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Tom looked like he had just won the lottery. He was beaming and as happy as ever. He decided that he would make me a gift which would be a constant reminder of our relationship and status. For the next few weeks as soon as he got home Tom, who has an engineer, would retreat to the basement. I would hear banging and motors, but he did not want me to see what he had created. Finally, after about a month, he asked that I join him in the living room as he unveiled his present. Sitting in front of the TV he showed me my chair. The fabric was regal purple, with a high back almost like a throne. It seemed to be higher than the rest of the furniture, but its legs were covered in a matching frilly skirt.

When I sat down, it was plush and comfortable, and I thanked Tom for the gift. He had a sly smile on his face and said that the chair was special. He then removed the skirt and flipped a switch behind the right front leg. All of a sudden, a platform dropped from the seat of the chair. It had room for Tom to crawl under. He then said if you pick up the right armrest you can control your seat, the left controls my pad.

By hitting the first switch on the right your seat pad will retract allowing me access to worship your pussy. The second switch will retract further back on the seat allowing me to kiss and adore your marvelous ass.

If you flip up the left armrest it will move my pad so that you may position my tongue for your maximum satisfaction. Should you wish to share with me your golden nectar my pad is waterproof and has a collection pot to catch any drops of your sweet wine that I should miss. Please sit down and try it out.

I sat Escort Bayan on the chair and start fiddling with the controls. It took me a few minutes but I quickly mastered them, and removed my panties for a true test. I placed Tom just below my pussy and instructed him to service me. As usual he was his gentle self not rushing, bathing my outer and inner lips with his love. It was hard to believe that anyone would love to eat pussy as much as Tom. I then moved the controls and placed his face right in front of my clit pushing him closer to my womanhood. As I began to moan, he said hit the red switch at the bottom of the panel. His pad immediately began to vibrate causing me to cum and squirt all over.

Tom, this is fantastic. Your chair is too good not to share. What I want you to promise, is that if any other women sits in this chair and says “Tom service me” you will treat her as if you were servicing me.

I quickly got out of the chair and removed the skirt. The switch was right where the diary said it would be. Tom would not be home for a number of hours, but plans were forming in my head.

After going to bed that evening my body continued to tingle thinking about how intensely I came from sitting in the chair. As I dozed off I thought about who I would like to share my secret with. The answer came to me shortly, my best friend, who lived next door Lynn.

Lynn is a petite black woman, about 5’2. Her narrow waist, cute round ass, and well-rounded chest had half the neighborhood wanting to do this milf. Lynn, however, was married to a former football player, Joe, who was a foot taller than she, and no one wanted Bayan Escort to mess with him.

Lynn and I shopped together often. We both liked sexy shoes, and teasing men. When we were out, we chatted about a number of things including sex. She said the Joe had a massive cock, and that when he fucked her, she felt so full that she thought her pussy would tear wide open. Joe loved her but thought that going down on her was dirty and for sissy’s. I shared with Lynn, that Tom was just the opposite. His little dick did little to please me but ate me like there was no tomorrow.

I gave Lynn a call in the morning and invited her over for coffee. We chatted about a few things before I got around to telling her about my new present. I told her that I wasn’t interested in Joe, but if she wanted to give my new chair a spin, I was willing to let Tom service her. Lynn liked the idea and said she was getting damp just thinking about it. We should talk later in the day to work out the details.

Tom and I had not really discussed him servicing other women before I broached it with him. He said that if it would please me, he would be honored to comply. I called Lynn and said come over about 8. I know its Joe’s poker night so it will be easy to slip out.

Tom was both nervous and embarrassed before Lynn arrived as he nor I had shared his deep desire to serve. Lynn walked in wearing 5-inch heels, a short red skirt, and a blouse cut so low nothing was left to the imagination. She also was sans panties, and when she bent over Tom could clearly see her hairless pussy.

Not one for wasting time Lynn said let’s get this show on the Escort road. My cunt is starting to drip, and I don’t want your wimp to miss a drop. This was the first time Tom had been addressed that way and I liked it. I led Lynn to the chair, showed her the controls, and then told her to say those special words “Tom, service me”. Not wanting to inhibit Lynn, I said that I would wait in the kitchen while Tom set out to work.

Tom started as always, taking deep breaths absorbing the aroma of Lynn’s vagina. When I asked him later to describe it, he said that her labia was more spread out than yours and that when he first put his tongue in her pussy it was not as tight. I then gently rolled my tongue along her slit and I could taste the sweet droplets of her pussy forming on her pink folds. Lynn then hit the controls and moved my face closer to her clit. For a small woman, it may have been the largest I have ever seen. I flicked her hood back and forth gently, but she pulled my head closer and said take it in your mouth and suck it hard. I complied and Lynn began to buck and moan screaming suck it harder before she came.

After taking a minute or so to recover, she said to me “now make me cum by licking my ass”. She hit the appropriate switch and my pad slid back giving me clear access to her behind. Her butt when she was clothed was something to behold. Bare, it may have been one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. I first reached up and licked the juices that had leaked from when I ate her. Then I fondled each cheek admiring their smoothness and ebony color. Unlike her pussy, her rosebud was tight, and I took long licks before driving my tongue inside. Lynn was obviously enjoying this, thrusting her ass onto my tongue. It only took a minute or so before she came again. Sated, she got up from the chair, pulled down her skirt and said to me “you are truly a wimp” and then walked into the kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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