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Divorce is no fun, especially with three children involved. I was lucky that the family’s long time nanny provided a constant source of care through the tumultuous separation.

I moved into a small house not too far from the house that had housed us all for nearly a decade. The kids came and went, but I discovered I had a freedom not experienced in years. When the kids were away I had the house to myself. Although that seems obvious, being able to walk around nude or surf porn freely is something most men married and with kids can only do in their imaginations.

I rediscovered the joys of solo sex. With the aid of internet porn and Literotica stories (not to mention unneeded but appreciated erectile disfunction drugs) I would oil up my cock and play with it for hours at a time. The variety of sensations possible using one hand on a well lubed cock is wonderful. Slow, fast, forehand, backhand, full strokes, rotating, finger tips, and everything else that felt good. Oddly the technique I find intensely stimulating is what I call The Spock, using the Vulcan greeting sign up the top side of my cock letting bostancı escort the soft connective skin between them pop over the cock head. Too intense to do for long. Gourmet masturbation is something I don’t want to ever give up.

I don’t have experience with handling other sized cocks, but I am thankful I have more to play with than most. I appreciate being able to wrap my whole large hand around the shaft and make long strokes up and down. I can even fit two hands on it when I don’t need the other for my computer. My thumb and fingers of my big hands just barely meet when I grab hold, giving me maximum stimulating friction as my hand or hands imitate the pleasures of a tight hole. I measured the girth once and was surprised to find that I’m wider at the base, over seven inches around, than just below the head, six and one half.

Although in my 40s, I now found myself jerking off with the frequency of a younger man, sometimes three times a day. What a joy. I even tried some toys that ultimately lost out to the flexibility offered by a well lubed hand. I used a fatih escort plug-in vibrator a fair bit because it seemed to heighten the sensations on my cock head.

After separating everyone warned me to stay away from rebound relationships. I knew they were right. I did look at the offerings on a couple internet dating sites, but other than originating a few masturbatory fantasies, I didn’t get involved with those women. I had my pleasurable sexual release and my head was in no place for a meaningful relationship. Then my relationship with our nanny, Beth, changed.

Beth was an architecture student, creative and nonconformist. A southern girl with slow, sexy drawl she laughed a lot and had a caring, loving nature. By appearances Beth looked wild nearly always displaying soft smooth cleavage, but behind that veneer she was quite conservative and even prudish. Tall, brunette, generally tanned, with an average build and ample breasts, Beth did not often turn heads. She was more womanly in looks in a world that values girly figures. I had seen Beth in everything from bikinis to down bağcılar escort coats and had tried to stifle sexual attraction until I realized that as a newly single man I didn’t need to. I started to fantasize about one of my favorite acts, titty fucking.

Titty fucking is a wild visual turn on, yet the sensual pleasure is a contrast between the delicate friction provide by smooth breast skin and the more satisfying rubbing of the top of my cock on the hands holding those mounds together. Occasionally popping my cock into her mouth for a shallow face fuck adds to the sensual beauty of titty fucking and adding the joy of watching a pearl necklace being made, and it’s all over the top.

So I fantasized about Beth’s titties. I didn’t know her nipple size, but I presumed small to medium because I had looked during cold weather and nothing mountainous stood out through her tops. I imagined straddling her and fucking those mounds furious until I shot a three day load all over her face, cum dripping off her chin as she licked it off her lips with a smile and giggle. I saw myself sitting slumped on the sofa as she hugged my rigidity with tan lined tits working them up and down slowly between long slow sucks until I finally erupted cum unto soft breast flesh. This way, that way, and the other, I ejaculated in my mind (and hand) dozens of time while imagining those tits.

More to cum….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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