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Paradise Isle, The Mermaid, Pt 1

(fetish, Mermaid)

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of my story ‘Paradise Isle, The Beginning’, for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures enjoyed at that glorious resort local.

Julie and Robert had been married for five brilliant years. Their friends actually harassed them about being the perfect ‘Ken and Barbie’ couple. They were now in their late-twenties, good-looking, happy and successful.

They fell in love as they worked together on a project over a period of several months, and were married a year after they met.

He was a project manager at their large employer, while she was a software engineer in the company’s IT Department. Her career was actually progressing faster than his, as she was not only an excellent engineer, but also a pretty one, and among her computer nurd colleagues she was a true star.

They both worked long and hard, dedicated to their positions and careers, with little thought to their relationship. All-in-all, their work-life balance sucked!

Only as their fifth anniversary approached, did they enthusiastically agree that a long break from careers and work was in order.

It was Robert who discovered ‘Paradise Isle’ and being more than ready for a sex-filled escapade, he sold Julie on the idea. Although it didn’t take much effort to convince her that the Caribbean and the abundant sex the resort promised would be perfect for their sorry state.

Julie was particularly excited as she had always loved the water, so much so that she’d been a swimmer in college, and had even been considered for the Olympic team.

He wasn’t nearly as adept at swimming, so on those rare occasions when they took time off to hang at the beach, and she showed off her skills, he laughingly accused her of being Ariel the mermaid in human form.

She had no problem with that nickname. She’d always adored that movie and character. It had been a motivating factor while she spent her hours in the pool, endlessly practicing her strokes.

Robert, who was very much the planner, handled all of the details for their trip. Two weeks on a beautiful island, all expenses included, no worries, and lots of sex.

Based on what they read, that was apparently the theme of the entire island. From the photos, it was a beautiful place, and the ‘standard’ resort they would be staying at had a huge pool, more like a water complex. It seemed a fantastic place. A kilometer of waterways, surrounding islands, and walkways with bridged connections. Some of the islands were large enough to host a full restaurant, while others were small and private. They looked lovely. And canals and rivers circled around and through the entire area. Very cool, and romantic. Perfect!

They were both a bit surprised and put off by all of the paperwork, background checks and airport-like security required, just to enter paradise. They begrudgingly accepted the need for such safeguards for an Island clearly dedicated to erotic pursuits. Actually, it added to their excitement, as they examined the brochures provided once they’d passed all of the verifications and validations.

Julie was shocked when on one of the forms she spotted the cost of their vacation. But Robert calmed her, when he explained that the cost alone ensured that their fellow vacationers would all be well-off and highly civilized. They had to be to afford the place.

Just getting there was another challenge. They had to endure a very long flight onto one island, spend an anxious night in a hotel there, and then take a ferry out to the resort island in the morning.

The boat ride was easy and enjoyable and the Island, as they approached was as beautiful as they’d hoped. At first sight it was clearly a paradise.

As with the paperwork, the process for being allowed on the island was tedious and intrusive.

They were prepared to surrender their electronic devices. To them it was both a relief and a thrill to be free of the tethers to their work and social worlds. They were truly incommunicado, with only themselves to focus on.

And when briefed, they really did understand the need for total privacy in a place dedicated to privacy and adult pursuits.

At that arrival station they were also issued island cell phones, so they wouldn’t be completely out of touch.

When they arrived at the new guests’ bracelet station. They quickly became fascinated and aroused. Bostancı Escort The bracelets provided an additional thrill. They were fascinated to see all of the other colors, and learn about their meanings. It was the first real indication of the erotism they would encounter during their stay.

The whole process, was handled professionally and efficiently and before long they were fitted with bracelets of their own. Robert received one of the fairly common white ones, but Julie was surprised and confused when she was fitted with a turquoise band.

“What’s this about?” She asked as she examined her new band.

“You’ll see. It’s a special surprise for my Ariel,” he replied, mysteriously.

She didn’t get a chance to ask for more clarification as just then a pretty staff member, with a tan bracelet, stepped up to them clipboard in hand and welcoming smile on her face.

“Hi, I’m Giselle, I’ll be your hostess for the duration of your stay. On your Island cell phones, you can contact me any time, day or night, by pressing 99. And please feel free, to call me, with any questions or wants. That’s what I’m here for. It’s one small aspect of what you’re paying for.”

They shook hands and Giselle handed them another brochure.

“Your luggage will be placed in your suite. And I’m pretty sure you’ll find everything you need to know about your stay, in that pamphlet.”

They continued to chat while they walked down a path from the arrival terminal, to a parking area. Giselle explained some of the colors of bracelets and what they signified. The black ones worn by guests at the Fetish Resort complex, the tan ones worn by staff, and the red ones worn by submissives, among others.

She was careful to elaborate on that last category. “Of course, you’ll usually find that people wearing the red bracelet usually also wear a slave collar. I only mention this because it can sometimes be disconcerting. Sex slaves are allowed here, but slavery is a voluntary status, and no abuse is ever permitted.” Giselle explained. Often, she had to deal with guests who didn’t understand that particular fetish, and were turned off by it.

Julie turned to Robert and shook her head, he just nodded.

Giselle saw their reaction, and wasn’t sure if Julie was expressing disgust or an unwillingness to participate. Whatever…

By then they’d arrived at the parking area.

“Now unless you have any specific questions, we need to get started on your Ariel experience, Julie.”


“It’s your surprise package. One they specialize in.” Robert explained, hurriedly.

“Oh yes, it is one of our most fun offerings. And it is often gifted by one lover to the other.” Giselle said with a gracious smile. She paused for a moment to look at her paperwork. “I see that you’re quite a swimmer so you’ll be perfect for this experience. I’m sure you’ll just adore it.” Giselle said smiling pleasantly.

“Julie love’s Ariel, actually that’s my nick-name for her.” Robert added.

“Oh, then it will most certainly be perfect for you. But we have a lot to take care of so if you’ll follow me, we’ll get started.”

She loaded them into a golf-cart and drove them down a little path toward a building that was clearly a modern salon facility. Although it was large, it was beautifully decorated and more casual and intimate than big and imposing.

During the trip, while Giselle drove, Julie looking concerned, turned to Robert and whispered into his ear, “what have you done?”

He smiled happily, and whispered back, “don’t worry. You’ll have fun. We both will. I love you so much I wanted to arrange something really special for you.” And he then grabbed her and kissed her.

Upon arrival, Giselle ushered the two of them into the building and then into a private treatment room. There they were greeted by a pair of attendants, both dressed like their hostess. After exchanging greetings, Julie was surprised when she looked around the room. It was covered in pictures of mermaids. Some were stills from the Disney movie, while others certainly looked like real mermaids. The ones of Ariel were delightful, and the ones of the ‘real’ mermaids were pretty, and very realistic. The women looked like real-live mermaids – sisters of Ariel.

Watching her, Giselle asked, “what do you think? Would you like to be a real mermaid? A real Ariel for your vacation?”

Julie stood quietly overwhelmed by the proposal. She certainly hadn’t expected anything like this.

As she gazed at the photos on the walls she was fascinated and excited, but also frightened. It all seemed so very bizarre.

She’d certainly loved that movie ever since she was a little girl. She’d practically worn out the family’s DVD copy, watching it over and over again until she knew the dialogue by heart, and her parents and siblings were absolutely sick of it. But it had led her to swimming as a sport and a love of the water. That was all good.

But to actually be a mermaid?

“Would Ümraniye Escort I be a mermaid for my entire stay?” she asked, tentatively.

“Yes,” Robert answered. But Giselle, added “most of it, anyway.”

Julie, took that in, and continued her internal debate, while everyone waited for her, patiently.

She’d mentioned her love of Ariel and mermaids several times to Robert, and he’d clearly taken the idea to heart.

Finally, with one more look at a fetching poster of Ariel siting on a rock, looking beautiful and exotic, she decided.

“Why the hell not!” she said giggling. “I’ve always dreamed of being a mermaid.”

“And now’s your chance,” Giselle said happily, all smiles.

Robert stepped up and kissed her, and she kissed him back. “I had hoped you’d like the idea.”

“I do.” She replied, smiling.

And she became even more excited when she saw her tail. It was beautiful! A single piece, all blues and greens and purples and reds, all blended, and looking almost metallic in the way they glimmered and shined. It was apparently made of some silicone or latex material, but it seemed stronger, and it included a scale-like finish, just like the real thing. If there was a real thing…

After Julie had agreed to her new persona, one of the clinicians had directed her to a table and pulled a covering sheet off of the thing, as if revealing a piece of artwork. And it was that!

“Oh my. It’s beautiful,” she gushed.

“It is, isn’t it? “Giselle said. “Everyone who tries our mermaid package reacts the same way. And wait until you’re wearing it. Looking at you, I think you’ll be a perfect mermaid, and a lovely Ariel.”

Julie blushed at the compliment.

One of the clinicians then spoke up. “Well, let’s get you into your new body. Please remove your clothes.”

Julie was hesitant, and shy, but with Giselle’s and Robert’s encouragement, she carefully stripped naked and allowed herself to be fitted with the pretty but cumbersome fish tail that would be part of her for the duration. It was frightening, but exciting too.

While she was removing her dress, Giselle offered to leave to give her a bit more privacy, but Julie resigned and intrigued, told her to stay. Again, why not? Julie had always been proud of her swimmer’s well-toned body, so she literally grinned and bared it.

As she stood, the two dressers, got to work. First, they smeared her body, from the waist down with a thick cream. “This will help your skin. You’ll be in the water a lot and we don’t want it to affect your dermis.” One explained.

“We’ll also provide another pot of the cream for you to use on your upper body, for the same purpose. Use it every day.” The other added.

Then they had her sit on the edge of an examination table while they worked the stretchy and snug tail up her legs, until her feet hit bottom. Her legs were held close together, with her feet pointed down and apart, into the tail’s wide T-shaped fin.

It certainly felt awkward. She didn’t think she’d be able to stand up, what with the way her feet were held in place. She’d just have to see. It did fit her tightly, but it didn’t seem to be an issue with circulation. It was comfortable enough.

The women finally pulled it up over her ass and hips, and closed it tightly around her waist. She felt them close some sort of latch there, securing the thing in place.

Julie sat on the exam table and inspected her new body. It was pretty, colorful and realistically patterned. The fins at the end of her tail were wide and floppy, and beautifully tinted. Julie thought that she really was like Ariel! And that made her giggle, delightedly.

“Cool, eh?” Robert said, happily. “I knew you’d love this.”

“It’s beautiful.” She said, amazed. Although a small part of her remained nervous. Where is this heading? She wondered. There had to be more.

Giselle then stepped up and casually rested her hand on Julie’s shoulder. “This is a bit intimate, and embarrassing, but I must explain. I imagine you may be wondering about bodily functions.” She paused for a moment and when Julie nodded, she continued. “There are two, call them tunnels, inconspicuously placed one in the front and one in the rear. They provide access to your, ah front and back. So, you can relieve yourself, and enjoy sex.”

Julie looked, but didn’t see any front opening, so she reached down and felt around and then felt it. There was a slit at her crotch that opened easily under her fingers. Forgetting that she had an audience, she pushed her index and middle fingers into the slot and after a couple of inches she felt her pussy.

She suddenly realized that she was feeling herself while the staff, Giselle and Robert all watched. Blushing bright red, she quickly removed her hand.

“The same arrangement exists in back.” Giselle added, calmly.

Julie, still embarrassed, made no move to explore back there.

“I’ll take your word for it, but it seems like Anadolu Yakası Escort it will be difficult to relieve myself like this. Messy and cumbersome. I would expect to just remove the tail when I have to go.”

“Oh, that won’t be possible, Julie. You’re a mermaid – Ariel. Your experience is scheduled to last for the next ten days, or longer. Your tail will remain secured on, until then.”

“What? You’ve got to be kidding!”

Julie glanced over at Robert, who was clearly worried, and looking sheepish.

“Explain, please.”

Robert took a deep breath. “Julie, my love. I know you’ve always dreamed of being Ariel. The resort designed this package for girls just like you, to allow you to live out that fantasy, as realistically as possible. So, I signed you up for it.”

Giselle was used to dealing with this reaction from her mermaid clients, so she had well-developed scripts to handle the situation, and calm the mermaids, and mermen, too.

“Julie, I’m sure you’ll find this to be a wonderful and educational experience, and one that both you and Robert will enjoy. This is one of our more popular packages. That’s why we have invested so much into making it a happy and all-encompassing experience. You’ll see. Just give it a chance.”

Julie looked from one to the other, not sure how to deal with her situation.

Giselle, continued. “Believe me. Everyone who signs on for this experience comes away, raving about it. Please try.”

Julie sat quietly while she once again debated with herself about the wisdom of this game. Finally, a little calmer, she sighed and nodded, resigned to her Ariel adventure.

Giselle smiled, and patted her shoulder. “That a girl. The tail’s waist lock is automatic. It won’t open until you’ve spent the pre-configured time in your tail.”

“So, I’m stuck for the next ten days?” Julie asked, incredulously. She was getting upset again. Despite the interesting role she’d be playing, it certainly wasn’t the vacation she’d expected.

“Yes, or perhaps, longer.” Giselle replied, before hurriedly continuing with her standard explanation.

“Julie, another aspect to your time as a mermaid is that you’ll remain in the water for the duration.”


“Your costume includes a small sensor, that monitors the time your tail is in the water. You must spend at least twenty of every twenty-four hours in the water. You can be out of the water for as many as four, one-hour periods, non-consecutive, each day.”

“How can I do that? How is it possible?” Julie cried, in a panic. Now definitely upset and very much concerned.

“Julie, we’ve got all of that covered, for our mermaids. You’ll see. Your suite includes a private pool, like a big spa tub where you can lounge and sleep, and keep at least your lower body under water. And, of course, our resort’s pool complex, just outside your room, is always available to you too.”

Robert, who had been remaining quiet, letting Giselle do all of the talking, finally spoke up. “You’ve seen the photos of that fantastic pool, it’s huge full of streams and islands and soaking areas. Acres of water to play in.”

“Robert is right. There is so much water, just outside your room, you can spend much of your day swimming, floating and soaking in there. Many little coves are private, and many of the islands include bars, and restaurants, pavilions and little inlets for you to visit and enjoy. And there may be other mermaids and mermen around too. As I said, it’s a popular package.”

Julie, still stunned by all of the implications, focused on the first one she’d encountered. “But how can I relieve myself?”

Giselle nodded. “Not to worry. You’ll always be relieving yourself in the water. Your tub, includes a dip tank, where you can empty your bladder and bowels, just like a real mermaid would. You swim in, and press the circulation button. Water will swirl around you while you empty yourself and flush it all away. The swirling water will also clean you. When finished you just swim away.”

Julie thought she understood, but she was still concerned and a little grossed out too.

“And, to make things easier, similar dip tanks are scattered around the resort pool, in inconspicuous little corners, where you can relieve yourself while you’re in the water, there.”

“How convenient.” Julie muttered, sarcastically.

Giselle got the message. “Julie, as I said, we’ve done everything we can to make your mermaid experience easy and pleasant. I hope you’ll just relax and enjoy living your fantasy. I’m sure Robert will do everything he can to help you.”

“Absolutely.” He said, hoping that his lover could and would do just that. Relax and enjoy. He’d been looking forward to playing with his little mermaid since he first read about this particular package. It seemed both fun and erotic. Even now, he was thoroughly turned on, and his cock was as hard as a rock.

Giselle gave Julie a few minutes to compose herself. And that’s what she did, or tried to do.

She looked at her husband, who was clearly concerned, and she could also read his expression as hopeful and excited, too.

She pictured the two of them making love, with her like this. It would be interesting, but weird. Mermaid to man fucking.

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