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This is part 2, I think there may be one more part to the story, if you’re a good girl for me and get on your knees and beg me for it. Here:

I closed the door of the yoga studio behind us, the only people left were you, your sister, me. I turned down the lights. You were nervous but your sister had a sexy, knowing smile on her face.

My voice became less yoga teacher, more dominant: “Kneel down” I commanded, “lift your arms”.

You were shocked at being commanded what to do, but before you could think, you kneeled on your yoga mat and lifted your arms.

“Show her to me” I told your sister.

She stepped in front of you, her soft, sweaty belly and the folds of her pussy in her tight, dark green yoga shorts right in front of your face. You could smell her musk, like cloves and pepper and body odor. She lightly ran her fingertips from the palms of your lifted hands, down the insides of your arms, down the sides of your breasts, and as she bent over to do this she gave you a kiss, gentle at first, but then you felt her tongue on your lips as her hands caressed your small tits. The adrenaline was rushing through your body, you couldn’t believe your own sister was kissing you! But you opened your lips and let her tongue meet yours, wet, soft, flicking back and forth. Her fingertips slid under your sports bra sancaktepe escort and lifted it just enough so that it rested above your exposed breasts, your hard dark nipples standing out. She pinched them and your whole body shivered. She kissed you again and stood up.

“More” I directed, “Show me your sister’s pussy!”

She blushed, looked away as if ashamed, then reached down and slid your dank yoga shorts down your thighs to just above your knees. You had never seen your sister, so strong and assertive, take orders like that. Your head was swirling with emotions. You were exposed to me now, still kneeling with your arms in the air, your tits out, your shorts down around your knees.

“Touch her cunt” I said, “Touch your sister’s pussy!”

Your older sister kneeled down and reached her hand to touch your bald, sweaty pussy. It tingled, it felt good, you could feel her rubbing your clear lube all around. She lifted her fingers, but to your mouth, and slid them in. You tasted your musky, clove-like fluids, your sweat, on your sister’s fingers as you looked her ashamedly in the eyes. She pulled her fingers out of your greedy mouth, a line of spit hanging in the air; she rubbed your pussy again, this time focusing on your sensitive clit. Now she sarıyer escort slid her fingers into her own shorts and laid back on the floor and starting masturbating with her eyes closed, saying your name over and over as her hand moved faster and faster. The yoga had put her into a trance, she had been thinking of this moment since you were little teen girls giggling and trying on each others panties late at night, sleeping together innocently in the same bed.

“Give her to me now” I commanded, ‘Like we talked about”.

It surprised you to hear that your own sister – your own flesh and blood – had been planning on giving you to her sexy, older dominant yoga teacher. It shocked you but turned you on, you were dizzy with desire. Your sister laid back and took off all your clothes now. Then she took off her clothes, exposing her large round breasts, her trimmed pussy with the dark red lips peeking out, her flat belly. She went over to me and lifted my shirt off, got on her knees and pulled my shorts down. My cock was hard and sticking straight out – 8 inches and thick. With one movement your sister put my dick in her mouth and swallowed the whole thing. I put my hand on the back of her head and started fucking her mouth, all the while looking you in the eyes.

“Your sefaköy escort sister’s a hot fuck” I said, embarrassing your with my vulgarity, “But I bet you’re hotter with your tight young Asian cunt and little mouth.”

You turned red, not knowing what was coming next. “Get over here and suck my cock” I commanded.

You were fully nude, your body glistening with sweat, as you crawled from your mat to where I was standing and your sister was kneeling.

“Suck it!”

You reached out with your hand and grabbed it, your fingers didn’t even reach around. You had never seen such a big cock in person before. My dick was wet with precum and your sister’s spit so I started fucking your hand. Then I grabbed your head and pulled your mouth onto my dick. It was so big your lips felt stretched! But you wanted to please me, you needed to please me, so you let me fuck your mouth. My cock tasted so good, like sweat, odor, your sister’s spit.

Next thing you realized, your sister was playing with your pussy, one hand rubbing your clit, the other with a finger rubbing your asshole. It was too much – the yoga, the stretching, the sweat, the heat, seeing your sister get dominated, your sister telling you to suck my cock – you couldn’t hold back.

While I was still fucking your mouth, your whole body exploded in orgasm. You may have blacked out, only aware of the orgasm and my hard cock fucking your mouth. When you came back to consciousness, still tingling and dizzy, you found yourself on your knees, face down, your belly resting on a bolster (that’s a big yoga pillow) and your ass up in the air.

“What could possibly happen next …” you said to yourself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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