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There are few pleasures in life greater than watching your wife’s face as she’s fucked by another man. Justine was laying on her side as our newest partner, Patrick, was fucking her from behind. Her body shook slightly each time he thrust into her. With each thrust there was a little gasp of pleasure from her lips. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip, concentrating on Patrick’s rooster as it went in and out of her cunt. I was laying facing them, kissing Justine every once in a while, but I doubt she knew I was even there; in the height of ecstasy, she didn’t realize anything that was going on around her. I didn’t mind; I liked to watch her get fucked.

“I’m gonna cum,” Patrick gasped between thrusts of his hips. He was half propped up behind my wife, his skin covered in a sheen of sweat from his exertions. Justine is a great lover, but it takes some time and effort to bring her to the little death. “Do you want me to pull out?”

This question brought Justine back to her senses. “No!” she shouted. “cum inside me!”

Patrick said nothing and just nodded, a silly thing to do since only I could see him, but he kept thrusting away. No reason to pull out. We had discussed it beforehand. We wanted Patrick to cum inside her. He was young and healthy, disease-free. No reason to use a condom. Justine loved the feel of hot semen splashing into her cervix. Patrick was under the impression that Justine was using some sort of birth control so he didn’t have to wear a condom. Patrick was wrong.

Justine was at her most fertile part of her cycle.

“Uh-uh-uh,” Patrick grunted as he came. I looked down between their legs to watch his cock filling up my wife’s cunt. I glanced back to her face which was twisted into a grimace of pain and pleasure I was intimately familiar with. She gasped and groaned, unable to make it over the edge of the moment of crisis. Her hand slipped down to her clit and she anxiously frigged herself as Patrick continued to pump his cum into her. I reached out and pinched her nipple. Not softly, not tenderly, but fiercely, to let her know I was there. That was enough to push her over the edge.

She came with an elongated groan and scream, her whole body shuddering as the orgasm ran through her. Justine was at her most beautiful when she was cumming.

Patrick held her for a minute as they came down from their orgasm high. Eventually he reached the point of softness where he couldn’t remain inside of her any longer and his limp cock slipped out of her cunt. Justine let out a little sigh of complaint as she was left empty. I didn’t allow her to remain that way for long.

As was our routine she pushed her partner away and laid on her back. I got between her bent legs and gently kissed the neatly trimmed triangle of blond curls that adorned the top of her pussy. These hairs were soaked with her juices, Patrick’s spunk, and their sweat. She smelled delightful. “Don’t mess around,” she complained, pushing my head down lower, past her mons and clit, until I was licking and kissing the opening to her vag.

She was wet and leaking. Patrick’s white fluids had mixed with Justine’s copious natural lubricant creating a wonderful mélange of flavors. I licked and sucked his cum from her cunt while she gently rested her hand on the back of my head. I could feel Patrick watching me. I wondered what he was thinking, a husband eating another man’s cum from his wife’s pussy. Part of the thrill was having him watch me, but the best part was cleaning out Justine’s pussy, preparing the way for my own cock to fuck her.

Her pussy was hot and wet; she wasn’t retaining much of his spunk, it was all flowing out of her, just the way I liked it. It didn’t take long to clean her out. She signaled she was done by pulling me up from her cunt and burying her tongue in my mouth, getting the last taste of Patrick’s semen and her own juices.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Patrick shaking his head. “You two said you were kinky, but that’s just crazy!”

We found Patrick on one of those many adult dating websites; he was about ten years younger than us, which was a bonus for Justine because she liked her extra-curricular lovers young and innocent, or at least young and inexperienced. We found it easier to have sex with younger partners rather than very experienced ones. Justine loved to play the role of teacher when in bed.

“You’ll learn this is nothing,” Justine said to him. “You just need a little more time to develop your kinks.” She fixed her fingers in my hair and pulled me up to her body. Eating the cream pie that Patrick had deposited in her cunt had made my cock hard and ready to fuck my wife. I proudly entered her and started thrusting away. She was always hot and ready after being fucked once and then cleaned up. Her cunt was so slick I was having trouble feeling any friction inside her. That didn’t matter; it was the thought of fucking her right after another man had deposited a load inside her that got me it.

It didn’t take me long to cum. To help me along Justine Escort Bayan reached down between my legs, found my balls and gave them a firm squeeze. That’s all I needed to fill her cunt once again. She was sure to be a sopping mess when we were done for the night. I could feel her orgasm lightly beneath me as I finished. Once Justine was warmed up she was nearly unstoppable. That’s one of the many reasons we started to include others in our bed.

I laid on top of her a minute recovering from my exertion, then rolled off. Immediately Justine shot her hand down to her pussy, holding my spunk inside of her. She grinned and looked at Patrick. “Care to have a cream pie?” she asked him.

“What?” he asked, flustered. He was half-erect—the effect of enjoying watching us fuck—but her question caught him off guard.

“My husband loves them,” she said while slipping her fingers between her swollen pussy lips. “You should give it a try.”

“Ah, no,” he declined the offer. His face was flushed red; it was odd to see someone embarrassed by sex talk when that person was the same one who just fucked your wife. “Why not let him have another go?”

She shook her head, her blond bangs sweeping into her eyes. “Uh-uh. This one’s mine if you don’t want to have it.” She hooked her fingers and scooped my leavings from her pussy and bought it up to her mouth. After a moment’s hesitation—teasing Patrick a little more—she plunged her fingers into her mouth, licking and sucking my semen.

He could only watch her in amazement. “How did you a woman as wanton as your wife?” he asked me.

I just smiled. “Just plain lucky,” I told him.

We left him there in the hotel room. From the beginning of our contact we told him up front that it would be a one-time only affair. It wasn’t that either Justine or I were exceptionally jealous, we had simply worked out an agreement not to develop any long term attachments to our lovers. It was just easier that way for everyone involved.

A couple of months later we were fucking in our bed, both of us lying on our sides, me behind her. I liked that position because she had to lay with one knee pointed up, which fully opened her cunt, giving me easy access to her clit. We had both already cum once and I was still semi-hard because I was wearing a cockring, so I was still inside of her while I played with her clit seeing if I could bring her off again.

“You’re putting on weight,” I told her as I ran my hand over her slightly rounded belly before dipping my fingers down to tweak her clit once again. “Your tummy used to be smooth and flat.”

“I know,” she breathed, shuddering slightly against my teasing fingers. “Women’s bellies often get fat when they get pregnant.”

I froze, stopping my cock’s gentle thrusts into her pussy and my fingers rested atop her mons. Everything stopped except my heart and my cock, which was steadily growing inside her cunt.

“I knocked you up?” I whispered in her ear?

“Maybe,” she said. “Don’t forget you weren’t the only guy fucking me over the past few months. And none of them were wearing condoms.”

By now I was rock-hard and thrusting away with excitement. My wife was pregnant, possibly with my child, possibly with another man’s seed. This was fantastic; I’d always dreamed of marrying a slutty woman and that dream had more than come to fruition.

She laughed at my anxious thrusts into her, my hard cock probing her depths. “You like that, don’t you,” she laughed again. “You don’t know whose baby is inside me and that turns you on.”

She knew it was my fetish, that’s why she indulged me. At that point I was so overcome with desire I couldn’t even talk. A few more thrusts and I flooded her already fertilized womb with my semen. Even after two orgasms it took me nearly half an hour to detumesce to the point where I could remove my cockring.

The next day found us at the doctor’s office with Justine on the exam table, legs splayed, feet in the stirrups and an internal ultrasound wand up her twat. She looked completely calm and cool as the doctors manipulated the wand, which looked exactly like a medical condom and KY covered dildo, looking at Justine’s uterus. I was in the assigned husband spot holding her hand, next to the bed, pretending to understand what I was seeing on the static-filled screen connected to the ultrasound machine. Most women would have been a bit nervous, I suppose, but Justine was cool and calm even when the doctor asked, “Do twins run in your family?” She looked at my wife with a big smile on her face. She was pretty, not my type exactly, but I wouldn’t have said no if she had propositioned me. Then again, I was pretty sure the doctor wasn’t in the habit of seducing her patients’ husbands in front of them.

“No,” Justine answered, already knowing what the doctor was alluding.

“Well, they might now.” She turned the monitor directly toward Justine and pointed out two black and white blobs. “Here’s Baby A and this is Baby B.”

The doctor smiled again, waiting a response. Bayan Escort I’m certain getting news of twins on the way has surprised more than one set of parents and could well imagine the range of reactions varies anywhere from surprise and disbelief to sheer happiness and delight. Perhaps more than one parent-to-be has passed out at the news. I’m positive the doctor never got this question from her patient before:

“What are the chances that the babies have different fathers?” Justine asked, coolly and calmly, as if asking what tomorrow’s weather would be.

The doctor glanced at me. I gave her my “just plain happy” smile. She looked back at Justine, cleared her throat, and managed to stammer out, “Umm, some studies have shown that with fraternal twins—like what you have—the incidence of twins being half-siblings is less than five percent.”

Justine looked up at me. “Hear that, honey?” she asked me. “They’re probably both yours.”

It was no wonder the doctor rushed us through the rest of the appointment and got out of the examination room as fast as she could. Driving home Justine kept giggling at the turn of events.

“That wasn’t very nice, dear,” I told her. “You have to go back there, you know.”

“Don’t be a spoilsport, honey,” she replied. “That’s half the fun. And won’t it be exciting to wonder who the daddy or daddys are?”

Justine always took a little too much pleasure in that while I liked watching her fuck other men and the idea of her getting pregnant by someone else excited me (even as I drove home I had a hard-on), I didn’t especially like the humiliation she liked to exploit of letting others know that she fucked around. I fucked around on her too, but I was always a bit more discrete.

When we got home she give me a sympathy blowjob and invited me to fuck her pregnant pussy. Being the good husband that I was, I obliged her. She promised me that there was more to come, she wouldn’t let my slightly bruised ego go untended.

She made good on her promise the following weekend. We were supposed to go out to eat when I got home from work. I bounded up the stairs hoping to find her already dressed or at least in the process. She wasn’t, of course. She was naked, or nearly naked. I suppose a g-string counts for something, even though the tiny green one she wore left her ass cheeks totally exposed and did little to hide her cunt.

But I barely glance at my wife. I was more interested in the redheaded girl on our bed who was lying on her back, legs spread, with Justine’s face buried in her pussy. I’m certain they both heard me come in, but the girl was too busy approaching orgasm to take much notice of me. Justine glanced over the girl’s thigh to acknowledge me with her eyes, but didn’t wan to break her pussy lock and keep the girl from her hard-earned climax. I stood there, rooted in place, as my wife showed her bi-sexual side to me. It was a side I had seen before, but it was always a pleasure to watch.

It didn’t take very long for Justine to get the girl off. The young thing suddenly clamped her thighs around Justine’s head and started screaming with pleasure. Her body flopped around a bit on the bed until both women were exhausted by their efforts. They slowly broke apart and Justine looked up at me, her face glistening with the other woman’s pussy juice, and said, “Instead of dining out tonight, I decided to order in. Care to sample her?” She gestured toward the girl’s red and wet cunt.

“I’d rather fuck her,” I said, starting to strip off my clothes. It only took me a few moments and my cock was already hard and ready to mount the girl. I was on the bed in an instant, pushing Justine from between the girl’s legs and getting ready to thrust inside her.

“Don’t you want to know her name?” Justine asked, teasing me, grabbing my prick, not letting me sink my meat into her open hole.

“What’s your name, honey?” I asked the pretty young girl whom I was about to fuck.

She giggled, making her already youthful appearance seem even younger. “Wendy,” she said. There was lust in her eyes and I could tell she wanted me to fuck her, even if my wife was watching; perhaps because my wife was watching. Some young girls wanted to steal men away from their wives, but that would hardly work with Justine and I.

“And how old are you?” I asked her.

“Twenty one,” she answered. I couldn’t tell if she was lying or not. It didn’t matter to me.

I looked over at Justine. “I think we know each other well enough now, don’t you?” I asked her.

Justine smiled and wrapped on hand around my balls, the other around the shaft of my cock and guided me into Wendy’s wet and willing tunnel. I sank all the way up to my balls with no resistance. Her pussy was hot and tight. I wondered how many other men had fucked this girl. Not many based on her tightness. Or maybe she was just extra horny.

Justine happily watched me as I enthusiastically fucked young red-headed Wendy. But the young girl broke the mood by asking questions. “Um, are you wearing Escort a condom?” she asked.

“Nope,” I told her, lowering my body fully onto hers and gently nibbling the side of her neck.

“I could get pregnant,” she gasped between my thrusts. It didn’t sound to me that was a major concern of hers right then.

“You could,” I agreed with her. “But you probably won’t.”

“My husband never wears a condom when fucking other women,” Justine told Wendy whose eyes went wide with this small revelation.

“But I’m not on any birth control,” Wendy said. Her body didn’t stop responding to my fucking. She tilted her hips allowing me easier thrusting access and even went so far as to wrap her legs around my waist. She was a flexible little minx.

“That makes it even more exciting,” I told her, then kissed her lips. It drives Justine wild when I kiss other women in front of her. She says she hates it, but it just makes her more excited for she’s never told me to stop doing it. Wendy once again responded, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

“You’re a slut, aren’t you, Wendy?” Justine asked her.

She resisted answering at first. With her lips mashed together her moans and groans from my fast thrusting were muffled, but it was like watching someone who had a great secret to tell but knew she’d get in trouble for revealing it.

“You are a slut, aren’t you, little girl? What other kind of woman lets a complete stranger fuck her bareback without even knowing his name? What other kind of woman makes love with that man’s wife in their marriage bed?” That was enough for me. Justine’s taunting was only half for our new lover, the other half was for me. I emptied the contents of my balls deep into her cunt. I could feel my hot seed splashing onto her cervix. I didn’t stop thrusting; each time I plunged back into her I could feel my semen squishing around and forcing its way out of her vag. This was apparently just what the slut needed to push her over the edge. She clutched to me, a high keening noise issuing forth from her lips as her orgasm took control of her body.

Justine laid next to us as we came down from our high. She absently brushed back Wendy’s bangs and kissed the girl’s cheeks, lips and forehead. “You are a slut, aren’t you?” she asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Yes,” Wendy shakily conceded the truth to us.

“Roll off her,” Justine ordered me. After I complied she was back between Wendy’s legs. The redhead’s cunt was wet and swollen, the color of the sex lips almost the same color as the deep red of the hair that grew on her scalp (she had removed either through shaving or waxing any hair on her pussy). From between those swollen lips my white semen was starting to flow. Justine didn’t miss a drop; she licked Wendy from stem to stern sucking up all my jism, cleaning up Wendy’s pretty pussy.

“Ever had another woman eat your cream pie before?” I asked Wendy while toying with her breast. She peered down between her legs as Justine continued to dine on her pussy. Since she hadn’t come down fully from her last orgasm it was obvious that Justine was quickly working her toward another climax.

“No,” she gasped out between quick breaths.

“How about a man?”

“No,” she confirmed again.

“Do you like it?” I asked. She was beyond words at this point and could only nod in agreement before her thighs scissored shut on Justine’s head. Wendy didn’t even bother trying to keep her pleasure quiet this time. Her scream and grunts of pleasure was a delight to hear and watch. When Justine was done licking the girl’s enchanting pussy, she crawled up on top of her, laid down, mashing their breasts together, and proceeded to share the remains of my seed with Wendy. There are few things more beautiful in life than seeing your wife sharing your spunk with another beautiful girl.

When Justine was assured that Wendy had swallowed a good portion of my load, she rolled off the girl and sighed in contentment. “You two are crazy,” Wendy declared then laughed out loud. “I love it.”

By now I had recovered my composure and looked across Wendy’s nude body to glare at my wife. “Whatever happened to our rule of never bringing our lovers into our home?”

Justine grinned with self-satisfaction and looked at Wendy. “See? I told you he wouldn’t notice. It’s doubtful he’s even looked at your face since he walked in on us.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked sharply.

A pout danced across Justine’s lips as she traced the edge of Wendy’s jaw with her finger. “You don’t recognize our new lover?”

I looked carefully at Wendy’s face trying to figure out where I’d supposedly seen here before. It was too hard for me to place. “I give up. Where?”

Both girls laughed at me. “The ob-gyn office, silly,” Justine said. “You’ve talked to her a dozen times. She’s the receptionist.”

I shook my head. “Don’t recognize her. She must look different with her clothes off.”

They both laughed again. We talked for a little while longer, the entire time I thought about my sperm swimming their way up Wendy’s womb and finding her eggs and impregnating her. Justine noticed my steadily hardening cock so she rolled off the bed, opened our drawer of sex toys, pulled out my silicone cockrings and walked over to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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