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I had been out for a few cocktails and decided to make it an early night. As I entered my foyer I looked up the stairs and saw my hot next door neighbor as she was unlocking her door. I wanted to get to her quickly before she slipped into her apartment and away from my advances. I needn’t have moved as quickly as she was having trouble with the lock. She was obviously quite loaded as she dropped her keys. It was then that I got the surprise of the century as my hot dream girl bent over and gave me a peak at her ass under her very short skirt. I should say her ass and what appeared to be a pair of balls! My dream girl was a she male or transsexual! Shocker? Yes, but it excited me. Over the last year or so I have been sucking men’s cocks and am comfortable with my bisexuality but this was new to me. A hot woman with a cock.

But back to now. I picked up her keys and gently placing a hand at the small of her back said: “Here let me help you with this.”

She was shocked to see me as she did not hear me come up beside her. She tried to say something as I unlocked and opened her door for her but was having a lot of trouble putting her words together.

Wanting to put her mind at ease I tried to comfort her and let her know that she was home and safe. I looked around her apartment and she had done a nice job with it as it was very comforting. Lots of sensual items around the room. A real nice old love seat that looked like it was right out of a New Orleans Brothel. Everything did remind me of some of the high end brothels I have visited in my travels. I was having to support her with my arm around her waist and asked her where her bed room was. She was sober enough to react to that and as I saw fear in her eyes said: “My name is John and you know me from across the hall. I mean you no harm and you are safe with me. I just want to make you comfortable and feel safe.” She pointed to one of the doors in the room and when I opened the door I saw the difference in a bed room and a bedouir.

Hers was something to experience and words escaped me to describe it.

I lead her to her bed and as I lowered her to it she tried to kick off her high heels. I had to help her with one and got quite a view up her skirt. She had a nice shaved uncut cock and ball sack for me to see. I caught the smell of fresh cum and could see some running down the back of her legs. She caught me looking and said: “So now you know! Do you hate me, despise me, are you repulsed?”

“No dear you are very desirable woman and if you were more sober I would be less of a gentlemen. But for tonight let’s just get you to bed.”

“I can’t sleep in this dress. Will you help me with it, please?” She quietly asked.

I was glad to do anything that let me have more looks at her body so reached behind her and zipped her dress down. She shrugged it off her shoulders and tried to catch it to cover her breasts but wasn’t quick enough to prevent showing me her beautiful pear shaped breasts. Nice half doller sized nipples and barely any drop to them. I wondered if they were implants or grown by hormones. Either way I had to resist caressing them.

I helped her to lift the dress over her head leaving her naked as she had no panties or bra to cover her. As much as I wanted to feast on her beauty I was a gentlemen and helped her under the covers.

As I thought she had passed out I moved to leave her when she grabbed my hand and asked me to please stay as she was afraid to be alone.

I suddenly realized there was more here than someone who had more to drink than she could handle.

I told her that I would be just outside her door on the couch until she was comfortable.

I really wanted to get back to my place and relieve this hard on that everything I had seen had created. All I could think about was feeling that beautiful cock of hers harden in my mouth and make love to it until she shot her load down my throat.

Resigning myself to trying to sleep in my clothes and on an unfamiliar couch, I settled in on hers. Luckily she had another besides the love seat, I found a selection of pillows everywhere and enough throws to cover myself.

Nothing I tried to do to forget how hot she made me worked and I tiptoed to her door to check on her and found her sound asleep. I quietly got myself back to the couch and said “Fuck it” and dropped my pants to give myself some relief.

I was ready with my handkerchief to catch my cum and proceeded to close my eyes and picture the beauty just steps away.

I was lost in my fantasy when I felt that I was not alone and opening my eyes saw her leaning on her door jamb watching me. She was almost covered by a vintage dressing gown. It had a print and fringe but was almost transparent teasing me with glimpses of her beauty.

I stopped my stroking and as I reached for one of her many throws around me she said: “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. You are so handsome doing that. Who were you thinking about. Your eyes were closed but you had a very excited look on your face.”

“I,I,I am so Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort sorry for doing this here. Please forgive me, I apologize.” I stammered embarrassed but excited knowing she had seen me in so intimate a moment.

She stopped my yammering and said: “Were you thinking about me?” My reaction told her everything she needed to know as she drifted to the chair nearest me. She appeared to float to me with the grace I have never seen in any woman.

As she pulled the throw from me exposing my nakedness from the waist down my still hard pulsating cock bobbed up and down after being released from its hiding place.

“Please continue. I want to watch you pleasure yourself. I have never been so aroused knowing that someone found me so desirable that they had to relieve themselves. I always feel so used after my experiences. It excites me knowing you were thinking about me. Please let me watch you, please do it for me. Later when I am more presentable I will make it up to you.”

Saying please one more time she reached over and caressed my leg from knee to thigh. She was far from my cock but I could feel the precum leaking from the head. I have masturbated with women but we did it together. Here was a somewhat clothed woman asking me to jerk off in front of her.

Throwing caution and male bravado to the wind I took my hard cock into hand and slowly stroked it as I held eye contact with her. I used my other hand to cup and caress my ball sack. I stroked my shaft and ran my cupped fingers around the head. I must have been arousing her too as she crossed her legs and tried to hide the fact that her cock was getting hard also by trying to push it between her legs. But she was long enough that I could see cock head under her leg and I swear I saw it leaking. This made me even hotter and as I was stroking and caressing myself I said to her: “Do you know how long I have been trying to meet you? We always miss each other and you are always on my mind. I don’t even know your name. Please tell me that much. God you are so beautiful.”

Still stroking myself but getting hotter, I speed up my hands.

“My name is Tara. And how can you be so hot for me when you just saw me at my worst. I stumble home drunk and humiliated and you are pleasuring yourself thinking about it.”

“I try to never judge anyone. You might be at your worst right now but I do not think this is always you. There have been many times if you saw me, tonight would be nothing to you. I am thinking about you as I see you, not how I saw you tonight. I would still make love to you right now.” I tell her.

“Well there is no way you are getting any closer to me tonight than you are right now! I am nasty and undesirable to even me.” She says.

“How are you staying so hard looking at me all a mess? Are you some kind of pervert that I should worry about?” She asked.

I was getting too excited to answer watching her cock head peak between her legs and getting peaks at her soft breasts. Even the smell of the cum dripping from her boy cunt excited me.

She saw that I was looking at her cock and opened her legs a bit and let it pop up in front of her. She saw me speed up my stroking and opened her legs and turned towards me giving me a perfect view of her nice uncut cock and tight ball sack. She was about 5 inches hard making it an easy fit into any of my openings. This pushed me over the edge and releasing my balls I caught my cum as it shot from my cock. As I arched my back in orgasm wildly stroking my shaft filling my cupped palm with shot after shot of my cum.

As my release ended I lay back on her couch and looking into her eyes I brought my cum filled hand up and covered it with my mouth sucking up my essence. After taking down most of it I sloppily licked up the rest looking at her all the time.

“You know that you are incredibly hot and I would just love to make love to you right now, just as you are.” I tell her and we both see my cock return from semi hard to throbbing again.

“You do not understand what I have been through. Men have used me and thrown me away. They wine and dine me and after I bring them pleasure with my mouth or other ways after they cum I am like a used tissue to them. Tonight two men used me like I was just a receptacle for their juice and I do not think I could go through that again. Especially tonight.” She confesses.

I get up and kneel between her legs and spreading them look into her eyes and say: “Let me make love to you with all the respect you deserve. I expect nothing in return, let me show you that a man can give you all the pleasure you desire.”

With that I lean forward and take her beautiful cock into my mouth. I gently hold her soft balls in my hand as I suck her cock head. I lick around it and hear her moan and settle down in her seat. I lean farther forward pushing more of her into my mouth. I am overwhelmed with the aroma of her perfume and the smell of cum on her. My face is so near her ass that I can smell the man or men who have Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort recently fucked her.

She tries to squirm from the tight grasp of my mouth on her sweet cock and says: “Oh fuck, this was not my plan! Please let me at least, let me shower so I am all nice and clean for you.”

I am stronger than her and firmly but gently hold her in place as I continue sucking her cock. Overwhelmed she relents and relaxes and enjoys me making love to her with my mouth. As I spread her legs with my elbows I cup her soft smooth balls with one hand as I use my other to slip into her dressing gown and find her nice ripe pear sized breast.

“Tara let me give this to you now and know that I have desired you from the first moment I saw you. Knowing that you are more than I had desired only makes me want you more. I want to make love to you like no man has ever done. I am new to this side of me and I have always enjoyed giving my lovers pleasure and only recently have learned to make love to a cock. Let me show you that a man can be loving and respectful of you.”

Not waiting for her to answer I take her cock softly into my mouth, smoothly, deeply until I have it all. It is the perfect size for sex. I can take all of it into my mouth and think it will fit easily and quickly in my ass should she want it. Something makes me want to show this woman, this woman with a beautiful cock that some men can be sexual but respectful at the same time.

I am really getting into sucking her perfect cock when she grabs a double handful of my hair and tries to pull me off her cock saying: “I am going to cum, stop or let me go so I can cum.”

I easily remove her fingers from my hair and suck harder and faster wanting her to cum in my mouth. She cannot hold off any more and with a cry sprays her essence into my mouth. I pull back just enough to run my tongue around her crown and pushing her fore skin back feel the first hot sweet shot of her love hit my tongue. She gives me three strong shots followed by two shallower ones and I stop and hold her by the shaft just behind her crown and let her finish.

I hold her cock there until I hear and feel her breathing return to normal. I return to working my mouth up and down her shaft when she tries to pull from me again saying: “Oh love, no man has ever done that for me. You cannot believe how wonderful that felt. Your mouth is heavenly now let me go so I can give you the same gift.”

I let her cock slide between my lips sucking her foreskin as it leaves my mouth. She is still quite hard and I want more of her cock but ask: “Are you going to tell me that I am the first one to suck your cock? I cannot believe it but an so glad I could do it for you.”

“You are the first man to do this for me. A couple of my girlfriends that are like me, we get together from time to time for some fun that we only get from each other. But you are my first man and it was worth the wait.”

“Well Tara, I have some other gentlemen friends who would be glad to suck such a beautiful woman’s cock for you and your friends.” I tell her.

During this conversation I have been slowly stroking her cock shaft and caressing her balls and she is quite hard again.

“May I ask you something personal?” I ask.

“Said the man with my cum on his breath:” She says as she reaches forward to caresses my cheek and then softly kisses me. “What would you like to know lover?”

“Have you, have you ever had an orgasm when the fools made love to you?” I ask trying not to be to crass.

“Well dear you are probably the first person to make love to me. I have been fucked but never had anyone make love to me. But to answer your question even as rude as they were I have cum from the act. Now may I ask the same question assuming you have had lovers like that?” She takes her turn asking the uncomfortable.

“Well all of my experiences with men have been in the last year and a half or so and all have been very positive. There have been a half dozen male lovers and we acted like that, as lovers. We fucked madly sometimes but always with respect.” I answer.

“That’s nice but I think you avoided my question, sweets. Have you had an orgasm from being, can I be blunt, from being fucked?” She pushes smiling.

“Yes my inquisitor, I have cum from being fucked, not always and even a couple of times without any stimulation of my cock. And you just watched me jerk off and I then sucked you off and the smell of other men’s cum fills the room and we both are half dressed with boners, so I guess we have gone way beyond worrying about being blunt. So I guess that the 800 pound gorilla in the room is would you like to fuck a man, this man, in the ass and see if I cum? Because I would love to be able to give you another first today.” I ask the final question.

Shrugging her shoulders her chemise falls exposing all of her beautiful body as she reaches over to pull my shirt over my head without taking the time to unbutton it. She guides me back onto the couch I had Kadıköy Vip Escort just masturbated for her on and covers me with her hot smooth body. She spreads my legs with her and settles herself between them. She maneuvers my cock between her legs as hers is between our bellies. She takes my hands and places them on her ass cheeks and I quickly squeeze her tight little ass. As she takes my face into her hands she covers my mouth with hers and easily pushes her tongue into it. I am surprised by her change from a demur quiet woman to an aggressive lover with a cock rubbing between us.

I break our kiss and ask her: “Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to put your fine cock in my tight ass and fuck me? Is that what you want?

I reach down between us and take her hard cock into my hand and stroke it, feeling how hot it is. I tell her that before anything goes in my ass I need to feel it in my mouth and pull her by the hips up to straddle my face and feed it to me. I sucked her foreskin and worked my tongue under it to lick her corona. I am stroking her shaft as I guide her hips working her in and out of my mouth.

There is no mention of my just having sucked her to orgasm as I suck her deeply into my mouth.

Surprised by this she returns to her aggressive ways and holds my face as she eagerly fucks it. This frees up my hands and I use one to pull her ball sack down and the other down the crack of her ass to find her well fucked ass hole. I easily slide two fingers into her as she releases a moan from deep within her soul. She has apparently forgotten her fear of me finding her so well used.

“Oh sweet love I could stay like this forever but were you serious about me….you know…?” She stammers.

“Yes my beauty I want you to fuck me. I assume you might have some lube around here?” I ask.

Putting her cock back into my mouth she awkwardly reaches over to a drawer in the coffee table and finds some lube for us.

“You fine hunk of manhood roll over and let me lick you and get you ready for this.” She almost commands.

I too am concerned with how sweaty I may be but she shakes her head when I try to protest. “Worry not dear, leave this to me. Next time we will start in my luxurious bath for our love making but it is too late for such niceties now. Now be a good boy and roll over for Tara.” She says maneuvering me onto my knees and forearms.

As she spreads my ass cheeks I can feel her hot breath on my anus and I am so excited I could almost cum. When she covers my ass hole with her mouth and sticks her tongue tip into it, it is my turn to moan.

“Oh fuck Tara, that feels so good. I love it when someone does this for me. I can’t wait to do it for you.” I sigh.

“Well nasty man if you like this so much hold these cheeks apart for me and I will show you more that you will like:”

I do as I am told and now having her hands free she can take my cock and balls into her hands. She wraps the thumb and fore finger of one hand around the base of my nut sack and strokes my shaft with the other. Every few strokes she covers my crown and spreads the precum that is running out of my cock around it. All this time she is still eating my ass like I cannot believe.

I could die like this and not care but tell her that she better get to task before she makes me cum. She says that is the plan but I feel her shift around and hear the familiar snap of an Astroglide bottle open and know she is ready to loosen me up. Remembering that I had thought she had a perfect sized cock I know it won’t take much to get me ready. I feel her wet finger tips running around my anus and having experienced this before, can easily relax allowing the tips of two to easily enter me.

“Well, I was worried that you might think, I am a slut, but my dear it looks like somebody has been exploring his sexuality too. This is not your first time is it lover?” She laughs.

“No, if you must know my friends and I are just that, sluts. We won’t fuck just anybody but we all fuck each other at the first offer. If you would like I bet you will fit right in with us.” I confess.

As I feel her place her hot cock at my entrance it excites me to know I may be the first man to allow her to do this and want to look into her eyes as she does it. So I roll over onto my back and put my arms down between my legs and hold them up with my elbows behind my knees. This frees my hands to spread my ass cheeks for her. I have done this before with male lovers and it always makes me feel like a complete slut abandoning any remnant of my old sexual self, giving myself up completely to my lover. It is heightened seeing the look on Tara’s face.

“Oh my God love; do you know how long I have wanted to be in this moment? Having such a hot man give up his ego and self to me so completely. It is like being a virgin again. You are the first person to offer me this gift. You make me happy beyond belief.” Tara says as her cock is bobbing around throbbing with desire. Her cock head glistens with the precum that is profusely leaking out.

“To be honest love I have done this with men before but you are the first beautiful woman to take me like this. Fill me with your gorgeous cock and make me yours. Fuck me as you have always dreamed. Give me the lube so I can ready you to enter my ass.” I say to her wanting this as much as she must.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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