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Paul gasped for breath as Irene lifted her plump arse off his face.

He had been tonguing his Mom’s friends arse for a good few minutes, but she had been grinding herself more and more into his face as the excitement of his tongue deep inside her rectum became too much.

“Fuckin’ hell Aunty Irene, you almost suffocated me then,” he said as she climbed off the bed.

“Shut up pervert boy,” his Mom said “Now Aunty Betty wants a piss and she is going to use your mouth.”

Paul was back at the retirement home where Irene’s sister, 74 year old Betty, was a resident and once again he was in her room being abused and used by his 67 year old mother Joyce, 69 year old Irene and Betty.

Betty grabbed his hand and Paul obediently followed her into the en-suite bathroom. He knelt on the floor as Betty positioned herself over the toilet. She giggled like a school girl as a little bit of pee dribbled from her open pussy. Behind Paul Irene and his Mom were watching.

“Now get in there and drink it,” his Mom demanded.

Betty eased her butt forward and Paul pressed his mouth against her old hairy cunt and then Betty released herself completely and hot spurt of piss hit the back of Paul’s throat. He gulped down Betty’s piss as she drained her bladder into his mouth. Betty held his head against her as she gasped and moaned.

As Betty’s stream subsided, Paul pushed his tongue into Betty’s pussy pressing it against the tip of Betty’s urethra, so he could get every last drop from her.

Betty shuddered with lust and passion and gyrated her hips against Paul’s mouth.

“Was that good Betty?” Irene asked.

“Oooo! Just what an old lady needed,” Betty replied.

“Okay get up you randy little bastard, time we had some more fun with you,” his Mom said.

Paul stood and faced his naked mother.

“Do you want to suck Mommy’s tits and lick her cunt tonight?” she asked him.

“Yes Mommy I really do,” Paul replied.

“Okay then first you have got to be really naughty because we want you to do something nice for Mrs Beecroft across the hall.”

“Anything for you Mommy,” Paul said in a very submissive tone.

Irene stepped forward and grabbed Paul’s limp cock.

“You can’t come back here and have any more of us until Mrs Beecroft has sucked your willy, understand.”

Paul nodded.

Irene then explained that Mrs Beecroft was a friend of her sister, but she didn’t know anything about what Paul was doing here. Mrs Beecroft was 79 and had fallen last week and had been forced to rest in bed since and Betty had told her that when Joyce and her son came to visit, she would send Paul over to see if he could help with anything whilst the ladies had a good catch up.

Joyce continued “So what we want you to do is to go and see Mrs Beecroft and somehow we want you to get her to play with your cock and for you to give her pussy a good licking.”

Paul was really concerned, having sex with friends of his Mom was one thing but trying to force himself on a strange old lady was another, what if she called for assistance or told the police even.

He went to bring up his objections, but his Mom held up her hand.

She stepped forward and pushed her ample tits against him.

“If my dirty little panty boy wants any more of these then you are going to have to do as you are told, now get dressed and work out how you are going to get inside Mrs Beecroft’s knickers.”

Betty escort bayan moved forward and stroked Paul’s arm,

“Don’t worry dear, Margaret had a good sex life and is quite open minded, at times when we have been looking on the computer together in the computer room and we have looked at some nice cock pictures and giggled together and remembered the old times, so I’m sure you can get her eating out of your hand just like me in no time.”

Paul smiled and hoped so, knowing that he had to try, God how he just wanted to grab his Mom and fuck her there and then, but he knew that would be his prize for making Mrs Margaret Beecroft’s day.

Paul dressed and with a nervous smile left the room.

He stepped across the hall, took a deep breath and knocked on the room opposite Betty’s.

“Come in,” came the call from behind the door.

Paul stepped in to the room and saw Margaret Beecroft sitting up in bed reading a magazine.

“Hi I’m Paul,” he said, “My Mom visits Betty and I come too sometimes, anyway Betty said I might be able to help you with some things as your bed bound.”

“Oh that is kind dear, yes Betty did tell me about you, quite taken with you in fact I think,” Margaret said.

Margaret was quite a thin lady with grey hair and a pair of glasses perched on the end of her nose. She was wearing a thin dressing gown over her night gown but as she was sitting up, Paul could clearly see the outline of what seemed quite a nice pair of tits and he felt his cock twitch in his trousers as he looked at her.

“I suppose your Mom and Betty and her sister are having a good gossip are they?” Margaret asked.

Paul nodded and for a while they just chatted generally. Margaret was pleased for the company and asked Paul about his life and told her about hers.

Paul had been there fifteen minutes and wondered how he was ever going to get inside Mrs Beecroft’s knickers, when she started to talk about her fall in one of the hall ways of the home. She hadn’t broken anything but had been badly bruised and then quite out of the blue she asked if he wanted to see the bruising.

Paul readily said yes.

Margaret eased back the bed clothes and Paul got a glimpse of bare leg below the knee. Margaret then lifted the hem of her nightie and revealed a bluey black bruise the size of a hand on her right thigh.

Paul had no choice, he just reached out and stroked it lightly,

“That must have hurt,” he said.

“Yes dear but it is not so bad now, the swelling has gone down.”

Paul didn’t take his hand away, but softly rubbed Margaret’s leg.

“What are you doing dear?” she asked.

Paul pulled his hand away quickly, nervous now about how she might react to what must have seemed like teenage fumblings.

“Sorry Ah nothing, just wondered how it felt, sorry.”

Margaret pulled her glasses off and stared at him.

“Don’t tell me you’re a leg man, my late Jack was a leg man,” she said.

“I’m sorry Mrs Beecroft I didn’t mean to…….. anyway perhaps I’d better go,” Paul said and started to stand.

Margaret laughed, “Sorry dear didn’t mean to frighten you off, you can have another feel if you like.”

Paul gulped, he was very nervous but was caught now. He didn’t want to go back to his Mom a failure but he was worried that this lady might report him if he did touch her again.

Margaret reached down and lifted the hem of her nightie further tuzla genç escort up, revealing the leg of a white pair of knickers.

“I know men like a bit of leg, even an old crone’s leg, so have a little feel dear, I don’t mind, it’ll be our little secret.”

Paul sat back down and reached out for Margaret’s leg again, stroking her thigh, running his hand down to her knee and up to her panties.

“Mmm that makes an old lady feel good,” Mrs Beecroft said.

Paul continued for a while and Margaret’s eyes closed in pleasure as she leaned back in her bed.

As he stroked her, his hand slowly went higher and then after she continued to Mmmmm and Aaaaaa for a bit, he pushed his hand inside the leg of her panties, more and more each time until he could feel her pubic hair.

“Mmmm that’s even nicer dear,” Margaret said.

With that Paul reached fully inside Margaret’s large panties and started to stroke her pubic mound, now reaching down towards her pussy.

His fingers found her slit and he worked his way down her labia and slowly but surely inserted one finger into Margaret’s aging pussy.

“Oh you bad boy,” she said, “But don’t stop.”

Paul slowly finger fucked Margaret’s old cunt with just one finger working the moisture up within her until he felt ready to push in another finger.

Paul leaned forward and whispered in Margaret’s ear,

“I’d love to lick you down there.”

Margaret opened her eyes,

“What’s stopping you then?” she said.

Paul smiled and eased himself on the bed between Margaret’s legs. He pulled the gusset of her panties to one side and saw her lovely pink pussy lips.

“You look wonderful for a woman who is nearly 80,” he said.

“Don’t talk dear, just lick me.”

Paul moved forward and pressed his mouth against Margaret’s cunt, running his tongue up and down the length of her vagina before pushing it into her. Paul found her wrinkled clit and licked and sucked it until Margaret was squirming in ecstasy. He lapped away at her as she wriggled around, pushing herself against his face.

Her pussy tasted wonderful and smelt good too and Paul was in delight as he pleasured this old lady. He eased her onto her left side, so he could get at her arse too and he soon had Margaret groaning and panting like a 21 year old as he tongued her rectum.

Suddenly Margaret let out a loud moan and Paul thought she was going to cum, but instead she let out a stream of piss onto his chin. Paul quickly moved forward and licked Margaret’s cunt as the last dregs of her pee dribbled into his mouth.

“Opps sorry dear, couldn’t hold back and anyway I understand you like to drink old ladies pee.”

Paul looked up, Margaret’s yellow urine dribbling from his mouth,

“Shit! I’ve been set up,” he said.

Margaret laughed, “Opps let the cat out of the beg, sorry I was supposed to play hard to get and only let you have me after I’d made you squirm for a while, but when Betty told me about you and told me about their plan to get you to try it on with me, I couldn’t wait. 17 years I’ve been a widow dear and all I’ve had in that time is my own fingers. Betty told me all about you and your Mom and her sister and how you just love the more mature lady and all the things you like doing, and I have been waiting patiently for 2 days for you to get in here and show just how much you do like grannies.”

Paul smiled, “I was really worried tuzla kendi evi olan escort that you might report me.”

“I will if you don’t keep me happy dear.”

“Anything you want I’ll do,” Paul said.

“So I understand dear, well I don’t want you to go back yet, I want you to be my naughty little boy. I never had a son, so you’ll have to be my boy now okay?”

“Yes Mommy anything for you.”

“Good because now I’ve peed my bed is a bit wet, but I’m not done yet, I want my little boy to help me with my bed pan.”

Margaret pointed it out under the bed and Paul picked it up and eased it under Margaret’s arse. Margaret sat up and Paul pulled down her cotton panties and Margaret eased herself down on the stainless steel pan.

Margaret sat there and strained a bit and Paul heard the rush as she fully emptied her bladder into the pan.

“That’s better,” she said as she lifted herself off.

Paul pulled the pain towards him which had a good amount of dark yellow pee in.

“Drink some for me, whilst I watch,” Margaret said.

Paul put his head down to drink it, but Margaret said, “No put it in a glass dear and let me watch you drain it.”

Paul found a glass on the side and emptied a good measure of Margaret’s pee into it and then held it against his lips. He then drank it down and Margaret smiled in pleasure.

“That is so naughty,” she said “And Betty says you like to clean ladies after a crap too, lick their bums.”

Paul put the glass down and moved closer to Margaret licking her face and now reaching for her tits.

“Yes I’d love to watch you shit Margaret and then lick your lovely arsehole until it is totally clean.”

Paul felt her tits through her nightie and roughly fondled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

“You are a bad boy, do you like your new Mommy’s titties?”

“They are wonderful Mommy dear, I want to suck them like when I was a baby.”

Margaret lifted her nightie over her head and Paul went down on her large saggy tits.

“When you have finished there dear, Mommy will shit for you,” Margaret said.

Paul sucked Margaret’s tits hard and was now pumping 2 fingers in and out of her pussy which was lovely and juicy by now.

The two of them rolled about on the bed for a bit, kissing and fondling each other and for the first time Paul got his cock out and Margaret started to play with him.

“Do you want to lick Margaret’s arse again?” she asked

“Yes please,” Paul said.

Margaret said, “You’ll have to help me to the bathroom dear.”

Paul took her by the arm and led her into the bathroom, he stripped naked as Margaret eased herself onto the toilet.

“Mommy’s going to crap and the her little boy is going to clean her up,” she said.

Paul pulled at his cock as the sound of Margaret’s crap plopped into the water. She then stood and turned round.

“Use some tissue first, dear, that’s what Betty said you do, then lick.”

Paul grabbed some tissue and wiped Margaret’s arsehole, he then dropped it into the toilet and buried his face into her arse, licking any residue of crap from her, pushing his tongue deep into her open rectum, tasting her body.

“Fuck I’m going to cum,” he said.

Paul stood quickly and turned Margaret round and shot his load over her face and down onto her tits.

When he was done he fell to his knees and kissed Margaret between her legs.

At that point his Mom, Joyce walked in to the room.

“Well pervert boy I see you managed to get your tongue up Margaret’s cunt. Was it good Marge?”

“Fantastic, can he come again next week?”

“Oh I’m sure we can arrange it,” Joyce said with a laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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