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It had been a long flight and now a hot drive. The temperature was high as I noticed a sign for exotic ice cream specialties. Apparently it was a small ice cream parlor. I thought for a moment and reasoned that an ice cream parlor must have air conditioning and so I pulled in to get out of the heat. I was on my way to meet someone for the first time, but another forty five minutes might not be a problem.

I swung in off the highway and locked the car before walking across the parking lot to the door. I paused outside and looked in. It was crowded but that might be a good sign. I reached for the door and pulled it open just as I heard the sound of rushing high heels. I turned to hold the door for her and looked up. It was her, the gal that I’d come all this way to surprise. She was even more beautiful than on my computer monitor and the photos she’d sent me. I could swear that I smelled a hint of mint in the air as she passed.

She didn’t recognize me because I had never sent a photo of myself. I’m sure that my mouth was open as I waited. She smiled at me and thanked me as she passed. It was a few moments before a gal came up and asked if we were together and looking for one table? She shook her head and the gal apologized. The gal said that she had only one table and then brightened and asked if we’d like to share it. I raised an eyebrow and looked quizzically toward my chance meeting at the door. She looked back at me and then shrugged and murmured something like ‘Sure… why not?’

We followed the gal to a table that was set back in the parlor and against a wall. I hurried forward and held the chair while she sat and the gal handed us each a menu. We studied it while I stole hurried glances at this beauty I’d come to see. A few moments passed and an old-fashioned wheeled cart was rolled up to our table and an older man asked if we were ready to order. I looked at her quizzically and she replied for both of us and then we ordered.

Her’s was what sounded like a simple cone called Caramel Surprise, while my own was more dramatic in a dish and called a Mint Dollop. I guess that minted scent as she entered was still affecting my mind. As the waiter opened the cart I watched her beautiful legs through the clear glass top of the table. The waiter pulled out some metal gimmick and filled it with ice and then a paper napkin was carefully inserted into a small recess at the top. It was a full moment before I realized that it was a holder for the cone and the ice around it was to intended slow the melting.

Next he pulled out a frosty glass dish that appeared large enough to have been made for a banana split. He inserted a dark brown French vanilla waffle cone into the holder and scooped and deposited a scoop of French vanilla ice cream atop it. He took out a small tool from a drawer and carved a small recess at the center and then placed a small ‘bullet’ shaped piece of caramel into it. Next he took another scoop of cheesecake ice cream and repeated the process after depositing the scoop on top of the first, but this time it was the caramel topped with a Maraschino cherry. He’d made a two-scoop cone. Next he coated the top with a chocolate dip that hardened as quickly as it touched the ice cream.

He tuzla escort turned his attention to my treat as the chocolate dip completed hardening. Mine was a scoop of mint ice cream followed by two clove sweetened pear halves. He carefully removed each clove and then formed the two halves around the scoop of ice cream… he brought the two halves together at the top and deposited another cherry in the center but pushed it half way down and into the ice cream. Next he covered the top with a light green mint liqueur glasse’, and inserted a large fresh strawberry into the center and covered the whole with the dipping chocolate.

Finally, he covered her cone and my dish with a generous topping of whipped cream and sprinkled them with nut pieces. Both desserts looked fabulous as he delivered her’s first and then mine. A small demitasse spoon was delivered with mine. He asked if there would be anything else and then deposited a check on the edge of the table. She reached for it, but I was faster. I asked if it would be alright if I picked up this tab. She looked slightly perplexed and then graciously accepted.

She’d carried a small day-minder type of book into the parlor with her and now she opened it and removed the pen it contained. I noticed what appeared to be a small ‘Post-its’ pad at the top but it was unusual. Instead of the yellow or simple colored paper usually used, this paper was like a miniature paper-lace similar to the better paper napkins that can be purchased at many stores. It was brilliant white and the center of the ‘lace’ was solid and just large enough for a short note. I commented on how unusual it appeared and she just smiled.

Those little spoons have always bothered me because I love dessert and I have both a large appetite and a large mouth. I looked at it as I picked it up and was wishing for a large soup spoon to replace it. I studied her legs more, and then eyed the cleavage apparent in her simple white blouse. The blouse had been unbuttoned only slightly when I first saw her, but now the buttons were open well below that necessary for simple cooling from the heat.

She was seated with her back to the rest of the patrons, but I got a great look. I already knew what was beneath it, and my mouth watered from the remembrance. I watched as she absent mindedly picked up the cone and her small pink tongue darted out and into the whipped cream. She scooped a small amount onto her tongue and slowly drew it back into her mouth. I could see her eyes close as she tasted it. I experienced what it must be like to be alone with her at my waist.

Self-consciously, I looked down at my own dish. The chocolate had flowed into the crevice between the pear halves and as I studied it I imagined the split I’d seen in her lips before she’d touched herself with a finger. The small recess reminded me of the hood over her clit, and I slowly dragged the spoon over the chocolate covered opening, still remembering, before I used it to chip off the small piece of hardened chocolate that I brought to my lips.

When I looked up, I caught her studying me as I gently placed that chip of chocolate onto my tongue and tasted its sweetness. ucuz escort The mint liqueur definitely gave it that mint chocolate flavor that I loved. Will she be this sweet I wondered? She picked up her cone again and ran her tongue slowly from the edge of the cone up over the cool chocolate and entered the whipped cream. It reminded me of our discussions on oral sex. She had a smile on her face as she wrote in the day-minder.

I dipped the spoon into my whipped cream and placed a generous dollop on my tongue as I remembered the name of this dish. I circled it into my mouth and left some on my upper lip and she was watching me again. We continued this little tease until all of the whipped cream was gone. And then she continued to lick that chocolate until finally she took a tiny nip out of the center. My head throbbed… and it wasn’t on my shoulders. By this time I was into the top of my own dip and could make out the strawberry nestled there. Her tongue caressed the cherry in the center of her cone before she pried it loose and entered it between her lips. That round pink cherry made me think of my own head.

I watched as she buried her small pink tongue into that hole. My mind was imagining the things she could do with her tongue as I slowly pried loose that strawberry and brought it slowly to my own lips. I licked it softly and nipped it a bit before wrapping it with my tongue and taking it inside. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed it, and when I opened them she was there. I was positive now that she would be more than sweet and my mouth watered. Her eyes were looking at me through that glass table top as she sealed her lips around that chocolate and I could see her sucking the melted ice cream as she canted her head. I was rigid in pants as she sucked and my gaze shifted to her through that glass. Her hands were rubbing through that skirt.

I finished the chocolate and then used my spoon to caress that joining of the pear halves. It was the same manner that I wanted to separate her lips and tease them with my tongue. I teased the pear and slowly pried the pieces apart while wetting my lips with my tongue. Before I knew it I had reached down into my lap and tried to suppress my erection. Her skirt had come up and her small hand entered. I could just see the outline of pink as one small finger barely entered and began to circle. I rubbed my cock through the pants and then teased the zipper.

She stripped off the chocolate as she gazed at me through hooded eyes and that finger circled. And when the chocolate was gone, I watched as her tongue entered and sought the caramel in that small hole at the top. My cock twitched again as she licked and teased it and brought forth a small drop on her extended tongue. My small drop of pre-release? Her eyes closed as she brought it back between her lips, and her finger circled as she loosed a very quiet moan. I almost moaned with her.

A moment passed and I had grabbed and held my stiffness before she opened her eyes again and smiled softly at me. I picked up an entire pear half and brought it to my mouth and circled its hollow with my own tongue as I rubbed more furiously. I placed the center to my lips ümraniye escort and sucked the delicate mint liqueur into my mouth as I partially closed my own eyes. Then I increased the suction and the soft pear disappeared between my own lips the way I wanted to inhale her and her scent…

She began to lick the outside of the cream and I watched her coated tongue each time she returned it. The creamy whiteness of the vanilla was in stark contrast to the bronze of her body and pink of her tongue. She teased that cream and then placed her tongue around the outer edge of the cone and slowly circled it. Her eyes were closed until she paused and took a small nip of the cone. Could she circle my own head that way? And nip it? I jumped at the pleasure I felt, and I think I must have moved the table a bit as I sat back.

I returned the favor with a larger spoonful of cherry ice cream and circled it with my tongue, too. I tasted and felt the coolness of the cream on my broad tongue, the way I wanted to lick her and taste her freshness with my tongue. When I’d finished that spoonful, I returned the spoon upside down and slowly scraped a small groove in the cream before filling the spoon. I had opened my zipper now, and slowly reached within. I watched through slitted eyes as her mouth widened and she wet those sweet lips with her tongue.

I thrilled as I watched her munch that cone in small bites, circling it and slowly devouring it. Would she devour me that way? Her finger had been joined by another and she stroked deeper and I could make out the dampness on them each time as they returned. Again and again her hand caressed and stroked the outside of that cone, and I felt myself approaching climax. She dipped her moistened fingers into the last of the ice cream and I could almost taste their combined sweetness as she brought them to her mouth. I had to glance away to keep from embarrassing myself. When I looked back, she appeared disappointed and I just shrugged.

She smiled as she popped that last small tip of cone into her mouth and licked her lips. I had barely finished the second pear half and was busy on the last of the ice cream as she straightened and smoothed her skirt. Her moist fingers toyed with the top sheet of that post-it pad before she closed the day-minder and started to stand. I paid the bill and walked with her to the door and we entered the heat of the day again. She glanced down at me and whispered zipper.

Embarrassed, I attempted to turn and raise it, but I couldn’t at that busy storefront. I walked her to her car, and then slowly rezipped in the shadow between cars. I thanked her for the opportunity to sit with her and she smiled before saying it was her pleasure and then she reached out to shake my hand.

I watched as she left and returned to my car before I realized that something was stuck to my hand. I entered the car, started it, and let the air-conditioning begin as I turned the slip over. It was one of her lacy post-its and I brought it to my nose and inhaled deeply. I could still catch the sweetness of her dampened scent and my mouth watered. I was wondering about our encounter… and whether she did this often… when I turned over the note and read my name in the beautiful script that she had used. It was a note stating that I already had the address and she needed fifteen minutes to prepare.

I spent the time driving around the neighborhood and wondering how she knew it was me. I had never given her a clue and yet she knew… Now my erection was well into overdrive as I entered the driveway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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