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Creamy Cum

My name is Steve and last year I finally married the love of my life, Rachael. She is about 5’4, slim, short brown hair in a cute bob and a great body. We have been together for several years and I have to admit, our relationship was awesome. We had sex three or four times a week and we were very much in love, we always did everything together, as a couple.

The problems started when, for some inexplicable reason, I could no longer get a hard on before sex. I couldn’t understand it because I still thought my wife was hot, she was the sexiest person I had ever been with by a mile, yet suddenly my dick just couldn’t get in the mood. We tried some pills, kinky lingerie, role play, porn videos, everything, but nothing worked and I could tell my wife was getting frustrated.

So, recently I had a work night out, just some drinks and then on to a nightclub, nothing too exciting. I brought Rachael along as I usually do and we had a lot of fun with my colleagues. Then, at the club, something happened that would change our relationship. I went off to the restroom and when I came back I saw a good-looking guy chatting up my wife at our table, right in front of my work friends. I watched for a little while, slightly embarrassed, before he got up and left and I walked over and sat next to her in his place.

“What the hell did he want?” I asked her.

“Don’t worry Steve, I think he was just a bit drunk and spotted the only woman on her own in the club. It’s nothing to worry about, I told him I was married and he soon gave up.”

That night we went home and I had no problem getting a boner, in fact I was practically uncontrollable in the bedroom, something had just got me so turned on and I wasn’t even sure what.

I realised that all the recent events had left me feeling a little inadequate and the sight of that guy chatting up my wife had really started something in my brain, it had turned me on so much to see another man take an interest in Rachael and I got a boner every time I thought about it, I even had to jerk off at work if the memory came back, it just made me so horny.

Well, for a few weeks I was a changed man, I was satisfying my wife almost daily and she was amazed at the transformation in me. We had great sex, but the memory of that night was starting to fade and I found it harder and harder to re-imagine what had happened and the feelings it had stirred and soon my old problems came back again.

“Well what happened last time you overcame it?” Rachael asked me in bed after another failed attempt.

“I don’t know,” I lied.

“Was it that we were drunk in that night club? Perhaps we should go out there again and get you drunk enough not to care.”

“Perhaps that was it,” I said. I knew it wasn’t the drink that had made me horny, but the chance of going to the nightclub again excited me. Perhaps I could leave her alone and wait for a guy to approach her again. That would surely get me back in the mood.

So we arranged to go out and she got dressed up in the sexiest outfit I have ever seen. She wore a white shirt with the buttons open enough to show off her fantastic cleavage, and she wore tight denim shorts that accentuated her amazing thighs and ass, especially with the heels she wore. She had long manicured french nails that gave her a super feminine look and looking at her I could not believe my dick could not get excited for her.

We had a few drinks at the club and danced a little and she kept grinding against me, trying to get me horny. We had more and more drinks but she was getting frustrated that I was still not feeling anything and we sat down at a table. I realised this was my chance, so I excused myself and went off to the restroom. In fact I waited, watching her from afar. It didn’t take long for a man to come over. He just leaned over, spoke to her then walked off again, clearly she had told him to get lost.

I did not come back over to her, she continued to sit there alone and she phoned and texted me a few times but I ignored them, hoping she might get bored and allow someone to chat her up. She tesettürlü escort looked increasingly annoyed before finally another guy approached her. He was a tall, muscular man and he had brought over a drink for Rachael which she hesitantly accepted and he sat down opposite her.

She looked rather awkward at first, avoiding eye contact with him, looking around the room for me, but soon she seemed to give up on me and began to smile back and laugh with the man. She was more relaxed now and I could see the guy kept touching her hands and arms as they spoke, she did not seem to mind.

About now I was getting horny, watching her flirting with this huge tough guy was making me wild with excitement, it was that inadequate feeling that seemed to make my dick hard and so I waited a little longer, trying to take mental pictures that I could remember for a few more weeks so i would be able to satisfy her.

I was about ready to call her up and tell her I had been chucked out of the club so she could come meet me and we could go home and fuck, but then, as I was about to dial her number, she got up with the man and they moved to the dance floor. I put my phone back in my pocket and watched on as they started to dance to the music. It was pretty harmless stuff, he twirled her around a couple of times and they were laughing and joking but she was really drunk and suddenly lost her balance and fell into him. He caught her and they laughed about it, but then they were dancing a little closer, a little more romantically. His hand was creeping over her back and then down to her ass and he kept it there as they danced.

I wanted to stop this but the whole scene was driving me wild. I figured this was all good stuff to remember whenever I wanted to get myself hard, so I kept watching. I knew my wife loved me and that she was probably just annoyed that I had left her alone in the club, she wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.

But then, as a slower song came on, the man put his hand to my wife’s cheek and pulled her in for a kiss. She half-reciprocated, she kissed him for a few seconds and then seemed to realise what was happening and broke away from him and seemed to be gesturing for him not to do that again. They continued to dance before he pulled her in again, kissing her deeply and forcing his tongue inside her mouth. This time she seemed lost in the moment. She raised her hand up to his head and stroked her nails through his hair as she pulled him closer and they kissed passionately for the rest of the song.

I wanted to stop it, I really did, but my dick was rock solid and I didn’t even know what to do anymore. I was turned on and although I was angry that she was kissing another man, it didn’t upset me as much as I thought it would. Perhaps it was the alcohol or the fact it was turning me on so much, but I just was not upset with her. She was just annoyed that I had left her alone and now she was drunk and having fun. I knew I would have to phone her or text her, let her know I was coming back in, to give her a chance to break it off with this guy.

I wrote her a text and sent it:

“Hey babe, got caught up in a fight, not hurt. Now coming back into club, can’t wait to see you.”

I sent it and I noticed her take her phone from her bag and then read the message. She seemed to panic a little and tried to walk off from the guy but he followed her and seemed to be trying to convince her to stay with him. She argued but as she tried to walk away he grabbed her hand and pulled her gently back to him and they kissed passionately again. They were away from the crowd now, in a darker area and he started to kiss down her neck and then began to lick her cleavage as she nonchalantly ran her fingers through his hair.

He whispered into her ear and she nodded, then he led her away to the back of the dance floor and out of my sight. I had assumed that once she received my text she would leave this guy and come meet me, then I would pretend I hadn’t seen anything. She disappeared from türbanlı escort view so I walked over and around the dance floor to find where they had gone. There were some restrooms back there and so I walked cautiously into the men’s room but they weren’t there, just a couple of guys doing coke.

I left and asked a woman that was going into the ladies’ if she could look for a couple in there. I made up some story about needing to leave and him being my friend, and she bought it. She went in but when she returned she said there was nobody else in there besides herself.

I was confused, I had no idea where my wife was. I phoned her but no answer. I texted her, I left a voicemail. No response. I looked around and then noticed something. It was a fire exit around the back. I wondered if they had sneaked out of there.

I pushed it open and walked through to the outside and closed the door behind me. I was in a parking lot and there was nobody in view. It was fairly deserted apart from a few cars and I grew worried that something terrible had happened to Rachael. She was with a strange man and it was all my fault.

I looked around again and noticed something. It was one of the cars in the parking lot, I had seen some movement inside. I stalked over to it, keeping low and out of sight and peered in through the window. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was Rachael and the man inside, on the back seat. They were kissing passionately and he had removed her shirt and bra and was occasionally moving his lips down her neck to suck on her nipples. They seemed totally oblivious that I was watching them and I wondered what I should do. I had to stop this, but something inside me just said to let it happen.

The man removed his shirt, revealing a muscular physique that my wife couldn’t keep her hands off. As they kissed she ran her nails down his chest and over his stomach before sliding them down his jeans and holding his ass. He pulled away from her and I thought for a second he was going to climb out of the car, but no, he was removing his jeans. He pulled off all his remaining clothes and revealed his dick to her. I saw her eyes widen as she saw the size of it, and rock solid for her. I bet she loved seeing a dick that was excited by her after all my recent problems.

She took the shaft lustily between her fingers and stroked it gently up and down the length, teasing the bell end with her nails. He leaned back as she moved her lips to his dick and began to lick it as she continued to stroke the length with her fingers. Then she pulled her lips over it and took the whole thing inside her mouth, pushing her lips firmly up and down it. It was just like she used to do with me before we were married, hungrily blowing me off. I hadn’t had a blowjob like that for years.

He looked to be losing himself in the moment and caught himself suddenly, sitting up and desperately scrambling to remove her denim shorts and panties. He slid them seductively down her legs and off her feet, then he removed her heels and took my wife’s feet in his mouth briefly, sucking on her toes, before licking slowly up her legs, to her thighs. She gleefully pulled her legs apart as he moved up to reveal her shaven pussy to him. He flicked her clitoris with his tongue before moving his tongue inside her pussy and eating her out. She stroked her fingers through his hair and over his back as he licked her out. He was really going for it and my wife’s eyes closed and I heard her through the car door gasping and letting out small yelps of joy. She moved her hands to half-heartedly push him away, something she always did to me when she was about to orgasm. I watched, torn between pleasure and anger as she groaned in delight at what he was doing.

Her groans eased and she pulled his head up to hers and kissed him deeply, whispering in his ear and then kissing him more. She was energised now and clambered over him, pushing his body to the fabric so he was on his back across the back seat. She climbed on top and teased his dick tüyap escort inside her. I was horrified. I didn’t know why but somehow this was worse than before, they were actually about to fuck, right there in front of me. Yet, I was paralysed, completely frozen by how sexy my wife was with this man. It was better than any porn movie, they were passionate, they were intense, they were everything me and my wife had not been for years and it made me realise how much I had starved her of satisfaction.

She took his full length inside her pussy and began to grind her hips into his. He held her thighs firmly as she rode him, looking deep into each others’ eyes. He reached up and caressed her breasts as she moved on top of him and then he pulled her body down onto his and they embraced as they fucked. He held her ass cheeks firmly and moved his dick in and out of her, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her whole body. Her groans turned to high pitched yelps as she lost control of herself. She was having another orgasm, it was almost too easy for him. She kissed him, exploring his mouth with her tongue as they froze, her on top of him. Then she he gradually removed his dick from her and she protested, begging him to continue.

He turned her onto her back and they traded places. They kissed again as my wife spread her legs wide open for him, trying to encourage him into her faster with her hands. He held himself slightly away from my wife as they kissed, but my wife was desperate. She placed her hands onto his ass and forced him down inside her, eagerly accepting him with a groan.

He whispered into her ear as he began to slowly move in and out of her pussy, removing his dick completely out and then driving it back in. He did this harder and harder and she gripped his ass cheeks tightly, drawing her nails over his ass and his back, caressing him as he pounded her.

The man fucked her so hard I was amazed it wasn’t painful for her. But she wanted more.

“Fuck me harder, HARDER!” she shouted. She was pretty loud but I was the only one in the parking lot, nobody else could hear.

“Where do you want me to cum?” I heard him say to her.

She didn’t answer him, she just continued to press his ass with her hands, forcing him in deeper and deeper.

“I’m getting close, where do you want me to cum?”

Again she didn’t answer, it just seemed to encourage her even more to keep going. I knew where she wanted him to come, and now so did he. He looked into her eyes and kissed her passionately as he pounded her.

“YES, YES!” My wife screamed.

The man began to groan and he reached his arms down to grip her hips in his fingers. He moved up and down, forcing the full length of his dick deep inside her.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” Rachael screamed.

The man’s groans grew in volume and he seemed to jerk violently on top of her as he pounded her and they gripped each other tightly, her nails digging into his skin, her legs wrapped around his, pinning him down firmly.

“OH FUCK!” The man man shouted as he moaned, releasing load after load of semen into my wife’s pussy, her lying there taking it, still encouraging him in deeper within her.

His body jerked a few more times on top of her before they both became motionless, with him collapsed over her tiny body. Eventually he pulled himself up with his arms and they kissed again, an intense, loving, passionate kiss. Then he pulled his dick out of her, releasing a flow of semen with it that ran over the car seat. My wife scrambled eagerly so she could suck the last of it out of his dick, caressing it tenderly as she swallowed it down and then licked her lips.

I realised I would have to move away from the car. I kept low and ran away and hid behind a corner watching the car. It took a while but finally my wife stepped out, fully dressed, looking smoking hot. She waved at the car before it drove off and Rachael walked to the road and flagged down a taxi. As she climbed in I got my phone out again and texted her:

“I love you.”

My phone almost immediately beeped, saying I had a reply.

“I love you too baby. I want you tonight.”

The reply left me open mouthed.

That night we had the best sex we had ever had. It was passionate, it was intense and my wife loved it. Neither of us asked what the other had been doing that night, we just assumed the other had a naughty little secret and both were best kept that way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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