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It had been about four years after I met and moved in with my two girlfriends, Sasha and Kathy. Over that time, Kathy and I had graduated college, Sasha — who had graduated a year before us — landed an accounting job in the city financial district, I found a job as a 3D designer, and we all moved into a bigger house. The three of us are still just as tight as ever, enjoying sexual threesomes and group showers & baths together. But when it looked like nothing could mess up our world, something did.

One rainy September afternoon, I was riding home in an Uber as my car was in for service. While idling at a red light, another car suddenly t-boned the passenger side of my Uber. The Uber then slid into oncoming traffic where a pickup truck rear-ended it. I lost consciousness sometime after the second impact, I probably hit my head on the seat in front of me, but I remember thinking: “That’s it, I’m dead!” before blacking out. I woke up in the hospital hooked up to the machines with an oxygen mask on my face. Kathy and a teary-eyed Sasha were at my side; they threw themselves on me as soon as they saw my eyes open.

“Oh, we’re so glad you’re awake,” Sasha said as her tears dripped onto my face.

“When the doctors said your vitals were weak,” Kathy added, “we thought we would lose you tonight.”

My head doctor and a nurse came in at that point to go over what had happened. They explained the first impact from the accident burst my appendix, which had to be removed immediately. After my appendix was out, the doctors discovered a large amount of scar tissue that had to be removed too. This is where things got dark for me. The doctor told me the scar tissue was very close to my groin and thus, close to my bladder.

“The operation aggravated your bladder,” the doctor said. “And a side effect of that is urinary incontinence. You’ll need a catheter for at least a week and then incontinence underwear [i.e. diapers] for some time after that.”

In short, I was leakier than my grandfather was in the last year of his life; most fluids I would drink were gonna come right back out without much warning. After the doctor said that, Sasha, Kathy and I all concluded that for the moment, our sexual relationship was over. I was crushed and thought: “How could this happen to me?” The doctor did say it could’ve been worse because if my appendix hadn’t been removed when it was, I could’ve developed an infection. I also could’ve broken some bones, but that thankfully didn’t happen. Still, knowing I was essentially gonna be wetting myself for a while did a number on me.

I was discharged from the hospital two days after the operation. Sasha in other words, she didn’t want me to be embarrassed at getting the diapers & catheters myself. I was in the backseat while Kathy was riding shotgun and she could tell I was down in the dumps. As we waited, she told me that she and Sasha were gonna be the best nurses to me as they could.

“Nothing you confess could make us love you less,” she said, quoting The Pretenders song “I’ll Stand by You.”

I appreciated that, but it still did little to ease my depression about the situation. Sasha returned to the car with my supplies and put them in the trunk as Kathy got out of the car and slid into the backseat next to me.

“I think you could use someone to lean on,” she told me, “do you agree?”

“It sure would help,” I replied.

With that, Kathy buckled her seatbelt, put her arms around me and rested my head on her shoulder as Sasha drove home; Kathy kissed my forehead the whole way. When we got home, I was flattered by the “Welcome Home” sign in the living room. Kathy and Sasha brought everything in from the car and we sat on the couch to talk. After we talked for a few minutes, I felt a wet sensation around my feet. I looked down and saw a puddle forming around my feet. My first pants wetting and it happened right in front of my girls; to say I was a bit embarrassed would’ve been like saying McDonald’s sells a few Big Macs every day.

What happened was the tube from my catheter slipped out of my urethra and I began peeing freely with no bladder control. I couldn’t feel anything because the operation numbed my detrusor muscle (which controls the bladder; lets it know when and when not to open the floodgates.) Despondent, I stepped into the hallway to collect myself. Sasha followed me out to offer some reassurance.

“Accidents are gonna happen,” she reassured me, “but Kathy and I are ready to help you, sweetie.”

She gave me a big hug and said she was gonna empty & change my catheter while Kathy cleaned the couch. We went into the bathroom where Sasha emptied my catheter down the shower drain and then gently detached it from my leg to replace it with a new one. After I was redressed, Escort Bayan Sasha threw my wet pants & underwear in the washing machine and we rejoined Kathy in the living room, where she had finished cleaning my pee off the couch. Sasha said she and Kathy were gonna talk alone for a minute, but I could call them if I needed anything. The girls went into the kitchen where Sasha told Kathy about my self-consciousness.

“He’s down in the dumps about this,” she said, “What can we do?”

“I have an idea,” Kathy replied, “but we’ll have to wait until he doesn’t need the catheter anymore. Until then, you probably should stay home with him so he won’t be alone in this. I’d love to stay with him, but I can’t get off work now.” Sasha immediately went into the office down the hall and called her boss, Mr. Haney, to let him know of the situation. Kathy and I heard the conversation from the living room, thanks to Sasha putting Mr. Haney on speakerphone:

Sasha: “Hi Mr. Haney!”

Mr. Haney: “Hey Sasha, I heard about your boyfriend, how is he?”

Sasha: “Well, he just got out of the hospital and he’s resting here at home, but I have a bit of a situation on my hands. He had a major operation and needs someone to tend to him for some time.”

Mr. Haney: “Oh is that right?”

Sasha: “Yup, and our roommate can’t get off work. Can I work from home until he’s well again?”

Mr. Haney: “Absolutely Sasha, everyone in a situation like his needs someone to lean on; my wife needed me after a hip operation last year. So go ahead and take care of him, he needs you more than we do now. And don’t worry about pay, you’ll be on paid leave.”

Sasha didn’t tell Mr. Haney the true extent of my condition — urinary incontinence that required a catheter — but to hear how sympathetic he was was a weight lifted off my, Sasha, and Kathy’s shoulders. That night during dinner, I told the girls I would have to sleep while sitting upright in bed so the catheter could function unobtrusively. Sasha said she could prop up some pillows behind me and put another one underneath me so my butt would have some support. But this meant only two of us could sleep in the bed. Kathy came up with an idea though: “You and Sasha will sleep together, and I’ll sleep with Care Bear [the large teddy bear we cuddled with] in the guest room until your catheter is removed,” she said.

Sasha and I thought that was a great idea and we went upstairs to prepare the bed for me. Sasha propped several pillows up against the headboard and placed a couple more for my butt on the bed itself. I tried it out and it felt as soft as Sasha’s tits to me; she was flattered by that. Kathy placed one more pillow under my legs to keep them elevated, attached a large empty “overnight” bag to my catheter, and placed the bag on a shoebox, so the tube would have some slack. Kathy then kissed me she kept her arms around me all night, so I’m sure that helped. Kathy came in the next morning to say goodbye as she left for work, making sure to kiss us both before leaving.

After Sasha and I awoke, she changed out the overnight bag — which was filled to the brim — and emptied it down the shower drain. She then helped me out of bed, I was still sore all over from the operation, and we went downstairs. In the living room, Sasha asked how I felt “down there.” I said my dick & balls were rather sore and Tylenol wasn’t doing much for them. Hearing that, Sasha carefully slid her hands down my pants, cupped my dick & balls, and began massaging them, taking special care not to slip the catheter tube out of my urethra.

“Does that help?” Sasha asked.

“Actually, it does, keep going,” I replied. Sasha did so for about 15 minutes, kissing my cheek and forehead occasionally.

“I said you’d be in good hands with me,” she said when she was done, “and you are, in more ways than one.”

“I sure am,” I told her as I put my arms around her. We spent the rest of the day on the couch cuddling and kissing. Kathy brought dinner home, so we dug in and cuddled together before hitting the shower. Now, my catheter had to be removed before I bathed, I was nervous about peeing on Sasha or Kathy in the shower, even though we could just wash it all off. I hid this very well as the three of washed off but then I peed on Kathy’s leg.

“Sorry Kathy,” I said in an embarrassed voice.

“That’s okay sweetie,” she replied as she grabbed the showerhead, “we said accidents are gonna happen.” Sasha gave me a hug and reiterated this as Kathy washed my pee off her leg.

“Your bladder is fucked up, and Kathy & I get that,” she said, “we’re fine with the occasional slip-up. We didn’t get mad when you wet your pants in the living room yesterday, didn’t we?” Sasha then took the soap and carefully washed Bayan Escort my dick & balls, staying vigilant for any more pee that might come out, which it didn’t. Before I knew it, our shower was over and we were drying ourselves off. Kathy inserted a new catheter up my urethra, Sasha helped me into my pajamas, and we got ready for bed again. Kathy gave us a kiss goodnight and went to the guest room, while Sasha tucked me in, set up the catheter collection bag and curled up beside me.

This routine continued for the next nine days: Sasha stayed home to drain I was recovering. But I was still uncomfortable knowing I still had to wear diapers for at least a month — possibly longer. I thought I never would need diapers after my bedwetting stopped in my early teens, but I also never thought the girls had a secret plan to cheer me up that would be better than unconditional love.

I met Sasha & Kathy back in the waiting room and told them the good news: “The catheter is over and done with!”

“Oh congratulations, babe!” Sasha exclaimed elatedly.

“Finally, some good news,” Kathy replied, “We’re still here for you.”

“Well I still need the diapers for at least a month, so we’re not completely out of the woods yet,” I told them. “But still, progress has been made.”

We all left the doctor’s office to run some errands. At Macy’s, Kathy went to try on a dress for a friend’s upcoming wedding. While she was in the changing room, Sasha took me aside and said: “If you’re worried about the diapers, don’t. Kathy and I fully understand and we’re here for you all the way.”

“Thanks, Sash,” I said as we hugged, “I don’t know what I would do without you two.”

Kathy paid for the dress and we left for home. It had started raining, which made it the perfect day for cuddling on the couch under our big blanket with Care Bear. When we got home, and I said I needed a change, the girls put their plan into action. Kathy had me lay down on a towel she placed on the couch and took off my shoes, pants & wet diaper. Sasha then wiped my cock, balls, and butthole clean and then applied powder to reduce any irritation. Finally, both girls wrapped me up in a fresh diaper and put my comfy sweatpants on. Once I was sorted, the girls said they would be right back with a surprise for me.

I thought they meant Care Bear, but they had something completely different up their sleeve. After a few minutes, both girls returned to the living room bottomless, grabbed two diapers and put them on in front of me.

“We thought we’d show you that you are not alone in this,” Sasha said. “Kathy and I are gonna use the diapers with you.”

“Are you two serious? You don’t need them!” I replied.

“We know we don’t need them,” Kathy said, “but since you do, we’ll gladly pee ourselves with you!”

After the girls were diapered up, they put on their sweatpants, grabbed the blanket & Care Bear and cozied up with me. “You need Care Bear more than us,” Sasha said as she handed me the bear. Once we were cozy, Kathy turned on the TV and we settled in. I felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted from my shoulders because of my two girlfriends. They were wearing diapers not because they had to, but because they wanted to, so I wouldn’t feel so bad about actually needing them. Sasha wet her diaper while we were on the couch, so she changed herself in front of us and then, we went upstairs to go to bed.

Kathy changed me upstairs and we then put on our pajamas. This would be our first night sleeping altogether since my accident, so we were excited. Under the covers, the girls hugged me tighter than my diaper — which Kathy put on pretty tight to avoid leaks — and we drifted off to sleep. That night I dreamt of being in heaven with the girls, who kept telling me not to worry: “You’re safe with us now,” Kathy said at one point in the dream. I awoke to the sound of the shower running. Both girls emerged in their towels and asked if I needed a change. I said I was fine and they began getting ready for work. This was a new step: Sasha had taken off the first nine days of my post-op to care for me; now I was to fly solo. Wanting to prove myself, I told the girls not to worry about me and focus on work.

“Okay, babe,” Kathy said, “just hang onto Care Bear and we’ll be home before you know it.”

“I sure will,” I said.

“We’ll keep in touch all day,” Sasha told me. “Just call us if you need anything.”

With reassuring words all around, the girls left and I went back to sleep with Care Bear for a little while longer. I didn’t have to worry about missing work, as my boss said I could take off as much time as I needed. I woke up for real around 90 minutes after the girls left and feeling how soaked my diaper was, I went to change it. I should’ve Escort done it in the shower because my bladder emptied itself on the bedroom carpet. Once my new diaper was on, I Googled “clean urine from carpet” on my phone. I found a guide and decided to try it. It worked better than I thought and I went downstairs for the day.

An hour later, Kathy called to see how I was doing. I told her about my little accident earlier, but she assured me it was okay and thanked me for cleaning it as best I could. After another hour, Sasha called to check up on me. I told her the same story I told Kathy and she was fine with it too. After I hung up with her, I eased back into relaxing and monitoring what was happening with my plumbing. I changed myself twice more in the shower — having learned my lesson from the morning — throughout the day. I wondered if the girls wore their diapers to work, but thought they wouldn’t.

Sasha got home first and immediately rushed over to me: “I missed you so much, baby!” she said as she gave me a hug & kiss.

“So did I babe,” I replied. “You think Kathy misses us too?”

“Of course she does,” Sasha replied, “we’re the two people she cares most about. You need another change?”

“No, took care of it myself,” I told her, “without any spills!” I wasn’t expecting what Sasha had to say next though.

“Good, I’m so proud of you. You wanna change me for further practice?”

“Wait, you’re wearing a diaper now?” I asked.

“Yeah, Kathy and I decided to wear diapers as long as you need to, even to work,” she replied, “I used mine all day and one suspected a thing. Now that it’s soaked, you can practice changing me.”

“Okay,” I said and went to get a fresh diaper and some powder. Sasha laid down on the living room floor and had me take off her pants & wet diaper. I wiped her down, applied a generous amount of powder to her pussy, and diapered her back up. After I was done, Sasha sat up and gave me a hug & kiss, saying I did a good job. We then cuddled on the couch with Care Bear and waited for Kathy to get home. When she did, she expressed her concerns again but after hearing I changed myself twice more without incident, and changed Sasha once, her worries vanished. We had dinner and settled in for TV before bed. It was during an episode of “Sherlock” that Kathy had a suggestion to make.

“If you’re leaky,” she told me, “why don’t we experiment with watersports until you have control of your bladder again?”

I knew what watersports were — peeing on your partners — and was apprehensive at first. But Sasha was on board, so I agreed.

“Okay, when do we start?” I asked.

“When you have to go again. Try to hold it as long as possible.” Kathy said.

I managed to hold it about another half hour and said: “Okay girls, I’m bursting!” With that, we ventured upstairs to the bathroom. There, the girls stripped naked, had me take off my pants Sasha even drank some of it. After I finished, the girls asked me if I wanted them to return the favor.

Again apprehensive, I said it might not be good for me, but Kathy said it would be fine. “We’re both healthy and urine is sterile when it comes straight from the body,” told me.

With that, I took my shirt off and laid down in the tub. The girls stood over me with their pussies spread and let their streams out onto me. It felt good and I knew I had nothing to worry about after all. After our pee party, Sasha turned the water on and rinsed us all off. We then took a proper shower, diapered ourselves back up and turned in for the night. As we lay under the covers, softly talking as we waited to fall asleep, I was so grateful to both girls, I felt I should tell them so.

“Girls, you’ve both done more for me over the past couple of weeks than anyone else has in my whole life,” I said. “The last time I can recall anyone caring for me better than you two is how my grandma did when I had the chickenpox.”

I noticed Kathy seemed to be choking up a little, so I asked her if anything was wrong. Her answer was to give all of us the sniffles.

“Nothing’s wrong,” she started, “I’m just so happy you feel that way, I just can’t contain it.”

“Me too, baby,” Sasha said as tears of joy welled up in her eyes. “I thought we wouldn’t have you now after the accident.”

I put my arms around both girls and pulled them close to me; specifically to my heart. “We’ll always be here for you,” Sasha said softly.

“And I’ll be here for the both of you,” I said as we hugged heart to heart. With that, we dozed off and slept well that night. I needed the diapers for a little over a month, but the girls kept their promise to wear — and use — their’s as long as I needed to. They also made it a point to check in with me at least once a day when they were at work. I felt safe in their arms as we slept every night and cuddled on the couch every day. After my final checkup, the doctors said my bladder recovered and I wouldn’t need the diapers anymore. This story has an unexpected finale, however.

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