t get to cum yet because you broke the rules, and if you swallow that cum you’re not going to be allowed to get off all night.”

He pulled her head away slowly, allowing her to slurp all of the salty cum into her mouth as she sat up.

“Sit there,” he said, his fingers still laced into her hair. “Turn to the side so that David can see. David? Have a look at the filthy whore you have riding in the back of your car.”

The driver’s eyes, foxlike and cruelly lustful, met her in the rearview mirror. She kept her lips pursed together. She waited, feeling the massive load of cum still hot on her tongue, her eyes still watering slightly, black trails beginning to form at the corner of her eyes.

“Now push your tits together,” he said. “You know what to do.”

She looked him in the eye, the way she knew he liked, and slowly drooled his cum all over her tits, drop by drop, massaging it into her breasts gently, pinching and tugging at her nipples, her breasts now glistening.

She felt the car slow to a stop. Still on the upper east side, meaning they must have been driving in circles.

“Pull your dress up, slut,” he ordered her. “We’re just getting started.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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