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I had just arrived home here in St. Louis after a three hour trip back from a visit to my son and his family and my balls were aching like hell. I’m George Edwards, a 58 year old self-employed mechanic with no health insurance in this damned recession. I figured a hot bath might help but it basically only made things worse and my balls were still aching.

With no health insurance I sure didn’t want to spend the money going to the 24 hour minor emergency clinic around the corner and I wasn’t particularly keen on presenting my problem to a perfect stranger either. After a couple of hours I finally decided to call my ex-wife, Laura, who works as an ER physician at one of the local hospitals. She was my second wife and 15 years my junior. We would still be married but her schedule of working four 12 hour days with three days off and my schedule as a mechanic just didn’t mesh so we split after 3 years of marriage but we are still close and stay in touch almost daily. I still work on her car and keep it in top notch shape and she still feeds me a good meal every now and again.

I auto-dialed the hospital number on my cell. “Emergency Room,” answered a sweet sounding voice. “May I speak with Dr. Edwards, please,” I said. The voice on the other end of the line said, “Just a moment, please.”

After a minute or two of being on hold Laura came on the line. “Dr. Edwards. May I help you?” she said matter-of-factly. “Laura, this is George. I need your help, I think.” I replied

“What’s the problem?” she asked and I told her about my aching balls. “I get off at 7:00 p.m. and I’ll run by and check on you. I’ll bring some things from here at the hospital and give you the once over. I know you still haven’t been able to afford any health insurance so I’ll save you a few bucks. In the meanwhile, put an ice bag on your scrotum. I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Thanks, Laura. I’ll see you later.”

Sunday Afternoon

Dr. Laura Edwards had a daughter from a previous marriage, Emily Mason. Emily is a svelte blonde, 20 years old. She was just a teenager when Laura and George were married and lived with them but she had turned into a stunning woman.

Emily was studying to be an RN at the nearby community college. As it so happened, Emily was doing her hospital rotations and the same hospital where Laura worked and was on duty the same day.

“Emily. I need for you to gather some things together for me” said Dr. Edwards to her daughter. “George has some pain in his groin and I promised I’d drop by after work to check on him.” “Sure, Mom, what do you need?”

“Let’s see, I want to give him a complete physical so grab a stethoscope, a blood pressure monitor, a couple of disposable hypodermics, several specimen bottles, and put them in my medical bag.” “Oh, and throw in a couple of the throw away enemas in case we need them.”

“Sure, Mom.” Emily replied. “Want me to go with you to see George? It might help me with my nursing program.” “Sure.” said Dr. Edwards.

Later that afternoon Emily was on break and was having a soda with a classmate, Alison Carpenter. Alison was having some trouble with her nursing courses and mentioned that fact to Emily. Alison told Emily that what she really needed was some “hands on” experience. “What time do you get off?” Emily asked. “Seven.” came the reply. “Great. Mom and I are going by to do a quick physical on my ex-step-dad. Maybe you’d like to come along.” “Sure thing. See you at 7:00 then.”

Emily told Laura about her conversation with Alison and the wheels began to turn in Laura’s head. She loved her daughter and was fond of all the students in the nursing class. Perhaps she could convince George to help out with the “teaching” part of her job by working with the students so they could gain some experience. Laura had lots of ideas for George.Sunday Evening

I was still lying on the couch with an ice bag on my groin at my apartment when Laura walked in. She still has her key from when we were married and I never thought to ask for it back. I was somewhat surprised when Emily followed her into the room along with a gorgeous redhead who was introduced to me as Alison Carpenter.

“Hi, George. Hope you don’t mind that I brought Emily and Alison along with me. They are both in the nursing program at the hospital and I thought they might pick up a few pointers by coming along with me.” Somewhat taken aback, I stuttered, “No, no, not at all.” Geez, my ex-wife was one thing but two beautiful nursing students was something else.

Laura told me to go to the kitchen and have a seat at the table. She and the two nursing students were gabbing away as they scrubbed up at the kitchen sink and all three donned latex gloves. Finally Laura came over to where I was seated and opened her bag. The two lovely students stood back quietly observing.

“O.K. George. Take off your robe and let’s have a look at you.” Laura commanded. I whispered in Laura’s ear that I hadn’t put on any underwear after my bath and that I was a little embarrassed Escort Bayan to be naked in front of my ex-stepdaughter and particularly her friend. “Don’t be silly, George. I’m a doctor and these girls are nursing students. You don’t have a thing that any of us have never seen. Out of the robe!” With the pain I was in I had no choice but to comply so off came the robe. In spite of the pain in my balls, my cock twitched as I removed my robe and stood naked in front of these three pretty women.

Laura first took my blood pressure what was good at 120/80. She had both girls repeat the procedure and both came up with 130/85. Laura thought they were doing it wrong since my BP shouldn’t have differed from her reading but when she rechecked she came up with the same reading. “Looks like the girls have your pressure up.” laughed Laura. “No problem, it’s normal.”

Laura had the girls take my temperature with an automatic thermometer. “Temp is normal.” reported the girls and Laura made a note on her pad. Laura then checked my ears, eyes, nose and throat and let the girls go through the same routine. “No problems there.” said my ex-wife.

All three women took a stethoscope and listened to my heart with Laura explaining to the girls what they were listening for. Again, no problems. The three women then went through the routine of tapping my back and listening again with their stethoscopes as they had me breathe in, hold, and exhale.

Laura then pulled out a hypodermic and drew a blood sample into two vials which she labeled and carefully placed into her medical bag. Needless to say she didn’t have the girls repeat this procedure but she did have them observe closely as she drew my blood.

Laura had Emily go and get a clean quilt which she placed on the table. “Hop on the table, George,” she told me and I followed her direction. Laura and the girls then pushed, prodded and probed my abdomen with Laura pointing out what they were feeling. The sensation of three sets of hands rubbing around on my body became increasingly arousing.

Finally Laura said, “Well, George, you seem to be in pretty good shape but I’ll run blood tests tomorrow along with a couple of other samples and we’ll see if you have an infection. Let’s check your immediate problem now. Stand up.”

All three women had seats in chairs as I stood naked before them. Laura sat in the middle with one student on each side. Laura had me stand in front of her as she took her gloved hands and gently palpated my balls. “I don’t feel any problems, George.” she said. Laura had each of the young students repeat the procedure of feeling my balls for abnormalities. I must have turned as red as a beet when my ex-stepdaughter took hold of my balls. While they were chatting away about the male anatomy my cock began to leak pre-cum. With a giggle, Alison asked Laura what caused it and Laura explained that it was a natural male reaction to their ministrations.

Laura said, “George, we have two or three more things to do and we will be finished for the evening. I’ll run the tests at the hospital tomorrow and let you know the results.”

“Girls, get a urine sample for me.” said Laura. “Here is the container.” I thought I would go to the bathroom to deliver the sample but I was sadly mistaken. Laura had me stand in front of the girls to urinate. Emily held the sample container and Alison took hold of my cock and directed it towards the opening at the top and asked, “Can you go, George?” With my half-erection and the pain in my balls it was an effort but I managed to fill the container which Laura again labeled and placed into her medical bag.

I started to put my robe back on but Laura said, “George, I have two more quick tests to run Girls, have George lay on his arms with his cute little rump in the air and give him two of the throw away enemas. We need to give him a good prostate massage and get our last sample–his semen.” I thought I was going to die!

Alison placed the quilt on the floor while Emily prepared the enemas. I got on the quilt with my ass stuck up in the air and lay my head on my arms. With all dignity already gone I just wanted it to all be over. For the first enema Alison spread my ass checks and Emily inserted the enema tube into my rosebud. She squeezed the bottle until it was empty. While I felt full I was not uncomfortable. The girls then changed places and Emily spread my cheeks while Alison inserted the tube and squeezed out the contents. Laura made me stay in that position for five minutes until the solution began to work. She had the girls massage my aching belly while they talked about their patients from the day.

I was about to panic when Laura said, “Girls, take him to the bathroom and let him empty his bowels. Make sure that he stays on the toilet long enough to void all of the enema.” Each girl took one of my hands and I almost dragged them to the bathroom to get rid of the bloating in my belly. They both stood beside me as I voided the enema. After a full five minutes they led me back Bayan Escort to the kitchen for my final tests.

Laura was reading the society section of the local paper when we returned to the kitchen. She said, “George, just two more things and we will let you go to bed for the night. I’ll have the results tomorrow. If you will, bend over the table with your chest flat on the table and your hands over your head.” Laura then pulled up three chairs for her and the girls. They spread my ass apart and Laura lubed up her gloved hand and inserted two fingers into my rectum. She began to massage my prostate and commented, “I don’t feel any problems.” Each of the beautiful young students repeated the procedure. By this time my cock was leaking like a sieve. I was red faced when I turned around with my cock at half mast and all three women noticed but made no comment.

“Girls. The last thing for the night is a semen sample. Get one of the sterile containers and gently get us a sterile sample.” I slumped into a chair and slid up so that my cock was accessible to the girls. They replaced their latex gloves and while Alison fondled my swollen balls my ex-stepdaughter, Emily, began slowly stroking my dick. In no time I was rock hard. What with Alison stroking my balls and beautiful Emily slowly pulling on my dick it did not take long for me to shoot ropes of cum into the vial that Alison was holding at the tip of my straining cock. Laura, who was watching intently as the girls worked their magic said, “My, George, that was quite a load. It certainly is sufficient for me to test for sperm count and any infections. I’ll give you a call mid-afternoon tomorrow and let you know the results.:And away they went.

Exhausted, I looked at the clock and it was ten p.m. I immediately went to bed with thoughts of my ex-wife and student nurses dancing in my brain. My balls had quit their aching so I fell asleep immediately.

Sunday Night/Monday Morning

Dr. Laura Edwards hopped into her BMW and Emily joined her in the front seat while her friend Alison got into the back. “Well, girls, what do you think? Will George be of any help to you in your studies?’ “You bet.” the girls chorused. Emily said, “I was a little embarrassed at first since George was my step-dad but after awhile he became just another patient.” Alison opined that George would be a great male patient for her and their friends to practice on.

Laura said, “Well, let me run the tests tomorrow and then I will get with George and let you know what he says. A live patient or standardized patient as they are called is certainly better than those stupid dummies that you have to practice on.”

“I know all the girls in the class will be willing to participate. They might even ante up a little money if George is willing to help us out.” said Alison. Emily agreed.

Alison decided to spend the night with Emily and her Mom that evening. After arriving home they discussed all of the different procedures that they could practice with George. It was all up to Laura to see if she could talk George into cooperating.

They all went to bed excited with the prospect of having George as a “patient” for the student nursing class.

The next morning Laura had George’s blood work done and it came back perfect. Cholesterol was within normal levels, PSA normal, red and white blood counts normal–no infections. The urine sample also came back normal with no infections. The sperm sample was the only thing that concerned Laura; although George was 58 his sperm count was extremely high which meant that if he had unprotected sex with a fertile woman she was very likely to become pregnant and she knew George didn’t want any more children, his own being in their 30’s with children of their own. Her final diagnosis was that George was suffering from “blue balls” from the lack of sex since their divorce.

At lunch, Laura met with Emily and Alison and reported the test results including her diagnosis that George needed more relief. They were still excited about the prospect of having George available on call for practice procedures and quickly agreed that they and any of their classmates who elected to participate would help give George his needed relief on a regular basis.


I was at work Monday afternoon when the phone rang about 3:00 p.m. The caller ID told me Laura was calling from her cell phone.

“George?” “Yep,” I replied. “How did the test results come out?” Laura hesitated before saying, “Fine. No problems. No infections or anything. I should have stayed married to you–you are in pretty good shape for a 58 year old.”

“Then what is the problem, or I should say what was the problem with my balls?” I asked. Laura laughed and said, “You haven’t been getting enough pussy, Old Man, but I have a proposition for you that may help you out on that count.”

“What’s the proposition?” I asked.

“You know that Emily is doing rotations here at the hospital for her nursing program. Alison is in the same program. Escort They are able to practice female procedures on each other but they need a live male to help them out with the male procedures. Are you willing to help out?”

“What all would that entail?” I asked.

Laura said, “Well, Emily and Alison and perhaps some of the other students in their class would be able to come by your place anytime you are not busy and practice some of the things we did last night and some other procedures as well. I promise that I will be there to instruct them anytime they come by so you can be assured that you will not be injured or anything. In exchange they will make sure that you get enough relief so that you won’t get the ‘blue balls’ that caused your ache over the week-end. If any of them decide to stay over after the instructions are over then that is between you and them.”

“So what’s the catch?” I responded.

“None,” said Laura, “except that your sperm count is extremely high. I can’t have one of these girls end up pregnant so you will have to agree to a vasectomy. Deal?”

The thought of a vasectomy at my age was not at all pleasant but then I really did know that I didn’t want more children and the thought of all those nubile bodies practicing on mine outweighed my doubts. “Sure.” I replied. “Where should I get it done?”

Laura said, “Look, George, I’m a doctor fully qualified to do a simple vasectomy. I’ll do it as a demonstration for the class. If you agree, I’ll send over my exam table and some other things from when I was in private practice and we will set up a medical office in your spare bedroom. Say you will do it–for Emily and her friends. For the sake of science!”

I hesitated before saying, “O.K”

“Great!” said Laura. “I’ll have the equipment delivered tomorrow and we can do it sometime this week. Goodnight, and thanks, George.”


The next afternoon at 5:30 a small moving van arrived at my apartment. The two guys knocked on my door and asked if I was George Edwards. I said that I was and they said they had a delivery.

First they brought in a electric gynecological exam table that looked like a normal doctor’s exam table but it had stirrups, tilted, turned and could twist a patient into any position that the doctor desired. They also brought in a metal storage desk, lamps, rolling stools and everything else needed to make my empty spare bedroom into a real doctor’s office. By the time they left, I thought, “God, what have I gotten myself into?”

I fell asleep dreaming of the pain and pleasure to come.


Laura called me from her cell phone. She was on her off day and said she was at the apartment setting up her new office. Laura told me not to come home too early because she wanted to surprise me with the new setting. I told her that I would stop by my favorite bar for a couple of beers before coming home and that she could expect me by 6:30 or 7:00 p.m. Unfortunately I stayed at the bar a little too long and ended up having to grab a taxi home.

When I arrived at the apartment I was a little surprised at the number of cars in the parking area but I just figured someone was having a party in the complex. Little did I know that the party was a surprise party for me!

As soon as I entered my apartment Laura knew that I had a little too much to drink but she laughed it off saying that I would not need any anesthetic tonight. When I went through the spare bedroom to go to the bathroom I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see eight girls sitting and giggling in the new “Doctor’s Office.” I peed and came back to the “Office” where Laura was sitting on her rolling stool and the girls were lined up in two rows of four in folding chairs.

Laura announced that there would be no vasectomy demonstration tonight due to my condition but that they would take care of some of the preliminaries. Of course I knew Emily and Alison from Sunday night but I was introduced to Kimmie, Beth, Lisa, Elaine, Anna and Deb, all classmates of Emily and Alison. They were all wearing hospital scrubs but I could imagine what was beneath that nondescript clothing.

Kimmie Anderson was Emily’s age but appeared to be about 15. She had a girlish figure with small tits but she had an ass to die for. I had to wonder if her curly red hair was the same color that covered her pussy.

Beth Levine must have stood six feet tall. Her long brunette mane hung to the middle of her back. Beth’s breasts were large and her hips wide. My mind said she would make a good breeder.

Lisa Smitherman was a cute little German export. She still spoke with an accent but it was clear that she had been in the States for years as her command of the English language was excellent. She was a little plump but not offensively so and I could just imagine her hands, mouth and pussy giving me my promised “relief” on occasion.

Now Elaine Black was a standout! Although she was still wearing scrubs she had apparently managed to go by her place as she had on a top that was cut off just below her breasts and the pants were cut off right at the crotch. She had a belly button piercing and a tatoo of an eagle across her back just above the waistline. I wondered if she had any other tats or piercings.

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