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Charlotte opened her purse and took out her keys as she walked out the door to the restaurant. It was slow tonight and she was allowed to leave early. She was supposed to get off at 12:30am but here it was, 10:30pm and heading home. She turned and waved to her friends Cindy and Tara who were left waiting tables. Walked across the parking lot, she opened her purse, sliding her tips into her wallet while taking out the keys to her used Honda Civic. She was able to buy a small car using her tip money so her parents no longer had to drop her off. It was going to be a big help when she went back to university in the fall.

Starting up the car and letting it warm up a little, she picked up her cell phone and texted her mom. “Hey mom, I’ll be home early. Work was slow. Be there in 15 minutes.”

She had gotten in the habit of letting her parents know when she’d be home just in case they were busy. Being home from university for the summer, she had already accidentally walked in while her parents were fucking. She found out the hard way that her parents still had a very VERY active sex life. It shouldn’t be an issue this time because her dad was away on a business trip and wouldn’t be back for another week but she still texted.

The first time she came in and her parents bedroom door was left open. She could hear them as soon as she came through the door so she made a hasty retreat. Taking a drive for half an hour and calling her friend Sheila. Sheila kept looking for more information but Charlotte didn’t see anything. Her best friend had a bit of a crush on Charlotte’s dad.

The second time she caught her parents, she had come home from the beach. Walking through the house she called out but got no answer. Assuming they were taking a nap, she had gone upstairs to her bedroom to change out of her bikini and grab a shower. Glancing out her window to the hottub she was considering getting in later, she was startled. Sat up on the edge of the hottub was her dad, naked. In one hand he had what looked like a Rum and Coke. In the other hand, was his wife’s head as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

Looking away quickly, she went to the other side of her room. She picked up her phone and texted Sheila. C: “OMG, just got home and caught mom giving dad a bj in the hottub. What should I do?”. S:”OMG, where are you?”. C: “In my room.”. S: “Show me.” C: “Eww!!” S: “You already saw, I want to see too. Your dad is hot! Just, take a pic, send it to me, and delete it after.”

Reluctantly she did take a couple pictures and send them to Sheila who thought they were hot. You could clearly see Roxanne deep throating her husbands cock in one, and in the other her mouth was right at the head showing how large he was. Curiously you could also see her mother’s fingers playing with her dad’s ass. She didn’t know why but she kept it on her phone for a while. After taking the pictures and talking to Sheila for a few more minutes, she decided the best idea was to ignore it and go get in the shower, pretending she didn’t see anything.

Both of these events took place in her first week home from university. That is she she got in the habit of texting before coming home. Since then, she hadn’t walked in on them once, and she was good at pretending that she hadn’t seen anything.

That was, until last week. She had looked at the pictures on her phone of her parents several times and had recently started masturbated to them. She was so busy with work that she hadn’t gotten laid since she left university. Then one day she got a call about not needing to come into work one day and ended up going into her parents bedroom and masturbating on her father’s hand while she thought he was asleep. It was her best orgasm in a long time.

Now with a few extra hours to herself, she began to think what she may do tonight. The hottub seemed like it would be a nice way to unwind. Grab a drink, find a nice seat on a jet and fantasize.

10:45pm she was pulling into her parents driveway. She quietly entered the house as she didn’t know if her mother was awake or not. She took off her shoes leaving her stockings on from her work uniform. Tiptoeing through the house, she went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. The lights were all off downstairs so her mother must be in bed.

Going past the kitchen, she opened the door outside and stepped onto the back deck. Walking over to the hottub, she checked the temperature and opened up the cover getting it ready. She was looking forward to getting in and relaxing after being on her feet all day.

Padding back into the house she walked up the stairs. Half way up she hears her mother moaning and talking.

“Mmmm, I’m sorry Professor Jacobs. We were just experimenting” came Charlie’s mother’s voice.

“Well I’m sorry” came her dad’s reply, “you’ll need to be punished for doing that sort of thing in the library.”

Charlotte knew her father was still on his trip as his car was not in the driveway. keçiören escort She snuck down the hall in her bare feet to her parents bedroom. The door was left slightly ajar and there was light coming from the room spilling out into the hallway. Through the crack she saw her mother from back on, wearing a short red plaid skirt and a white sweater that came just above her belly button. Charlotte moved farther down the hall being sure to stay in the shadow and knelt near the door peeking through, curious as to what was going on. Her mom turned around, and was facing the dresser. She reached up and squeezed her tits through the sweater. Now able to see better, she noticed the lettering on the front was of her old high school. Her mom was wearing her old cheerleader uniform. Admittedly, her mom looked very sexy in it. It hugged her curves in all the right places. In front of her on the dresser was her laptop where Charlotte could see her dad was on video chat with her. He was hard to see at that angle but he could see he was wearing his suit and was in his hotel room.

Roanne bent over pointing her ass at the laptop. “How are you going to punish me Professor?”

“Lift up your skirt young lady”

“Like this” she lifted the hem of the skirt up over her ass showing she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“You’re not wearing any underwear miss.”

“I must have left them with Kim in the library.”

Kim is Mom’s best friend. Is it just a coincidence that she used her name?

“You’re just a slutty little cheerleader aren’t you. Pick up that ruler. Are you a lesbian young lady?” Tom stated as he started taking off his suit jacket and tie.

She picked up a ruler off the bed. “I’m not a lesbian sir. Like I said, we were just experimenting”

“Now you’re going to get a whack for each bad thing I seen miss Roxy”. Roxy was what her father usually called her mother.

“Yes sir”

“Alright, up on the desk and bend over”. Tom was now unbuttoning his shirt. Roxy got up on the bed and pointed her ass straight at the laptop.

“Get back over here and point this camera at the desk miss”

“Sorry Sir” She got up and moved the laptop so it was pointed more at the bed. This also helped Charlotte’s view of her dad on the screen.

She was getting really turned on at this point. Her Mom and Dad were going to have video sex while he was on his trip. Tom was on the screen now with his shirt unbuttoned and she could see his chest. He worked out and his chest was well defined. He had his pants down and his bulge was easily seen in the front of his boxer briefs. He ran his hand over the front of his hard cock. Roxy got back up on the bed and flipped the skirt back up over her ass. Her mom keeps fit working out with her daughter at least 4 times a week. Her ass was tight and she had full D cup tits filling out the sweater.

Tom was watching his wife in his daughters uniform. Last week he had woken up as his daughter was masturbating on his hand. He couldn’t be certain that it was real or a dream but now as he admired his beautiful wife’s ass and shaved pussy he couldn’t help think of his sweet little Charlie.

Charlie was getting really wet at this point. Sliding her hand under her skirt, she started rubbing her pussy through her panties. Both her mom and her dad were turning her on. She continued to watch through the crack in the door.

“Much better, alright let’s see what you’ve done wrong now. First, no panties under your skirt”.

Mom wacked her own right ass cheek with the ruler.

“Owww” Mom squealed.

“And you lost them”

WACK “Mmmmmmm”

“You undressed your fellow cheerleader”

WACK “Mmmm…yes”

“You kissed her”

WACK “Yesss”

“You sucked on her nipples”

WACK “Ohhhhhh fuck”

“You kissed her naked body”

WACK “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm”

“Lets give your other cheek some attention now. You then took off your own clothes”

WACK. “Ohhhhhh”. She could hear the want in her mother’s moans. She was enjoying playing the sweet little cheerleader. She never would have thought her mom would be in to the lesbian part of this. Roxy’s face was down into the bed and her other arm was up rubbing her clit. Tom had his cock out of his underwear now and had started stroking it. Charlie knew from the pictures how large he was. He was at least 8 inches long and very thick. He rivaled some of the toys she had bought online.

“What did you do wrong then”

“Mmmm…I…started licking Kims pussy…Owwwwww.” Wack.

“Did you enjoy the taste”

“MmmmHmmmm” Wack

“And what were your fingers doing?”

“Two of them were in her tight pussy” Wack


“Two others were in my pussy” Wack “Ohhhhhhhh!”


“And my little finger was rubbing her …”

“Go ahead, you can say it”

“her asshole” Wack “Ohhhhhhhhh!”

“And did she cum”

“Oh yes!” Wack “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Ok, kızılay escort put down the ruler.” Roxy obeyed. “what did you do then.”

“Then we noticed you and stopped.”

“Yes, that’s right. That was very naughty of you to stop while I was enjoying the show you two were putting on. Now slide a finger into your asshole.”

Roxy licked the finger on her right hand and slid it back over her ass and played with her little hole. She then slowly inserted one finger.

“Ohhhhhhh! Mmmmmm…Mmmmmmm!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!”

Her body convulsed on the bed as she came from the dual stimulation, looking back over her shoulder at Tom on the screen. He was stroking his cock a lot faster now. He had laid on the bed and moved his laptop to a better view for Mom…and unknowingly to his daughter.

Charlie was very close to coming herself. She had 2 fingers in her pussy now and was rubbing her clit with her other hand. Teasingly, she played a little with her ass as well.

Roxy turned around and lifted her shirt up over her tits, letting them spill out. Her nipples were very hard and pink. “I’m sorry sir. It will never happen again”

“Now I didn’t say that. Just next time, make sure it’s in a more private place, like, my office.”

“Mmmmmm, can I have some of that cock now Professor?” Mom walked up to the camera and hung her tits down in front of them while opening her top drawer. She hauled out a large red vibrator.

“Yes young lady. My cock is hard thinking about what you two were doing. Suck on it and make it ready for you.” He walked closer to the camera so his cock filled the whole screen as he was stroking it.

Roxy started sucking on the top of the vibrator while looking straight at Tom, pretending the fake cock in her mouth was his.

“Mmmmmm.. Mmh Mha hunh Mmmm.” she mumbled while sucking on the cock.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Taking the fake cock out of her mouth she said in a lustful tone, “Sorry sir. I said that it’s so tasty.” She popped the head of it back in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head.

“And thick. Mmmmmmm. I don’t know if I’ll ever get it in my tight little pussy.” She started sucking it again, moaning all around the cock.

Charlie’s fingers were circling her clit faster now. She was so close to cuming. She wanted to go into the room and help her mom but

“Oh it’ll fit. Get back up on the desk now and I’ll show you how well it’ll fit in your tight tasty cunt”

She took the camera off the top of the laptop, leaving the laptop on the dresser and brought it over to the bed with her. There was a long cable that could reach the bed. As she crawled up on the bed she kept the camera down by her cunt giving him quite the view as she crawled up. Turning over and laying on her back, she put the camera down between her legs, about a foot away just to the side of her cunt at such an angle he could see the vibrator entering her up close. Roxy propped her back up on a couple of pillows so she could see him on the screen but all he could see was her cunt as she put the head of the vibrator at the entrance and started rubbing it up and down.

Charlie’s fingers were a blur over her clit now and her other hand was up her shirt, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. She bit down on her bottom lip to keep from moaning.

Tom had the tip of his cock up near the camera now and it filled the entire screen. “You are so tight. Feel me slowly filling you up?” Roxy could see precum on the tip of his cock which he spread around the tip. “Mmmm, you’re so wet. I can’t wait to start pounding you”

She was starting to slide the vibrator into her cunt slowly. She get it in two inches and slide it back out an inch. Then back in another two slowly, then back out one. “Ohhhh! Mmmmmmm! Go slower professor, you’re tearing me apart.”

“You’re almost got it all. Just a few more inches”

She slowly pushed the vibrator right into her until just the base was left for her to hold on to. “Oh my god! You’re in me so deep. I’m so full! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

“See how well it fit in you. You’re so tight. I love the feeling of you wrapped around my cock. Now, I’m going fuck this sweet young pussy.” He backed up so Roxy could see his full cock and his hand. Even Charlie could see sweat starting to drip down over his abs. His hand started to slowly slide to the top of his cock. Roxy pulled the vibrator out to tip as his hand reached his matching the timing of his strokes with hers. As she bottomed out again, dad held his cock down at the base for a moment. She reached down and switched on the vibrator.

“Oh you fill me up so good. Ohhhh!!”

Charlie couldn’t take any more as she watched her mom start to pound her pussy with the vibrator and her dad was stroking faster and faster. She came hard on her fingers as she stifled back her moans. Not that they would have been able to hear them as Roxy was moaning constantly as sincan escort she fucked her pussy with the huge red vibrator. Charlie’s pussy clamped on her fingers as they were soaked by her juices. She held them in her pussy for a few minutes while she continued to watch. They were both getting close. Charlie slid her fingers out of her cunt and continued to stroke it while they finished.

“Oh Roxy, your cunt is so hot on my cock. Tell me, is Kims cunt as hot and delicious as yours is. Mmmmm.” as he grunted.


All this talk about Kim made Charlie wonder if this was just part of their role playing or did her mom and her best friend really have sex with each other. She hadn’t even thought about eating another cunt but seeing her mom on the bed was turning her on so much it made her wonder. Charlie slid her hand out of her pants and brought her dripping fingers up to her nose. In her turned on state, they smelled really good. She took a quick lick and it tasted sweet. She then slide her two fingers into her mouth and sucked off her juices. She shuddered at the thought and how she tasted.

“Here I come Roxy” Tom said as he pointed his cock towards his camera. Charlie slid her hand back in her pants and started rubbing slowly again.

“Oh, don’t cum in my pussy Professor. Cum in my mouth.” Roxy turned off the vibrator and took it out of her cunt, quickly flipping over on the bed to face the camera she put the vibrator back in mouth and started sucking on it. Her fingers found her cunt and started rubbing her clit as she moaned around the cock and started cuming.

“Drink it all down. Unnh unh!” he grunted as he started to come straight at the camera. A lot of it seemed to hit the camera as Charlie watched and drip down on the screen.

“Mmmmmm. That was delicious honey.” Roxy said as she took the vibrator out of her mouth and put it on the bed. “I can’t wait until you get home from this trip so I can really taste your cum in my mouth.”

Her dad was wiping off his camera and she could see him again as he sat on the edge of the hotel bed. “That amongst other things. And you definitely need to wear that uniform again when I’m there. You look so hot in that short little skirt. I could only imagine what it looks like on you in person.”

Roxy got up on her knees in front of the camera running her hand up the over the skirt to her tits and squeezed them. “Yeah, I better get this back into Charlie’s closet before she gets home from work. Well honey, lets see if we can do this again before you get home. Can’t wait to see you again next week so you can do this to me right.” She turned the skirt around and undid the clasp on it, letting it drop to the bed.

“Ok honey. I should have some time Monday evening if you’re up for it. I’ll be back in town Thursday night so we can head up to the cabin for vacation”.

“I think Charlie has to work Monday so that should work. I can’t wait for our vacation. It’s going to be nice to relax for a week. Oops” As she moved to get off the bed she knocked over the camera and it tipped over pointing towards the door. Charlie moved back away from the crack quickly, hoping her dad didn’t see her. She tiptoed back down the hallway to her bedroom.

“Sorry honey, didn’t mean to tip you over and take away from your view, there that’s better.” She must have put the camera back on the laptop. “I best get ready for bed. Thank you for that. I needed it.”

“Did I just see something outside the door?” Charlie heard her dad say as she got to her room and slowly closed the door. Quickly she changed out of her uniform and put on her bikini, still intent on going to the hottub. She grabbed a towel and walked back out down the hallway as her mom came out of her bedroom in a robe.

“Oh hey sweetie. I didn’t expect you home yet.” Roxy checked out her daughter in her small red bikini.

“Slow night so I got off early. Thought I’d grab a drink and hit the hottub to relax a little. I just got home. Did you want to join me?”

“I could use a relaxing soak. Sure. Make me a drink too and I’ll meet you out there.”

“Ok mom.” Charlie walked away. Her mom checking out her perky ass in the tiny bikini.

Roxy went back into her room and dropped her robe. Standing naked, she picked up her phone and checked for any messages. One text from her daughter at 10:30 saying she’d be home in 15 minutes. She looked at the time. It was now 11:45 but her daughter said she just got home. “Oh no” she thought. “What did she see.” She opened her drawer and grabbed a bikini. Second guessing, she dropped the normal bikini she would normally wear around her daughter and grabbed a tiny blue g-string and tiny bikini top. “It’s just us girls here anyway.”

Roxy was totally convinced that her daughter just watched her fuck herself silly with her husband. And if she didn’t say anything during that entire hour, she was also certain that her daughter liked it. Grabbing a towel, she stepped over her daughters discarded cheerleader uniform and walked out to the hottub to relax with her daughter and see where the night took them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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