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Author’s Note: Over the years, I’ve had several requests from faithful readers for an incest story. After responding many times that this really isn’t my cup of tea, I decided it could provide an interesting challenge, so I present my first (and only?) attempt at the genre…


I had been looking forward to this for the past few weeks. My mom was heading out of town for an annual conference, and instead of tagging along like we had for the past few years, my dad and I were going to enjoy the weekend at home. Don’t get me wrong, nothing against my mom, but my dad and I always had fun when it was just the two of us. He had already told me that we’d do whatever I wanted, so I had a full list of things I was hoping to do, places I was going to ask him to take me.

My mom left Friday morning, and the weekend of fun started Friday after school, when my dad took me to my favorite Mexican place for dinner, the photography exhibit at the museum, and then home to a pile of movies he’d rented from the video store. Even though this was my senior year, and I had just recently turned 18, it was just like old times, just like when we used to hang out when I was a little kid. As uncool as it sounds, my dad was still, like, my best friend.

We got settled on the couch, and he presented me with the batch of movies he’d picked out. I smiled as I looked through them – they were all ‘chick flicks’, romantic comedies that I knew he wouldn’t have picked out except for my benefit.

“Oh, daddy, thanks! I know you don’t really want to watch any of these, but how about this one,” I grinned, showing him one with some teen heartthrob on the cover.

“Sure, honey, whatever you want, it’s up to you this weekend!”

I loaded the video, kicked off my shoes, and joined my dad on the couch again, curling up next to him as the previews started. As the movie started, some cliche romantic comedy about a cute guy and a vulnerable girl everyone knew would get together in the end, I couldn’t help but think how comfortable I still was hanging out with my dad. Even though I’d had a couple of boyfriends, and even fooled around a little more than my dad would probably want to know, part of me was still that little girl who hoped she would find someone as good as her dad someday.

I had my head on his lap by the time the movie reached its midpoint, a sexy scene where the main characters made out before their cliche breakup that set up their cliche reunion that would end the movie. Only problem was, this sexy scene was a little more sexy than I was expecting, and I actually found myself getting a little turned on. I had gotten used to that tingly sensation between my legs when I talked to a cute guy, or fantasized about said cute guy before falling asleep at night, but not when I was around my dad!

I suddenly shifted my position on the couch, trying to diffuse my awkwardness. I sat up, leaned against him, and ended up putting my hand on his thigh. He put his arm around me, as he’d done so many times before, with harmless affection, but now it made me even more aware of how awkward I felt at that moment. That awkwardness grew exponentially when I became aware of the hardness growing in his lap.

I wasn’t experienced by any means, but I knew enough to know what was happening. My dad was reacting, just like I was, to the movie. Oh well, it would be over soon enough. But I couldn’t help but be fascinated. I knew it was wrong for me to have such thoughts, but all I could think about was the fact that my dad was getting an erection. And it didn’t go away, even as the movie progressed I to one of those cheesy scenes I knew he hated.

I caught myself stealing glances, confirming with my eyes what I could already tell through the touch of my hand: that his jeans were straining as his erection grew. Before I realized what I was doing, my hand slid higher on his thigh, kaynarca escort overwhelmed by curiosity.

“It’s OK, honey, if you want to touch it,” he whispered, and although his voice was gentle as always, I jumped.

I looked up into his eyes, and found them to be as warm and comforting as ever. He wasn’t mad, I wasn’t in trouble, and so I let my hand continue traveling up his leg until it reached his crotch. I was surprised to feel the warmth between my legs grow hotter as I began to rub my hand back and forth across the hard bulge in his jeans.

I had no idea what I was supposed to do next, and hoped more than anything that he would make some move, either to stop me or to guide me before I did something wrong. Almost as if he could read my mind, he brought his hands to his waist and unbuttoned, then unzipped his pants. I backed away and watched as he reached into his pants and pulled out his long, hard, erect penis.

I gasped when I saw it, and he chuckled at my reaction. I knew from health class that they grew when men were aroused, but I had no idea they grew so much, and got so straight and hard! I had seen my dad’s penis a few times over the years, like in those awkward moments when I’d catch him coming out of the shower. I’m sure it was no more than three inches, and all soft and flabby looking. I always wondered what the appeal was. But now it was at least twice that long, and standing up straight and tall from his crotch.

“Oh, my god, daddy. What am I supposed to do with it?”

“Just take it in your hands, and rub up and down.”

I did as I was told, as I usually did when he gave me instructions. I had no idea if I was doing anything right, but then he sighed and leaned back into the couch.

“Now, take it into your mouth.”


“It’s OK, sweetie, really. Just start by kissing it, licking it, and then when you’re ready, suck a little bit of it into your mouth.”

I leaned down to try what he suggested, and giggled – as I always did when I was nervous – when the tip of it quivered as I kissed it. But what I felt next I can hardly describe. While I was focused on the tip of his penis, I hadn’t noticed as my dad had reached his hand down and was now, suddenly, creeping up my skirt. Before I knew what was happening, he had reached his hand into my panties, and was gently rubbing against me.

I was shocked at how good it felt, and sighed with pleasure as I tried taking more of his penis into my mouth. I had experienced guys feeling me up before, but it had never felt particularly good. Now I realized they must not have known what they were doing. This felt absolutely amazing!

It was now that the reality of what was happening hit me. This was my dad, which meant we weren’t supposed to be doing this! I felt a pang of shame as that thought crashed into the feelings of pleasure that were moving through my body. Was it wrong to be enjoying this? Was he wrong to be doing what he was doing? I had always trusted my dad completely, and it’s not like he was forcing me to do something I didn’t want to do. It was just as I was worrying about this that I heard his voice whispering in my ear, that warm comforting voice that always put me at ease.

“It’s OK, honey, don’t worry.”

I never did know how he could read my mind like that, but he’d been doing it my whole life. Just then, I felt one of his fingers slip inside of me, and I was overwhelmed with another rush of new sensations. I writhed under his touch, eager to repay his efforts with my own attentions on his penis, but not sure what to do but to try to swallow even more of him. I must have guessed right, as he moaned and quickened the rhythm of his finger inside of me.

Just as I was beginning to expect the rhythm of his touch, he whispered into my ear again.

“You’re awfully good at this, sweetie, are orhanlı escort you sure you’re not more experienced than you’d like me to believe?”

“Daddy, don’t be silly!”

“Good, because you know what the punishment would be, don’t you? Mr. Tickle might have to come out of retirement!!”

My body stiffened at even the mention of the dreaded Mr. Tickle. My dad had always been able to reduce me to a weakened, giggling version of myself after just a few moments of skillful tickling. Tickling was like my kryptonite. It had been at least a few years since the last appearance of the tickle monster, but the memories were vivid.

I started to giggle in anticipation even before his fingers reached my ribs, and as we wrestled around on the couch, it was just like old times again – except when he touched my breasts, squeezing briefly before returning to innocent tickling. I was laughing to the point of tears before he finally stopped, and came to rest on top of me. Pinned beneath him, I helplessly but eagerly awaited his next move.

“Do you trust me, honey?”

“Of course, daddy.”

He reached down and pushed my skirt up around my waist, then pulled my panties down to my knees. His fingers began to touch me again, and once again the amazing new sensations rushed through my body.

“You’re very wet, honey. Are you ready for me?”

I only half understood what he meant, but I tried to nod calmly. He stopped touching me and I could feel that his hand was now working to remove his own jeans and boxers. I then felt something new pressing against my warm, wet pussy. I had to look down to believe what it was, and I watched as he slowly rubbed the tip of his penis against me.

“Relax, honey. Once you relax, it will just happen.”

I did my best to relax the very muscles that we’re clenching with excitement and desire as he continued to rock his hips back and forth. Before I realized what I was doing, I started moving my hips in a rhythm to complement his. After a few minutes of this, I felt him enter me with a sudden jolt of pain. I looked down to realize that it was only a few inches that was inside of me, with at least four more inches to go. The pain was excruciating, and yet my hips continued their rhythm.

I did my best to follow his direction to relax, and as I did, I looked up into his eyes to see an expression I’d never seen before. I was still feeling more pain than pleasure as he began to move harder and faster, and just when I thought I couldn’t bear it anymore, he pulled out of me, shoved my shirt up, and I watched in awe as a long stream of thick white goo shot out of the end of his penis and landed, hot and sticky, all over my belly.

“Stay there, honey, I’ll clean you up.”

That night, after he tucked me into my bed with his usual peck on the cheek, my mind raced and my body continued to tingle with new sensations. I was still confused about whether we should have done what we did, but that thought was quickly overwhelmed by my trust and love for my dad. Honestly, I just felt closer to him than I ever had before.

The next morning was surprisingly normal, as we handled some chores around the house, did some shopping, and then my dad followed through on his promise to do whatever I wanted that weekend. For that afternoon, it meant a trip to the mall and then taking the dog for a walk at my favorite park and then getting ice cream. By the time we got home that Saturday evening, it was almost as if our intimate encounter from the night before never happened. But of course it had.

“I’m going to take a shower, daddy,” I hollered through the house to him as he put groceries away in the kitchen.

“OK, sweetie!”

I let the water run over me for an especially long time, my skin still overly sensitive, still marveling at the fact that I was no longer a virgin, and especially tepeören escort at the fact that it had been with my dad. I was completely in the clouds, lost in my own thoughts, as I got out of the shower. I wrapped my hair in a towel and walked back to my room, where I was surprised to see him waiting for me, sitting on the edge of the bed, naked.


I looked at his body in a different way than I ever had before. He was still my dad, of course, but I also now compared him to other guys I’d seen and fantasized about. He was actually just about the age that I often found myself attracted to – just shy of 40 – although I never would have admitted that until now.

“You know, honey, you really do have an amazing body.”

I blushed and looked away from him, but then quickly looked back. “Really?”

“Oh, yeah. Perfect, perky tits, a tight little ass, and of course a beautiful face. You get that last part from my side of the family, of course.”

I laughed and reached for my bra, which I had tossed the bed.

“Not so fast, honey. Come here, I owe you something.”

He climbed to the center of the bed, and I joined him, resting on my knees next to him as he lay on his back with his head on my pillows.

“Have you ever had an orgasm?”

“Um…. I don’t think so?”

“If you’re not sure, then you haven’t. You let me cum last night, now I’d like nothing more than to show you your first real pleasure.”

I was immediately nervous, slightly intimidated, but mostly excited, and couldn’t manage to say anything, so just nodded.

“I want you to climb on top of me, like this, yes, that’s right, straddle my legs.”

He guided me to climb on top of him so that I was facing him, and then guided my hands to his penis, which was about half erect.

“Now, honey, I want you to make my cock hard, and once you’re ready, climb on and ride until you cum.”

I blushed hotly at this language, which I understood, but certainly had never used, and never in a million years thought I’d hear from my dad. But the excitement was too much for me to even think of hesitating, and I took his cock into my hands. I quickly realized that I could use one hand on the shaft and the other hand on his balls, and once I began this rhythm, he grew hard very quickly.

“Good girl. Now, start rubbing it against your pussy, just like I taught you last night. When you’re ready for me, your body will let me in.”

I eagerly did as I was told, remembering how good that first part had felt last night, even though I was still sore. It didn’t take as long for me to relax this time around, especially as he grabbed hold of my breasts and began massaging them as I slowly lowered myself down onto him.

“Good girl, now you can ride me.”

I let myself adjust to the incredible feeling of fullness, and then gradually began moving up and down. Unlike the night before, when the pain never disappeared, now I found it quickly replaced with new waves of pleasure, once again unlike anything I had ever experienced. Before I could stop myself, I was moaning with pleasure.

“Wait, honey, slow down, it can get even better.”

He took my hand and guided me to touch myself on my clit as I continued to ride him, and I realized he was right: this was even a higher level of sensation. I started bouncing up and down on him with abandon now, so fast that he had to let go of my breasts, and they now bounced up and down with me. I could hardly believe the incredible feelings that raced through every inch of my body for what seemed like several minutes, before I finally collapsed down to the bed next to him.


My dad chuckled as that was the only word I could get out, several times in a row.

“So, this will be our little secret, don’t you think?”

“Um, you think? Yeah, daddy. Totally. Oh, and by the way, thank you.”

“Right back at you, honey.”

He didn’t need to say anything about this being a secret. That seemed obvious. I couldn’t exactly tell any of my friends. And I’m pretty sure mom wouldn’t approve. All I knew was, I was already looking forward to her next trip out of town.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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