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A month or so after their trip to Brazil, John took Jennifer along with him on another business trip to Europe. It was their first time together in Europe and they had lots of fun sightseeing and trying new things. One evening John and Jen were talking with another couple in a small pub. After several rounds of drinks, the topic turned to sex as it often does with John and Jen. The couple told them about a wild sex club they had visited a few nights before. It was a short cab ride away, just around the corner. They described how fancy the club was, the people there and what they saw. The conversation continued for a while on that and other topics until the other couple got up to leave. They said it was late and wished them a good night. As they were walking away, the wife said to John and Jen, “You two should go check out that club. You won’t regret it.” John and Jen laughed as they waved goodbye.

A while after the couple left, John asked Jen, “You want to go check it out?”

Jen replied, “Check what out?”

John answered, “The sex club.”

Jen remarked, “Are you serious?”

John said, “Sure, why not. Can’t hurt to go look.”

Jen explained, “I’m not sure I want to have sex with a bunch of people watching me.”

John said, “We can just go and look. We don’t have to do anything.”

Jen agreed, “Ok. I guess I’m game if you are.”

They paid their tab at the bar and then walked outside and got into a taxi. They traveled a few miles and had the driver stop where the couple had told them. They walked a few blocks down a narrow side street and arrived at single wood door with a lamp above it, but no sign.

John said, “Well, based on what they said, this looks like it. Ready?”

“I guess so,” Jen nervously answered.

John knocked a few times on the wood door. After a long pause, they heard the deadbolt click and then the door slowly opened. A young lady stood in the doorway. She looked John and Jen up and down and then smiled and said, “Please come in.”

John and Jen stepped through the doorway into a small vestibule with no windows, a small table, a cash register, and two more doors. The young lady explained there was an entrance fee and John paid it. After paying, the young lady informed them that there was a dressing room with lockers through the right door, and through the left door was the bar and dancefloor. She explained that the playroom was through the door at the back of the bar.

John and Jen walked through the door and into the bar. At initial glance, it looked like an ordinary upscale bar. They walked over, sat at the bar, and ordered a couple drinks. They looked around and watched the other patrons. Some couples were taking with other couples, some people were dancing on the dancefloor, etc. From time to time couples and small groups would exit the room through the door in the back.

Jen pointed to the door and said to John, “That must be where the playroom is.”

John inquired, “You want to go take a look?”

Jen replied, “Well, we didn’t come here for their world-famous cocktails.” They finished their drinks and walked toward the door at the back of the room. John pulled the door open and they walked through. Once through the door they took in the sights. The room was long and narrow with numerous couches lining the middle. Alcoves lined the sides of the room with beds inside each nook.

Various people were here and there, some fully clothed like John and Jen, some in towels, and others nude. Some of the people were having sex, some people watching others have sex, and others just lounging and talking. John and Jen slowly strolled around the room stopping occasionally to watch different people having sex. The first group they watched was two couples fucking next to each other on a bed. Jen whispered into John’s ear, “You think they are swapping partners?”

John answered, “I bet so.” They continued watching for a few minutes and then wandered to the next alcove. On the bed was an attractive woman about Jen’s age servicing two men at the same time. One man appeared about her age and the other much younger in his early 20’s.

John whispered into Jen’s ear, “I bet you’d like that.”

Jen replied, “Oh fuck yes. That looks hot.” They continued watching the woman get spit roasted on her hands and knees, with one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. Jen asked, “You think the older guy is her husband and the young guy they just picked up here?”

John replied, “That sounds likely.” They watched for a bit and then moved on to the next few alcoves. They were enjoying being voyeurs and guessing at the back story behind each group they watched.

After they had been at the club for a couple hours, Jen looked at John and said, “This is making my really horny. My panties are soaked.”

John responded, “I think I can help with that.”

Jen remarked, “I know you can. But I’m not fucking you here. Take me back to the hotel.” John nodded and took Jen’s hand and üsküdar escort led her to the door. They exited the club, walked back to the main street and hailed a taxi. They didn’t say a word in the taxi on the way back to the hotel and just fondled each other over the tops of their clothes.

Once at the hotel, they paid the driver and quickly made their way to the elevator and up to their room. They barely made it inside before John pushed Jen against the wall of the room right inside the door. He pulled up her dress, ripped off her tiny thong, unzipped his pants and rammed his already hard cock in her dripping wet pussy from behind. He continued thrusting inside her as hard as he could as they wildly fucked. They both came quickly with explosive orgasms.

After regaining their breath, they finished undressing, moved to the bed and discussed what they had just seen at the club. They shared their memories describing in detail the various sex scenes and groups as if the other had not been there. Talking about it and reliving their voyeurism from only a short while earlier turned them on and they ended up fucking again. After another big climax, they collapsed on the bed.

Jen exclaimed, “Remind me to thank that couple from the pub if we ever see them again.”

John replied, “Yes. That may have been the best recommendation ever.”

The next morning John awoke early and got ready for work. He apologized to Jen, “Sorry babe. We have a long day working on the deal today. We probably will be working late tonight.”

Jen replied, “That’s ok. I’ll find something to do to entertain myself.”

Jen went sightseeing in the city for most of the day. She returned to the hotel late in the afternoon and took a nap. She awoke to a text from John confirming they were in fact going to be working late. Jen lounged for a while in the room but became quite bored. She started thinking about the sex club they visited the night before and what they saw.

After a while Jen decided it was time for dinner but didn’t feel like room service. So, she cleaned up and went out to dinner. On the taxi ride to dinner she passed the spot where the taxi had dropped them near the sex club the night before. She barely noticed and didn’t think much of it. Jen continued to dinner at a restaurant not too far from the pub they had been the night before. The restaurant was quiet, and dinner was uneventful. She texted John. He replied that they were still going to be working for a while and not to wait up.

Jen wasn’t ready to go back to the hotel yet. She thought to herself that maybe she could go to the sex club and just watch again. That would get her aroused enough to then go back to the hotel to masturbate and then fall asleep. Yes. That sounded like a solid plan.

Jen took a taxi to the spot where they had stopped the night before. She walked down the side street and came to the wood door. Jen hesitated, then took a deep breath and knocked on the door. As had happened the night before, the deadbolt clicked and then the door opened. The same young lady looked Jen up and down and then smiled and said, “Please come in.”

Jen walked through the door. Once inside she reached into her purse and retrieved some money. The young lady said, “Oh, no need miss. Solo ladies get in free tonight.”

“Great!” Jen exclaimed as she headed toward the left door that led into the bar.

As Jen got to the door, the lady remarked, “Madam’, you must disrobe first.”

Confused, Jen replied, “What?”

The lady explained, “Tonight’s theme is ‘Suits and Lingerie’. Ladies must wear lingerie, or less if they like. Gentlemen must wear a suit and tie.”

Flustered, Jen responded, “I didn’t bring anything special.”

The lady answered, “The dress code is very strict on theme nights. No exceptions.”

Jen thought to herself, shit, the bra and panties she was wearing were sheer see-through white. You could clearly see her nipples through her bra. If you looked, you could see the slit of her shaved pussy through her small G-string, which certainly didn’t cover any of her backside. She hadn’t planned on taking her clothes off. She came to the club just to watch.

Jen hesitated and thought to herself for a moment. She had mustered up the courage to come to the club, which wasn’t easy. She had come this far and didn’t want to head back. So, after a long pause, she decided to go through with it.

Jen went into the small locker room and took off her blouse and skirt. She was wearing black thigh high stay up stockings which she thought really didn’t match her sheer white bra and panties. They at least dressed up her “outfit” from being just plain underwear, so she left them on along with her necklace and high heels. She put her clothes in a combination locker and set the code. She checked herself in the mirror, took a deep breath, and walked out the back door of the locker room and into the club.

Jen yenibosna escort was thankful that the first room of the club was not as crowded as the night before. She quickly scampered over to the bar and sat down. She was glad the bar stools had tall backs on the chairs, hiding her G-string clad ass from view. She ordered a martini to calm her nerves and practically chugged it down. Then she ordered another.

After a bit, as Jen was about to finish her second drink, a young man walked over and asked if he could buy her a drink. Jen replied, “Oh, no thank you. I’m not here to hook up; I’m just here to watch tonight.”

The man responded, “No, I wasn’t propositioning you. Just offering to buy you a drink and maybe have a conversation.”

Jen said, “Oh. Ok. I suppose that’s alright.” They ordered two more martinis. The man introduced himself as Mark and they began a casual conversation. This, along with the three martinis, put Jen more at ease.

During a lull in the conversation, Mark pointed toward Jen’s chest and said, “Very nice.” Jen was taken aback and didn’t know what to say. She was slightly flustered that he was so forward and pointing at her breasts. From the look on her face Mark could tell Jen misunderstood what he was saying. He clarified, “The necklace. It is very nice. Where did you get it?”

Realizing the misunderstanding, they both laughed, and Jen said, “Thank you. I got this in a little market in Brazil.” They continued talking about travel, one of Jen’s favorite topics, which put her more at ease. Without her noticing, Mark motioned for the bartender to bring another round of drinks. Before long, their glasses were dry again.

The martinis were quite smooth, so Jen had not noticed that she had put down four of them so quickly. She was drunk. Not falling on the floor drunk, but she was feeling totally relaxed and at ease. She had even forgotten she was wearing nothing but her see through sheer bra and G-string.

They continued talking for a while and then Mark asked Jen if she would like to dance. Jen felt indifferent about Mark, but he provided some interest to past the time, so she went with the flow and agreed. It wasn’t until she stood up that she remembered her panties were just a thin G-string. However, now that the alcohol had kicked in, she didn’t care too much. They danced for a while among a few other couples on the dancefloor.

The men were all wearing suits and the ladies were wearing various forms of lingerie.

Jen’s coordination was impaired, so she let Mark put his hands on her hips to support her and keep her steady. Mark eventually moved his hands around to the back of her waistline. His palms rested on the strap of her G-string and his fingertips extended down to the tops of her ass cheeks. From time to time he would reach his hands further down and rub her ass lightly with his fingertips. His touch felt good, so Jen let him keep his hands there.

Mark was a pretty good dancer and Jen was enjoying herself. As they continued dancing, he placed his hands on Jen’s hips and spun her around until he was behind her. Mark wrapped one arm around her side, placing a hand on her stomach. His other hand was on her hip as he moved in close behind her. He slid his hand softly up her stomach and to the bottom of her bra as he pulled her even closer. Jen could feel the silky fabric of his slacks on her exposed ass cheeks which she thought felt nice.

Jen reached one hand back and placed her palm on the back of her neck. She wasn’t really into Mark, but his touch felt nice. He wasn’t unattractive, Jen just wasn’t into him. Mark responded and slid his hands up Jen’s ribcage to cup the undersides of her breasts. Like a reflex, she unconsciously responded to his touch by moving her hips back into him. With her exposed butt cheeks pressing into his crotch, Jen could feel Mark start to get hard. She could feel the outline of his cock through his slacks as it nestled in between the center of her ass.

They continued to dance for a while. Mark would run his hands up and down the sides of her rib cage as Jen would grind her butt into his crotch. She knew he was getting quite hot for her. Even though she had no interest in sleeping with him, she was being entertained flirting and teasing him.

After a while Jen leaned back into Mark, turned her head to the side, and said, “I need a break.” They returned to their seats at the bar.

Mark asked Jen, “Would you like to see the back room? I can take you back there if you like?”

Jen replied, “No, I told you, I’m not sleeping with you. I’m not that kind of girl. I just came here to watch.”

Mark clarified, “No, I meant I would escort you back there if you wanted to see it since you can’t go back there alone.”

Puzzled, Jen responded, “Really? Why can’t I go back there myself?”

Mark answered, “Not tonight. Club rules. No singles allowed in the playroom zeytinburnu escort tonight.”

Jen acquiesced, “Well, ok I guess. But I’m not having sex with you. I’m a good girl. Just to look around, right?”

Mark agreed, “Yes. Of course.” He explained, “Tonight men are not allowed to go back there fully dressed. Please wait here while I go change.” He went off to the locker room and came out wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. He took Jen’s hand and led her to the back room.

The scene was like the night before when Jen was there with John. They walked around and saw several couples going at it. They strolled further along and paused to watch an attractive woman having sex with two young guys. Mark asked Jen, “Would you like to sit down?” as he pointed to a small bed directly across the narrow walkway from the couple they were watching.

Jen was really starting to feel the effects of the alcohol. She was drunk and having trouble standing in one place, so she happily agreed to sit. They continued watching the threesome. Jen was mesmerized by the sex act going on in front of them. Unable to focus on more than one thing at a time, she became completely obvious to Mark’s presence sitting next to her as she reclined on the bed.

Mark interrupted her stare and said to Jen, “You can touch yourself if you like. Its perfectly ok.”

Jen dismissed him saying, “No thank you. I’m fine. I’m a good girl. I only came here to watch.” In a trance, Jen continued her stare watching the threesome. After a while, Jen involuntarily started rubbing her hand over her skin without intention or thought. It was as if someone else was moving her hand, not her conscious mind.

She worked her hand down her tight abs and over the small front triangle of her G-string. Jen instinctively pulled her feet closer to her and spread her legs slightly to give herself better access. Like a reflex, she slid her hand inside her panties and started slowly playing with her pussy. This wasn’t an intentional thought or voluntary action. Jen wasn’t trying to masturbate or get off, just unconsciously playing with her pussy while she was in a daze watching the threesome.

Mark and Jen continued watching the woman artfully service the two men. Sucking one and fucking the other. Jen thought that it wasn’t just sex or a live porn movie she was watching, but more like watching an erotic ballet. The woman was servicing the two men with such grace. She was in total control of her body as well as the two men. Jen was studying how all three of their bodies moved together. The way all three moved their bodies in sync was poetic. Jen could barely take her eyes off them.

Jen glanced over and noticed Mark’s towel was no longer covering him. He had his rock-hard cock in his hand and was slowly jerking off. She didn’t think much of it and showed no interest. She returned her gaze to watching the sex scene across the walkway while she continued massaging her clit.

One of the guys that was fucking the woman started to really thrust into her pussy from behind. He increased his pace rapidly. In response, Jen started to rub her clit faster. She subconsciously matched the pace of the guy fucking the woman. Before long, Jen began to feel an orgasm boil up inside her. She continued rubbing her clit. The man fucking the woman exploded and dumped a huge load of cum on the woman’s ass. The sight of the cum shooting from his cock sent Jen over the edge as she arched her back, bit her lip, convulsed and exploded herself.

After Jen came to, she looked over at Mark who was still stroking his cock. She glanced back at the threesome. The men had switched places and now the other man was fucking the woman from behind. Jen continued watching, switching her gaze back and forth from the sex scene to staring at Mark’s cock as he jerked it next to her. Even though she had already cum, Jen continued playing with her pussy. Her clit was becoming overly sensitive, but it still felt good to rub it.

As Mark continued stroking his cock, he leaned over and asked, “I’m getting really close. I’d love to cum on your beautiful tits. May I?” Jen kept her gaze on the threesome. She was still drunk and neither granted nor denied Mark’s request. Mark got up and knelt between Jen’s legs facing her. Jen did nothing to encourage or discourage Mark, but simply moved her head so she could continue watching the threesome. Jen’s legs were spread wide as Mark moved between them. She continued playing with her pussy.

As Mark resumed stroking his cock, he moved forward in between Jen’s legs and closer to her crotch. He pushed her thighs further apart with his knees and legs as if he was getting ready to fuck her. Jen’s wet, pulsating pussy was spread wide just below his cock as he stroked it. Jen thought he was going to drop on top of her at any second and plunge his cock deep in her pussy. At that point, she almost didn’t mind if he did. However, Jen was glad he didn’t as she didn’t really want to fuck him and it wasn’t likely she would have stopped him.

Mark asked Jen to take off her bra. With her gaze still fixed on the threesome, Jen seemingly didn’t hear him and didn’t acknowledge his request. After a few moments, Jen casually reached around her back and unclasped her bra. She slid off her bra and continued rubbing her swollen clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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