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It was Sharon’s 21st birthday and she was excited. Her and two of her friends, Lucy and Annette, were going to go to the local bar district to drink and dance at one of the many clubs down there. It wasn’t the fact that she was going to drink she had been doing that for a long time but now she would be doing it legally at a bar and not in the basement of some friend’s house after their parents went to bed. She wished she had a boyfriend to celebrate this occasion with. She hadn’t had one in months and was starting to get rather horny. Sure, she had toys but they were beginning to bore her. Oh well maybe she’d fine someone tonight to satisfy her.

She began to get ready. She was to meet her friends at a hotel. They had decided that it would be a good idea to stay in a room down by the bar district rather then try driving home drunk. They were to meet in room 606 and go to the bars from there. She decided to keep her long hair down so when she danced to would flare out all around her but she would take a hair tie just incase she got hot. She wore a pair of hip hugger boot leg cut jeans which was all the style now a days and a halter top that was cut short to reveal her tight tummy. She put on make-up, which she didn’t have to wear because she had a flawless darker complexion that didn’t require the help of make-up. She put it on light, just a little bit of eyeliner and shadow to accent her beautifully shaped brown eyes and a little lipstick to bring out the full pout of her lips. When she thought she looked hot enough to step out of the house she got into her car and drove to the hotel.

Both Lucy and Annette were already waiting for her when she got there and started to tease her on how long it always took her to get ready. She just smiled and let them know that perfection was something that couldn’t be done fast. Both her friends looked good. Lucy was tall and very thin but wore a tight mini dress that accented her small round breast and small ass nicely. Annette was a little shorter than Lucy and just a little heavier and had fuller breast and a fuller ass. She like Sharon wore jeans and a halter. They left the hotel and walked up to the club. For some reason Sharon was a little nervous, she kept thinking they wouldn’t let her in even though she was of age. The doorman glanced at her I.D. and nodded his head towards the entrance to the club. They went in and immediately went to the bar to get some drinks. They all preferred Zima but Sharon liked grenadine in hers to filter out the alcoholic taste of the malt liquor. There weren’t that many people there yet, they had gotten there a little early. So, they sat in a booth drinking their first drinks and talking to each other. Demetevler Rus Escort By midnight the club was starting to pick up and the girls were already well on their way to being blitzed. They decided to go out on to the dance floor though there still weren’t many people on it.

They began to dance with each other, first being away from another but slowly coming into a tight circle and dancing with every inch of their young bodies touching. Many times young men would come up to them while they were dancing and asked one of them to dance but they all said no. They were enjoying dancing with each other. It surprised Sharon that her dancing with Lucy and Annette was making her very horny. She had never imagined just dancing with her friends would make her like this. She’d been naked with the girls many times and never once did she even considered fucking one or both of them. She ignored her feelings and kept dancing. They all decided they needed a rest and a drink so they left the dance floor.

There were still some booths open even after the club had become packed. Sharon snatched one and asked Lucy to get her a drink while she held the booth. Many guys came up to her while she was waiting for her friends to come back but she politely turned them all down. Saying she had just got off the dance floor and needed a rest. They all said okay and said they would come back after she sat for a while. She smiled and waved them on. When her friends came back they both scooted in to where Sharon was in the middle of them. They started to talk about what a good time they were all having. Sharon loved being so close to them in the booth. She could turn her head to both sides of her and look down her friends’ outfits. She was confused on the feelings she was having towards them both but couldn’t help but look at the tops of both of their breasts.

She didn’t let on to what she was feeling but soon enough Lucy put her hand on Sharon’s inner thigh and started to rub it gently. Sharon looked over at her and Lucy leaned her head in to kiss her on the lips. Sharon moaned from the taste of Lucy. She tasted sweet with a mix of her lipstick and sweat on her lips. Annette watched them for a while and then joined in, kissing Sharon’s neck and placing her hand on Sharon’s tit. Sharon moved her hands to both of the girls’ thighs and started to rub on them up and down slowly. Lucy had easy access since she had worn a dress and Sharon went up to rub on her pussy. Lucy wasn’t wearing underwear, which was even better. Her pussy was wet and it felt good on Sharon’s fingers. After a little while longer of teasing each other Otele Gelen Rus Escort they decided to go back to the hotel and finish what they had started. They walked quickly wanting to get to the room before any one changed their mind on what was going to happen.

They burst through the door of their hotel room and instantly started to kiss and fondle one another. They all threw off the clothes and went to the bed. Sharon was on her back and Lucy went down and started to lick her waiting clit. It felt so good to have a woman do this. She knew all the right spots to go and Sharon had to control herself or she would cum. She whispered to Lucy to go slower and Lucy obliged. Annette was licking Sharon’s nipples and Sharon moved her hand down to finger Annette. Annette’s pussy was so wet and hot and Sharon loved to stick her fingers up inside of her. After a while Sharon motioned Annette to come up so Sharon could lick her clit. She loved the taste of her pussy on her tongue and the feel of Lucy’s mouth on her. She couldn’t control herself any longer and began to cum all over Lucy’s tongue and mouth. Lucy put her mouth around Sharon’s pussy to catch all the hot juiced spilling forth from her.

Annette began to cum also and Sharon liked her juices shooting out over her tongue and chin. They pulled apart for a moment to change positions and Lucy laid down on her back. Sharon moved down to lick Lucy’s hard clit and she tasted sweeter than Annette, she had to admit to herself she liked Lucy’s pussy better and moved her tongue over it faster and harder then she had done to Annette. Lucy told her to slow down she didn’t want to cum to fast so, Sharon moved down and entered her pussy as far as her tongue would allow. She began to slowly fuck Lucy’s pussy and Lucy’s almost went crazy with ecstasy. Sharon could hear Annette excited moans but didn’t look up to see what Lucy was doing to her. She only cared about what she was doing to Lucy. She came back up to her clit and licked and sucked at it feverishly wanting Lucy to cum in her mouth. Lucy started to scream with pleasure and Sharon knew she was about to cum. Her body began to shake uncontrollably with her orgasm and Sharon caught all of her juices that she shot forth into her mouth. Sharon wanted to keep at it but Lucy pulled her away.

Sharon looked up at her and Lucy had a mysterious smile on her face. Sharon looked at her questionably and asked what was up. Lucy said that she thought tonight would be the night when she gave into her and Annette and she got up off the bed and went to her overnight bag. She pulled out two toys, one was a strap on and Balgat Rus Escort the other just a regular vibrator. Sharon looked at Lucy and said, “the party is on now.” Lucy put on the fake dick and handed Annette the vibrator. Sharon took the toy from Annette and told her to spread her legs.

She turned it on and began to slowly work it up and down and in Annette’s dripping pussy. Annette began to moan and groan loudly and told Sharon how good she was with the vibrator. Lucy came up but instead of inserting the dick into Sharon’s waiting pussy she straddled Sharon’s chest and started to fuck her titties with it. This turned Sharon on very much, she liked to watch the fake dick move in and out of her titties that Lucy was squeezing together. Lucy told her to lick it and Sharon did so. She licked the head of the toy just as good as she had licked both of her friends’ pussies and Lucy began to moan with excitement. She moved up so Sharon could take the whole dick into her mouth. She sucked it just as good as if it were a real dick and this made her very horny. She wanted so badly for Lucy to shove it into her pussy and fuck her but Lucy was getting great enjoyment from watching her take it into her mouth.

“That’s right baby suck that dick. I love to watch you fuck it with your mouth.” Lucy began to cum off of watching her and Sharon loved to have the power of making her cum without being touched at all. Finally, Lucy moved and put the fake dick into Sharon’s pussy. She came the minute it was inside her and started to fuck Annette faster and harder with the vibrator has she was cumming. Annette let out a long and loud scream of passion and told Sharon to fuck her harder. Annette came all of the vibrator and Sharon pulled it out to lick Annette’s juices off of it. Annette turned around on her hands and knees and told Sharon to stick the vibrator in her ass. She did so and Annette gasped at the pleasurable pain this brought to her and commanded Sharon to fuck her ass harder. Sharon loved to watch Annette’s ass take the vibrator and to feel Lucy fucking her in her pussy. After a while Lucy said she wanted Sharon to fuck her with the toy. Annette took control of the vibrator and Lucy and Sharon switched places.

Lucy went on her hands and knees and Sharon shoved the dick into Lucy’s pussy deeply. She started to fuck her hard and deep and Lucy moaned passionately. Lucy moved Annette onto her back so that she could lick her clit while Annette got herself up the ass with the vibrator. Sharon was going to cum from fucking Lucy’s dripping pussy and watching Lucy’s tongue move expertly over Annette’s red hard clit. From the sounds both the other girls were making she knew they were about to cum too. They all came together with Annette’s pussy juices shooting into Lucy’s mouth and her ass juices shooting on to the vibrator. Lucy’s creamy hot juice went on to the fake dick and Sharon’s went down her legs. Sharon took off the strap on and threw it to the floor and Annette threw the vibrator and they all fell to the bed exhausted and fell asleep in each others’ arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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