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“Well Gene and Karen,” Susan said to her two students sitting on the couch in the spacious well-furnished living room. “Your parents wanted me to begin tutoring you this morning. What will it be first, language, math, or sex?”

“Are you going to teach us about sex?” Karen asked shyly.

“Boy, she sure needs somebody to teach her about sex!” Gene said.

“And how about you Gene?” Susan asked. “Do you know all about sex?”

“Sure! What’s there to know” A man has a cock, a woman has a cunt. Put the cock in the cunt and it’s a good fuck. Fuckin’ is fun. What more is there?” Gene replied smugly.

“Do you agree with Gene’s diagnosis of sex, Karen?” Susan asked.

“N-n-no,” Karen stammered. “There has to be more to it than that.”

“You’re right, Karen,” Susan responded. “Much more to it as you’re going to learn in the next few months.”

“Like what?” Gene asked.

“Well let me ask you a couple of questions. What do you know about a woman’s anatomy?” Susan smiled.

“A woman’s what??” Gene asked. “All I know is that a woman has tits and a cunt.”

“What about a woman’s cunt?” Susan questioned him.

“Well it’s hairy. It’s…It’s like a hole, a wet hole, where a man sticks his cock.”

Susan was smiling widely. “I can see you’ve got a surprise waiting for you. And the best way to learn is to do. Would you to like to try a little foreplay?”

“Sure!” Gene replied eagerly.

“Okay, I want both of you to take off your clothes.”

Karen looked confused and embarrassed.

It’s okay, Karen,” Susan said reassuringly. “Only Gene and I are here. Your folks are gone for two days. No one is around.”

It didn’t take Gene very long to discard his clothing, and he stood stark naked in front of Karen and Rene. “That is beautiful, Gene.” Susan grinned.

“What?” he asked.

“Why, your cock, of course,” Susan answered in a hot breathed half-whisper. “Your marvelous prick. It must be seven inches long! My God, you’re only just a kid!”

Gene smiled at the compliment – and his cock started to swell. Karen was at last undressed and standing naked beside Gene.

“My, what lovely young breasts you have, Karen. Nearly as big as mine,” Susan said, coming closer. “Such big healthy nipples!

“You can play with my titties,” Karen said. “Squeeze them and play with the nipples!”

“In due time, Karen. Please, lie down here on this padded coffee table and spread your legs wide, will you?” Susan helped Karen get down to lie on her back with her legs splayed wide on each side of the table. “That’s a pussy, Gene. A cunt. Your little sister’s beautiful womanly cunt. Have you ever fucked it?”

“No,” he answered. “No one has yet!”

“Well, that’s going to change. That’s where you’re going to put that big, long, hot, creamy cock of yours in a little while. You’re going to ram it in there and squirt your sperm all over inside your little sister’s belly. You do know what cum is, don’t you?”

“Yeah. White sticky stuff,” Gene answered.

“That white sticky stuff is semen. The sperm gets a free ride into the cunt in the liquid semen,” Rene answered. “A boy your age can probably produce a quarter of a cupful at each fuck.”

“He sure can!” Karen quipped up. “God, when I jack him off, he can squirt that stuff so far it’s unbelievable – and there is sooooo much of it!”

“Good,” Susan responded, “Because your little cunt is going to be the receptacle for Gene’s semen and sperm.”

They smiled, their youthful eyes full of eager anticipation. “Do you like your little sister’s cunt, Gene?”

“Yeah,” he said. “It’s very, very nice.”

“Would you like to kiss it?” Susan asked.

“Uh, I don’t know. I’ve never kissed one before. Is it good?”

“God, it’s great!” Susan said enthusiastically. “Can Gene kiss your pussy, Karen?”

“Sure, but hurry, Gene! Please hurry!”

But Gene was engrossed in the erotic view of his young sister’s cunt spread wide for his examination. He’d never seen a cunt this close up. The closer he got, the more aroused he became. The pungent cunt aroma wafting up from that delicious pussy slit was driving him wild. He reached eryaman escort over and put his fingers against the wet warm folds of slippery flesh. Karen squirmed and moaned and pushed her ass up toward his hand. Gene began exploring a little more, sliding his middle finger along the hot groove between the inner lips of her puffy wet hairy pussy. When he touched her little clit, she shuddered, and he pulled his hand back, as if he’d hurt her. But then Karen raised her head and whispered; “Ohhhhhh, yes, Gene! Blow there on the clit! And finger-fuck me too, push one way up inside a few times. I’m on fire in there!”

Gene pushed his middle finger into her cunt and she moaned. He seemed fascinated by those two big nippled tits poking at him! There were huge, jutting cones of flesh.

“You can play with them, if you want,” Karen invited.

His hands came up before he even had time to think and his fingers slid along the under curves testing the weight of his sister’s fascinating tits.

“Would you like to suck one, Gene?” Karen asked huskily. “The nipple will feel real good in your mouth.”

“Well – yes.” Both of his hands held her left tit while his lips surrounded the pink, puckery nipple as his tongue met its firm little tip. Susan sat back and watched, enjoying immensely the fuck-show going on with her students. Gene sucked on one tit then the other while Karen squirmed and moaned and tried to get a look at his long curving prick which had surged to full erection, arching up toward his belly, a tiny pearl of moisture oozing from its tip.

“Eat my cunt, Gene!” Karen whispered urgently. “Look at it! It’s all hot and squirmy and gooey.”

Gene was on hands and knees between her open thighs. Slowly he lowered his head to her hairy, wet crotch. His tongue found her insides, and all the rest of the skin and lips and pulpy, gooey shuddering meat. God, her pussy smelled good – and tasted even better. In his wildest fantasy, he had never imagined the feeling he was now experiencing. He was ready to cum, and it was all he could do to keep from spurting his cum all over her. He found her clit, which had slipped from its protective sheath.

“That’s her clitoris, Gene,” Susan said softly. She didn’t want to spoil this moment. “Lick it hard and nibble on it with your teeth. Gently now. Gently! Don’t hurt her!”

Gene followed his teacher’s advice and Karen began moaning and groaning. “OH, Gene. Mmmmmmmm. I can’t stand it! Stop! NO, DON’T STOP!!!” Karen squirmed, pushing her hips up off the table toward his sucking mouth. That little clit was growing larger. He chewed on it. The more he chewed, the longer and harder it became!

“Yes! Keep that up Gene! Don’t be gentle! Faster!” Karen shouted.

“Here Gene, let me show you how to jack off a clit,” Susan said, taking hold of Karen’s clit with her thumb and forefinger and pulling it out farther until its moist delicate length was stretched an inch and a half. With her other thumb and forefinger, Susan began stroking, masturbating the miniature cock.

“Oh!” Karen gasped, “What are you doing to me! Oh Jesus! OHHHHHH. Oh, Susan– I’ve never felt anything like that!”

“You’ll never experience any feeling in all this world like it, Karen. Better than being sucked or chewed.”

“You’re going to make me cum, Susan!”

“Well, we don’t want you to cum yet. You’ve got to do a little work on Gene first. Here Gene, lie down on the table with your legs open and your feet hanging over the edge.” Susan helped Karen off the table. As if drawn by magic, Karen immediately got on her knees between Gene’s open legs. Her hands flew to his young full, rock-hard, seven-inch, cunt-hungry cock. Furiously Karen pumped her fingers up and down Gene’s circumcised prick.

“No Karen, not so rough! Not so fast! His cock is very sensitive. You’ll make him cum and ruin everything.” Susan took Karen’s hand off Gene’s cock. ” I want you to suck his cock”

“But it’s so big!” Karen sounded frightened.

“Here, I’ll show you.” Susan leaned over the prostate young man who was thoroughly enjoying the attention he was receiving. Susan stared lovingly at the purple bulging etimesgut escort crown of his gloriously sexy cockhead. His throbbing prick was fully erect and standing up proud and strong in all of its rigid glory. “Shit! What a fucking this cock could give me!” Susan thought. But she’d had a good fuck from the kid’s father, enough to last her until Saturday night. She was going to save up for that ten-inch cock she’d dreamed about all night.

Men’s pricks never ceased to amaze her, never ceased to magnetize her into a state of sexual turmoil. How she loved cock! She noticed that there was a slight pool of lubrication oozing out of the top of the slit of Gene’s prick. God, he’s ready to cum! What a fucking Karen is in for! Susan let her mouth slip over the top of the big shaft, but just fooled around there, without pulling it into her mouth. She spit a large portion of her own hot saliva out onto the big fat cock and watched as it sensuously dribbled down over the cockhead, and thinned out as it spread down the cock shaft. The morning lights shinning through the living room window made the cock shaft glisten with the saliva running down it, and it made his cock look ever more enticing and inviting to her. Finally, she could stand it no longer. She just had to taste his cockflesh in her hot mouth. She couldn’t wait to slide her yearning and burning lips up and down on his youthful prick. “Are you watching to see how you suck a cock, Karen?” Rene asked.

The girl was totally consumed in watching her teacher. The time had come. Susan slowly, alluringly, began to lower her juicy hot mouth down over the top of Gene’s cockhead. It was huge and filled her mouth to capacity. He sure as hell had a thick cock for just being a kid. Karen watched in breathless awe. Inch by inch, Susan began to lower her sucking mouth over the cockshaft, until she was about halfway down. She reached under his cock and grabbed the two huge balls, still laden with her own spit, and began to toy with them. All the time she kept an eye on Karen. Down and down, she went, until her face was buried in Gene’s pubic hair. His entire cock had disappeared into her mouth and throat! Even with her talented mouth, Susan had to take it slowly, allowing her already super stretched mouth a chance to accustom itself to the extremely long and wide piece of cock being forced into it. After a little more adjusting of her position, she made one more final plunge and pulled the last couple of inches of the mighty prick deep into the back of her hot wet mouth. Her pussy was drooling. God what a sensation! “Ok, Karen. Did you see how it’s done? Now it’s your turn!”

Karen was an excellent student. She learned fast and well. All that was in her mind was sucking her brother’s cock to fulfillment. Karen wanted to taste her brother’s hot semen spurting and gushing into her mouth, and everything took second place in her mind. Susan had told her how musty and delicious a man’s cum tasted. Up and down she went with youthful determination. All the while, she kept toying with her own pussy, getting herself even hotter and hornier than she already was, which was quite a fucking bit.

She toyed with her stiff little clit, which still tingled from the chewing and masturbating done by Gene and Rene, sending erotic shivers through her sex-starved body. She plunged her index finger deep into her cunt and almost came right then and there. She had to go easy, she knew, or she would surely cum right away. She slowed down her finger-fucking action on her own juicy cunt, but quickened the pace of her cock-sucking attack on Gene’s jutting, quivering cock. God, he would be filling her mouth full of hot gooey white fluid in a matter of seconds! Karen was totally engulfed in the pleasure of sucking what she thought to be the most beautiful cock in the world – her own brother’s! Up and down she went, keeping her finger flying in and out of her pussy at the same time. She began to shake, almost convulsing as her own orgasm started. She had wanted to wait until she made Gene cum, but she couldn’t control herself any longer. She was far too hot to wait.

Susan had misjudged their youthful passion! She was about etlik escort to call Karen off before she made Gene cum. Just a few seconds more. Gene had deliberately been holding back his orgasm, and it wasn’t easy, not at all. He’d never had his cock sucked before, but Susan had nearly gotten him off, and now Karen was finishing up where Susan had left off – she really knew how to drive a guy out of his mind with burning lust and desires! When he sensed that she was getting ready to cum herself, he gave in to her sucking mouth and let his orgasm fly. Karen moaned as loudly as she could, considering he size of the cock that was ramming in and out of her lovely mouth, as his cum filled her oral cavity to the brim. As the fluid dribbled out of the corner of her mouth, she quickly lapped them up. She didn’t want to waste even one precious drop of the hot gooey jism, that erotic juicy fluid that she had worked so ardently to produce and extract from Gene’s mighty prick. Up and down her bobbing head went, until every last drop of cum was extracted from his prick. Her own orgasm kept her rocking about on the floor shuddering. Gene’s body convulsed madly. He was shaking and gyrating, and enjoying his orgasm to the fullest possible advantage. Finally it was all over. Karen had her eyes closed; she was so caught up in her own orgasm.

“You horny little fuckers are not through yet. You’re going to fuck the living shit out of each other,” Susan said.

“How about you Susan? Aren’t you bothered?” Gene asked.

“My fucking pussy is on fire!” Susan answered.

“I can fix that,” Gene answered.

“I’m sure you can and you will in time. You save it for your little sister, I’m getting mine day after tomorrow!” Susan answered. Then she told them about Wayne.

“Can we come?” Karen asked.

“I think everyone there will cum!” Susan laughed. “I’ll ask your folks. It would be something to see!”

“Susan, you’re the greatest!” Gene grinned.

“Have you learned anything about sex today?” Susan asked.

“God, have we!” Gene answered.

“Ok then, Gene, lie down here on the rug. It’s time for the final!” Susan pushed the young man’s shoulders back against the carpet. “Do your brotherly duty, Gene.” Karen straddled his long curving prick and sand down on it until the purple head touched her unbroken hymen. She could go no farther.

“This will hurt you more than it does me, Karen”” Susan gripped the girl’s shoulders and pushed her down. Karen screamed as the steel-hard prick shattered her cherry, and she sank down until her pubic hair and Gene’s mingled. “Now fuck him, Karen!” Susan shouted. “Fuck his horny cock off!”

Karen’s hips churned rhythmically, her cunt fucked by the massive prick, teasing it, tormenting it, demanding that it spew forth its hidden load of cum. every time the powerful prick pulsed into the sopping cunt, it stroked excruciatingly across her clit. Each time his cock plunged into her pussy, Gene felt as though her tight cunt would tear off his foreskin. But it was great! Fast as the fucking was, it grew still faster till Karen’s young hips were going in a blur of motion, and the skin was all but rubbed off her knees as she scrambled for traction to fuck up and down on his prick. His cock seemed to expand, to fill her pussy. The feeling was indescribable to both of them. Them came together at exactly the same moment. Even as Karen’s cunt jerked tight around his cock as if to choke it off, Gene’s cock erupted and gave off gallons and gallons of soupy white sperm and semen into her hungry young-girl pussy. Her cunt was flooded with the spraying seed of her brother. His jism filled her pussy. Karen lay on top of him exhausted. Gene’s cock deflated rapidly and dropped out of Karen’s cunt. Cum and cunt juice oozed from her gaping, loose-lipped pussy slit. They lay on the carpet floor, happily spent, stroking and fondling each other’s body.

“I LOVE YOU, Gene. Oh God, how I love you. Why haven’t we done that before now?” Karen whispered.

Gene grinned, “I tried to tell you how fun it could be.”

“Well, kids, now that you’re all fucked out, how about starting on some math?” Susan said.

“Ah, do we have to?” Gene asked, rather disappointed.

“We can’t have sex education for every class,” Susan answered. “We will have sex class three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Next time I’ll participate and show you some new techniques,”

Gene and Karen smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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